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Transformation or Death chapter 76

76 – Severed Traces (9)

Jaejoong Han could not stand his embarrassment.

‘This shit…’

Isn’t it too soon to reappear after saying that he has been in seclusion for a while? I haven’t even finished all of Ursa Major yet.

There was one more problem. The fact that Yun Seol-hwa is next to him.

‘Currently, the contradiction is in a state of disguise, and the form cannot be grasped properly with the eyes of an ordinary person who does not have starlight. Even if he has a cactus on his head, he just looks like a man with a vague impression.’

Han Jaejoong’s reaction just before was suspicious to anyone. The way he catches his breath as if he’s seen something he shouldn’t have seen. It could have been suspicious because it was the reaction of someone who noticed his transformation.

Glance. I turned my gaze and looked at Yun Seol-hwa’s complexion.

Fortunately, there were no doubts or suspicious glances. but….

“…What is this?”

He had more savage eyes than he could have imagined. The target is that hateful cactus man. As if the man in front of him was the enemy of his parents, he was sending eyes overflowing with murderous intent. Judging from that reaction, it was clear that he hadn’t even looked at what kind of expression Han Jaejoong was making.

“Where are you right now…”

“It’s a restaurant.”

The contradiction answered calmly. Then he raised his index finger and brought it to his mouth. I don’t know if it’s the corner of my mouth because I don’t have any features, but it’s a position that most people would have.

“That’s a restaurant with a lot of customers.”

It was a slow voice. He smiled and looked around. Certainly, it was not the only guest here. There were enough people gathered to make it moderately complex.

“It’s such a new feeling. It was a small restaurant that went bankrupt when I was there… When did it grow so big?”

“Ah Soon, are you here? long time no see! What have you been doing?”

“Yeah, it’s been a while. I have been traveling for a while.”

“Can you give me what you ate?”

“Yes, thank you.”

After a warm greeting from the store owner, he naturally pulled out a chair and sat down in the middle. The contradiction that caught the gaze shyly explained.

“It’s not balanced to always have customers only at popular stores. Even in a ruined store, there must be customers to keep the balance of money right. So I often go to shabby shops. This store was part of it, but…”

Contradictory looked around again and smiled less.

“I guess I’ll have to step out of my way now. Now this place can no longer be called shabby.”

“What are you doing?!”

bang. Yun Seol-hwa raised her voice as she hit the desk. For a moment, people’s eyes gathered in this place, and then they started to tell their stories again.

Jaejoong Han and Seolhwa Yoon trembled at the condensation of their gaze. Both had a reluctance to attract people’s attention.

Especially in the case of Yoon Seol-hwa, he hoped that Han Jae-joong would not be harmed because of his fame. Is it because of wearing a hat or is it because of the contradiction that will blur the impression? Fortunately, there were no crowds this time.

Normally, I would have taken pictures of myself without asking permission. He shook his head as if he was bored. Annoyed.

At most, the fact that there are so many things that interfere with the time I spend with Han Jaejoong.

“Gee, you must be pretty upset that your date was interrupted. sorry. However, please refrain from such things. Isn’t that against public etiquette?”

Contradictions continued without a hint of concern.

“There are other guests, so please refrain from making a fuss.”

To those who don’t know his true identity, it’s a simple warning. However, the moment he is given the identity of a monster, that word changes in an instant.


There are other guests, so can I go wild? It is a simple blackmail that uses the lives of others as a trading material.

Yoon Seol-hwa gritted her teeth. The closest thing to him right now is Han Jaejoong. he is the one she loves

‘I can’t put Jaejoong in danger again.’

I wanted to transform right now and shove a block of ice down his throat, but I endured it with love-induced patience.

Unlike Yoon Seol-hwa’s worries, Han Jae-joong was worried about other dangers.

‘Contradiction is a very powerful monster… Seolhwa even carries a strong penalty of having to think about evacuating civilians. There is no guarantee that you will fight and be safe. Besides….’

Jaejoong Han shook his fist under the desk.

‘I don’t know what bullshit this bastard is going to say.’

identity may be revealed.

You have to hit the player before that. As soon as Han Jaejoong made up his mind, he raised the corners of his mouth and opened his lips.

“Yeah, it’s been a while. Didn’t you say you were going on a trip? You came back pretty quickly.”

