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I Became A Third-Rate Villain In The Hero Academy – Chapter 158: Overtime (1) Bahasa Indonesia

After a while, Smith entered the room, holding an ornate case engraved with the emblem of the Chalon Family.

“Here is the item you requested, Lord.”


Maximin took the case from Smith.

Smith glanced at Theo with a slightly displeased look, then approached Maximin closely.

“Lord, I must inform you of a peculiar situation.”

“Go on.”

“There are reporters, and representatives from various guilds and nations surrounding the vicinity of this room, Lord. From what we’ve gathered, there are at least thirty of them. Some even show hostile intentions towards our Chalon Family.”

“Hahaha, it seems they have quite the interest in the young prodigy of the Waldeurk family.”

“Shall we take any measures, Lord? While we haven’t detected any traces of magic or artifacts, they might attempt to eavesdrop or engage in other disrespectful behaviors.”

“No need. As always, Smith, you’re thorough. Take some rest; you’ve done well.”

Maximin gently patted Smith’s shoulder with a faint smile.

“Yes, Lord! I’ll take my leave then.”


Smith responded with a grateful tone, bowing respectfully to Maximin before exiting the room.

Theo observed the scene with an indifferent expression.

‘He certainly has him well-trained.’

Truly befitting the head of one of the continent’s most prestigious families.

Using both carrot and stick effectively.

That’s something one should learn.

‘Now, about that case Smith brought.’

Theo had seen it in the game.

It was an ornate case exclusively for the head of the Chalon family.

Maximin handed the case to Theo.

“This might not be enough as a token of appreciation, but please accept it.”

Theo took the case from Maximin.

“This is a gift we present to a select few we hold in high regard, young Theo. Check its contents. If it’s not to your liking, I can offer something else.”

“Thank you. Just the fact that the ‘Demon Hunter’ himself has offered me a gift is more than enough.”

With some lip service, Theo slowly opened the case.

Inside was a ring.

It bore the elegant emblem of the Chalon family, and it was quite a tastefully designed piece.

Just as he expected.

Theo projected the item’s details before his eyes.

● Commemorative Ring of the Chalon Family [Grade: Rare]

: A commemorative ring produced in limited quantities by the Chalon Family.

When worn, it slightly enhances stamina recovery.

The recovery effect also applies to one’s mental strength.

Upon equipping, the ring binds to its first wearer. [More details]

Externally, Theo maintained his indifferent façade, but internally, he was quite pleased.

This ring is exclusively given to those closely affiliated with the Chalon family.

Just wearing it lets everyone recognize that you are associated with the Chalon family.

If someone becomes hostile to a person wearing this ring, they risk becoming enemies with the Chalon family as well.

‘There couldn’t be a better effect for the current situation.’

If it boosts stamina recovery, the aftereffects of [Overload] would be less burdensome.

“…Do you not like it? It contains a unique stamina recovery spell, which is quite helpful.”

Maximin looked at the still indifferent Theo and asked.

“No, I like it very much. I would like to wear it all the time, but since I am still a first-year, I can’t bring it into the Hero Department, which is unfortunate.”

“Heh, Theo, you’re peculiarly naive in some ways. I also graduated from Elinia Academy, and unless it’s an obvious large weapon, most people would keep quiet about it. In my youth, I always wore small artifacts like necklaces and rings.”

“Hah. It’s because I have quite a few enemies. If someone were to report me, it could become troublesome. Did Lord ‘Demon Hunter’ ever have such problems?”

“Hmm, once.”

“What happened?”

“During a practical combat evaluation, I turned him into a bloody mess. I only meant to give him a warning, but he incited others by calling me ‘Artifact-dependent.’ After that, no one dared to report me, hahaha.”


Theo subtly nodded at Maximin’s happy laughter.

‘Anyway, I like it.’

It’s only a problem if it’s discovered.

If not, there’s no issue.

‘I will definitely bring it into the academy. Maybe wear it after training.’

And generally, one needs an appraisal to confirm an artifact’s information.

Unlike Theo, normal people can’t use functions like checking an item’s information and checking character status windows.

