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Why Should I Stop Being a Villain – Chapter 368: Result Bahasa Indonesia

368 Result

“Isn’t that the same technique that defeated Leonard Tarvian last time?”

Many third-year students recognized that stance because they were aware of Raelyn’s strongest technique that made her the Rank 1 Student among all Third Year.

Heart of White was the reason Leonard lost the last time, but this time, it was an even bigger problem for him.

Not only had Raelyn reached the peak of B Rank, unlike when they were in C Rank in their Second Year, but she had also increased her mastery of her bloodline ability.

Suddenly, the mana on the stage got rampant as it started revolving around Raelyn.

Her sword had a faint glow of her aura, which had become denser as her eyes were glowing.

She was currently using her bloodline ability, which meant she was finally going all out against Leonard.

Right now, the match was pretty balanced, but to counter the strange artifact he possessed, Raelyn finally used it.

Leonard rotated his left leg slightly, shifting his weight to prepare for Raelyn.

He remembered the last time he had lost was because of this ability only.

But this time, the stakes were much higher.

If Leonard lost, the Blood Faction was pretty much gone.

And the power they have acquired till now would go away as well.

Raelyn took a step forward as her aura resonated on the ground.

She wanted to remain conscious of the Stage Boundary at all times.

Using her Bloodline Ability, she would get stronger, but there were downsides that came with it as well.

And that was the gradual loss of your other motives except until a single one was left, and it was to defeat your enemy.

She wouldn’t lose herself and become a monster, but getting carried away while using her bloodline ability was an issue she needed to deal with.

As soon as her aura covered the stage, she determined the position of Leonard, who was waiting for her move.

She disappeared from her spot, leaving a trail of faint blue energy.

Leonard’s eyes tried to follow Raelyn’s movement as he raised his sword.


A huge sound of two metal colliding with each other was heard.

Raelyn looked fine, as her armor had a faint glow, while Leonard’s fire was increasing, even melting the stage around him.

Instead of backing away, Raelyn turned her body and tried to slash Leonard’s sides, but he was quick to react.

Leonard immediately blocked as he raised the wind element around his body to push Raelyn away.

But instead of backing away, Raelyn took half a step back and rushed towards Leonard.




Each time Raelyn would strike, Leonard would feel the power behind each of her sword strikes.

The way Raelyn handled her sword had changed a lot.

It looked like a completely different sword art, but it was simply the most effective way she could use her sword to maximize the use of her Bloodline Ability.

The aura around her was getting denser, and it was slowly getting absorbed into her body.

If she got wounded, the process would get faster, but even now, it was slowly affecting her mana core.

Her Mana Core was using more mana, and she could bring out more of her power.

There was a reason why Whiteheart Family was able to take the spot of the Garcia Family, and their bloodline ability was one of the biggest reasons.

“It will be hard for him,” Xarax commented with a curious look.

He wanted to see how would Osbert Tarvian’s son face this situation.

After all, right now, Raelyn Whiteheart had all the advantage in this duel. Xarax knew about Kamden Whiteheart’s bloodline ability, so he knew that the more the duel went on, the more powerful she would get.

If Leonard didn’t have any plans or tricks, his loss was inevitable.

But it was too soon to say that.

Osbert remained quiet without showing any emotions on his face.

The rest of the Seat holders were also the same.

For them, seeing Raelyn and Leonard fight was almost like seeing two five-year-olds fighting.

They could see every flaw and every single error both Leonard and Raelyn would make each second they even moved a muscle.

But despite that, they found this match intriguing, like other Ranker’s matches, because compared to other Hunters of the same rank, these children were way stronger.

Even the Guild Recruiters and Evaluators were amazed to see such a performance from B Rank Hunters.


Their swords met with each other as Raelyn tried to push Leonard back.

But Leonard increased the flame wrapping around him to push back Raelyn.

‘Tsk,’ Leonard found it annoying as the Armor Raelyn was also blocking his flames and wind element techniques.

‘Is it an elemental armor?’ Leonard tried to guess its abilities, and he was not wrong with his guess.

Seeing how Raelyn wasn’t using her Water Element techniques made him think that the armor’s properties were to absorb the elements around it.

