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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 313: Who Are you going to choose? (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 313: Who Are you going to choose? (1)

Translator: miraclerifle

“My goodness. Ju-Heon-nim got Achilles’s Armor?”

The princesses were extremely happy to hear the news from Jaeha. They had been sad for a while because they had been receiving less and less updates about Ju-Heon lately.

They started to discuss this issue with each other.

“Why do you think our Scribe-nim is not sending us much updates lately?”

Who knows when Jaeha became the Scribe but anyway, the princesses all sighed.

“Isn’t it probably because of Pandora?”

“Ah, that’s probably true. They said that anybody associated with Ju-Heon-nim would be treated as accomplices.”

The princesses became angry.

“They attacked Ju-Heon-nim with such fake news.”

“Isn’t it Pandora that is suspicious?”

Pandora claimed to protect the citizens but they were always useless during important moments.

It was as if they were giving people up as human sacrifices on purpose.

[Tomb Appearance at the center of the city, 170 killed.]

[~1000 killed.]

[Pandora’s lack of action kills another 280.]

[Why did Pandora’s Observation System fail at that exact moment?]

The interesting thing was that even in the same situation, regular people were dying while people who were helpful to Pandora were all surviving.

“There is too much circumstantial evidence to call them coincidences.”

Something smelled very fishy.

It made total sense considering the fact that a damn artifact was in Pandora’s leadership, but most people didn’t know about that.

“Anyway, all I’m saying is that we should search Pandora from top to bottom if they want to take Ju-Heon-nim away.”

“Ju-Heon is probably getting in their way of doing something.”

That was obvious. Ju-Heon was using his company to allow civilians to get artifacts pretty easily.


Ju-Heon loathed the monopolizers for monopolizing artifacts and information in the past and didn’t want that to happen again. His actions prevented such monopolies and a lot of people liked his company for it.

Of course, there were many who hated it as well.

“Pandora hates Ju-Heon-nim’s company.”

“Pandora and the Monarchs close to them all hate him.”

“But still, how dare they say that Ju-Heon’s goal is to kill people with the artifact of disaster and that he is a cannibal!”

“Ju-Heon-nim would never do that!”

“That’s right! He’d spend his time turning artifacts into slaves instead!”

This compliment(?) or diss(?) was the truth.

“Anyway, did you all see it? Our Scribe-nim sent us a photo.”

“Oh, princess-nim, you saw it too?”

They were all screeching with joy while looking at the photo Jaeha sent.

Jaeha had sent a photo of Ju-Heon’s sweatsuit. It was that slacker sweatsuit that they had sent him.

They didn’t know how Jaeha got him to wear it, but Ju-Heon was wearing the sweatsuit and sitting on the couch in the photo. Jaeha must have added some fan service as he was wearing glasses as well.

It caused an explosive reaction!

“Ju-Heon-nim with glasses! He looks super smart!”

“Look at how his legs are crossed! They’re so long! So, so, long!”

“Look at his concerned gaze! I wonder if he’s worried about something!”

He probably wasn’t concerned about anything.

‘I have to take a dump.’

That was more likely to be his thought.

There were other photos as well.

“It’s Ju-Heon-nim wearing a swimsuit!”

“The sunglasses suit him so well!”

“He’s so cute scratching his stomach!”

“The swimsuit looks so old-fashioned but he looks so cute!”

Of course, these so-called photos of Ju-Heon were Jaeha’s selfies.

In fact, Jaeha’s face took up 90% of the photos with Ju-Heon just in the background. But they didn’t seem to see him at all.

They could only see Ju-Heon who was the size of a booger underneath Jaeha’s arm.

They were also looking at the bikini-clad female team members next to Ju-Heon.

“I’m so envious of the ladies next to him!”

“I want to be on his team as well!”

Seol-A had a hair tie in her mouth as she was tying her hair while Irene was wiping water off her body. Chloe, who was squatting to pick something up, was fixing her swimsuit that was bunching together.

