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Abandoned by my Childhood Friend, I Became a War Hero – Chapter 106: – A Brief Reprieve Bahasa Indonesia

༺ A Brief Reprieve ༻

“…You’re quitting?”


Dean Heinkel picked up his glasses with a shaking hand.

It was the first time I had seen him wear glasses. However, that did not change the content of the leave application document he held in his hand.

Hmm, somehow it was a situation that gave me an uneasy feeling.

“Are you really certain? Instructor Eon?”

“It’s already been decided.”

Dean Heinkel swallowed his words.

“Was it a problem with your salary? Or the working environment? Or is there a student who is giving you a hard time, or perhaps another instructor is annoying you? If there are any issues with your work, I will do my utmost to care for-“

“That’s not the issue.”

“Then, could you tell me what the problem is?”

Dean Heinkel was one of the few people who knew that I was the Malevolent Star, but the matter regarding Ella was strictly personal.

However, he was also my boss at work. Moreover, I was recommended for this position by the indebted Marquis Kalshtein, leaving without any explanation would inconvenience both parties.

I omitted the detailed content, such as the rituals using the bloodline of the undead corps or the royal family of Ionia, and briefly explained only the necessary parts.

After listening to my story for a while, Dean Heinkel responded with a small nod.

“I see. You have something to find in the now-vanished former Iona kingdom… If Instructor Eon says so, it must be something very important.”

To be precise, it was not an object but a person. However, I did not bother to correct Dean Heinkel’s misunderstanding.

Looking at Dean Heinkel’s serious expression, it seemed that he speculated it must be important considering my status and didn’t appear to be interested in probing further.

“Is it a very dangerous task?”

“It shouldn’t be.”

It was true that the land of the Iona kingdom has become a den of the undead. Even if only lower undead like zombies or skeletons wandered around the outskirts of the kingdom, I heard that higher undead still lurked in the central part of the kingdom.

However, that was from a commoner’s perspective, which was not applicable to me who had fought there alone even when the undead corps was alive.

Unless the undead corps commander resurrects and comes back like the Beast Corps Commander, there was no danger from mere hordes of undead. It would be somewhat annoying, though.

“…Hehe, I suppose so. Unless the surviving two Corpses or the Demon King himself crosses the Great Demon Continent, what kind of monster on this continent could harm Instructor Eon? It seems I was worried for nothing.”

Technically, it’s a bit ambiguous whether the Demon King is alive or not.

Of course, I had no intention of discussing that here.

“Yes. But it will take some time.”

“Do you have an estimate of how long it will take?”

“I’m not sure. I plan to explore the Ionia Royal Palace first, and if it’s not there, I intend to search the entire capital, Karia. If I still can’t find it, I’ll have to wander around the entire kingdom.”

I had already anticipated that it would take a long time. Even if my leave application was returned as a retirement letter, I was ready to sign it calmly.

However, Dean Heinkel fell into silence for a long time, as if pondering over something. He also muttered to himself from time to time.

“Hmm, even if you ride a carriage from the institution to the border of Ionia, it would take a month on foot… Even if you ride the fastest horse, it’s about 2 weeks… Considering the round trip… Hmm, then maybe it would be better to adjust the schedule….”


“Oh, I apologize. I got carried away with my thoughts.”

“That’s fine. So, will you be able to approve my leave of absence?”

“Well, actually about that…”

At that, Dean Heinkel seemed to make a troubled expression. However, his expression felt a bit awkward, as if deliberately made.

“As a Dean, I would like to grant it since Instructor Eon has an important matter. But there’s a procedure in the academy. We have to find someone to fill your position immediately, so it’s a very difficult situation for me.”


“A month has already passed since the semester started. It’s uncertain how many will apply if we recruit additional instructors at this ambiguous time, and I’m not sure if there will be anyone who meets my criteria. And what about the students? They might just have gotten used to life at the academy, how shocked would they be if their homeroom instructor suddenly changes?”


I have no words to refute.

No matter the circumstances, those are my personal affairs. It would indeed be troublesome from the Dean’s perspective if I were to quit and leave.

If an instructor suddenly drops out, he would have to worry about how to handle the immediate classes, and above all, the biggest problem was the students of Opal Black Class.

Dean Heinkel continued his words.

“They are unique students after all. I worry if a new instructor could teach well without any handover, and if things don’t work out, the class itself could disappear.”

“…The class could disappear?”

“Well, it’s a newly established class. If the homeroom instructor disappears, rather than selecting a new instructor, there might be talk of moving the students to existing classes. There has been such talk from Diamond White for some time.”

I remember. At the beginning of the semester, Instructor Akeron picked a trivial fight over that issue, claiming that if the Opal Black class hadn’t existed, high-profile students like the princess or the son of a noble would have enrolled in Diamond White.

If the class were to be disbanded, the students of Opal Black would scatter to the classes they originally should have attended.

Close friends Titania and Oznia would have to part, and the efforts Marian had put into establishing the student council would all be in vain.

Whether that would actually happen is unknown. Disbanding an already established class wouldn’t be easy, and it’s questionable whether they would go that far just because one instructor is missing.

However, the possibility certainly existed, and just thinking about it added a heaviness to my heart.


I’m not going to miss this moment, which might be the last chance to save Ella.

But it’s also true that I feel guilty about leaving my students like this.

Isn’t there some way? Like asking Instructor Lirya… No, I can’t put more burden on someone who already has a class to take care of.

Should I recommend a new instructor to replace me? For example, Sylvia… But would she, who is currently wanted, try to teach the imperial princess or the son of a noble? It was obvious she would be shocked and refuse.

And when I thought of finding someone else, there was no suitable person due to my limited social relationships.

While I was silently absorbed in my worries, Dean Heinkel quietly opened his mouth.

“So, Instructor Eon. How about a brief reprieve?”

“A reprieve… you say?”

“You must know that special field training is scheduled for this month, Instructor Eon.”

Special field training. Of course, I knew.

The students of Philion were the future pillars of the empire, and Philion the Great, the founder of the academy, hoped that the students would grow through various experiences, not just education within the academy.

Hence, the students of the academy had the obligation to carry out various duties in various parts of the empire twice a year to serve the nation and accumulate various experiences. This was also an opportunity for the students to showcase their abilities in practice.

Dean Heinkel stroked his long beard.

“It worked out well. I was wondering where to decide on the practice site, and I think it would be okay to go to Shubaltsheim this time.”

Shubaltsheim was a border city of the empire, adjacent to the border of Ionia.

And after the fall of the kingdom, it became widely known as ‘the city of adventurers’, attracting numerous adventurers from all over the continent.

I could easily understand the intention of Dean Heinkel.


“This is my proposal, Instructor Eon. After all, to go to the Iona kingdom, you must inevitably pass through Shubaltsheim. Your final destination was the capital, Karia, right? From Shubaltsheim, it should take you a day to get there at your speed.”

Dean Heinkel nodded his head and said,

“If you find what you want in the royal palace, you can come back with the students. If not… well, there’s nothing we can do. There’s enough time to find a new instructor before the end of the training. Let’s regard this as your transition period, Instructor Eon. What do you think?”


If I find Ella in the royal palace, there would be no need to quit my instructor position.

Even if I can’t, it’s fine. During that time, Dean Heinkel would have found a new instructor to replace me.

It was a proposition that I had no reason or grounds to refuse.


After the meeting with Dean Heinkel.

I immediately returned to the dormitory.

And immediately upon doing so, I found myself surrounded by the students of Opal Black.


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