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“My name is Theo Lyn Waldeurk.”

I knocked on Maximin’s door and announced myself.

Inside, I took a deep breath.


Being in the presence of Maximin always puts one on edge; it’s draining, slightly nerve-wracking even.

But opportunities to interact with someone as renowned as Maximin, a noble of great stature and a legendary hero across the entire continent, are rare.

I’m not sure why Maximin called for me again, but when opportunities arise, they must be seized.

Hence, I came, pushing past hordes of reporters, guild, and national officials who swarmed here like moths to a flame.

Well, I kind of anticipated that.

Having a connection to the renowned ‘Demon Hunter’ is not a bad thing to show off.

Even now, I can feel the gazes on the back of my head; many are watching.

People would be having all sorts of speculations.

It’s all about building one’s image after all.

“Come in,”

Maximin’s voice came from inside the room.

It sounded heavy, slightly cold.

Does it matter?

“Yes, I’m coming in.”

I stepped inside the room, where both Maximin and Piel were seated.

Facing Maximin, I placed my right hand over my abdomen and slightly bowed my head—a form of noble greeting deeply ingrained in me.

“I apologize for the late hour, Lord Maximin. You asked me to visit after the seminar, so I have come.”

There was silence in return.

I lifted my gaze slightly, looking directly at Maximin.


Maximin’s eyes bore into mine with an intensity that shook me.

Like a ‘Demon Hunter’ who had just spotted a demon.

Damn, what’s going on? Why is he acting this way?

Just a few hours ago, he had such a benevolent expression, as if he would offer the world to me.

It doesn’t seem like he wants to fight.

Something is off here.

What triggered this change?

Without fully raising my head, my eyes quickly scanned Piel.

She seemed emotionally distressed, panting with shallow breaths.

…Something’s definitely wrong.

‘Great, both father and daughter are acting up,’

With Maximin’s intense gaze, it felt as if a hole was being drilled into my skull.

“What’s the matter, Lord ‘Demon Hunter’?”

“You might have looked different from the young ones these days, but it seems you’re just like them after all.”

He murmured with an edge to his voice.

“I’m not sure what you mean, Lord ‘Demon Hunter’. Would you mind clarifying?”

“Why has Piel seen your body?!”

Maximin’s voice boomed with a contained fury.

The aura in the room turned cold with his outburst.

‘Ah, so that’s what this is about. Damn it.’

From the looks of it, Piel must’ve told him about that.

During the practical evaluation, Piel and I were stuck alone due to a dungeon trap.

It was then that Piel had taken off my clothes.

The mere memory heats my face in embarrassment.

‘Is the Chalon lineage particularly prone to misunderstandings?’

Frowning, I swiftly enhanced [Twisted Noble’s Dignity] with the [Amplification Orb].

Unlike usual, I don’t feel its assured effects.


This is evidence that the Theo inside me wishes for such situations.

“It seems there’s been a misunderstanding. Would you give me a chance to explain?”

Regardless, I need to resolve this situation.

I lift my head to meet the stern gaze of Maximin.

“No matter how you look at it… Fine, give it a shot. You better convince me.”


With that, I slowly walked towards Maximin, all the while trying to come up with a valid explanation.

Maximin is currently in a state of rage, his reason completely overshadowed by his emotions.

Rather than a lengthy explanation, I need to turn the situation around with a single, impactful statement.

I took a seat next to Maximin and exhaled deeply,


Lowering my head in what seemed like agony, I grabbed my hair with my right hand.

After about 10 seconds, I raised my head to look at Maximin.

“…Lord ‘Demon Hunter’, whatever you’re thinking, didn’t happen.”


“It’s as I said. Nothing that would incite your wrath happened between us. It’s quite frustrating for me too. I wanted to rest after a tiring seminar, but my visit here has only led to another exhausting situation.”

Then, I buried my face in my hands, sighing deeply.

A heartfelt performance.

Yes, I’m genuinely exhausted.