If a man was to see these photos… They probably would save them with inconspicuous names.

That was how hot these ladies were. Some perverts might even be licking their computer screens…

But anyway…the princesses decided that they didn’t dare to be next to Ju-Heon.

“Then we should take responsibility for the design of Achilles’s Armor this time.”

“Yes, let’s do that. I was told that the rest of the team’s defense-type artifacts were completed as well, so let’s give them all together!”

“Ah, right. Jaeha-nim gave us Valkyrie artifact users a mission this time……”

The ladies were extremely excited.

In New York…

Ju-Heon’s group was able to safely arrive at New York from LA.

Pandora put out the warrants for their arrest but it didn’t matter.


It meant nothing when the country was not cooperating with Pandora.

The US had betrayed Pandora with Hitler. There was no reason for them to abide by Pandora’s arrest warrants. They recently seemed to have had a big fight with Pandora as well.

Plus, the so-called ‘crimes’ against Ju-Heon’s group were quite vague. If they should be arrested for the reasons Pandora gave, all artifact users in the world, including Pandora members, should be arrested as well.

‘What the hell kind of crimes are Grade 8 Syndrome and Possessed by Ghosts anyway?’

Why would the US abide by such stupidity?

They got in a car and made a call.


[The person you are trying to reach is currently unavailable……]

“Irene really is not picking up. George said he doesn’t know where Irene went.”


“Yes sir. She apparently ran off telling them not to look for her.”

The others frowned after hearing Jaeha’s comments.

That was to be expected.

“You said you think she got her past memories as the Monarch of Destitution back?”

“Well, some of it since it was a copy she used.”

Julian turned serious. The copy was a S-Grade artifact. It was not as effective as the SS-Grade artifact they used, but she still had memories of her past life.

“You said that Irene talked about the monopolizers getting us killed?”

They needed to hear in detail but it seemed quite obvious.

Why would Irene be avoiding them?

The other monopolizers were involved in their deaths.

“The Monarch of Destitution was one of those monopolizers.”

The team members’ gazes all turned sharp. They all knew what that meant.

“Then that means Irene was part of the group that killed us. That’s why she hasn’t tried to contact us ever since she got her memories back.”

“Now that she got her memories back, she might be plotting something as well. She was a monopolizer after all.”

They all turned toward Ju-Heon after hearing Ilya’s comment.

Ilya was saying that Irene could be their enemy now but Ju-Heon seemed to be having different thoughts.

‘Like hell she’ll be our enemy.’


“C, Captain-nim?!”

Ju-Heon opened the car door and suddenly disappeared. The rest of the team was shocked after seeing Ju-Heon disappear into the crowd.


Ju-Heon walked without any hesitation. He called someone as he walked.

He was calling Irene.

[……H, hello? Mr. Ju-Heon?]

“Oh, at least you pick up my call.”

[Excuse me? Ah, no, it wasn’t that I was trying to ignore Mr. Jaeha’s call, I just……!]

“Where are you right now?”

Irene shouted in shock.

[I, I’m sorry! I don’t deserve to see your face right now. But I will still continue to help you, so, Mr. Ju-Heon……]

‘What is she saying?’

Ju-Heon smiled and continued walking.

Irene, who was on the phone, didn’t know what to do.

She had been debating whether to pick up Jaeha’s call before it ended. That was why she picked up Ju-Heon’s call right away, but she didn’t have the courage to see him.

That was why she warily said the following.

“Umm, Mr. Ju-Heon. Even if you cast me aside, the Holtens will continue to support you……so from here on……”

“And that’s why you hid here of all places?”


Irene suddenly screamed in the middle of the crowd. The people around them all looked toward Irene with shock.

But Irene, who was more shocked than anybody else, looked behind her with her eyes open as wide as rabbit eyes.

Ju-Heon was smiling with his phone in his hand right behind her.

