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Transformation or Death chapter 58

58 – Memory Recovery (4)

Being naked in front of others is an act that requires a great deal of determination.

From the distant past, when Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden, to the present day, people have the shame of being naked in front of others.

Without any lies or deceit, it reveals the human body as it is.

Throwing off the cloth to cover and defend oneself goes beyond the simple meaning of undressing and touches the deprivation of authority.

The act of throwing away one’s own authority and sharing one’s everything with others beyond pride, anxiety, and rationalization to protect one’s self.

It doesn’t work unless there is a lot of trust.

They were really brother and sister who cared for each other like family. Jaejoong Han’s declaration just before was at the same time as saying that he believes in Jo Ah-yoon as much.

It was a declaration of trust in himself.


But it wasn’t without aim.

“That… you know.”


“I hope you don’t tremble like a dog…”

Cho Ah-yoon muttered vaguely, placing her hand on top of his.

“Jaejoong oppa, don’t try to pass off the word ‘memory loss’ naturally. I haven’t yet understood that.”


“And I’m just curious about the relationship between my brother and the monster. I didn’t suspect that my brother turned him into a monster. I didn’t say a word like that. Don’t blur the point.”


Han Jaejoong, who was able to see through all of his intentions in an instant, smiled silently.

“Jaejoong oppa…”

The affectionate eyes gradually began to change sharply. It wasn’t the mood for jokes.

“…What do you mean you lost your memory?”

The woman’s hand, which was placed on top of Han Jaejoong’s, gradually began to gain strength. The hand under his hand turned the palm of his hand and held it back.

I felt the warmth like a bird hatching an egg and the coolness like a chain at the same time.

“You lost your memory… What is that? .. all….”

Jo Ah-yoon was confused.

He knows he’s bad at lying. In particular, whenever he tells an important lie, he shows a clumsy appearance. But what he had just said was perfectly true.

He was spouting words that sounded like lies.

Whether what he said now is true or false, a joke or serious, a simple evasion or a confrontation.

There was no way to know anything.

I remember him once sleeping on a bench under the park. There was no explanation, but it was more useful than a hundred words in terms of giving an idea of his hardships.

At the same time, it made me realize how much he didn’t want to get involved with me. It means that I didn’t want to rely on my acquaintances even though I was sleeping outside on a late autumn day because I didn’t have a house.

what is the way for him Still she doesn’t know. I didn’t even know if it was something I could answer.

I didn’t even know if his words were simply words to keep me away, or words in the process of getting closer.

Jo Ah-yoon asked as if clinging to it.

“You don’t want to see me… are you doing it because you don’t like me…?”

I know it’s ugly. But I wanted to be sure of this one thing.

Jaejoong Han swallowed a sigh and opened his mouth.

“Ah Yuna, I told you. I don’t hate you. But I don’t know you as much as you know me. It’s because I’m embarrassed. I don’t know you well, but I’m embarrassed to pretend to know you. It’s like deception…”

He shifted his gaze to the hand he was holding. The horse’s grip seemed to have weakened a little while ago.

“…Unfortunately, amnesia is real.”


There was a gasping sound. Ayun licked her lips and asked a new question.

“Then, by chance… getting involved with a monster…?”



The desk shook again. Cho Ah-yoon’s fist hit the desk, shaking the various decorations in the house dangerously.

“These chews …!”

She didn’t hide her anger. He gritted his teeth, revealing his hostility toward the monster he had accumulated countless times.

“As expected, is he the Big Dipper? Did you end up like this while getting involved with him?”


Paradoxically, through this truth, the hypothesis that Han Jae-joong turned into a monster came to the fore again.

“…How did you get involved? Huh?”

It was a possibility that had been fading for a long time.

The monster’s act of violence toward Baek Ah-hee was a lowly act that Han Jae-joong would never commit.

Also, having seen him at the hospital before, he seemed to know Jo Ah-yoon completely. So, I guessed that I was certain that Han Jaejoong had perfect memories.

But now doubts have come again. It was because of his words.

“What kind of relationship do you have with that guy?

The monster’s amnesia only erases exactly human memories. Relationships between people, memories from the past, and dreams.

It is similar to the case of Jaejoong Han.

