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Transformation or Death chapter 64

64 – Beast’s Tail (2)

“…Uh, huh? What does that sound like…?”

Botis trembled involuntarily. The Watcher lightly ignored him and continued to say what he had to say.

“He came all the way here and killed countless monsters.”

I felt like a traveler exploring the desert while wading through the strong sand winds.

An innumerable number of monsters attacked like grains of sand.

Most of them were C-class or B-class monsters, but occasionally A-class or higher, but less than S-class monsters appeared.

Monsters who possess multiple stars but have not become constellations.

I heard it often in rumors, but it was an existence that was not revealed in front, but I saw it for the first time while coming to this Dark Matter.

His intelligence was at the level of a child, and his strength was insignificant compared to monsters with constellations.

If there is a peculiarity, there is not a single one with abilities like the monsters of the constellations.

If you look at the stars, there are more guys than Jason, the compass, but in reality, their abilities and strength were lacking compared to him.

Still, it was not at a level that could be ignored at all, and it was quite difficult to deal with various miscellaneous monsters that were rushing at the same time.

He slaughtered monsters for over an hour.

Thanks to that, I was able to collect a lot of starlight.

“I don’t know if you know it, but I can get starlight from monsters I defeat. Even if I get close to ideal, the starlight gets stronger. Besides, my star seems to be connected to my memory, so if I activate the star, I can see the memory.”

The watcher touched his forehead and recalled the memories he had just had.

“I’ve seen it… just before. It was brief. It was a very brief memory. But it was intense.”

Recalling his memories, he slowly raised his head and looked at Botis.

“I was… here. Here now. Where the belt pointed me to go.”

There, Han Jaejoong was running like crazy. The sight that passed by was extraordinary.

There were vines and moss on the crumbling high-rises, the windows, and the vines on the abandoned red cars.

No matter how fast they ran, the scenery showed no signs of changing.

As if the city was abandoned a long time ago, not a single shadow of a person was visible. Instead, what you see are monsters that walk on two legs like humans, but don’t take human form. monster.

Sand and dust, bushes and buildings, and gray and green intersect to create a quiet atmosphere. Above all, wildness and savagery bloomed in a humane place.

A shadow filled the head of Han Jaejoong, who was running vigorously. A place where a building collapsed and became like a bridge. set foot there.

“And I… was being chased by you.”

There was a person behind. No, compared to other monsters, it’s just like a human. That guy was clearly a monster.

There was a goat’s horn growing on one side of the head, and hooves on the feet.

Her long light green hair, resembling vegetation, fluttered in the wind, and her long ears were sharply torn by the wind. Flowers decorated her hair and around her ears. White, yellow and red bright flowers.

He was dressed differently from other monsters. it was a dress Instead of jewels, ribbons, or frills on top of a white dress, flowery vines and stems were entwined.

The most unusual thing is the arm. Instead of having two arms like a human, it had four arms.

This strange and mysterious appearance was enough to make him mistaken for a mythical being.

“Why did you think it was me? You’ve never seen me.”

“Because he had that wooden stick you have.”

Crossing his right arms, he was holding a long wooden stick that could have been used for a shepherd.

“…hahahaha, right? That doesn’t mean I’ll become a magical girl…”

“No, you are a magical girl.”

He was convinced with this brief memory.

“In this way, only a part of a human body can be transformed into a monster and a magical girl can only be corrupted.”

Fall of the Magical Girl.

The moment she gave up the power of love and peace and accepted human negativity, a new star was born to the magical girl.

new star.

A taboo that cannot be allowed for a magical girl who has to deal with only one star.

The moment a new star is born in denial, the magical girl’s mascot dies and magical purification becomes impossible.

The personality and body of a magical girl change in the starlight that touches her body without any filtering.

It’s not completely out of the human body like the existing monsters, but it’s not even human.

You have to live as a monster in a state close to a human body.

This is the transformation of a magical girl into a monster.

“Besides, Woong-nyeo, the nickname of Sky Polaris you mentioned before… You must have been quite close with her, right?”

Botis listened to him silently.

“The green hair and face I saw then, the disappearance of Green Arcturus, which coincided with the first appearance of the monster in Russia, the magical girl Green Arcturus, who was famous for being best friends with Sky Polaris… At this point, I can’t know even if I want to know. does not exist.”

The watcher walked over to him. He put his hand on the hood that covered his face. Botis just laughed.

“No, in fact, I could tell just by looking at the face in my memory. I love magical girls. Even if it’s a person from the past, I remember the face.”

“…Oh, that’s right.”

I slowly lifted the hood.

“Did you hear?”

There, there was the same monster as the one I had just seen in my memory.

Her green wavy hair hangs down long, she has a goat’s horn on her right temple, and her ears are pointed.

Her golden eyes bent like moonlight.

“I’m sorry. At that time, I had no choice but to kick you out. You can’t put wolves in a meadow where lambs grow, right? Because humans who aren’t prey shouldn’t be here.”

I knew it. Han Jaejoong was in Dark Matter in the past. It’s crazy. With what spirit did you go to a place full of monsters?

He couldn’t understand his past self.

“If you just listen, aren’t you the wolf?”

“Umm… I just call it a lamb because it looks like a lamb to me!”

Botis raised a finger and pointed at the watcher.

“And you are a blind sheep. You know the way, but you cannot see and cannot proceed.”

“Do I look like someone to take care of in your eyes?”

“Of course, he is someone who will be especially affectionate and caring.”

Botis smiled as he slowly ran his fingers and eyes through the fabric of the monsters left all over the Watcher’s body.

“I’ll look at this.”

