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Transformation or Death chapter 59

59 – Memory Recovery (5)

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Virgo is an unusual monster. Of course, all monsters are unique, but Virgo stands out among them.

The extraordinary man is revealed in the purpose of putting it in his mouth.

world destruction.

An answer too violent to be an answer to realize one’s ego.

In the process of finding the answer, it was aimed at destruction from the beginning, rather than causing destruction.

It can be the purpose of wanting to change the world in some way, but the purpose is simply destruction without a method or reason.

what kind of weirdness is this

In that respect, that woman can be said to be a monster who is the most distant from a monster, and a monster worthy of the word most monster.

We don’t even know what question Virgo had in the first place. Something that didn’t even appear in the original.


“Isn’t it embarrassing to laugh like that?”

Purple light was scattered along with a laugh as if advertising, saying ‘I’m a crazy bitch’. Each one was a lump with heat similar to that of lava fragments.

The Watcher moved forward, dodging the light clusters. Sometimes the things that can’t be avoided are reaped with fists or feet.

“Huh? Why am I ashamed? People who notice others feel ashamed!”

shhh! Virgo, who was flying, descended with a purple light wrapped around her hand like a sword. The swordsmanship he wielded along with that inertia possessed considerable destructive power.

“I don’t see! I don’t listen! But why am I ashamed?!”

“You’ve given up on being human. Yes, it’s you.”

The watcher didn’t bother defending. He glided sideways and then sprinted towards her as she landed. Virgo evaded the attack by flying again.

“Umm, isn’t it uncomfortable if you can’t fly? You, like me, wear a wing.”

“It’s not like you can wear it just because you want to.”

Megrez’s bike that was destroyed by contradiction suddenly came to mind, but he quickly erased it from his mind.

Something to fix later. It hurts to not be able to fly, but now we have to come up with a plan.

Looking around, the watcher immediately pulled out a sign and threw it at Virgo.

It flew away, cutting through the evening glow that was gloomy like the ebb tide. It was enough to impede flight.

“too slow!”

It wasn’t enough to report the failure of the flight. Virgo, who skillfully dodged from the sky, laughed.

The watcher didn’t care at all. It was an attack I said anyway.

he kicked the ground then the wall.

After that, the sign you just threw.

“Even those who can’t fly can stay in the air for a while.”

It was a skill that was possible because he was an exceptional watcher among monsters in terms of leaping power. He kicked the sign right away.

[SET. partiality.]

A green light appeared on his knuckles. The light like the aurora cutting through the polar night weighed heavily on the evening in the city.

Underneath was Virgo’s spine. The route directly sent to my head was aimed at the enemy’s vitals without a single error this time.

The fist cut through the sky vertically and a sharp flash of light flashed.

The twilight dream was dotted with violent artistry. The green and purple colors intersect, and then it sets like twilight. With the falling starlight, the time the sun stayed in the sky also came to an end.


When Virgo fell, his fist became his friend. His hand stayed on Virgo’s back as the asphalt cracked once more.

“Keugh… Kahak!”

[Succeeded in reversal. 100% reproducibility.]

As Virgo shuddered in pain, the Watcher immediately withdrew his fist and moved the buckle.


It’s Peck. The star’s voice resounded low.

The circle on his chest was dyed blue.

Two blue maces formed in the watcher’s hands and wrapped around them like gloves.

The bead’s name is Cheongi.

A marble that controls the atmosphere.

A stormy wind blew fiercely. Virgo’s wings fluttered like leaves in a storm.

The air swirling around the sky robbed the flying creatures of their free will. If you try to fly again in this whirlpool, you will only lose your direction and stumble.

“I won’t be able to fly again.”


Birgo laughed. There was no feeling of emptiness in that smile.

“Yeah! Good! I’m not a magical girl! Flying was weird!”

However, unlike the words he had just uttered, it was more passionate.

She held out her index finger straight up. It was like shooting a gun.


He raised his nose as if he was doing a charm, and his index finger flicked upwards slightly.

A beam of light emanated from its end. It was a straight line that did not falter even in the wind.


A huge explosion followed. A new wind rose from where the rays of light that passed through my hair touched.

It shook his muffler.

“Isn’t it embarrassing to say onomatopoeia?”

“Hmm? I told you!”

She came up quickly and put her index finger under her chin.

“I don’t know shame~!”

He moved his heavenly flag and put his index finger aside. Immediately, a purple ray of light rose from his index finger. It was a ray of light that would have lost his life if he was a little late.

Even though Virgo was clearly in front of her eyes, she could feel her presence from behind. It was an alter ego. Double magic, one of the characteristics of duality.

