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I Became A Third-Rate Villain In The Hero Academy – Chapter 156: Escape (7) Bahasa Indonesia

After the seminar, I immediately headed back to my room.


That man, Johnson, gave me quite a shock, cutting off Mari’s speech like that.

I never liked him from the beginning.

The unexpected turn of events caught me off guard, but I think I managed to handle the situation pretty well.

[Twisted Noble’s Dignity] to the rescue!

It’s often a pain, but this time it was invaluable.

Had it not been for [Twisted Noble’s Dignity], the situation would have definitely taken a different turn.

Events have changed so drastically.

Although it’s been long since I’ve had any control over the outcome, every twist and turn feels intense.

Johnson is a young noble and is a member of the Hero Association.

He leads a group he proudly calls the ‘Johnson Fam.’

In the game, the ‘Johnson Fam’ thrives.

Although he had a terrible temperament, he was undeniably talented.

However, he made the mistake of belittling Neike for being a commoner and got a taste of his own medicine.

After that, his group crumbled, and Johnson faded from the story.

A doomed group to begin with, but I might as well make good use of it.

There’s no reason not to.

Back then, I really wanted to put Johnson in his place, but I held back.

It’s always good to have more connections.

While he may always be a step behind Mari, among the young heroes of noble birth, Johnson had an unmatched reputation.

Furthermore, his family, though not on the level of the Waldeurk or Chalon households, is quite influential.

And unlike the independent Mari, he has the ‘Johnson Fam’ supporting him.

Well, I did hint at a favor, so maybe he’ll repay the kindness someday?

Even if it’s minor, some help would be appreciated.

Anyway, I should conclude this matter here and meet up with Maximin.

I’m feeling a bit hungry after everything, but I should go immediately.

Maximin seems to hold me in high regard currently.

It’s best to strike while the iron is hot.

I could bring others along, but there’s no particular reason to.

They probably wouldn’t want to join anyway.

After all, the main reason for meeting Maximin is to further build his favorable impression of me.

Returning to her room, Mari’s mind was a whirlwind of confusion.

She sensed Natasha had something to say, but she wasn’t in the mood to chat.

‘I always knew Theo wasn’t someone to be underestimated, but to this extent?’

He seemed like a seasoned hero, wise beyond his years.

In such a situation, most people would have been taken aback, left stuttering.

When Johnson interrupted, the one most shocked was none other than Mari herself.

Mari had clashed with Johnson on numerous occasions since they were young.

She knew him well – a man with capabilities, yet who saw the world in black and white, embodying the worst traits of nobility.

Yet, Theo not only protected himself but also managed to win over Johnson.

The genuine sparkle in Johnson’s eyes was undeniable.

Moreover, Theo masterfully maneuvered the crowd in the auditorium.

With a shaky sigh, Mari slumped onto her bed.

“Oh, I just can’t figure it out anymore~”

No matter how hard she tried to understand Theo, he remained an enigma.

The relief after the seminar was undeniable, a weight off her shoulders from the stress she had carried.

“Ah, I should lie down for a bit.”

Closing her eyes, Mari drifted off.

“Is that so…?”

Piel’s eyes flickered with disbelief.

“That’s right, Piel. That guy Theo, is not a contractor. Of course, I can’t say 100%, but where in the world is anything 100% certain?”

Maximin said this, nodding slightly at his daughter.

“… I see.”

Piel bowed her head, unable to respond.

She had desperately hoped in her heart that Theo was not a contractor, but in her mind, she remembered her own brother, Markvern, who had changed his fate through a contract with a demon.

She wanted to believe in Theo, as her heart wanted.

If he turned out to be a contractor, her heart would shatter.

Maximin noticed his daughter’s unsettled state.

“Everyone, leave us.”

“Yes, my lord.”

After sending his subordinates away, Maximin looked intently at Piel.

“Piel. From what I see, that guy Theo is quite exceptional. No, his presence alone is close to that of a hero. However, we shouldn’t assume he’s a contractor just because he suddenly changed.”

