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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 317: The Supreme Leader of the Artifacts (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 317: The Supreme Leader of the Artifacts (1)

Translator: miraclerifle

[Notice. A strong Tomb Appearance phenomenon has appeared in Manhattan.]

[Pandora believes it is the size of the 7 Great Tombs……]

The entire world was in chaos.

This Tomb Appearance phenomenon had taken down New York’s Broadway. The tomb spread from Manhattan to the rest of the East Coast.

It was so strong that the aura was stretching past the East Coast to the West and South. It could even be felt across the Pacific Ocean in Asia.

“Holy shit, what is going on?!”

There were fish out of season falling from the sky…

“Kyaaaaaa! The cows!”

The farm animals in pens were getting riled up, slamming their heads and ripping at each other.

Even the farm-raised fish were eating each other.

Actually, it was not an issue just for the animals.

“You son of a bitch, die!”

The United States which became the epicenter for this tomb was receiving reports of murders all around.

Theatres, cafes, auction houses, churches, anywhere with a lot of people were starting to have issues. It was even worse because a lot of people were gathered together because it was Christmas Eve.

But that was not the only problem.

“Stop, stoooooooooop!”

The people who went berserk were starting to bite other people as if they were zombies.


“Look at that person!”

A scene straight out of a zombie movie was taking place in Manhattan.

The only difference would be that these ‘zombies’ were extremely swift unlike most movie zombies. The zombies were going berserk.

They would run, jump, and instantly be chomping away at the next person’s neck and eating their flesh.


Joy was shaking in fear as she watched what was going on.

She came out to get Ju-Heon a Christmas present but what the hell?!

People were pushing Joy as they ran away.

“Fuck, hurry up and evacuate to the shelter!”

Joy started running toward the shelter as well. There were many shelters around here that Ju-Heon had created.

But at that time…

“I got her! It’s this human!”

Someone yanked Joy’s arm.

It was an artifact that was possessing a person’s body.

“I smell that dirty Seo Ju-Heon’s scent on you!”


“What the hell? This retard!”


The artifact was sent flying with a slap from Joy.

“U, ugh!”

Joy was extremely upset.

“Who did you just call dirty……no, who the hell smells like my oppa? I’m going to kill you!”

The artifact-possessed person who couldn’t handle Joy’s Affinity started to whine as if he was apologizing.

“P, please forgive me, madam! I will never do it aga…… haaa, haa. Please step on me mo……”

“Kyaaaa! Get the hell away!”

Joy stomped on the man holding her ankle. Someone gasped while watching what was going on.

“For some reason I feel like I wasn’t needed here……”

Dan appeared while scratching his head.

On his way to meet with Zhen Cai Yuan… Ju-Heon had sent Dan to protect his most precious person just in case something happened.

Ilya and Chloe were behind him as well.

They must be here at Ju-Heon’s order as well. Joy urgently rushed over and grabbed Ju-Heon’s subordinates.

“What about Ju-Heon? Where is he right now?”

“The Captain-nim is probably inside the tomb.”

Joy’s face turned pale.

That was to be expected.

“This is not a regular tomb like the other Great Tombs!”

Pandora was calling this tomb a Level 4 (highest level) tomb, however…

‘That machine can only go up to level 4.’

This was much worse than a level 4 tomb.

It was created by the Supreme Leader after all.

‘Can Ju-Heon really clear this tomb?’

She believed that this tomb might be too strong for even the mighty Ju-Heon.

She was right.

“I don’t think I can clear this.”

Ju-Heon said that from inside the tomb. The others with him gasped.

This tomb was so strong that even the great and mighty Ju-Heon had no confidence?

“Really? This is the first time I’ve ever heard you say th……”


Seol-A quickly interrupted.

“He said it once before. It was in that tomb where we died……”

The others all frowned.

‘The Crow’s Tomb!’

Was this tomb similar in level to that Great Prison?!

Julian accepted it.

“Yes. It is the Supreme Leader artifact’s tomb after all. The aura is extremely strong. It’s understandable why you would say that you can’t clear it.”

Ju-Heon frowned as if Julian was speaking nonsense.

“No. I don’t WANT to clear this tomb.”


‘That’s what it was?!’

Ju-Heon was being serious.


The difficulty of the tomb was one thing as it was the Supreme Leader’s tomb, but……

“That damn spider already has a master. There’s no way it will give us a test and it won’t be easy to make it submit either. Then there is only one way to plunder it.”

He could only consume it with the Crow.

“But I might end up eating that woman with it too.”

It made sense why Ju-Heon wouldn’t want to do it. Zhen Cai Yuan received quite the damage after hearing that.

‘Does he mean that he doesn’t even want to use the artifact of predation on me?!’

“Seo Ju-Heon, you really……!”

Yoo Jaeha tilted his head in confusion at that moment.

“Then what if you just separate the artifact and consume it……?!”

“The spider is a parasitic artifact. I can’t eat it alone.”

Actually, it might be that it was complicated to consume as it was also an artifact of predation.

‘Why is it an artifact of predation like the Crow?’

Jaeha, who had no way of knowing the answer, asked a question instead.

“I’ve been curious about this for a while but why do you hate that woman so much?”

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t know she was your type.”

“No! Absolutely not!”

Zhen Cai Yuan’s face twitched as Jaeha vehemently opposed it.

“Anyway, the reason I hate that woman is……”

As Ju-Heon was about to respond…


[A trap in the tomb is being activated.]

[A trap in the tomb is being activated.]

Things suddenly changed once Ju-Heon saw those messages.


There was a sudden blackout.

