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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 322: The Key to the Great Prison (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 322: The Key to the Great Prison (1)

Translator: miraclerifle

The Pandora System artifact suddenly started to go crazy and released a warning.

[Warning. A change is happening in the world.]

It was as if Ju-Heon was sneering at them.

The Great Prison where they had stuffed the major gods and hidden away was starting to open! Prometheus’s pupils were shaking.

He was certain about what was going on.

This earthquake was pretty weak compared to normal Tomb Appearance precursors. There weren’t many signs at all but he could feel it.

‘The prison has opened.’

Well, the prison doors had not completely opened. Otherwise, those bastards captured inside would have burst out to fight them.

‘But that prison has appeared.’

That prison that shouldn’t appear in the world was out! It was a ‘tomb’ that was in a different world for a lack of better words.

But this prison that should not have been able to be found in this world was partially visible now.

It was because Seo Ju-Heon got all of the artifacts from the 7 Great Tombs!

“Fuck! That motherfucking bastard!”

He was getting in their way so much!

“Now those bastards are…!”

Those bastards they had imprisoned would pop back out.

However, at that moment…

[They are not out yet.]


Prometheus was shocked to suddenly hear a voice.

It was a woman’s voice.

But he soon started frowning.

He was not happy to hear this voice.

‘Why is this woman talking to me?’

Prometheus started glaring.

“Mother, please stay out of this. You haven’t done anything until now so please just keep that up.”

The mother of the beginning laughed at his angry voice.

[But it looks like you can’t do it on your own anymore. That thieving human bastard will steal the prisoners in the tomb now. Some of them are bastards you don’t like.]


Prometheus started grinding his teeth in anger.

There were all sorts of artifacts from both eastern and western stories inside the tomb.

There were gods who were extremely well-known among humans as well.

But the one he hated the most was the playboy artifact.

[I am not trying to harm you. Those bastards in the prison are my enemies as well.

That is why you should use the Pandora system artifact.]

Prometheus turned to look at the artifact inside the experiment tube.

It would be fine to use this bastard but this was a double-edged sword.

‘I worked my ass off to submit this bastard.’

He truly had run himself to the ground suppressing this artifact’s personality and making it into a simple system artifact.

That was probably the reason.

“No, I cannot use this bastard.”

His mother chuckled and asked.

[Then what are you going to do?]

“First, I will borrow your body as I have done until now, mother.”

[You’re going to use Un-known?]

“Yes ma’am.”

His mother sighed.

[You’re basically telling me to shut up and sleep.]

“The ground needs to be peaceful to scatter seeds and for good crops to grow.”


The Un-known used by Pandora was like a ‘seed.’

Others would consider it to be a seed with mysterious powers.

Anyway, he would put Un-known into his mother. He would spread it on this earth artifact.

Doing so would create artificial artifacts.

These artificial artifacts would have all sorts of abilities.

Of course, the only downside was that they had no idea what artifacts would grow, fitting its name of Un-known.

It was like scattering seeds without knowing what plants would grow.

Prometheus had used them for Pandora or had distributed them to the monopolizers in the past.

Of course, these artificial artifacts were extremely unstable compared to real artifacts.

It was also possible that an artifact with useless abilities would grow as well.

‘But sometimes, artifacts stronger than the Divine-Grade artifacts pop up as well.’

There was a reason they had been able to survive without a Majesty for so long.

He smiled even as his pupils were shaking.

“Hurry up and call the artifacts and the monopolizers. Hurry up before Seo Ju-Heon goes into that prison!”

He sounded urgent.

However, there was someone who was having as bad of a mental breakdown as Prometheus.

[How, how……how is this possible?]

It was Mammon.

[How could I be the only one who is not a Heirloom?!]

On the Caribbean island…

Mammon was crying tears of blood.

She truly felt depressed and wronged.

The issue wasn’t that the rope swiped the 1,000 artifacts and became a Heirloom.

It was so shocking that none of the artifacts could accept it, but it didn’t matter.

‘That was just that punky rope working hard to become a Heirloom!’

It did hurt being smacked in the back by someone she had not paid any attention to, but……

It was a good thing for Ju-Heon to have Heirloom-Grade artifacts!

But still!

[Humaaaaaan! Take me as your Heirloom toooooooooo!]

“I don’t want to.”

Mammon cried after Ju-Heon instantly rejected her.

That was the case.

Mammon was sad that she was not Ju-Heon’s Heirloom.

It was to the point she tried to seduce the other Heirlooms in Ju-Heon’s position to pass a Heirloom position to her.

She had the qualifications to be one.

She was a Divine-Grade artifact, and although she was a devil, she also had the evil beast form of a white crow.

Unfortunately, Ju-Heon had stomped on her efforts before she could even be promoted.

How would she not feel wronged after that?!

[How come two is okay but three is not?! You stupid master!]

“I don’t want to. It’s tiring enough with two.”

[Waaaaaah, I had my partner stoleeeeeeen!]

‘Who does he think is the one that turned him into the greatest Tomb Raider in the past?!’

She even told Ju-Heon to throw the Crow away and take her instead but Ju-Heon didn’t even pretend to listen.

She was so angry that she tried to abduct Ju-Heon, but……


Where do you think you’re taking him?! Where?!

[Get lost, former partner.]

She was whacked by both the rope and the Crow.