Because of that property, Raelyn did not need to use the water element to counter Leonard’s fire, and she could focus on using her Heart of White technique.

Leonard felt the pressure from Raelyn increase as he pushed back and saw Raelyn duck and go past him as he felt a cut on his side.


It was a big wound, not a small one either.

Because Leonard was pushed back, he couldn’t block it in time, as he touched his sides to see the blood coming out of his armor.

Needle Strike was one of the techniques that was part of the Heart of White that she learned.

Just like its name, it was more suited for Spear Art, but it could be used with a sword as well.


Leonard’s blood flowed, and he used his aura on the wound to stop the bleeding temporarily.

He looked at Raelyn, who looked a bit tired.

Because of the fact her mana core was exhausting more mana quickly, she was getting tired.

But despite that, she didn’t have any major injuries on her.

Unlike Leonard.

Not stopping and giving Leonard time to gather himself, Raelyn circled around him as she dashed towards him.

Her sword flowed in a wave-like manner as water materialized around the edges.

She swung her sword, and an arc of water went towards Leonard, who rotated his body to his left and let that attack go past him.

His quick dodge was possible because of his wind element.

The arc made a mark on the arena’s wall, which was protected by the barrier, showing how powerful it was.

Leonard raised his sword as his eyes focused on the person before him.

His sword moved, creating a swirl of fire to follow it, creating embers in the air around him.

As soon as their sword met, Raelyn immediately started attacking relentlessly.

She specifically targeted his left side, where Leonard already had a wound, and it was becoming harder for him to dodge or block her attacks.



Slowly, smaller wounds were appearing on Leonard’s body, especially around his arms, because Raelyn penetrated his fire using her water element.

Her armor was still protecting her from the damage that a normal person would have felt when they were near the proximity of Leonard.

Slowly, people saw the match coming to an end.

Leonard had suffered many injuries, and even though Raelyn looked tired, she didn’t have even a single wound that affected her ability to fight, which was not the case for Leonard.


Raelyn targeted Leonard’s left side, creating an opening on her right shoulder.

She didn’t worry because even if Leonard tried to attack her, she knew her armor artifact would stop it.

She was the only one who knew the limit of that artifact, so Leonard needed to be careful around such feints.

He was forced to block, but due to the awkward angle Raelyn struck, Leonard’s hand flicked into the air, creating an opening.

Raelyn took her sword to her side for one final attack to finish this match.

Everyone’s eyes went wide as they saw Raelyn move her sword in a horizontal manner.

Was this the end of Blood Faction?

Many Third Years who were part of the Blood Faction became restless.

“It ended a bit too soon,” Xarax sighed as he saw the end of the match.

The winner was decided.

And it was…




Three spears from three different directions came towards Raelyn suddenly out of nowhere.

The bracelet on Leonard’s hand shattered, and his dark blue colored sword started shining.

“Fifth Remer, Tempest’s Flame,” Leonard muttered.

‘Fifth?’ Raelyn heard the word clearly.

Despite being in this situation, she was focusing on her attack, but hearing the word fifth made her feel a sense of danger.

The wind combined around his sword, making the flame denser and stronger.

All the flame around his body combined into his sword, while the hilt of the sword glowed as the blade started shining.

The Dark Blue Blade became even darker, coming close to the color black.

The Spears around her shattered as her Armor made three shields instantaneously.

But even her armor couldn’t stop the sword from coming towards her as the fourth shield never appeared.

A smile appeared on Leonard’s face as he made Raelyn fall into his trap.

His sword came down as Raelyn raised it, and her aura and fire erupted from their clash, covering the stage in flame and dust due to the chaotic wind behind Leonard’s attack.

On the Stage, Leonard was standing with his right arm bleeding and his bones broken badly.

But on the other side, Raelyn crashed into the Arena wall, with blood coming out the side of her head and her sword, which had broken at the moment of contact.

She was barely fine because of the A-Rank Armor, but she had lost.

“And the Winner is Leonard Tarvian,” Gazil announced as people were too stunned to cheer.

The match was about to end with Raelyn’s victory, but somehow, it was Leonard who had won.

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