The way parents talk to their children. A look of benevolence from above toward those below. Of course, it was the attitude of the Watcher looking down on him.

He was arrogant and dogmatic, but there was confidence and composure in his attitude.

The strongman’s unique gaze. It was as if he was indirectly conveying that he could kill you casually.

“This is the reason why I am giving you the belt. Shouldn’t you find a new companion? “

It was an unpleasant consideration.

Giving a belt doesn’t mean you’ll immediately have a new ally.

The Watcher knows he is entitled to use the Belt.

If so, how do you find someone with that qualification?

“Botis, you seem to be able to control several monsters.”


“Then I guess I can give orders to the monsters.”

“You talk too much. This is a simple request.”

“Come to think of it, the monster is constantly advancing in the opposite direction I’m going to you. Until just now, I thought it was to attack me… but I guess I’ll have to change my mind.”

Around the body of the watcher, starlight like fireflies began to bounce. A green light illuminated the world in a place where the darkness had settled far away.

The light of the stars shimmering softly like sparks illuminated Botis’ face.

“Botis, how are you going to find the owner of that belt?”

Botis smiled bitterly in trouble.

“…Isn’t that how heroes are born in times of crisis? I couldn’t help but find someone who could use the belt.”

Holding the Watcher’s hand, Botis said.

“Wait a minute. My lambs will soon find your companion.”

It became clear.

Now, several monsters living in this Dark Matter are advancing towards the human city.

One reason is to find the owner of the new belt in a raid.

It was crazy. I didn’t understand. For just that reason, the monsters who were said to love her were pushed to the limb and forced to attack people.

“Do you think I will wait?”

“Um… of course not!”

It was a pointless laugh. His expression was too idyllic and simple for the smile of the person in charge of the massacre.

“So, you’ll have to make me wait.”

[The quest has been completed.]

“You know what? There are several monsters here. Monsters who haven’t completed the constellation. Those sheep are preparing to go out into the world someday.”

[Quest appears.]

A new quest was born immediately after the completion sound of the quest.

“I don’t know what my purpose is yet, but wouldn’t it be embarrassing if I didn’t have enough power when I was born? To prevent that from happening, I’m gathering all the stars by maximizing their brightness. If those children complete the constellation, they will definitely be very strong. Very. Very. And there are already several monsters like that in the world. Monsters who maxed out all the stars in their constellations.”


“For reference, I am one of them.”

Botis put Watcher’s hands in the middle and put his hands together as if they were joining hands.

“I hope you don’t rebel. It’s going to be a little difficult to make you calm and unscathed.”

Green starlight welled up around her body. Darker and blacker than Watcher’s, a sticky green color like a swamp.

“Hey Botis.”


“You called me a blind sheep… Honestly, I think you’re right.”

[SET. partiality.]

“I’ll attack the opponent no matter what.”


A fist was lodged in Botis’ stomach. A roar rang out. she flew through the sky Up, up, down fast like a falling star.

“I knew this would happen!”

Just before her body touched the building above, the blue sky opened up.

The land mixed with asphalt and grass became a one-sided grassland. The surrounding buildings and their rubble turned into rocks.

The nature spread out in the city has become like a mountain road.

space has been transformed.

Goldilocks John in the Shepherd’s Seat.

“Are you really going to do this? You can’t beat me!”

“Yes, I admit it. It must be difficult.”

The Watcher felt hundreds or thousands of eyes on him.

Monsters in her own space. Poor people who were originally human but died and were reborn as monsters.

A monster in the shape of a sheep began to surround him with a threatening sound.

“But is that a reason for me not to act? Is the wall a reason to give up the journey? No. The wall is just something to jump over.”

There is no way to escape this place. Complete the task she gave, or destroy the owner who rules this place.

I’ve chosen the former before, but this time I have no choice but to choose the latter.

“I’m blind. If there’s anything blocking it, I’d rather break through than find another way.”

“It’s really sarcastic…”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

The watcher raised a finger and pointed at her. Botis laughed hysterically.

“Have you ever seen a star?”

After saying that, thousands of monsters attacked the watcher.


“I’m going crazy, fuck.”

Pink Deneb clicked her tongue. Even if the monster was defeated, it would run anew.

Fortunately, Blue Sirius was here, so there was no problem dealing with these many monsters.

“Why do you have to do it now… Extermination of monsters is the answer…!”

He grabbed his messy head with alcohol and scattered the chills vigorously. With each movement, dozens of monsters froze to death.

“Blue Sirius! I’m a fan!”

“Don’t say shit, just fry it! Mr. over there! Don’t take pictures and run away!”

Pink Deneb, of course, was in charge of the evacuation. In addition, Hongik-oh was scattered to check the status of various damages, and the magical girls were moved to the right place.

My head hurt. Understanding the situation was the reason, but excessive use of magic was also a reason.

Excessive consumption of both stamina and mana occurred due to taking care of various tasks at the same time as the evacuation.

“Senior! Almost all of them have evacuated now! Now all at once…”

He raised his voice to instruct Blue Sirius to run amok without hesitation.

It was then.

A purple meteor descended from the sky. Pink Deneb, who was aware of its existence, changed his words and shouted.

“What the fuck!!”

Meteor rushed to the ground without hesitation. Soon, the earth’s axis shook and a sunset-colored light bloomed in the form of a hemisphere.

The ground caved in, smoke rose, and the monsters around them melted into ashes in an instant.

A girl stepped out of the acrid gray smoke.

“Hello everyone? I’m back!”

I laughed and rocked the night.

The magical girl’s nemesis, Virgo.

Now, the most difficult opponent has appeared.


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