Just dealing with Piel and suppressing the restless Theo inside me is quite stressful.

It feels like I’m about to explode.

Maximin still looked furious.

“…You, do you dare assume my thoughts? Don’t think of glossing over this. Explain yourself clearly. What am I thinking?”

Maximin’s voice rumbled with suppressed anger.

This man clearly wants a straightforward answer.

I need to be direct.

Lowering my voice, I replied,



Maximin’s eyes widened, resembling a pair of oversized clocks.

It’s a fierce expression I’ve never seen before.

“What the… Are you insane?!”

Similarly, Piel, who had been sitting next to him, let out a shrill cry, her eyes just as wide.

…Good, the mood has shifted.

I looked at Maximin, who was trembling all over, and spoke.

“You’re thinking we had s*x Lord ‘Demon Hunter’. Piel said she saw my body, but that doesn’t mean Piel and I had s*x. This is unfair.”

“You crazy bastard! Stop, stop, stop it!”

Piel hit my shoulder with her fist.

This wasn’t a light punch; she was genuinely angry.

It hurt a lot.

My shoulder felt like it was about to give way.

I glared at Piel with annoyance.

“Stop it, Piel. I just told the truth. And what kind of behavior is this in front of your father?”

“―Behavior?! You crazy, unpredictable bastard! Why did you bring that up!”

“What are you talking about, Piel? Be clear. I am the victim here.”

I grabbed Piel’s hand that was hitting me and stared at her.

Piel, her face flushed red, trembled.

“Se-s*x… Ahhhhh! Forget it! You damn lunatic!”

Piel hit my shoulder again. It was really painful.

I stood up and moved away from Piel’s range with a dignified shuffle.


Piel, quickly rising from her seat, lunged at me.

“Where are you going? Come here, you madman! You demon! Pervert!”

“Piel, you overestimate your strength. And aren’t you the real pervert here? My life was under threat, so I reluctantly accepted your demand. That was the first time I was forced to undress in front of a woman.”

“You madman! Shut up! Stop, stop it!”

“I refuse. It’s unjust.”

“Die, you crazy bastard!”


Piel’s punches and kicks rained on me.

I used [Amplification Orb] to enhance [Observer’s Eye] and focused on dodging Piel’s attacks.

As I kept avoiding them, Piel seemed to get even more aggressive.

‘Damn, do I need to use [Overload]?’

As I was seriously contemplating this,


Maximin, who had been dazed, positioned himself between Piel and me.

“Is everything you said true, Theo?”

A somewhat listless-looking Maximin asked.

“Yes, it is. I’m still a virgin. Even the artificial unicorn during the seminar recognized I had no experience with women. There’s been no intimate contact between Piel and me.”

“······Is that so.”

Maximin wobbled back to his seat.

Piel and I, catching our breaths, looked at Maximin.

“Yes, Theo. You previously asked for a formal invitation to the Chalon family.”

“Yes, Lord ‘Demon Hunter’. But given the current situation, I fear it might not be a good time.”

“Not at all. Your purity has been clearly proven. I’m truly sorry for this. I sincerely apologize.”

Maximin stood up, placed his right hand over his abdomen, and slightly bowed his head.

It was the same way I had greeted him.

Maximin is genuinely apologizing to me right now.

“Will you accept my apology, Theo?”

“Sigh, understood. I’ll accept it. Misunderstandings can be frightening when they accumulate, so I’m relieved we could clear this up.”

“You’re right. Today, I’ve learned a lot from my considerably younger junior.”

After letting out a deep sigh, Maximin glanced at Piel.

“Piel, step outside. I have something important to discuss with Theo.”

“…Understood, father.”

Piel, who had been taking deep breaths, obediently left the room.

Maximin watched Piel’s retreating figure with a melancholic expression.

“I apologize once again, Theo. Anyone can offer verbal apologies, so let me show you my sincerity.”

Maximin then picked up a communication crystal from the table.

“Fetch me a set of those, Smith. The same kind you use.”

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