However, there has been no report of a monster who lost his memory at the same time regaining his memory.

Fall of the Magical Girl.

Except for this very rare case.

In fact, in this case, it is ambiguous even to see it as a monster.

It was a hypothesis that could not be applied to Han Jaejoong anyway.

“…Did you forget this too?”



Cho Ah-yoon took one of his hands and moved it to his forehead. A headache came.

‘What the fuck has this brother been doing all this time…’

It was absurd.

The reunion after a long time was like a homeless person, the next reunion was a hospital, and the new reunion was on the roof above the hospital. All of this was actually an amnesiac patient.

I felt like crying at the thought of really losing my memories. Is this how a daughter feels when she sees her mother with dementia?

“You really don’t remember what happened to me?”

“Uh… mostly…”

“Have you forgotten about my work in middle school, hanging out with me, and dating me?”

“The last one is a phrase.”

“It’s not like I don’t know everything… what the fuck…?”

Still, it was a comfort that I didn’t know at all.

He swallowed the rising anger and shook his head calmly.

“Oppa, I’m really sorry that I doubted you… I’m naturally very insecure. I hope you can convince me.”

I’m sure it’s related to the monster.

But is the direction of the connection a simple victim? if not….

Jo Ah-yoon moved her fingers and went up as if tickling his palm and touched the tip of her hand. He overlapped his own between his fingers and gripped them tightly. I put on a pod.

He lowered the hand he had placed on his forehead, shining the light into his eyes. Fine dew began to form again on the corners of her eyes, which were clearly marked with red marks from crying earlier.

“That… that…”

The declaration that he will confidently show off his naked body means that he has a proud body without being caught. It was strange. If it’s a monster, there should be traces of it.

The declaration I just made is just a trick. Wouldn’t it be a strategy that appeals to one’s confidence on the premise of being rejected?

In fact, I wonder if there is a hidden secret beneath the clothes that I can’t show.

That’s what I thought.

“Just 5 minutes… no, 5 minutes are too many… 3 minutes! No… 1 minute is fine…”

The vibrations of her clasped fingers were even transmitted to Han Jaejoong. My face was red with shame and there were even tears. Ignoring this figure, Jo Ah-yoon hesitated and ended the sentence.

“Let me see you naked.”

A slow silence lingered in the house.

It was Han Jaejoong’s ridicule that broke the silence. He smiled and pondered for a moment before opening his mouth.


“Ah why!”

Jo Ah-yun immediately confronted him.

“Where’s the spirit that I said I’ll show you a few minutes ago!”

“It’s a little embarrassing to think about it again. Besides, taking it off at someone else’s request is like a madman.”

“It’s more crazy to take it off alone! Take it off without saying anything!”

He gave more strength to his clenched hands. Now, it has become torture rather than affectionate contact.

“Can’t you even listen to my lovely brother?”

“I don’t think I can love you now.”

“Do you believe me brother?”

“I believe in you, but you don’t believe in me!”

“You said you were going to take it off! Just take it off! Take it off, damn it!!!”

The act of showing nakedness requires a great deal of determination and trust. The resolve I had just a moment ago evaporated as I thought about it again.

The reason is simple.

Because he realized what was under his clothes. Even with the regenerative power of the starlight, there are still scars that have not fully healed. It was a scar that I didn’t want to show.

Jo Ah-yoon stood up and pulled out her clenched hands. Han Jaejoong, who was careless, was pulled back. His body fell on the table. Without letting go of the gap, he pushed him to the floor and knocked him over. The doll, which was quickly placed on the ground, relieved the shock.

Jo Ah-yoon sat on top of him who had fallen.

“Did you think a normal person could win against a magical girl?”

“What did our Ah-yoon watch when she grew up and do this shit…”

“Of course, I grew up watching my brother. My brother has grown a little compared to that time.”

“But I’ve got a lot of muscles. Ah Yoon-ah, I’m heavy. Can you come down now?”


She slowly reached down and grabbed the bottom of his shirt.

“This is my right to confirm what my brother said earlier, and I’m just fulfilling that right.”

There was nothing wrong. Han Jaejoong regretted his mistake and closed his eyes.

In addition, Jo Ah-yoon’s suspicions were further amplified by Han Jae-joong’s rebellion. Hesitation is gone. I heard abusive accusations from the mascot, saying that I was crazy, but I ignored it.

