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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 349: Don’t even pretend like you are our team member (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 349: Don’t even pretend like you are our team member (1)

Translator: miraclerifle

John frowned while looking at the CCTV video Pandora had sent over.

The funny thing was that the video was fine even through all of the chaos. It was as if they left one security camera alone on purpose.

That bastard was clearly caught in the video.

‘Seo Ju-Heon.’

He could see that devil-like bastard’s face. But the way this bastard took care of the snake was something that put even fellow artifact users like him in awe.

[Captain-nim! Up there, look up!]

Leviathan flailed viciously and tried to eat Ju-Heon, but…


Ju-Heon immediately put on Chi You’s mask. He then turned into black fog and scattered away.


Leviathan frantically slammed down on Ju-Heon but it could not do anything to Ju-Heon now that he had turned into fog.

John started to frown as he watched what was going on.

‘That’s definitely the Majesty’s Treasure, the Ghost’s Helmet.’

Most importantly, that was an artifact that helped a human surpass the human limits. Similar to how Chi You had turned from a human into a god, it was an artifact that made a human become a divine existence.

But that was also the reason Prometheus, Horus, and other Divine-Grade artifacts were able to kill the last Majesty.


‘Artifacts apparently have their own set of laws.’

They were pretty much trash who didn’t care for it now, but in the past, they all had to abide by these artifact laws.

It was a long set of laws but it revolved around one fact.

[You must not attack humans.]

That should have prevented them from attacking the Majesty as well, but…

‘The Majesty was not human when he put on that mask.’

The Divine-Grade artifacts used that to their advantage to kill the Majesty.

Artifacts couldn’t kill humans, but killing a god was not a part of the laws.

Anyway, that helmet was a symbol of fear in the past but also the artifact that served as the Majesty’s Achilles’s Heel as well.

‘What is certain is that his helmet is not an ordinary artifact.’

It was called a Majesty’s Treasure for a reason. This artifact was one of the strongest defense-type artifacts.

They were able to use this in the past to kill the Majesty, but would such a plan work again?

‘The reason that kind of scheme worked in the past was because the Majesty of the time trusted the artifacts completely.’

The artifacts had aimed for the moment just as the Majesty was removing his helmet.

But Seo Ju-Heon?

This bastard would trust his own feces before trusting artifacts.

Furthermore, the Majesty had trusted the artifacts completely that he had only been wearing Chi You’s artifact, which could be considered an outerwear, at the time.

He probably should have been wearing other strong artifacts, such as Achilles’s Armor, to protect himself as well.

But how would the Majesty of the past have known? Who would have expected to get stabbed in the back like that?

‘Apparently he trusted the Divine-Grade artifacts around him more than he trusted the Crow, his own Heirloom.’

Anyway, it was completely irrelevant for Ju-Heon who didn’t trust artifacts at all.

Ju-Heon was extremely efficient with Chi You’s artifact. It was clearly visible by how he was fine even while going up against the mighty Leviathan.

[Holy shit, the Captain is still alive?]

That wasn’t all.

Ju-Heon had used his amazing Dominance to summon the God of Destruction, Set’s artifact, to rip Leviathan to shreds.


The snake quickly looked like a mess after being attacked by the heinous sandstorm. Ju-Heon used the rope he had turned into a lasso as soon as Leviathan became weaker.



The lasso choked Leviathan’s neck.

Leviathan tried to rip the rope off but the rope that was now an Heirloom-Grade artifact was much stronger and would never break.

Of course, it was flailing around like a swimming whale as if to show that it was working hard, but…

It soon became pulled taut! Ju-Heon then used Hercules’s power to pull the rope.

And finally, boom!

That firm neck fell to the ground.



Leviathan’s eyes looked like they would burst out in anger once its head was slammed to the floor.

The angry Leviathan tried to extend its neck and turn into a nine-headed Dragon but it didn’t matter.