He stretched his heavenly flag toward the back and fired a strong wind. The alter ego that was there earlier flew upward and emitted a beam of light in an unexpected way.

“I don’t know! I don’t know anything! I forgot everything!”

After that, it shot out a beam like crazy.

In the case of Virgo, her durability is only lower than that of other monsters, but her explosive power is far higher.

A baptism of rays that rages fiercer than the storm within the storm. Virgo’s victory or defeat depends on whether or not he can withstand this.

Of course, just because you can hold on doesn’t mean you can win.

At least in the case of magical girls, no matter how much they endure, they won’t be able to win.

“What do you think is crazy?”


While avoiding Virgo’s rays and blowing them away with the wind, she asked.

“What do you think madness is?”

“What are you talking about all of a sudden?”

“Insanity I think is oblivion!”

Not listening to anyone else at all, she stretched out her own words.

“Doing it even though I forgot! That’s why I’m a crazy bitch. From your standards, I don’t know if it’s embarrassing for a crazy bitch to call herself a bitch, but I’m a crazy bitch! I’ve forgotten about shame! I’ve forgotten everything!”

Gradually the frequency and intensity of the rays decreased.

“When, where, who, why, how, what. The 5,000,000 rules. I’ve lost most of them!”

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Virgo, as if squeezing the last of his energy, began to fire more beams.

“I don’t know when I made this decision! I don’t know where I made this decision! I don’t know who made me angry! I don’t know why! I don’t know how! But I know what I want to do! End the world!”

Lights and beams mingled, scattering light across the world at the end of the evening.

“I forgot why, but what could be more crazy than doing it?!”

The Watcher approached Virgo, sometimes dodging the beam and sometimes getting hit. In the end, I succeeded in standing right in front of her.

“Actually, I just forgot why I tried to turn you into a monster! It’s no use trying to ask me anything by knocking me down!”

The rays of light that fell like rain stopped.

[SET. Heaven leak.]

It meant the turn to attack had moved. All the wind that had blown so far gathered in the blue marble in his hand.

The wind that gathered like that stretched out to Birgo. The compressed air, like a snowball, exploded as it encountered obstacles.

[Succeeded in reproducing heavenly leakage. 100% reproducibility.]


A terrifying roar rang out loud enough to shake the earth.

“Whoa whoa whoo!!! Keuuh… Kuhuh… I forgot everything… I forgot everything…”

Even while rolling on the ground, Virgo did not stop burning. He coughed up blood from his mouth, but he didn’t stop.

The Watcher released Pecda and took a new stance.

To prepare for Chilseong Bogak.

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Virgo is a very dangerous monster. If you want to continue claiming to be the magical girl’s guardian, it’s appropriate to kill here.

“Our Jaejoong! What are you so nervous about? Is it because you’re in the same situation as me? Forgetting everything? It’s okay! Get used to it! Get used to it~”

The story has no context. Watcher did not hide his displeasure at the one-sided conversation that made his mind dizzy just by listening to it.

“Don’t call me that.”

“Whoa, are you angry? Are you angry? Why are names and memories so important?”

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Virgo staggered to her feet.

“You forgot when you were with me, right?”

For a moment, his movement stopped.

“Eight gap!”

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Virgo quickly fired a beam.


I was right in the middle of the day. Pieces of armor flew away. After that, it melted with high heat.


“Oh my, a hero shouldn’t listen to the villain! Or… Aha! You did it because you wanted to be on the same side as me! Right? That’s it!”

“As expected… you… my past…”

“Huh? Why is that?”

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Virgo erased her laughter. As if contemplating something, he swam through the air with his eyes, then smiled shyly again.

“What did I say?”

Watcher got up with accusation. Whatever it was, it was fatal. It wasn’t a lethal attack, so he should be able to fight more.

“Yes, I don’t know if it’s crazy acting or if it’s true… You seem to know me. That’s me from the days I forgot.”

I’ve been curious since before. Why did Virgo attack Jaejoong Han and try to turn him into a monster? What did you want to make into a monster?

According to Jason, he wanted a comrade who had lost his purpose, so he tried to turn a person into a monster.

Besides, I want you to be the answer to the question I said before.

I wanted to become a monster who started out as a human being, I wanted to give up being a human being, and I wanted to be the answer.

“Do you want me to be your ally?”

As he muttered, Virgo, who was preparing for the next beam, stopped moving.

“Mmm… Mmm? mmm… Mmm!”

I crossed my arms and started thinking hard.

“Uh, was it? Was it…? I don’t think my ally is…”

She suffered so intensely that she even felt a headache.

“I forgot, but I can’t answer!”

Gather the light in both hands and fire it at him. The Watcher dodged the beam by rolling on the ground.

Like a machine gun, he continued by pouring out short beams of light.

