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Fairy Fern Spirit’s heart sank momentarily, but she quickly rallied, issuing orders with a steely tone to Uncle Hui, “Join forces with the Eccentric Lightning Elder to tackle the old devil. The rest will take care of the turncoats. Once done, we’ll collectively confront the old devil.”

Taken aback at first, Uncle Hui quickly grasped her intention. He gestured towards his subordinates, commanding, “For now, heed her directive. If we fail to overcome the old devil, our survival is in jeopardy.”

With that, he fixed a frosty stare at Ancestor Qin as the Eccentric Lightning Elder’s azure ship materialized above him in a blur.

The Hidden Evil Sect’s Core Formation cultivators exchanged quick glances before aligning themselves silently alongside the Eternal Grace Sect, their cold eyes scanning the defectors.

Relieved from the immediate threat of Ancestor Qin’s fearsome deathfire, the Eternal Grace Sect cultivators appeared invigorated. They withdrew their magical instruments and relics, bracing themselves for the imminent combat.

Situated towards the rear of the gathering, Han Cai exhibited an unusual demeanor. He seemed to be nonchalantly munching on something. Upon closer inspection, one could discern that he held not a weapon, but a bag brimming with popcorn in his grasp.

An inexplicable sense of satisfaction overwhelmed him, as if he was a spectator at an impending blockbuster event. Something felt incredibly fitting about this situation to him. He racked his brain to pinpoint the exact reason and then it struck him – the suspense of the scenario was tantalizing. Could Ancestor Qin single-handedly subdue the crowd using the formidable Greater Avatar Technique, or would the comparatively weaker cultivators manage to resist and stand their ground?

Han Cai savored another handful of popcorn before he noticed a deficiency in his leisurely snack. A frown crossed his face. He had the popcorn, but he missed his Coke to accompany it. The effervescent beverage would’ve perfectly complemented the salty snack.

“Attack!” Uncle Hui commanded in a hushed tone. He swiftly molded an incantation gesture, causing the spectral head to flash its fangs and charge towards Ancestor Qin with a deafening shriek.

Simultaneously, the others unleashed their magical weaponry and prized treasures towards the defectors from the Eternal Grace Sect.

Those aligned with Ancestor Qin were not resigned to defeat and retaliated, causing a brilliant light show as they countered the attack. The sky soon became a chaotic canvas of intersecting magical weapons and treasures.

Ancestor Qin observed the spectacle impassively before his gaze fell on the spectral head lunging at him. A cold smirk tugged at his lips.

He launched the two grey fireballs he held towards the spectral head. Leaving his palms, the fireballs morphed into grey ropes, each as thick as a thumb. With a swift whoosh, they penetrated the gaping mouth of the ghostly apparition.

Upon witnessing this, Uncle Hui’s visage drained of color, his heart pounding with dread.

The spectral head came to a halt mid-air, swelling grotesquely before detonating into countless strands of grey flame.

A ghastly pallor fell over Uncle Hui’s face, but he quickly composed himself, taking a deep breath and adopting a determined stance. He muttered an incantation and a ruby emerged from his forehead. This gem was an exquisite red crystal that radiated a chilling crimson aura.

As the ruby fully surfaced, Uncle Hui communicated with the Eccentric Lightning Elder in a hushed, grave voice, “Brother Lightning, the old devil’s deathfire can only be tamed by the chill of a Yin magic treasure. I shall wield the Cold Ruby to draw his attention, while you seize the chance to ensnare him with your lightning arts. This strategy will maximize our odds of victory.”

A muffled grunt of acknowledgement emanated from the azure treasure ship, bolstering Uncle Hui’s resolve.

Without a moment’s hesitation, he spat a cloud of blood onto the Cold Ruby, which rapidly absorbed the entirety of the crimson mist. Its white aura fluctuated before morphing into a gargantuan, three-meter-wide red sphere that radiated an intense light.

“Old Devil, behold the wrath of my Cold Ruby, refined from the profound deep Grassland crystal!” Uncle Hui glared at Ancestor Qin with an insidious grin, gritting his teeth.

He then gestured towards the Cold Ruby, exclaiming, “Charge!” The red sphere oscillated before transforming into a thick, red serpent. With a swift, predatory strike, it lunged at Ancestor Qin.

Ancestor Qin briefly registered surprise, quickly replaced by a dismissive smirk. With a subtle shrug, eight thick tendrils of grey Qi materialized behind him.

The tendrils of grey Qi displayed an uncanny agility as they wafted through the air. Taking on the forms of grotesque demonic creatures, they bore their fearsome fangs and claws, launching an assault on the advancing red serpent.

Uncle Hui watched this unexpected turn of events, eyebrows arching in surprise. With a loud command, his hands started weaving intricate patterns in the air. From his fingertips, multi-hued incantation seals whirred into existence and embedded themselves into the body of the red serpent.

Suddenly, the serpent’s eyes illuminated with an eerie green light. Coiling its form, it exhaled a dense stream of frosty Qi. The demonic manifestations of the grey Qi vanished without a trace upon contact with the frigid blast. Without any pause, the chilling wave of Qi continued its relentless pursuit of Ancestor Qin.

Ancestor Qin’s stoic expression wavered for a moment, showing a hint of surprise. Nevertheless, he maintained his composure and swung a hand before him. From the earth beneath, a thick wall of grey light erupted with a resounding boom, effectively halting the oncoming icy Qi.

Uncle Hui noticed that Ancestor Qin was entirely preoccupied with the frosty Qi. Seizing the moment, he swiftly sent a telepathic message to Eccentric Lightning Elder, “Brother Lightning, it’s your cue.”