“There’s nothing to see anyway…”

He slowly pushed up his shirt. Immediately, her hand stopped on the incoming skin of a different color.

In an instant, the jewel shone. Maybe she can hear her voice too. Startled, her body froze.


I didn’t miss the gap that was burning, and I grabbed Joayun’s waist and lifted her body and put it to the side. Only then was Jaejoong Han able to escape from this perverted beast.

“A dispatch report?”

“Uh, uh… uh, that’s true.”

“Go see.”

“Brother, what about that wound from before?”

“Do not worry about it.”

He straightened his clothes and smiled shyly.

“It’s a wound from long ago.”


there was no such thing The heart that I wanted to say like this did not come true and sank to the bottom. I don’t know what kind of hardships there were in the years I didn’t see.

Jo Ah-yoon was sure that perhaps the hardship was beyond his imagination.

When I tried to move my hand to the place where I had just seen the wound, I was caught by his hand. I raised my head in surprise.

“Oh that….”

Han Jaejoong laughed as if he didn’t want to ask anything, and Cho Ayoon couldn’t say anything to that laugh.

“Go quickly.”

From the bail, calls for help rang incessantly, and the silent afternoon sun beat down on them through the windows. The slightly reddish sunlight signaled that it was getting closer to evening.

“Well, then don’t go anywhere else and just stay here… No, that’s kind of weird.”

She got up quickly and ran towards her room. She came back in a hurry, and there was a note in her hand.

“Huh… Heh… This… is my number? It hasn’t changed from before… but I’m afraid I forgot.”

After putting the note with the number on his hand, he folded his hands.

“Call me when you miss my brother. No, just by all means! Contact me… okay? My personal wish is that you call me as soon as I finish work…”

She blurted out her words and ran toward the window, her face reddened by the setting sun.

After the wind swept through the room once, she turned into a bird and flew across the sky.

Han Jaejoong looked at the movement in a daze, then suddenly came to his senses and stood up.

“He’s still beaten up…”

I closed the window that had been wide open for the move.

And within a few minutes, the sound of the front door closing reverberated through the empty house.


It was a crazy day. Jaejoong Han recalled this day like that.

A dizzying day in many ways, with past ties coming at the same time.

As I walked down the street, I quietly looked at the number in the notepad. Looking at the familiarity, I realized that I had maintained the same number for all those years.

In the case of magical girls, I heard that they change their numbers as often as they get stolen, but she has been the same for several years. Ever since I was young. They were a bit taller, but they had the same number.

Maybe to get in touch.

If you change it, it will be difficult for Han Jaejoong to contact you.

A bitter taste settled in my mouth.

‘You crazy bastard. What the hell did you do that you never contacted me…’

Swearing at his past self, he walked down the street in the evening. It was quite a distance from home, so it seemed like it would be a long journey.

A certain meteor bent straight along the contour of the gradually reddening sky. Like ripples blooming in a pond, the dusk cut through the clouds and drew a line in red.

The line gradually moved towards this side.

“Crazy bastard.”


The road where the meteor hit cracked open. After a few seconds of quick vibration that would break windows and crack walls, a woman stepped out of the billowing smoke.

If you look closely, it’s a bit unreasonable to call her a human woman.

The purple wings spread wide and split the smoke.

“Are you talking about me? Oh, that’s not a bad introduction.”

“Seeing that you like it after swearing at it, I know your taste very well.”

“Hyaaha, do you know how to say that?”

Jaejoong Han looked around to see if Hong Ik-oh was there. There was no luck either. If you doubted that much, I’d just put one on. I sighed at Pink Deneb’s friendly personality. Maybe he gave up on his conscience for doing something like a stalker.

Reassured by this, Han Jaejoong moved his hand toward the belt.

“It’s been a while, Birgo.”

“Is that it? It’s only been a month?”

“It’s not even been a month yet.”

“Hmm? Is that so? I think it’s like that~”

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Virgo asked with a grin.

“So, do you feel like heading towards the end of the world with me?”


It wasn’t even worth listening to.




A half power with origins but no memory.

Hearing the name of the unfinished constellation, Han Jaejoong stepped forward.


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