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Chapter 393: Side Story 7 – You are my sister’s boyfriend?

Translator: miraclerifle

[The hottest couple of Harvard University?]

Tap tap tap.

A finger was stoically clicking on the computer mouse. The man’s gaze looked as if he wanted to pierce through the monitor.

Ju-Heon was focused on an article on the internet.

He could see Joy, his sister Ju-Won, hugging a Caucasian guy.

He looked down to see a picture of the guy kissing pretty little Joy on the cheeks.

Ju-Heon was reading the article without any visible expression on his face.

This was probably the calm before the storm.

There were seven pairs of eyes anxiously looking at Ju-Heon.

They were the rest of his team members.

“Hey, is this okay?”

“Who knows? I doubt the Captain-nim will be okay with this, knowing his personality.”

“Ah, the Majesty is going to rage. He’s going to rage.”

They had moved far away from Ju-Heon a while ago. Of course, Julian was smirking while looking at Ju-Heon who was sitting on his throne.

Ju-Heon had his legs crossed while sitting on Hlidskjalf that currently looked like an office chair as he read the article.


‘Does he really think that he isn’t a siscon too?’

The corners of Julian’s lips were twitching as he waited for the right moment. He was most definitely thinking about getting revenge.

Unfortunately, Ju-Heon just sneered after reading the entire article.

“So what? What do you want me to do about it?”


The team members were shocked at this unexpected reaction.

‘Wait, this guy is completely emotionless after reading that article?’

Ju-Heon answered as if it was nothing.

“Why the hell would I care about who my stupid sister is dating?”

The team members nodded their heads.

“I guess it is nothing to worry about.”

“Yeah, even the Captain-nim…”

“It’s taken care of as soon as I sent Gungnir flying.”


Ju-Heon nonchalantly summoned Gungnir and was about to throw it.

“Deonid Ivanov. As long I pierce through that bastard’s head, it’s over…”


The team members freaked out and tried to stop Ju-Heon. Seol-A even jumped on him.

“Captain-nim! You can’t launch Gungnir at a regular person!”

“Why not? It’d be nice and tidy if I kill him.”

‘What does he mean by nice and tidy?!’

“You can’t do that, you son of a bitch. The Majesty can’t be like this!”

“Ah, is that so?”

The team members sighed in relief after Ju-Heon sent Gungnir back.

“Good, that’s just too…”

“Yeah. Old man. Sent some assassins out.”


“Yes. Just sent them to Harvard.”


Ju-Heon ignored them and continued to talk on the phone.

“Ah, his name? Deo… ah, I don’t remember. He’s Russian so just kill all Russian guys.”


Ilya screamed.

“What did my people do wrong?!”

Even Ilya might be killed off at this rate.

Ju-Heon’s eyes flashed like those of wild beasts.

“Also get rid of the bastards who uploaded the article and the photos. Just destroy all of Harvard if it looks like they are going to run.”

‘Is he really crazy?!’

The team members quickly took Ju-Heon’s phone away to stop this massacre.

“Stop it! What the hell are you doing…?!”

“What’s wrong? You said I couldn’t do it because I am the Majesty. Doesn’t that mean that it is fine as long as I don’t kill him with my own hands?”

‘That’s still not okay!’

“Hey, destroy his phone! Make it so that he can’t call anybody!”

Unfortunately, it was useless.

“Come out, goblins.”

Ju-Heon slightly lowered Chi You’s mask and his loyal goblin army quickly gathered.

Ju-Heon gave them orders.

“Go. Apparently assassination is not allowed so make sure that it looks like an accident.”

“Aaah! No, that’s not what we meant!”

“D, damn it. What is this?!”

At the famous Harvard University in the US…

There was a man who looked extremely anxious right now.

“His name is Deonid Ivanov. His family, looks, educational background, social circles, and sexual health all looks fine but he does have a slight gambling addiction.”

“He is popular and has had a lot of women but never clearly ended it with any of them. His former girlfriends have been seen fighting in the past.”

“The professors and his classmates see him as a good elite student, but he has a habit of being violent while drunk and has been down to the police station multiple times. In simple terms, he’s a thug.”

“We recommend getting rid of him.”

Deonid’s pupils were shaking after hearing the women read the documents while standing next to him.

But these beauties standing next to him were not the scary ones.

“So you are the one who was trying to put his dirty hands on my sister, Descartes?”

“It’s Deonid!”

“Okay, deodorant. Nice to meet you.”

‘T, this bastard!’

Deonid was shaking in fear while being held down by goblins. There was no way that he wouldn’t recognize Ju-Heon.

‘S, Seo Ju-Heon.’

This was an era where artifacts were extremely important. Ju-Heon was the king of all artifacts. He was more important than the US president.

Both leaders and terrorists from all over the world sought out Ju-Heon’s cooperation and permission.

This bastard could consult on and take care of most artifact related issues, no matter whether they were business related, government related, or survival related.

He was like an Emperor as he owned numerous businesses as well…!

‘W, why is a guy like this here…?!’

Deonid was about to cry. It wasn’t wrong to say that Ju-Heon alone could take on the armies of multiple countries at once.