‘Why are you already coming back and you’re fuck?’

“Ah, this is… Yoon Seol-hwa… my… my…”

“…hello. Jaejoong’s girlfriend… Ah, no, my friend, Yoon Seol-hwa. Does he know me?”

Yoon Seol-hwa also quickly followed Han Jae-joong’s words and greeted them.

‘I can’t fight here right now. That monster. How did you approach Jaejoong? what kind of relationship are you Jaejoong-ah, pay attention. That monster is the same monster who kidnapped you before!’

My stomach felt stuffy and felt like it was about to explode.

“We’re not here to greet each other warmly… I’m sorry, but could you please stand up?”

‘What the fuck are you talking about, shut your mouth and go away,’ he said softly.

“hahahaha, it seems that you are quite hated. Yes, of course. I understand. Don’t worry too much. I was just casually saying hello. I will lightly tell you my business and leave.”

Contradictory smiled and nodded his head.

“I guarantee that what you are worrying about will not happen. I just came back to Korea because I had something to stop by for today. I will go abroad right after that.”

“Here is the wine. Oh, the pasta you two ordered will come out soon.”

At that time, the boss came to serve himself. Han Jaejoong and Yoon Seolhwa forcibly raised the corners of their mouths and made social smiles. The contradiction looked at the two and grabbed the wine bottle.

“thank you. oh The pasta here is said to be delicious, so I think it’s okay to look forward to it.”

“You never ate.”

“hahahaha, I’m not getting noodles.”

“Why are you coming to the Pasta House then?”

“I’m going to drink wine.”

Naturally, I opened the bottle and poured it evenly into three glasses.

“Now, let’s have a drink.”

“It’s because I’m sober. That head… No, I think you can drink it all.”

“I’m a bit like that since lunch too.”

Contradictory shrugged his shoulders in regret.

‘Come to think of it, he doesn’t have a mouth, so how are you going to drink that?’

Han Jaejoong’s question was quickly answered.

Contradictions poured the wine as if pouring water into the cactus pot on his head.


Han Jaejoong, who watched the scene, only opened his mouth in a daze. Should I say bizarre or ridiculous? At first glance, it gave off the same atmosphere as modern art.

“Well, you still use cheap wine. while the price is high. Coming here must be done with all my heart.”

After pouring the contents over his head, contradiction put down the empty glass and began to stare at Han Jaejoong.

Feeling wary at this, Yun Seol-hwa quickly moved the chair next to Han Jae-joong and crossed his arms.

“…What is the purpose?”

This time, I turned my head and looked at Yun Seol-hwa. The gaze felt without eyes was creepy and inorganic, enough to elicit a visceral sense of rejection.

Contradictions, who were quietly observing them, lifted the wine glass Han Jaejoong had rejected. Once again the contents were lifted overhead and poured into a pot.

Contradictory nodded in satisfaction and set the empty glass down on the table.

“…Everyone, it seems that you’ve gotten really strong. I’m so glad.”

Jaejoong Han frowned. He started saying meaningless things.

‘Don’t plant unnecessary doubts on Seol-hwa.’

‘Don’t look at Jaejoong with that dirty hair.’

Fortunately, Yun Seol-hwa listened to him and did not doubt the person she loved. The thoughts that dominate her mind now are murderous intentions and the desire for protection.

His senses were sharpened so that he could respond to his attacks at any time.

“Thank God. Didn’t I just tell you that I was abroad? I’ve been to America. To be precise, it should be New York. It was terrible. The monsters were rampaging more violently than in Korea, and even the magical girls were understaffed, so they were overworked every day… unbalanced.”

Contradictions continued by pouring the last remaining glass, the glass he had handed to Yoon Seol-hwa, over his head.

“So I helped a bit. I dealt with the minnows moderately, and invited some people to join Dilemma. They seemed interested when they heard that there was a person in an eastern country who might fulfill your wishes.”

It was a conversation topic that seemed to have no intention of hiding its identity. Contradiction put down the empty glass.


Yoon Seol-hwa, who was holding Han Jae-joong’s hand tightly, muttered quietly.

“If I give you a signal, you have to run away right away. Understand?”

