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Transmigrated Scoundrel’s Exchange System – Chapter 309: Soul Medallion Bahasa Indonesia

The strategic thoughts continued to brew in Han Cai’s mind, a stark contrast to the apprehension permeating the rest of the assembly. The other cultivators were in the grip of paralyzing fear, each acutely aware of their precarious existence hanging by a thread. That thread was attached to the whims of an overwhelmingly formidable figure. The taste of uncertainty was arid in their mouths, and their throats felt parched. The engulfing fear was tangible, and in its suffocating presence, they awaited their fate.

Han Cai, however, was resolute in his approach. He chose not to jump to immediate action but to observe the unfolding spectacle further. His decision to delay action was not a sign of complacency or indecisiveness. Instead, it was an opportunity for him to assess the situation more closely. He admired the audacity of the elder’s tactics. The elder’s methods, akin to Han Cai’s tactics of coercing people into soul contracts, were intriguing. Each region had its unique tools and techniques for subduing subordinates, and the elder’s methodology was an enlightening exposure.

Contemplating the repercussions of the destruction of a soul medallion, Han Cai felt a cold shiver down his spine. The ramifications were grave. A cultivator who suffered such a fate would lose a part of their soul and would be doomed to a lifetime of torment, if they somehow managed to escape immediate death. What fascinated Han Cai was the elder’s capability. Despite being seemingly at the Spirit Severing realm, the elder possessed soul medallions capable of entrapping a part of the soul, a feat usually attributed to those in the Ascension realm. This incongruity raised speculations in Han Cai’s mind about the elder’s true capabilities. He began to entertain the thought that the elder could have been an Earth Immortal or above who had lost his cultivation in the past.

Driven by curiosity and a desire to understand the psychology of his peers, Han Cai cast his gaze around, studying his companions’ reactions. He was interested in decoding the thoughts and decisions of a typical cultivator confronted with such an intimidating situation.

His gaze fell upon the Core Formation cultivator Zhong. Sensing Han Cai’s gaze, Zhong turned to meet his eyes. He offered nothing but a bitter smile, a silent testament to his despair, before shaking his head and refocusing his attention on Ancestor Qin. Zhong’s response was a poignant reminder of the hopelessness that had descended upon the gathering, a stark contrast to Han Cai’s strategic calm.

Fairy Fern Spirit, positioned at the forefront, maintained an aloof and cold demeanor. However, behind her, strands of white bamboo were strangely entwined and slightly twisted, a spectacle that left Han Cai confued.

The other cultivators from the Eternal Grace Sect turned ashen, the shock of the gray flame’s power evident on their faces. Despite their calm exterior, their eyes reflected an inescapable fear.

Han Cai instinctively licked his dry lips, his attention now directed toward the cultivators of the Hidden Evil School.

Having recovered from the initial shock of the gray flame’s might, Uncle Hui narrowed his eyes.

Upon feeling Han Cai’s gaze, Uncle Hui advised gravely, “Do not incite the old devil’s wrath. With his avatar’s body, he can only refine those flames a few times at most; pushing beyond that would risk the avatar’s body burning out. Currently, our only chance is to unite and take down the old devil.”

Uncle Hui’s gaze then shifted towards the Eccentric Lightning Elder’s azure treasure ship. He believed that their best chance of countering Ancestor Qin was to join forces with the powerful Late Core Formation Eccentric Lightning Elder.

However, the azure treasure ship remained ominously silent, inducing a wave of anxiety among the others.

Fairy Fern Spirit, in particular, studied the silent azure ship with an intense, icy stare.

Suddenly, Ancestor Qin let out a chilling laugh and clapped his hands together. Pulling them apart, he manifested two additional gray fireballs. The sight of these⁵ ominous fireballs drastically altered everyone’s countenance as they stared, apprehensively.

At that critical juncture, the azure treasure ship began to stir, and a faint, raspy voice belonging to the Eccentric Lightning Elder echoed through the tense air, “Ancestor Qin, are you suggesting that I bow to your rule?”

“Certainly! Since my avatar has graced this place, all who are present must either pledge loyalty to me or embrace death! There will be no exceptions,” Ancestor Qin responded nonchalantly, his gaze resting on the azure ship.

“Well done! Despite your limited avatar form, you dare to challenge the Plateau Lord! It seems it is time I gauge the true power of your vaunted deathfire!” The Eccentric Lightning Elder’s voice was laced with scorn and outrage, and the azure ship resonated with escalating turbulence, accompanied by the terrifying sounds of burgeoning thunder.

The breakdown of negotiations <brought a momentary relief to the cultivators of the Eternal Grace Sect and the Hidden Evil School. With the Eccentric Lightning Elder rallying beside them, they felt a glimmer of hope in the daunting fight ahead.

After all, the Eccentric Lightning Elder’s lightning art was highly esteemed across the Grasslands. It held the potential to subjugate the deadly fire Ancestor Qin wielded.

Breaking the tense silence, Fairy Fern Spirit questioned, “Ancestor Qin, are you not fearful of attracting the Prairie Palace’s wrath with your reckless usage of the soul technique? If my understanding is correct, the two Fairy Saints have explicitly forbidden cultivators like you from utilizing such techniques.”

Mention of the Prairie Palace and the Fairy Saints momentarily flustered Ancestor Qin, his usually composed countenance flickering. However, he quickly regained his composure and responded with a cold chuckle, “It appears you are well-informed, young lady! Nevertheless, the Prairie Palace’s prohibition is a thing of the past. Do you honestly believe that the Fairy Saints would leave the Meadow City at their whim? Without their direct intervention, the Prairie Palace is powerless in enforcing any restrictions!”

His words struck the other cultivators like a bolt from the blue. Only the cultivators from the Hidden Evil Sect and Han Cai seemed unfazed, as though this revelation was not new to them


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