“Let me get right to the point.”

“Excuse me?”

“Would you rather have me chop your head off or be smashed into pieces?”


Deonid foamed at the mouth while Julian gasped. He immediately canceled the thought about how Ju-Heon was a crazy idiot for his sister like him.

They were not similar at all.

‘This punk will blow up a country without thinking twice about it.’

This wasn’t even that bad.

Imagine if the one to get a boyfriend was not Joy but his future daughter.

‘He might even destroy the entire world.’

Julian quickly whispered to Seol-A.

“Hey Seol-A, no daughters, okay. No daughters.”

“E, excuse me?”

“No daughters for world peace.”


Seol-A had no idea what Julian was talking about, but Julian and Jaeha had already seen it.

‘The engagement ring.’

He illegally entered a dictatorship and excavated an engagement ring?!

Julian thought that the choice was between Irene and Seol-A. He would just tell both of them in advance to be ready for either option.

“No daughters. We want world peace.”

“He’s right. I’m still in the reserves. They’ll drag me off!”

It was at that moment.

“Holy moly, what are you doing?!”

They turned their heads after hearing a familiar voice.

Joy must have heard about what was going on as she rushed into the club room.

The team had quietly entered so that they didn’t disturb the other students, but still…

“Why are you here?! Let go of him right now, you big dummy!”


Deonid started crying with joy as soon as he saw Joy.

On the other hand, Ju-Heon frowned. Whether it was because she was out from under those terrible adopted parents of hers or because she had a boyfriend(?) now, Joy was quite dolled up.

She got rid of those large glasses that made her look like a laboratory hikikomori and she looked extremely stylish.

Ju-Heon must have not liked it.

“Hey fat pig. Anybody would be able to tell you were single your whole life since your taste in men sucks like hell. Ah, I feel embarrassed as your twin brother. They’re going to question my eyes because of you too!”

“W, what?!”

“Well, I’m sure you’re not used to men gathering around you since you’re so damn ugly.”


The team members whispered to each other.

“Hey. Isn’t calling his twin sister ugly a self-diss…ugh!”

“Anyway, it can’t be this guy. Was he really your boyfriend? There’s no way you got yourself a man. You dress like an old lady.”

‘What did he just say?!’

An angry Joy tightly hugged Deonid’s arm.

“What’s wrong?! You have an issue with this?! Is there a law that says I can’t date?!”

Chi You’s goblins tried to step in but the crazy strong Affinity coming out of her was strong enough to kill.

The goblins took a few steps back in fear of being seduced by her.

Joy soon protested(?) to Ju-Heon.

“We’re dating! We’re also going to get married!”

“What? Married?!”

The team members gasped. Ju-Heon raised one eyebrow in disbelief.

As for Deonid, he was looking at Joy as if he was completely baffled as well.

“J, Joy. Are you really going to m, marry…mmph!”

Joy covered Deonid’s mouth and glared at Ju-Heon.

“Anyway, h, he is my fiance!”

“Really? So this shit is my future brother-in-law?”

“Yes, so…”

“Fail. Die.”

Tang tang tang tang!


Deonid shouted after almost dying.

Joy, who just barely managed to save Deonid, glared at Ju-Heon again.

“J, Ju-Heon! You really!”

“Shut up. This guy doesn’t meet my requirements at all.”

She became anxious.

“What? What are your requirements?”

“What else? Someone better than me.”

The team members couldn’t believe it.

‘Is there anybody in this world who is better than this son of a bitch?’

Joy probably wondered the same thing.

“Be honest with me. Do you plan on making me be single my whole life? Huh?!”

Joy shouted while Ju-Heon just picked his ear.

“Shut up. Looks, abilities, influence, wealth, or family. He’s not better than me in any aspect. Are you joking with me?”

Ilya chimed in.

“You should probably remove family from there. His family is quite famous. You might not win there…”

“No, that old bastard Kwon Hyuk Soo said that he is my father. So my family is better.”

‘Look at this shameless bastard.’

‘But it is true, that old man is as rich as the Holtens.’

‘Look at him calling Kwon Hyuk Soo his father whenever it is convenient for him.’

“Now then…”

However something happened at that moment.

“E, education!”


Deonid must have lost his mind after almost dying and shouted as if to do whatever it took to marry Joy even if it cost him his life.

“Education! I’m a Harvard student while you’re a high school graduate, you punk!”

“You’re just a high school graduate right now since you haven’t graduated college either.”

“We’re still completely different! Anyway, I passed! I passed!”

Deonid definitely seemed to have lost his mind at the thought of marrying Joy.

Joy became anxious but Deonid laughed out loud saying that he won.


“Hey, it’s me. Get Gilpin on the phone.”

Ju-Heon just calmly called someone.


Joy and Deonid tilted their heads after hearing the name.

Gilpin, Gilpin…

They felt as if they had heard that name before…

‘Wait, President of Harvard University?!’

Ju-Heon smiled brightly as he chatted on the phone.

“Hey Gilpin. It’s been a while.”


‘Who the hell is he talking to right now?’

