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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 257: Strange Roommate (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 257: Strange Roommate (3)

Translator: miraclerifle

Ilya held himself back from swearing. Why did he have to meet this shitty bastard of all people?

“Hahaha! I came to the strongest area since that damn bastard of a Captain would head that way but I ran into our little chick!”

It would have been much better if he had met up with the Captain.

‘Why did I have to run into the most useless bastard on the team……?!’

Ilya is probably the only one who thinks Jaeha is useless, but anyway, he frowned and started to speak.

“Ah, whatever! Which artifact did you end up with that you’re in this mea……”

He didn’t even need to finish his question. He could see the familiar artifact behind Yoo Jaeha.

[Oh, boy~. Don’t leave me behind.]

Ilya started to swear after realizing that this was one of the artifacts from the 7 Great Tombs.

‘That bastard has a great artifact like that!’

Furthermore, that artifact was an extremely strong art-type artifact.

Art-type artifacts could not only create things, they could also bewitch people. Beautiful pieces of art were said to bewitch people after all.

That meant that it was very compatible with him since it was similar to his devil artifact.

It would be easy for Ilya to use it.

That was why there were flames in Ilya’s eyes.

‘I ended up with a stupid axe but that bastard?!’

“Hey! What the hell are you doing? Use that artifact properly! Just give it to me if you are going to mess around!”

Yoo Jaeha’s eyes opened wide.

‘What? He wants this artifact?’

Ilya had expected Jaeha to tell him to get lost, but he was actually snickering.

“Sure, I’ll give this to you!”

He happily said he would give Ilya the artifact.

Yoo Jaeha then threw the small notebook-shaped artifact.

“Catch it! It’s yours now, you son of a bitch!”

Ilya happily reached out his hand.

‘As expected of that pushover bastard! What a retard! He probably doesn’t want to use it because it is gay but something like that can easily be suppressed with Dom-……?!’

Sadly, he was mistaken.

[Get him! Get him now!]


The moment Ilya caught Salieri’s artifact…

The cannibals chasing Yoo Jaeha all started to gather toward Ilya.

[Rip that bastard into pieces!]

“Aaah! What the hell is up with them?!”

The over one hundred cannibals looked extremely angry as they charged toward Ilya to kill him.


Ilya started to run away. Yoo Jaeha could finally catch his breath.

“Retard, did you really think I hated it just because it was gay?”

That was not the case. There was a different reason Yoo Jaeha disliked Salieri’s artifact.

That reason was, ‘aggro’.

Salieri was the artifact from the Tomb of Envy. One of its attributes was naturally ‘jealousy.’

This jealous attribute would make someone envious of you and that emotion would explode into anger and hostility.

Basically, it would increase the enemy’s attack by a lot.

“It’s like aggro in a game.”

That was why the cannibals had moved to Ilya the moment he threw Salieri’s artifact.

“Anyway, thanks, you son of a bitch. I finally got rid of them.”

Ilya had just said, ‘give me the artifact.’

He had responded with ‘okay.’

He would not have been able to throw Salieri’s artifact away if it had not been for that consensual exchange of ownership.


It was because his Affinity was extremely high.

Artifact tended to gather around people with high Affinity and would usually not think about leaving.

It was basically something like, ‘you pushover bastard, where do you think you’re going? You’re my servant forever.’

‘Friend, where are you going? Let’s be together forever.’

‘Honey, let’s die together.’

Those were just some of the things the artifacts have said to Jaeha.

‘Fuck, I would be able to take care of them if my Dominance was high.’

Although his Affinity and Fit were extremely high, his Dominance was pretty much zero.

In that sense, Ju-Heon might have been able to properly train Salieri’s artifact. He had begged Ju-Heon to take the artifact from him, however……

‘Get lost. Any artifact that requires Affinity is trash. They shouldn’t exist in this world.’

He had been instantly rejected.

Ju-Heon had even given him a special lesson on how useless these artifacts that required Affinity were.


‘……Like hell they’re useless. You’re just upset because you can’t use them……ugh!’

Yoo Jaeha had been beaten up after he said that.