The rope and the Crow seemed to have a good relationship with each other.

Seol-A was looking at the artifacts with envy.

‘Can a human become a Heirloom? I would stick to him just as well.’

Mammon could not hold it in any longer and started to shout.

[You damn playboy! Are you ghosting me because you got new women?! Huh?!]

‘What the hell is this artifact saying?’

Ju-Heon snorted while finding this to be odd.


‘New women?

Why is it plural?’

Well, the rope could be a girl, however…

‘The Crow should be male.’

Its voice when it was a Crow was definitely the voice of a middle-aged man.

Well, it didn’t matter.

Ju-Heon pushed Mammon’s chubby ricecake-like cheeks away.

“Sit down. I’m busy.”

[You rude bastard! You don’t even thank me for everything I did for you in the past! I’m really going to run away! I’m going to run!

I’m going to go find a new master!]

“Yes, yes. Do whatever you want. Everything you did for me in the past, my ass.”

The reason it turned him into the greatest Tomb Raider was not for him but for its own greed.

‘Mammon is the devil of mining.’

Basically, it was a greedy artifact that went into other tombs to excavate other artifacts.

There were even talks about how humans only started mining because of Mammon.

‘They even said that she was happy that there were a lot of treasures when she fell down to hell as a fallen angel.’

But doing so as a fellow artifact would make them swear at her and treat her as a Tomb Raider herself, so she pretended to be a human Archaeologist.

It was something like pretending to get the artifacts for research.

It had scammed everybody for its desires.

“Anyways, feel free to leave quickly if you’re going to go find a new master. I’m busy.”

Mammon foamed at the mouth.

[Hey, you damn bastard! I am still one of the 7 Great Artifacts! You can’t open the door to the Great Prison without meeeee!]

Ju-Heon just scoffed.

“Who cares? I can just break the door down.”


It was as he mentioned.

‘I succeeded in making the prison appear.’

He used the seven artifacts in front of him to do so.

Sloth (Nero) – Ability to stop all function

Lust (Daji/Master Fox) – Turns all things into animals

Envy (Salieri) – Make you hate even your allies

Wrath (Pharaoh/Tutankhamun) – Makes you unable to distinguish between right and wrong

Pride (Napoleon/Xiang Yu/Ramesses) – Make those around you fail

Avarice (Mammon) – Leave nothing behind

Gluttony (Gu poison/Supreme Leader) – Destroys oneself

Of course, the Great Prison would not appear just because he gained all seven of these artifacts.

The artifacts had done quite a lot to hide this prison.

Even these seven artifacts did their best not to open the Great Prison.


They didn’t know how it would be for humans, but it would not be good for them to open it.

That wasn’t all.

‘That prison is full of bastards who would be beneficial for humans.’

They were in prison for a reason.

Ju-Heon was surprisingly still calm.

“I’ll do something for you.”

He seduced a few of them with the carrot.

[You fucking retard! Why would we do something that would kill us?! Huh? Are you fucking crazy? You can try to open it for the rest of your life. See if we cooperate with you. We don’t want to die later.]

‘Then you can die now.’

He tried to throw some of them into Tartarus.

‘I’ve been looking for some artifacts to test out Tartarus anyway.’

The ones who had not been listening gasped and gave up after that.

That was how he got a portion of the Great Prison to appear.

And then…

“Captain-nim, I can feel the aura of an extremely strong artifact.”

Although the Great Prison appeared….

He didn’t know its exact location or what it looked like.

‘It is different from regular tombs.’

Most tombs had extremely visible Tomb Appearance precursors. There would be earthquakes or disasters, etc.

They would also look like pyramids, large caves, underground caves, etc.

But this damn Great Prison didn’t have any precursors and he had no idea where the hell it appeared.

‘Where is it? Where the hell did it appear?’

Ju-Heon was looking at a map deep in thought about what this prison could look like.

It was at that moment.


An unfamiliar bird appeared in front of Ju-Heon.

It felt like a mirage.

That bird started speaking.

[Please get us out of here. We will let you know where the prison is located.]

“Move right away. This is an emergency situation.”

Prometheus, who had gathered the artifacts for the first time in a long while, was anxious.

Even the spider was in Ju-Heon’s hands right now. Prometheus was ordering these artifacts as the Supreme Leader of the artifacts.

“I will seal it again. You guys hold them back until I can finish. Get in their way and make sure they can’t get there. Do you understand?”

The artifacts were anxious as well.

It was already a disaster that a stupid rope became a Heirloom but now the sinners of the past were about to be released as well.

[The sinners of the past may appear again.]

[This is an issue of our lives.]

I, it should be okay sir. Most of the prison entrances have been camouflaged.]

[Those bastards should not be able to find it.]

They were relieved but still moved quickly.

But while they were doing that…

“Man, it’s so hot today.”

The Oh Seung Woo group were huffing while working hard as usual farming underneath the sun.

The farmer trio were sweating but happy while cultivating the Herb of Eternal Youth and Shennong’s tea leaves in the sun.

It was at that moment

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Hyu, hyung-nim! There is something weird here!”

“What? What is it? Did a worm pop out? Or maybe scraps of food? Did you find an animal carcass?”

“D, damn it, any of those things would be better than this!”

The farmers gasped after seeing the item that was buried underground.

It was actually the entrance to the Great Prison.


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