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Sins Paradise: Domination System – Chapter 435: Greeting the Guests Bahasa Indonesia

Noon had arrived, and the guests would arrive soon.

Queen Eve changed her dress into a halter-neck one with a shawl around her shoulders. She looked really elegant as the gem in her dress sparkled. Her skirt moved with each of her steps, revealing her soft thighs from the deep slit.

Naturally, I was the one who was chosen to escort her to the throne room. We would greet them there, and I was given a throne on the side, at a different platform placed slightly lower than the main throne on top of the stairs.

I asked whether it was okay, as I was not royalty, but Queen Eve explained that the throne prepared for me was designed for the Paladin but was actually never used until today. It was golden in color, with a high backrest covered in intricate details.

And once again, due to the position, it was clear that Paladin’s influence was still slightly lower than Virtue Kingdom’s ruler. I had no authority in this Castle, and Queen Eve knew that.

We could speak face to face equally without any problem, but in terms of what we could do, I was still lower than hers once she ascended.

‘I don’t have any problem with that. Rather, Beatrice has influenced her enough so that it won’t be a problem.’

Anyway, I sat on my throne, crossed my legs, and rested my head on my hand. It was comfortable, and I quite liked the feeling of being able to see the throne room from above. I felt rather important.

On my side, Queen Eve sat calmly with her legs put together. Her long skirt covered her whole legs, but I could still peek at her thighs and side boobs from this side. I quickly shook my head to clear my impure thoughts, and it seemed like she noticed my gaze and only smiled at me.

She had already acted as a ruler once she entered this room, not speaking even an unnecessary word. If I had to explain it, she became similar to a robot programmed to talk only when she answered greetings or gave instructions.

‘Her expression has a tint of arrogance, but that’s what is expected from someone who sits above the rest. A kind ruler will only breed laziness, but too much arrogance will also lead to a kingdom’s fall. She has both. Thus, she’s perfect. Not to mention, she’s also smart.’

Even I acted like an arrogant person by not sitting properly. It wasn’t because I wanted to, but I needed to so the guests would look at Queen Eve more favorably. However, I doubted it would work against someone I met before. But Duke Blacktomb’s followers would definitely be a different case.

Silence reigned in the throne room. No one spoke; even the Royal Guards stationed at the end of the throne room only stood motionlessly.

Then suddenly, their heads jerked up as they clenched their spears tightly, and one of them shouted.

“The head of Blacktomb Duchy from the Sin Kingdom, Jordan Blacktomb, and his entourage have arrived!”

“The ambassadors of the Elf Village, Lady Mafula and Lord Cleric, have arrived!”

“Seeking permission to enter the throne room!”

Queen Eve nodded and fixed her posture, making sure that she was in perfect condition. I also uncrossed my legs and appeared professional.

Change of plan. Once I heard that Milea’s mother was the ambassador, I couldn’t appear arrogant. Her opinion of me was the worst, thanks to Alesia, and I couldn’t make it any worse. Thankfully, Cleric was with her, too.

‘Does Queen Eve know who Cleric is?’ I thought as I watched the door pushed open by two knights from the outside.

The guests’ group entered by following Grand Marshal Garland from behind. They were split into two groups, one with many people led by Duke Blacktomb, who wore all black, while the other were just two people wearing green dresses and a formal white suit similar to my uniform.

Cleric actually smiled at me when he noticed my presence and nodded softly, which only I could notice. Duke Blacktomb had a confident smile on his face. There was also a familiar face behind him; she was his daughter, Naya Blacktomb.

Grand Marshal guided them to the end of the set of stairs before taking three steps up and kneeling to Queen Eve.

The guests followed suit, dropping to their knees and lowering their heads to the point I couldn’t see their faces from where I sat.

“Your Majesty. The guests have arrived.” Grand Marshal announced, followed by the greetings from the guests.

“Jordan Blacktomb, the head of Blacktomb Duchy, has arrived and greeted Her Majesty the Queen of Virtue Kingdom. May the Goddess’ blessing be with you.”

“Mafula Daxidor greets the flower of the Virtue Kingdom.”

“Cleric Daxidor greets the butterfly of the Virtue Kingdom.”