But Yoo Jaeha was telling the truth.

Even the great Ju-Heon would be a eunuch in front of an artifact that used Affinity as its base trait.

As for the little chick Ilya……

“Aaah! That damn Monarch of Pushoverness, you son of a bitch! Aaaaah!”

Jaeha didn’t care whether he lived or died.

Yoo Jaeha picked up the Silver axe that Ilya dropped on the floor.

“Hahaha! Ilya, you stupid retard. This thing is a million, no, a billion times better than Salieri’s artifact.

Salieri became excited hearing that.


Kyaaaaaaa, this is great! My friend! My accomplice! Let’s strip women! Let’s strip women together!

…… The question was whether this really was better.

While that was going on…

“Sigh! Hey little kid! Don’t run away!”’

Seol-A sighed while looking at the artifact running away.

It was easy to pick a direction to head since it was obvious where Ju-Heon would go, but this damn artifact was the problem.

“Hey little kid! I promise I won’t hurt you, so come here!”

Seol-A had also ended up with a weird artifact instead of her trusty ghost artifact.

That was why she was planning on using this to earn an Heirloom since it was nearby, but…

[Waaaaaaaa! I’m really sorry! I’m really sorry!]

The artifact that looked like a nine-years-old child was crying as it ran away from Seol-A. She managed to grab it, but……

[They said all pretty girls are transformed foxes! Waaaaaaah!]

It said some bullshit like that and started to run again.

Seol-A couldn’t believe what she had to deal with. She couldn’t tell what it was saying but she could tell that she was being treated as a devil or a nine-tailed fox.

‘There’s an actual fox somewhere.’

Seol-A started to shake while thinking about Daji. As the artifact of lust, Daji tried to seduce the male team members all the time.

She would always wear extremely low-cut shirts and shorts short enough to show her butt to mess with them.

There was one time she sat on the top of the stairs and positioned herself so that everything was almost visible.

[Human, it’s too cold.]


The pure Julian who had been going up the stairs ended up falling down.

[Human, I wish to learn about art as well.]

“U, ugh!”

Daji lowered the sculpting Yoo Jaeha’s pants and he ended up hurting his hand.

As for Ilya, he lost all his money buying clothes for Daji.

But the thing that made her the most angry was…

[Human, is it that you don’t like me?]

“Get lost.”

She shamelessly tried to sleep with Ju-Heon!

Daji ended up being found completely tied up by the rope every time she tried, but how could she not be angry?!

“Daji, that damn bitch!”

Once she said that…

[Who did you call a damn bitch?]


“Watch out!”

Seol-A was pushed after she heard a familiar voice. A vicious assailant appeared after that.

Seol-A looked happy after hearing the familiar voice.


Chloe was standing there.

“I’m so relieved, are you o…… huh?”

Seol-A gasped after looking behind Chloe. It couldn’t be helped, since……

[Oho, this is a very good opportunity.]

The one who was attacking Chloe was none other than Daji.

She was wearing a Chinese outfit that revealed her cleavage. Her pear-shaped body, large breasts and white skin…

She was a total babe without a single flaw.

Daji was tapping her face with elegant and sexy movements.

[It’s time to show the wicked human women who stick to Seo Ju-Heon who the true lady of the house is.]

Seol-A could not believe it.

What was Daji saying when they should be going after the Heirlooms right now?

“The lady of the house?”

That wasn’t important right now.

“Why is Daji here anyway?! Chloe, was that the artifact assigned to you?”

“No. Not me.”

“Then who was she assigned to?”

“I don’t know eith…….!”

They couldn’t stand and chat because they were attacked again.



Who was Daji assigned to if it wasn’t Chloe or Seol-A?

‘Is it going berserk and ignoring its master?’

It was at that moment.


Daji suddenly flinched in shock. She then started to grind her teeth as if she had been placed in an extremely awkward situation.

[That human managed to get here already?!]

Daji urgently tried to escape.


“Ahem. Who said it is okay for you to run?”

The person who appeared was Irene who seemed quite angry for some reason.

“It’s the Monarch of Plunder! We found the Monarch of Plunder!”