Piel didn’t reply.

She just kept her head down.

“If you truly care for a dear friend, it’s better to approach the situation rationally rather than emotionally.”

“Is that so, father?”

Piel lifted her head in response to Maximin’s words.

Maximin smiled kindly.

“Yes. In fact, as a father, I’m pleased. After Markvern left in the way he did, I saw how much you suffered. It was the right decision to send you to the academy. You even made a very precious friend there.”

“… He’s a friend, alright, but not that precious.”

Piel’s face reddened as she lowered her head again.

Maximin chuckled, finding his daughter’s reaction adorable, and patted her head.

“Hahaha, I misspoke. All friends are precious. The term ‘very precious friend’ is redundant.”

Maximin continued,

“Then, you should help your friend, right? With logic rather than emotion. Trust your father on this. You know your dad is known as the ‘Demon Hunter,’ right? Across the continent, no one is better at catching demons than me, except for the church.”

Piel nodded slightly.

It seemed Maximin was also fond of Theo.

“For now, let’s discard the possibility that Theo made a contract with the Demon King.”

“Why? He’s changed so much, hasn’t he?”

“Piel, the Demon King has never descended before. Of course, he could descend tomorrow. But…”

Maximin paused and looked at Piel.

Piel quickly shot him an anxious look, urging him to continue.

“Piel, if the Demon King were to descend, we wouldn’t be able to stop it. You know the Demon King has high-ranking and middle-ranking demons under him, right? If even one middle-ranking demon descended, it would turn a whole nation upside down. The middle-ranked demon that contracted with Markvern was dealt with early on which minimized the damage.”

“Markvern was always clever. But Theo? He was a fool just a short while ago, lacking not only in combat but also intelligence.”

“Hahaha. Above mid-ranking demons are the high-ranking ones, Piel. A single high-ranking demon controls hundreds of mid-ranking ones. So, imagine the power of the demon king?”

Seeing Piel’s silence, Maximin concluded his point.

“If the Demon King descends, it’ll be the end of the continent. Even if the entire continent joins forces, it’d be in vain. Even with ‘that’, since there’s no one capable of using it properly.

If we can’t use it properly, we won’t stand a chance. So, see it however you want, Piel.”

Maximin smirked.

“A person can be a hero to some and a villain to others. Everyone wears a mask in life, and there’s no real need to take it off. Piel, just do what you want.”


Piel trembled slightly.

Her father, the Demon Hunter, spoke with such certainty.

…What does this mean for how she should view Theo?

After the death of Markvern, she had died emotionally.

She enrolled in the academy to find a purpose, where she met Neike.

After that, she lived to surpass Neike.

But that wasn’t a goal that came about naturally.

It was more like a mission she gave herself to prevent her spirit from collapsing.

But Theo was different.

Just seeing him sent tingles through her heart.

Maximin, noticing Piel’s feelings, smiled slyly.

“Let’s assume he’s a contractor with a demon, Piel. The first thing you should do is look for a mark engraved on him. Every contractor has a mark. We need an excuse to see Theo’s body.”

He pondered a pretext for that.

“Since I’ve already invited him to the Chalon residence, there’ll be opportunities. Perhaps by teaching him combat skills? If I offer to teach him a thing or two, and if he’s not a contractor, he’ll likely agree—”

Maximin couldn’t finish.

Piel uttered a shocking statement.

“…I’ve already seen it.”

“What, what did you say…?”

Maximin blinked in disbelief.

“…Ah, maybe my ears are getting bad with age. Daughter, could you repeat that?”

“―I’ve seen Theo’s body! All of it!”

Piel exclaimed loudly.


This unexpected revelation left Maximin speechless.

He thought modern kids were open-minded, but he never expected this from his own daughter.

Unable to find words, Maximin’s body shuddered.

Just then,

Knock, knock-

There was a knock on the door.


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