“Madness is oblivion! Madness is oblivion!”

The danmak gradually mixed with anger.

“Don’t ask my intentions! I forgot!”

The conversation quickly lost context. The emotional ups and downs were so intense that it was difficult to follow.

“If you forgot, if you don’t know, there’s no need for responsibility!”

Her starlight filled the world farther and farther, and her voice gradually rose.

“If you are chosen forcibly! If you are given a role! Should you accept the role? Does a forced choice follow responsibility?! Even if you make a choice in an ignorant state, is the responsibility only yours?!”

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Virgo poured out beams like crazy. It floated in the sky like a flashlight. There was no direction anymore. As if everything in this world was an enemy, destruction poured out randomly in all directions.

Wherever it touched the light, it melted and glowed purple.

“Even if it’s a power I don’t want, should I know the responsibility?! Why should I know! Why should it be forced!”

It was an obvious runaway. Light and light overlapped and exploded like a dream. It was hard to even open my eyes in this starlight festival.

The flashing flashes exploded endlessly, so it was safe to say that this was not a flash, but a glory.

“Jaejoong, do you know? If you were forcibly injected with starlight…”

pop. As if the faucet had been turned off, her outrage stopped without the slightest delay.

“…what did I say?”

It was a blessing in oblivion.

Han Jaejoong asked as he looked at Virgo, who had stopped in the midst of that blessing.

“Is that… your question?”

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Virgo laughed.

“Oh right… Madness doesn’t just require oblivion. Sometimes you need to recall. And then forget again. If this repeats itself, there will be no memories and only emotions will remain. Uh… What did I say? You know, Madness does not require oblivion alone. Oh, I have said it.”

Realizing his oblivion, Virgo smiled brightly.

“Anyway, I like that I’m a crazy bitch. If I don’t know, there’s no responsibility. Even if there’s no reason for my actions, even if there’s no reason for my violence, just being crazy solves the problem.”

She murmured, raising the corners of her lips slyly.

“Ignorance requires oblivion. You know what? Madness is oblivion. Did I say this? Oh, I think I said it.”

Han Jaejoong forgot what to say. It was literally a crazy year. A crazy bitch who chose blurry madness with clear reason. Everything she said sounded like music.

I felt sympathy for her life in which she had to take responsibility for her unwanted power.

However, not all circumstances justify the action.

She is already and will be taking countless lives.

‘What on earth did you do to get involved with that bitch?’

Han Jaejoong became curious about his past self. Did you even go to the real Dark Matter? with what confidence?

Ignorance is fear. If you don’t know, imagine and imagination is bigger than reality.

What if that woman was his benefactor? Or if one of the reasons for her madness is herself?

Han Jaejoong knew that he should not hesitate, but his movements were firm due to the responsibility he did not know.

“The end of the world! The end of the world! What a delight!”

A bird perched on her hand as she screamed hard. She stopped talking and moving.

Han Jaejoong was like that too. I forgot to say anything and looked at it.

“Hongik Oh…?”

Hong Ik Oh. The power of Pink Deneb. Now Virgo has become the new owner of one of the Hongik Chows.

From far away she flew. Stopping on top of the watcher, she quickly shouted.

“Hey there monster! Get rid of that bastard quickly! They fight often! Quickly! I’m evacuating around here in the meantime…”


Following her urgency, Han Jaejoong raised his voice.

“Aren’t there any other magical girls besides you?!”

“Of course! I’m dealing with that bitch for being crazy, but I’ll bring someone else…”


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Virgo’s laughter as he watched the bird gradually spread widely.

“Thank you for the gift, junior~”

All of Hongik-Oh, who formed the wings behind Deneb’s back, began to gather behind her. Behind the purple wings, newly formed wings began to form.

All the birds that originally belonged to Deneb moved to her side.

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Virgo’s power is only for dealing with magical girls.

The power to become their nemesis.

Four Seasons (四季紫一).

The power to dye all the diversity of the four seasons purple.

It takes away any color, invades it, and makes it its own.

Steal it and use it with your own power.

Theft of magical power.

A magical girl who manifests magic by purifying starlight into a form suitable for use by humans.

You can steal their magic and use their magic.

Behind Virgo, Hong Ik-oh, which was stolen from Pink Deneb, bloomed deceptively.

“Then is it the second round?”

This is why Virgo is a difficult opponent for magical girls.

By taking away not only Birgo’s own power, but also his own mana, making Birgo stronger and weaker at the same time.

Therefore, the magical girl who came here has one humiliating title.

It means an ability that is unsuitable for combat to the extent that it will not be a problem even if the opponent loses its power.

Weakest in battle.

Pink Deneb gritted her teeth.


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