Ju-Heon’s group disappeared, as if they were swallowed by something.

Bugs that came out of the ground dragged Ju-Heon’s team elsewhere.

Zhen Cai Yuan was shocked.

‘Ju-Heon is in danger!’

She was moving out of instinct but the Spider Supreme Leader stopped her.

[Don’t have any useless thoughts. Human.]

It’s voice was extremely vicious.

[I will forget about what happened earlier. But you have no more chances.]

It sounded ready to kill Zhen Cai Yuan if needed as well.

[I don’t know what you saw through the Crow. But you should not forget about your own situation.]

Zhen Cai Yuan’s pupils started shaking.

At the same time…

“Director. According to Pandora’s investigation, the tomb that appeared really is the one from China……”

Prometheus smiled after hearing the report. It was to be expected.

‘It’s that damn Spider.’

He was certain that that damn spider created one of the 7 Great Tombs. It was doing that to stop Seo Ju-Heon. The Supreme Leader was one of the 7 Great Artifacts after all.

And since the 7 Great Tombs held the keys to seal the Great Prison… Having one of those keys on their side made it so that the tomb could never be opened. The spider had consumed the original artifact of gluttony.

‘There will be no issues now that the damn Spider has stepped in.’

That bastard was one of the artifact leaders with him. The spider had worked with Prometheus to slam the major gods into the Great Prison and take control.

It allowed them to be in control. However, Prometheus was still worried.

‘That damn Crow is still around.’

That bastard always got in their way. It wouldn’t be surprising for the Crow to go crazy since getting rid of the Supreme Leader would allow Ju-Heon to open the Great Prison where it was imprisoned.

An anxious Prometheus started to frown.

“You still can’t contact the two Chairman Kwons?”

The Pandora employee became anxious.

“Ah, yes sir! For some reason, Chairman Kwon Hyuk Soo is ignoring all contact from Pandora while Chairman Kwon Tae Joon’s body seems to have gone missing ever since his body flew into Osiris’s underworld……”

Apparently even Chairman Kwon’s head disappeared. They didn’t even know whether he was still alive.

Seo Ju-Heon was the only one who could answer that question.

‘What the hell did he do to the Chairman’s head and body?’

“That bastard is one of the important humans.”

Prometheus pushed his temples and looked at the thing in front of him.

He was looking at a large experimental tube. There was something inside.

This was the Pandora System Artifact. It was no ordinary artifact either.

Prometheus started to speak.

“This bastard hasn’t woken up yet, right?”

“Yes sir.”

Prometheus sighed in relief.

“Just make it seem like we are doing what we can to rescue the civilians.”

“I understand.”

‘I’ll be in danger too if the Great Prison opens. You damn Spider… Do whatever you need to do to stop him.’

He looked anxious while looking at the squirming Pandora System Artifact.

“Aaah! Don’t come any closer! I’m not tasty! I’m not tasty at all!”

Ju-Heon and the others who fell into a trap were dangling upside down.

To be more specific, vines that take away artifact users’ strength were binding them to look like mummies.

“Fuck, I can’t use any artifacts……!”

There were also numerous disgusting monsters underneath them.

Some looked like bugs, others looked like demons and animals from mythologies.

[These bastards look tasty.]

[Let’s eat them all.]

This tomb was full of hungry creatures since this was the tomb for the artifact of gluttony.

Most of them looked like Tigers with human faces.

These were the evil beasts from the Chinese Shan Hai Jing that feasted on humans. Those terrible Chinese monsters were trying to gobble Ju-Heon’s group, artifact and all.

Of course, Jaeha was angry for a silly reason right now.


“Fuck, why is the Captain-nim so popular even in a situation like this?!”

What was he talking about? Ju-Heon was surrounded by female demons right now.

Of course, they were all hungry evil spirits.

[Things that look good are bound to taste good too.]

[His skin looks so smooth and makes him look so delicious.]

Seol-A roared in anger while looking at those evil spirits.

“Damn it! Get the hell away from the Captain-nim! Hey!”

She would be able to easily dominate these evil spirits if she had her Yama artifact.

The rope was angry as well.


Get away! Get away!

The rope that was stuck to Ju-Heon started to whip the evil female spirits in anger. But those spirits just bit the rope as if it was a cuttlefish tentacle.


That hurts! That hurts!

The groaning rope could not use its full powers inside the tomb.

There was also another reason they were captured like this.

“I didn’t expect one of the The Four Evils to be here.”

That was the case. The Four Evils were the counter beasts to the Four Symbols, the Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, White Tiger, and Black Tortoise were here.

Unlike the Four Symbols, they were Divine-Grade evil beasts that went around spreading evil. One of those beasts was in this tomb.

[The minds of these human bastards aren’t that tasty.]

That bastard was eating away at Ju-Heon and the others’ mental fortitude, aka their Dominance and Affinity. They could not use their artifacts.

That was why Ju-Heon and the others were shocked.

How could one of the The Four Evils be in this tomb?

“I know the Supreme Leader artifact is probably amazing, but one of the The Four Evils is a mid-level boss…?!”

That was unbelievable.

“No. I’m sure it’s not a mid-level boss. The Supreme Leader probably ate it.”

“What the hell is that artifact’s true identity?!”

Even Julian seemed slightly confused this time. Part of it was because he couldn’t use Kongming’s artifact, but it was also because he couldn’t really make out the Spider’s identity.

It was at that moment.

“I don’t think it’s that difficult to pinpoint.”

The others opened their eyes wide in shock after hearing Ju-Heon’s comment.

“You know what it is?”

“Which artifact is it?”

Ju-Heon responded to the question.


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