The place she had run away to was a cafe right outside her house.

“Are you really okay never seeing me again?”

“M, Mr. Ju-Heon?!”

“Well, if that’s what you really want……”

Irene looked ready to cry as she urgently grabbed the edge of Ju-Heon’s shirt.

Ju-Heon smiled.

Irene then screamed.

“Kyaaaaaa! M, Mr. Ju-Heon!”

Everybody in the cafe dropped their jaws in shock.

A little later…

“What the hell are the two of them doing in theeeeeeeeeeeeeeere?!”

“Aaah! Seol-A! Calm down, caaaaalm down!”

Ju-Heon had abducted Irene from the cafe and taken her into this room.

The two of them had not come out for a whole hour.

This was similar to what happened with Chloe last time. But at least it was Chloe last time, this time, it was Irene of all people. The hotel room was turning into a cemetery right now.

It was like this with Seol-A just shaking in anger.

[Aigoo, should I just drag all of these bastards to the afterlife?]

[I was wrooooonged. Wrooooooooooooonged. Go with me. Go with me.]

Jaeha screamed while looking at the grim reapers and ghosts slowly appearing in the room.

Jaeha quickly started to grab some garlic and make some talismans and crosses.

This whole area might be full of ghosts in a few minutes.

“I, I can’t even joke about hearing moans in there this time.”

Seol-A glared at him with fire burning in her eyes.



Ju-Heon walked out of the room at that moment.


“What about Irene?”

Irene seemed to have fallen asleep while crying.

Jaeha tried to peek inside but Ju-Heon beat him up. As for Seol-A, she was sulking in the corner sniffling as if she had never been angry in the first place.

Julian ignored all this and got right to the point.

“Did you hear about how we died?”

Ju-Heon smiled as if it was as he had expected.

Well, he did hear an extremely unexpected but entertaining story as well.

He had a decent idea about why Pandora and the monopolizers saw him as such a thorn in their eyes.

“D, did Irene really kill us too?”

“To tell you the ending first, Irene did not. And……”

Ju-Heon peeked at the others before shaking his head.

“I’ll let you know after we excavate the last of the 7 Great Tombs.”


Ju-Heon looked at the message he got from Dan earlier.

[Captain-nim, I figured out the thing you wanted to know.]

Dan had gone to TKBM to get Chairman Kwon’s head. What Dan had learned was how to activate the Seals of Heaven that Ju-Heon was trying to learn from Chairman Kwon.

Ju-Heon smiled and took out the Seals of Heaven to activate it.

[You have satisfied the requirement.]

[You are able to use its full powers.]

[You received the buff of being a person close to the Majesty.]

[Your abilities are increasing.]

[You are able to use the sword, the bell, and the mirror.]

[You are able to locate the Majesty’s Treasure.]

“Alright, we’re ready for the 7 Great Tombs now.”

Julian, who was shocked to see this scary increase in Dominance, started to speak.

“Hmm? Wait a minute. The last of the 7 Great Tombs is the Tomb of Gluttony.”

The artifact of gluttony was currently fossilized like Mammon had been.

It was just that the Spider Supreme Leader personally held onto the artifact of gluttony.

“The Supreme Leader might act if things go wrong.”

Even if Zhen Cai Yuan was looking favorably on Ju-Heon, the Supreme Leader could kill its contractor and try to kill Ju-Heon as well. Jaeha urgently responded.

“Wait, you need to meet that woman if you want to go to the Tomb of Gluttony! That woman has the Fossil Artifact!”

“So what?”

Seol-A’s ears perked up.

“Wait, Captain-nim, didn’t you promise to go on a date with Zhen Cai Yuan? You even set it for Christmas Eve……”

Ju-Heon glared at Jaeha. The part about the date seemed to be a secret.

Sadly, he was too late.

‘Did he say Christmas Eve?’

Seol-A’s eyes flashed.

Something that made Ju-Heon anxious happened the next day.


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