Their greeting styles were different but had good meanings. The sincerity they gave out could be felt, though I did feel a bit of animosity from Mafula directed at me.

‘She still doesn’t like me, huh?’ I thought, laughing bitterly in my mind.

Queen Eve raised her hand slowly. Her movement was soft and looked beautiful.

“I warmly welcome you to the Virtue Kingdom’s Royal Castle. You may raise your head, dear guests.”

They raised their heads at once with expressionless faces. However, they kept their silence because they weren’t excused to talk yet.

“First of all, I appreciate you for arriving from a faraway land. Crossing the barrier between our kingdoms isn’t that easy. Yet, you are here, Duke Blacktomb.”

“It’s natural, Your Majesty. We are now allies without any war. Her Grace, Queen Ariel, is looking forward to the time when both Rulers can shake hands, and the wasteland disappears, welcoming peace to our world.”

“I am looking forward to that.”

For the first time since we entered the throne room, Queen Eve smiled. It captivated Duke Blacktomb’s entourage as their faces lit brightly, fascinated by her beauty. Even Naya Blacktomb was fascinated; her mouth was opened unconsciously only to close when she snapped out of it.

“Both of the ambassadors from the Elf Village too, I warmly welcome and appreciate your presence. I believe your family name is Daxidor… Do you have any relationship with the headmistress of the Royal Academy, Alesia Daxidor?”

“She’s my older sister, Your Majesty,” Mafula answered with a flat tone.

“I see.” Queen Eve nodded in understanding, noticing that Mafula’s tone had no hint of warmness. “Do make yourself feel at home. We will have a simple banquet this evening. Of course, we will provide the best foods and wines in the Kingdom.”

“We are grateful for your generosity and warm welcome, Your Majesty.” Duke Blacktomb bowed deeply, and his entourage followed suit.

Meanwhile, Cleric and Mafula only nodded with a soft smile.

The greetings ended with that, and Grand Marshal Garland guided the guests out politely. The grand door was closed, and all Royal Guards were stationed outside the throne room.

A sigh escaped Queen Eve’s lips as she leaned back on the uncomfortable backrest after a silence reigned once more.

“It finally finished…”

“Good work, Queen Eve,” I said, leaning forward and cracking my neck. “This throne looked comfortable but actually so stiff. Hahaha, it must be hard sitting here all day.”

“It is, Sir Arthur.” She answered with a bitter smile, “But this has now become my duty. The weight and the discomfort I feel by sitting on this throne is something that I need to carry for everyone’s sake. This kingdom needs me, and I won’t disappoint people who place their trust and loyalty on me.”


This was the first time she told me that. No, she had always used that in her speeches, but I didn’t think that was her real feelings. I thought it was only to get the people’s support.

I was impressed. But at the same time, I felt a pang of guilt for a second.

It was because of my plan that she was in this position. I didn’t regret it. Everything went smoothly.


‘If this goes on, she might break faster than I wanted and might not be able to recover.’

The way she wanted to sacrifice herself for the citizens was just harmful. So I needed to stop her before she couldn’t turn back.

“Queen Eve, I admire your dedication to making this kingdom better.”

Surprised by my sudden confession, she flustered slightly and smiled sheepishly.

“This is nothing, Sir Arthur.”

“But…” I pressed with a higher tone, surprising her once again. “That’s not a good way to tread this path. You can’t put the citizens above yourself. We are people on top. People count on us for their safety and maybe happiness. They trust us.”

“That’s something natural.” She nodded, understanding what I said. “That’s why when I have this position, I prioritize their happiness and this kingdom’s safety. Is that wrong?”

“It is wrong,” I answered with conviction and seriousness.

“They trust us. When there is a strong monster a knight can’t beat, people know that they will be safe once I appear. But… Imagine this. If I appeared with rags and dark rings around my eyes, what would they think? Will you be able to trust someone who doesn’t look strong and sickly to protect you?”


Queen Eve was silent.

“No, they will not. You will not trust a Paladin who can’t even take care of himself. So… Prioritize yourself first then the citizens. Or you will be left alone with a heavier burden.”

Silence descended upon us. The atmosphere turned awkward.

I slowly stood up and walked away. When I passed by her, I whispered.

“Please think what I said carefully. It is my advice as someone who has destroyed himself once.”


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