Tension was evident in his voice. A beautiful drop of sweat ran down the nape of my neck like a raindrop. One of the signs of tension was sweaty hands.

I was ashamed of it, so I tried to remove my hand. Han Jaejoong held her hand tightly and held her tightly.


I closed my eyes and smiled softly. A red aura rose to Yun Seol-hwa’s cheeks and ears, and she averted her gaze.

Even though I was disillusioned with myself feeling the excitement in the current situation, I couldn’t help but be thrilled by his beauty.

Contradiction was still having its say.

“What it means is that the Aquila and the Pisces are interested in this land. Oh right. There is also a keel seat and a sail seat. hahahaha, I almost forgot. It’s not polite to forget someone’s name.”

His meaning was simple.

An additional S-class monster is scheduled to enter the country.

‘It’s hard to deal with the guys right now, but more here?’

My mind was confused. Problems multiplied endlessly, like the interest on debt.

Contradictory calmly poured wine into an empty glass.

“That is why I arrived today.”

Unlike him who was relaxed, Jaejoong Han and Seolhwa Yoon gradually became nervous. The contents of those light words were so heavy.

“I guided. They have already arrived.”

A number of S-class monsters have come over from the United States. already, now.

“Maybe it will show up in the near future. It could be today, or… hahahaha, I don’t know. They are very outgoing characters.”

“Why are you talking to me like that?”

“Hmm, have you stopped saying honorifics now? Fine. In fact, I am more used to it.”

Contradictory laughed hahahaha and poured the wine.

“Why would I tell you this? Of course there is only one. You already know what I mean, don’t you?”

I wish you to be strong. I hope you become a shield to block the strongest spear. His only wish is this. This time, too, it is the same.

Contradictions don’t want monsters from America to achieve their goals. Rather, it hopes to be disturbed. I hope to be consumed as a sacrifice for someone’s growth.

A hideous inside hidden behind a social tone.

Jaejoong Han looked at Seolhwa Yoon.

‘Seolhwa doesn’t know I’m a watcher… why are you saying that!’

The words were vaguely conveyed, but there were enough clues to doubt them. In the first place, the fact that he is someone who has some kind of connection with the monster is suspicious. If she asks, how should I answer?

When I looked away with such uneasiness in my heart, my eyes met hers.

‘Damn it.’

It seemed to stop breathing. My palms were damp. Han Jaejoong’s tension was also involved in creating that moisture. It was no longer possible to tell whose sweat it was in the palms that touched without the slightest gap. Their bodily fluids mixed and became sticky.

He gave a little more strength to his hand. I couldn’t control my trembling pupils.

Yun Seol-hwa smiled. He even muttered.

“it’s okay. I will definitely protect you.”

At that moment, the tension melted away. There was no shadow of doubt or suspicion in Yun Seol-hwa’s eyes.

There was only pure faith and love, a pure desire to protect Han Jaejoong.

“Now, these are the cream pasta and vongole pasta you ordered.”

The part-timer came with the menu he ordered. Contradictions arose only then.

“Then I’ll just get up.”

Thankfully, the possibility of conflict in this restaurant is starting to disappear. Of course, future conflicts remain, but we need to prepare for them.

‘…a date with Jaejoong.’

Even though the contradiction was easily removed, Yun Seol-hwa was quite dissatisfied. After this lunch, it was obvious that I would have to go to the magical girl headquarters to share the information I heard from him and come up with a countermeasure. We had plans to be together for the evening as well as the night, but everything was ruined.

‘Definitely as much as that guy…’

It was at that time that I was plotting revenge in my heart.

“hello! Is this seat taken?”

“Don’t slam the door!”

“I’m really trying to embarrass myself by going out with you.”

The door slammed open and the girls entered. One familiar person and two unfamiliar yet familiar people.

They were White Davich, Red Vega, and Orange Altair.

“Ha ha, dear.”


Upon entering, White Davich discovered the contradiction that was taking place.

“…What is that bastard doing to eat people? It’s not rice, but it looks like I’ve been eating a nunchibap! Get ready, everyone!”

“Yes? Now wait.”

“That’s good!”

“Dress up!”

“Wait a minute! First of all, evacuation…”

“Dress up.”

[Dress up your star!]


[Reveal the truth.]

It was the moment when the peace that was supposed to exist was shattered.


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