“Understood!” The response was swift and without a moment’s hesitation.

Soon after Uncle Hui’s command, the azure treasure ship expanded rapidly and commenced a violent rolling motion, releasing booming peals of thunder and cracks of lightning beneath it.

“Eccentric Lightning Elder, you…” Uncle Hui’s voice was a mixture of shock and betrayal before he found himself encased within a hundred-meter radius by the azure treasure ship.

Amidst the turmoil, the Lightning Elder’s eerie laughter echoed. A gargantuan hand materialized from the frigid Qi, seizing the serpent and causing it to disintegrate back into the Cold Ruby.

Despite its transformation, the Cold Ruby continued to flicker stubbornly within the giant hand’s grip, as if vehemently resisting its fate.

In the thunderous cacophony, Uncle Hui’s livid voice resonated, “Old Devil, Lightning! You treacherous snakes!” His voice bore the heavy weight of bitter resentment and regret.

“Ha! Your gullibility is your downfall. Spend some quality time with Lightning for now! I have some other matters to attend to, but I’ll be back to discuss our master-disciple relations,” Ancestor Qin replied dismissively. With his statement hanging in the air, the grey hand faded, revealing Ancestor Qin.

Casting a dispassionate glance at the azure treasure ship, Ancestor Qin shifted his attention to the Dark Cold Ruby in his possession. Opening his mouth, he expelled a dull mist of grey Qi over it. The once vibrant Ruby immediately dulled, losing its radiant brilliance.

Ancestor Qin seemed pleased with this outcome. With a casual flick of his wrist, the Ruby vanished into thin air.

This sequence of Lightning Elder’s abrupt betrayal and Ancestor Qin’s swift handling of the Cold Ruby unfolded in mere seconds. Yet, the magnitude of these events left the spectators stunned, robbing them of their imminent victory.

Han Cai looked on in awe. The technique of manifesting Qi into beasts and commanding them in battle was a unique skill these Grasslanders possessed. A desire kindled within him to master this fascinating art. Moreover, the unexpected betrayal and the intense battle were thrilling spectacles to witness.

Fairy Fern Spirit’s face mirrored an even more profound look of disbelief!

The cultivators, sensing the shift in the tide, shared a quick, collective glance before packing up their mystic tools and treasures. The encircling traitors were left behind as the cultivators scattered in every direction, each seeking to preserve their own skin.

They weren’t fools. With the tables turned, remaining on this battlefield could mean an untimely demise, their bodies becoming mere husks. The more experienced Core Formation cultivators were the quickest to react, their seasoned instincts urging them to flee. But to their utter dismay, they were restrained, unable to escape. An unseen force, activated by a mysterious treasure, had them bound in place.

Han Cai watched the spectacle unravel, his countenance laced with a hint of regret. The enjoyment he derived from the chaotic skirmish was undeniable, but he also knew when the amusement had to come to an end. The thought of the cultivators losing their souls left a bitter taste in his mouth, prompting him to intervene.

Amidst the confusion, Han Cai’s voice cut through the air like a blade, “Enough.”

Suddenly, a surge of grey death Qi erupted, ensnaring everyone present. The crowd was paralyzed, their bewildered expressions frozen in place. Even the steadfast Ancestor Qin appeared to be momentarily taken aback.

Han Cai admonished the immobilized cultivators, his voice echoing around the eerie silence. “This,” he pointed out, “is the bitter fruit of your greed. You’ve lost sight of what truly matters – peace, unity, equilibrium. Instead, you’ve succumbed to your lust for power and wealth. Behold the outcome of your folly.”

He paced leisurely among the helpless cultivators, projecting an aura of a sage who had seen the ways of the world. As he moved, he reached out and struck each cultivator, his strikes resonating through their bodies like a reprimand. It was as though he was chastising them for their transgressions, playing the role of a stern parent reprimanding wayward children.

Then, he proceeded to strip them of their treasures and spirit stones, leaving them with nothing more than their robes. “This,” he proclaimed, “is your atonement.”

There was a certain satisfaction that Han Cai derived from their dismayed reactions. He had grown weary of their misuse of cultivation, their incessant battles, and their thirst for power. Now they were tasting the bitter medicine of their own brew.

Having collected their treasures, Han Cai redirected his attention towards Ancestor Qin. The elder cultivator had managed to retain his composure, but a spark of indignation was discernible in his eyes.

“Your puppet show has run its course,” Han Cai declared, crossing his arms. “Time for the curtain call.”

A tense silence followed. Ancestor Qin finally broke the silence, “Who might you be, senior? My apologies if I have unknowingly offended you.”

The grand melee had abruptly concluded, leaving a sour residue. Some cultivators lowered their heads in shame, while others glared at Han Cai, their eyes seething with resentment and loathing.

Unmoved by their emotions, Han Cai completed his mission. “I’ll be keeping these,” he casually announced, indicating the heap of treasures he’d claimed. “Consider it a fair price for tolerating your absurd theatrics.”

With a dismissive wave, he turned to leave. The death Qi binding the cultivators dissipated, restoring their mobility. However, most remained rooted in their spots, still reeling from the unexpected events. Their eyes followed Han Cai as he disappeared into the horizon.

Whether they had learned their lesson or not, only time would reveal. For now, Han Cai was content. He had acquired what he came for and imparted a necessary lesson.

A subtle smile played on his lips as he walked away. He’d come anticipating a spectacle and he was not disappointed. As for the popcorn and Coke he had imagined enjoying, he mused, there’s always a next time.


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