While that was going on…

Ju-Heon, who had been the first to arrive at the central region of the tomb, was frowning because of the people chasing him.

It was great that he managed to sneak into the central region of the tomb but there were people hindering him.

The major excavation teams were scattered all around the world thanks to his ruse with the Monarch of Fate, however…….

‘The minor excavation teams are the problem.’

They were not famous excavation teams. They weren’t large excavation teams either. They were all teams that would normally be looked down upon.

The only thing that concerned Ju-Heon was……


Ju-Heon frowned while looking at the river flowing through the jungle.

There were fish carcasses floating on the river. The trees nearby were shriveling up as well.

He was certain.

This was the work of the Monarch who had polluted the environment in the past. He was the reason there was a lack of fresh water in that world.

‘Multiple Monarchs like that are close to the island now.’

They weren’t major players so they had not been noticed until now but difficult-to-handle bastards were here to get their hands on the Heirlooms as well.

This tomb was the place for Monarchs to gather after all.

That wasn’t all.

[The aura of an artifact that should not come out into this world is being detected.]

Ju-Heon could feel chaotic auras he did not recognize.

[The devils of World War II are getting closer.]

[The communicable disease that instilled fear throughout Europe in the Middle Ages is approaching.]

[Devils of ancient times that tried to destroy the world are approaching.]

Those were the people who ended up with the evil Divine-Grade artifacts that Zhen Cai Yuan had released into the world.

He needed to get the Heirlooms before those bastards.


Heirlooms were special artifacts and ended up being eternally attached to them.

That meant that they could not be taken away if someone ended up possessing them first.

‘I need to find them before that happens.’

Yoo Jaeha had said that getting an Heirloom would allow a person to gain some kind of divine power.

SS-Grade(Divine-Grade) artifact users would turn into vassals of the gods or something of the sort.

Ju-Heon started to frown while looking at the chaotic aura that was swirling around the stone mountain.

‘Anyway, I need a stronger artifact to get inside there.’

Of course, the rope was working hard slapping the enemies and fighting on Ju-Heon’s behalf.


Go away! Go away!

However, it had its limits.

‘I need more attack-type artifacts.’

Was there anywhere he could gather some artifacts?

And at that moment…


Ju-Heon took out a knife after sensing a presence behind him.

He then ruthlessly stabbed the knife into the enemy’s neck.


He had no intention of checking to see who it was first. Anybody who came up from behind him inside a tomb was his enemy.

A man was spurting blood as he fell down from Ju-Heon’s attack.

“U, ugh! The Monarch of Plunder……!”


It seemed to have been an enemy aiming for him as he had expected.

More people aiming for Ju-Heon appeared at that time.

“It’s Seo Ju-Heon! Take the artifacts from the 7 Great Tombs away from him! I don’t know what they are but we need them to gain the Heirlooms!”

Ju-Heon started to smile while looking at them.

‘Perfect, I needed somewhere to get more artifacts.’

“Hand over your artifacts!”

Crack! Crack!

He twisted their necks, slashed their arteries, dug out their muscles with the knife…

Ju-Heon seemed to be having a lot of fun looting them.

“Ugh, uuuugh!”

“B, boss, the Monarch of Plunder truly was too much for us…”

They all fell without being able to do anything.

As for Ju-Heon, he was extremely happy.

[This person has a strong A-Grade artifact in his possession.]

[This person has a B-Grade artifact with high attack strength in his possession.]

[This person has an S-Grade artifact that can summon fire.]

They might have had their artifacts taken as well since they each only had one artifact but they all had quite useful artifacts since they were a Monarch’s subordinates.

“Good. Now that I have these……”

However, Ju-Heon started to frown.

He couldn’t help it.

[You need Affinity.]

[You need high Affinity.]

[You cannot use this artifact.]

[Raise your Affinity.]

‘These shitty bastards.’

“Why the hell are they all Affinity-type artifacts?!”

As Ju-Heon was about to stomp on the artifacts…

[Human, don’t you think that you need my help?]

Ju-Heon quickly turned his head after hearing a familiar voice.


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