Swish! Swish!

Ju-Heon channeled his Dominance and the rope started to glow before splitting into multiple directions.

The rope wrapped around all of the snake’s heads and then its large body.

Squeeze! Squeeze!


It was so strong that the snake felt as if its body would burst at any moment.

And at that moment…

Something that would make people gasp happened.

[Hahahaha! Today’s dinner is sashimi! Maybe roasted snake? Steamed snake sounds good too!]

Ju-Heon, who suddenly pulled out a sashimi artifact knife, started to run around as if he had gone crazy.

He was slashing away so hard that a chunk of flesh slammed into the camera and turned it away. The only thing that could be seen for a while was Leviathan’s flesh that was turned into sashimi.

It was at that moment. The camera suddenly turned back.


Seo Ju-Heon’s face was right in front of the camera. He then smiled and turned the camera off.

That was the end of the video.

That was why John couldn’t help but become anxious.

John’s phone started to go off.

Ding, ding, ding.

It must be their group chatroom.

[He took Leviathan. Mr. John, will that be okay?]

[It turned into meat in the myth but it won’t be easy to go up against this adversary artifact.]

[More importantly, did you see that video of Seo Ju-Heon? Damn, I almost wet my pants after seeing the way he used his artifacts. He might take Gaia’s artifact soon too lolololololololololololol]

[That’s not all. I think they took photos of Un-known and how it is made. It might be front page news by tomorrow.]

[I guess we’re fucked? lolololololololololololol]

[This is no laughing matter.]





Most of them were being serious but the younger bastards were going crazy with laughter.

They seemed to be laughing after feeling…liberated(?)

It was understandable.

‘All of this happened in less than 1 hour.’

Most of the Knights of the Round Table happened to be away from Manhattan. The closest knight was still two hours away.

Of course, Merlin was nearby and could get there within 15 minutes by car, but……

‘Merlin can’t leave the Druid’s Clocktower.’

That was the heart of Pandora.

The tower would lose its defensive abilities if she left and the Pandora System artifact that Seo Ju-Heon was aiming for…

The < Majesty’s Throne > would be left unguarded.

That was why the rest of them needed to take care of this incident but the timing had been too terrible.

[That tomb raiding team has a talented radar so they probably considered everything before they infiltrated.]

John frowned while thinking about Seol-A.


‘It looks like you want to get revenge but things won’t go as you want.’

John soon responded.

[The articles haven’t gone out yet. Block all of the press right now and go take back the evidence those bastards took.]

They all started to move quickly.

They needed to hurry before this special scoop nonsense started to go around.

“Fuck, what does he want me to do with this?”

Jaeha felt as if he would faint.

The sashimi Leviathan was in front of him right now.

It was to the point that it might be easier to just turn it into bones and go display it in a museum.

It would have taken a long time to restore because its head was the size of most buildings, but he also had to cut all of the flesh into sashimi!

‘This is going to be an overnighter. No, I won’t even be done with an overnighter.’

He grudgingly glared at Ju-Heon.

But the person responsible for it was calm.

“What’s wrong? I didn’t destroy the artifact’s core. You said that the chances of restoration go down if I destroy the core.”

Jaeha shouted in anger as if he was turning into a Super Saiyan.


“Speak human words, human words. Nom nom.”

“Hey, stop stuffing your face!”

Jaeha then took away the meat Ju-Heon was munching on. It was dried Leviathan meat!

“This is not your food! You damn Captain bastard!”

Ju-Heon grumbled after having his jerky taken away.

“But it’s delicious. This is okay for me to eat.”

Did he really want Jaeha to restore this artifact or not?

But technically, Ju-Heon was right.

In the Bible, Leviathan eventually gets chopped up and becomes meat for the believers.

“Leviathan is an amazing delicacy(?) of an artifact.”

Jaeha just couldn’t believe it.