Using it discreetly minimizes the chances of getting caught.

“Thank you for the gift, ‘Demon Hunter’ Maximin. I truly like it.”

“Well then, try wearing it now. Your slender and long fingers, it will suit them well-“

Maximin’s words were cut short.

Only then did he notice another ring on Theo’s hand, worn on the fourth finger of his left hand.

“…Hmm, what’s that ring?”

“It’s a ring I received as a commemoration for winning the Knight Department Tournament.”

“The Knight Department 2v2 Tournament?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Hehehe, it brings back memories. I won it too. But if I remember correctly, those rings are custom-made to fit the finger size, aren’t they?”

“I didn’t know they gave such a prize, but my fiancée had it custom-made for me.”

“Your fiancée, you say…

Maximin had been largely inactive for the past few years, cutting ties with the outside for various reasons.

Theo responded.

“It’s Irene Aslan of the Aslan family, Lord ‘Demon Hunter’. She also attends Elinia Academy.”

“Ah, the Aslan family. A renowned knight lineage. A name no one in the empire can be ignorant of.”

“Yes, indeed. She’s also my swordsmanship instructor.”

“Is that so…”

After some deep contemplation, Maximin seemed to come to a decision and nodded.

“Understood, Theo. Today’s meeting had its share of incidents, but it was truly meaningful.”

“It was an honor for me, Lord ‘Demon Hunter’.”

“I will formally invite you to the Chalon family soon, Theo. Send my regards to Robert. I haven’t been able to reach him for a while. Perhaps he’s deep in training.”

Robert, Theo’s father and the head of the Waldeurk family, is at this point in time, living in seclusion.

In the main story, there is a significant event related to Robert:

Aisha attempts to take over the head position of the Waldeurk family.

Recalling the main plot, Theo gave a bitter nod.

“I understand. I’ll do my best.”

In a flash, it was past 10 PM.

Inside Natasha’s room.

Scribble, scribble.

Natasha was in the midst of drafting a report for Rok.

Scribble… Snap!

She threw her pen onto the paper.

“Ugh, my head.”

She looked down at her report, rubbing her temple in frustration.

Right now, her head was swirling from stress.

“There’s so much to write… But I have to get it done.”

Natasha had been urgently brought in on the day of the seminar because Mari’s assistant was sick.

Mari had then asked Rok for help.

She should have been enjoying her precious weekend lounging in bed, going through hero photo albums or magazines.

But unexpected overtime awaited her.

“I swear, I better get overtime pay. And also some extra vacation days.”

She grumbled.

Yet, there was just so much to report on.

And the biggest issue was undoubtedly Theo.

From the content of his paper presentation to the beef with Johnson, the secret connection between Maximin and Theo, and more.

“Excuse me, Ms. Natasha, I know it’s late. Can you spare a moment? We need a photograph for the headline article of our journal tomorrow.”

“I’m from the Commoner Hero Association. Despite his noble status, Theo is more commoner-friendly than anyone else. I’d like to discuss the future of the hero society.”

“I came all the way from the Eastern Empire to see Theo! Can we please have just a minute of your time?”

Journalists and representatives from various guilds & nations were making a ruckus outside.

She’d have to document those annoying individuals who had been causing her stress for hours.

Regardless of the stress, overtime, or whatever, Natasha believed in completing the tasks she’d been given.

But there wasn’t much she could say to those people.

After all, they were all after Theo.

“Has there ever been a first-year student who caused this much commotion?”

Natasha was an avid fan of heroes.

She was well-acquainted with the stories and information of various famous heroes.

But none had consistently stunned her as Theo had.

He was unpredictable.

Like an enigma, breaking all conventional norms.

“Speaking of Theo, when is he coming out?”

After the seminar, Theo immediately went to see Maximin.

Given the noise outside, he still hadn’t returned.

“Ugh, whatever. I need to finish this report.”

She couldn’t even think of going outside right now.

The moment she’d open her door, she’d be surrounded.

Just as that thought crossed her mind, an unexpected voice sounded from outside.

“This is Amy, Theo’s secretary. Natasha, could you please open the door?”


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