That was not the most shocking thing.

“I’ll get you an artifact field so admit me to the university. Ah, I don’t care what my major is. Just do whatever.”


“Oh, thanks. You asked me to come see the artifact department as the Majesty right? I’ll do you solid and go see it on my next break. See you then.”

He then hung up.

And then…

“Okay… I’m a Harvard student starting September now. Are we done here?”

‘I, is this guy crazy?!’

“Do you think this makes any sense…?!”

“Why not? Using donations to secure a place is one of the many acceptable admittance methods in the US.”

Julian, a fellow Harvard graduate, was at a loss for words.

Well, it didn’t matter.

‘It may be easy to get in but it is extremely hard to graduate from here…’

Was this guy planning on graduating in the first place?

‘Who cares if he is really smart.’

‘This guy will drop out in a month saying that it’s too annoying.’

Anyway, Ju-Heon smiled brightly after accomplishing his goal.

“Alright, this bastard does not meet the requirements now. So, time to get rid of him.”

Anubis’s army soon descended at the Majesty’s order.

Deonid begged for forgiveness while Joy shouted.

“You dumbass! Stop it! No! He’s not my boyfriiiiiiiiiend!”


Joy was bawling now.

“So you were pretending to be dating?”

They were now inside a fancy restaurant.

Joy wanted to die because she was so embarrassed.

“His ex-girlfriend was pretty much stalking him so you agreed to pretend to be his girlfriend for a week?”

“Yes…! Deo is a junior in my club! He may cause a lot of issues but he’s a close friend…! Those gambling and violence stuff are all different from the truth…!”

“Either way, you took those kinds of pictures on purpose? Are you stupid?”


Joy must be feeling embarrassed as she could not say anything. Ju-Heon sighed, thinking he should have expected this.

“Yes, there’s no way that you would get a boyfriend. This was like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you. How far did you go?”

“Aaah! What do you mean how far did I go?! Do you think that I am you?!”

That was true.

‘This hikikomori probably hasn’t even held a guy’s hand before.’

“You dumbass. Do you think you would get another chance like this? You should have just pushed him down.”


Whether it was the pictures he saw or what he found out through his investigation… There were only simple pictures like her feeding him or the two of them studying together in the library.

Joy sighed before peeking toward Ju-Heon.

“Anyway, he thanked me and said that his ex girlfriend gave up because of my help…”

Ju-Heon sighed.

‘Ex-girlfriend my ass.’

It was obvious that the son of a bitch had bad intentions for Ju-Won.

His sister never fell for any of his moves, so he probably asked her to be his fake girlfriend so that he could chase her around everywhere.

‘My sister is a uselessly nice pushover.’

It didn’t matter.

“Aigoo, you’ll never be able to date in your life. That is why your big bro went out of his way to do this for you.”


Ju-Heon handed her a list of guys with their names and pictures.

“This is the list of people you can choose from for an arranged marriage.”


“Feel free to pick any of them.”

Joy couldn’t believe it. It was one thing that Ju-Heon gave her this list of potential arranged marriage candidates, but more importantly…

“Are you joking? These are all artifacts!”

“What’s wrong? You have a problem with it?”

“Isn’t that obvious?!”

Ju-Heon must have been trying to turn his sister into a nun.

Joy huffed in anger after putting the list down.

“Anyway, you need to get married, oppa. Then I could treat my sister-in-law the same way you would treat my future husband.”

Joy chuckled.

“But there’s no way you’ll get married. How disapp……”

“I am.”


“I’m going to get married.”

Joy’s expression changed almost instantly.

And then…


She stiffly slammed the table as she jerked up.

“Who is it? Who are you marrying?!”

She looked frantic. No. She looked oddly angry.

“Who the hell were you going to marry without even telling me about it…no, before that, absolutely not. No matter who it is, absolutely not!”

“Ho, why not?”

Ju-Heon took a bite of meat as he scoffed.

“Are you trying to get revenge? It won’t work. It’s someone you can’t say anything bad about.”

“No, I am against this marriage no matter who it is!!!”

Joy seemed to not like the thought of Ju-Heon getting married. It was especially because it all happened in an instant.

Of course, Ju-Heon had no idea about that at all.

“Look at this kid suddenly trying to act like a terrible sister-in-law. Why the hell are you against it?!”

“R, requirements! Yes, they should have at least my level of Affinity!”


“No! Their Affinity should be higher than mine!”

‘Is she fucking crazy?’

There was a small commotion inside the restaurant.

“Hey, are you really going to be like this? Who the hell in this world has higher Affinity than you?! Are you planning on turning me into a monk?”

“What?! You have an issue with this?! If I can’t get married then neither can you!”

“What the hell did you just say?!”

The twin siblings grabbed each other’s collars and growled. As the Majesty-Grade chaotic Dominance and the scary Affinity were about to clash against each other…

“E, excuse me, sir! Please calm…kyaaa!”

The team members were summoned in to help.

Breaking news spread out throughout the world a few days later.

[Seo Ju-Heon is getting married?]

[Let’s learn more about the lucky person who makes even his little sister jealous.]


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