“Be honest. You just wanted to eat Leviathan meat, didn’t you? That whole, ‘I got it because it is an adversary to Samuel’s artifact’ was bullshit, wasn’t it? Wait a minute, isn’t this guy friends with Mammon? Couldn’t you have just used Mammon to convince it to join our side? WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DO THIS?!”

“Aww, come on. It was just killing two birds with one stone.”

Ju-Heon opened his lunchbox again. It was full of roasted Leviathan meat that he roasted with Ilya’s fires of hell.

Jaeha threw a fit as Ju-Heon tried to eat it again, probably because he was being influenced by the Crow’s artifact.

“Ack! Stop eating it! Stop it! I can’t restore it if you keep eating it! Are you going to shove your face until you get another stomachache?!”

Ju-Heon just pouted without saying anything after having all of the snake meat taken from him. Irene, who was sitting next to him, didn’t know what to do.

‘What do I do? Mr. Ju-Heon looks so cute!’

Ju-Heon usually looked cool but he had moments like this when he looked crazily cute. Of course, Irene might be the only person who felt that way.

Irene gave him some other food as she started speaking.

“Anyway, leave the scoop to me. I just need to contact some press that Pandora has no control over.”

“Good, hand all of the pictures we took to the press.”

Ju-Heon then looked toward Ilya.

“As for you, you are being punished for taking weird pictures.”

Ilay was groaning in pain in the corner. It was because of the photos he took after getting the camera from Julian.

“Of all things to take, that’s what you decided to take pictures of?”

Ilya had taken grotesque photos of what seemed to be spirits.

“Unbelievable. I’ll deal with you later.”

“Ugh……those will have more impact…”

Of course, there shouldn’t be any problems since Julian had taken enough prior to that.

“Anyway, those bastards will do everything they can to stop it, so take good care of it. Make sure to properly protect the staff we are working with.”

“Yes sir. What about you, Captain-nim?”

Ju-Heon called someone instead of responding.

At an American airport…

An Italian man had just arrived here.

It was John.

‘I will trick all of Seo Ju-Heon’s team.’

He had a plan to take care of Seo Ju-Heon’s tomb raiding team from the moment he got off the plane. The first step was to trick those bastards.


‘Those bastards don’t know that I have the memories of my past life yet.’

That was why they will have their guards down. They would think that they were better than him.

He would use that opening to destroy all of them at once.

He then peeked somewhere. He couldn’t help but sneer.

‘Are they keeping an eye on me?’

Who did he see? It was none other than Ju-Heon’s group over there.

“Samuel is over there.”

Jaeha, Ilya, Seol-A, and Julian had come to the airport.

They had come here after hearing that John was going to be returning from Italy. Of course, they were keeping their movements a secret from Ju-Heon.

“According to the Captain-nim, that bastard is the Samuel we know.”


“We should check it out. Let’s see if it really is the same person.”

Seol-A rolled her eyes.

“What about the Captain-nim? Won’t we get in trouble for not telling him? If he finds out…”

“It’s okay. That guy is at the company to prepare to go back into the Great Prison. He won’t come here.”

But at that moment…

“Huh? Samuel disappeared!”


They were shocked. It was rare for Seol-A to lose track of someone.

John, who had just avoided their radar net, started to smile.

‘I know the blind spots of the radar since I was once your fellow team member.’

Now that he thought about it, he could use the face of their former team member to sneak into the team.

Those innocent bastards would think that they could use the Raven’s Tears or whatever to have him join the team again.

‘It might not be bad to aim for their backs that way.’

But now was not the time to do that.

‘I need to head to Pandora’s HQ first.’

He didn’t have time to deal with these bastards right now. As John leisurely dodged his former team members and started to leave…


Something got in John’s way. It was some kind of long bag.

As John got annoyed and looked at the person holding it…


He instantly started frowning.

His reaction was to be expected.

“Hey there. John.”

The person in front of him was actually Ju-Heon.


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