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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 253: The Monarch’s Tomb (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 253: The Monarch’s Tomb (3)

Translator: miraclerifle

“Stop the broadcast. Stop the broadcast now!”

“Damn it, that scammer!”

The monopolizers were grinding their teeth in anger while watching TV.

It was because of the < Seostradamus > broadcast being shown.

[We have now shared all of the locations of where the Monarchs’ Heirlooms will appear.]

[However, you need an artifact from the 7 Great Tombs to enter this tomb so it is recommended that you wait for the remaining 7 Great Tombs. They will pop up in these locations.]

[They will be here soon.]

[Of course, you can work together to get the Monarch’s Heirlooms after that.]

[It makes sense to split teams and send some in advance to the Monarch’s Tombs as well.]

[We hope that all Monarch-Grade excavation teams quickly start to move.]

They had done it. They had ended the tomb prophecies that had started like a countdown by revealing the location of all tombs.

Not everybody was happy with this situation. How could they be when the Monarch of Fate publicly announced something that he was supposed to only tell them?!

“What about all the money we’ve given the Monarch of Fate?!”

“Why did we buy the information about the Monarch’s Tombs and the Excavation Rights to them in advance…?!”

“Now everybody is going to be there!”

“Sue the Monarch of Fate and Seo Ju-Heon! Sue them for infringement of our Excavation Rights!”

But what would suing him do?

[People are trying to sue Seo Ju-Heon? It was revealed to be an intentional attack to lower the stock price of Grave Company.]

[A petty move to steal his artifacts from the 7 Great Tombs.]

They ended up being slammed for trying to drag Seo Ju-Heon down!

“I’m certain. There is someone protecting Seo Ju-Heon!”

“Who could it be?! Is it the Holtens again?!”

“Some areas are definitely the Holtens…but nothing is working even in places the Holtens have no influence…… It must be that there is another faction other than the Holtens that is protecting Seo Ju-Heon.”

“What? Who the hell is it?”

Who else would it be?

[Princess, thank you for all of your hard work. ?]

[Mr. Jaeha said he would send us a picture of Ju-Heon-nim as a reward!]

[I really want to see Ju-Heon-nim wearing the sweatsuit.]

[What happened to the uniform we commissioned?]

[They’ll be ready soon?]

Ju-Heon’s fans were taking care of things without his knowledge.

[But is it okay if we don’t go to the remaining 7 Great Tombs and the Monarch’s Tombs? We should be able to help Ju-Heon-nim if we excavate them on his behalf.]

[Oh right, the Valkyrie artifact appeared a few days ago, did you all remember to form a contract with it?]

[Of course! Mr. Jaeha said it seems to be an artifact that would allow us to be Ju-Heon-nim’s soldiers, so of course I did it. A special weapon artifact appeared when I formed the contract.]

[There are people following Ju-Heon-nim so let’s use them to get rid of those pests.]

[It would be best if we can hold them back long enough so that they cannot bother Ju-Heon-nim with his excavation. They are lacking in numbers.]

These women were trying to use the Valkyrie artifact to become a strong pillar of support for Ju-Heon.

Of course, Ju-Heon was just wondering why his enemies were dying off in random places without his knowledge.

All of this was making the other excavation teams more desperate.

“Send people to the expected locations of the Monarch’s Tombs and the 7 Great Tombs!

“We must have a team ready by the Heirlooms! We can’t become Monarchs if we can’t get them!”

“We might not be able to use Divine-Grade artifacts anymore if we don’t get them!”

“Send teams to all fifteen locations even if it dwindles our numbers!”

“No! Track where Seo Ju-Heon is going!”

They had to prevent Ju-Heon from grabbing all of the tombs no matter what.

[Pandora: “Great Omen regarding the 7 Great Tombs. The Monarch’s Tombs will be difficult to clear without an artifact from the 7 Great Tombs.”]

[“The entire world is currently on the search.” Something like this has never been seen before.]

[Secure a spot in all fifteen locations.]

[D-4 days until the appearance of the Monarch’s Tombs.]

“It should be quite chaotic right now, right?”

Yoo Jaeha was chucking while watching the news.

“There’s actually just one Monarch’s Tomb. We’re also planning on opening it today and not four days later.”

They were currently on a ship.

It was not a personal yacht this time. They were mixed in with a bunch of people because it was best to hide a leaf in a forest.

They made sure to look like other people and forge their identities.

They also released their doppelgangers around the world to make the enemies tracking them confused.

Yoo Jaeha’s nose was in the air thinking that his ability was the most useful.

“Ah, this is all thanks to my ability. I really am amazing.”

“What? Do you know how many people have been suspicious of us until now?”


“They would have found us if it wasn’t for my memory modifi…barf.”

“……Yes, yes, you seasick punk. You sure you don’t need any more medicine for your motion sickness?”

“Shut the he… baaaaaarf!”

Ilya felt terrible because he was seasick.

Chloe was sighing while looking over him, but it would not subside easily.

“That’s typical of the aftermath clean-up crew.”

The aftermath clean-up crew members who mainly relied on spell book artifacts were generally weak both physically and mentally. The spell book artifacts all shared the same risk of making the user’s body weaker.

What was the point even if they could use rare magic? What was the point if they called themselves the intelligent brigade and could modify information throughout the world?

They were so weak that they were out of breath after running a short distance, their defense was so low that a light hit might break their bones, their immunity was shit and they were usually the first to catch a cold……

‘They end up like that even if they were buff before they started using the artifact.’

“Groan, the medicine… the motion sickness meds! Headache pills! Anticonvulsants!”

“You look fine but your body is shit.”

Yoo Jaeha clicked his tongue and commented about how Ilya’s body was weaker than an elementary student.

Ilya was an elite in the aftermath clean-up crew, but that also meant that his body was in the worst condition. At that moment…

“Mr. Ju-Heon, is it really okay to leave Mr. Hae Jin behind?”

Irene was staring at Ju-Heon.

She could tell that Ju-Heon wanted to bring Dan into the team even though she had not heard the details.

“Based on what Mr. Julian said, Mr. Hae Jin wants to join your excavation team……”

Ju-Heon thought for a moment before shaking his head.

“That’s only because the camera artifact made him temporarily unable to tell the difference between reality and an illusion. He’s mistakenly believing that we were a team in the past.”

Yoo Jaeha chimed in as well.

“Haha, that’s right. He might actually be relieved that we left.”

Well, forget being relieved, he was extremely angry that nobody was picking up the phone.

Ju-Heon started to speak to Yoo Jaeha at that moment.

“Enough, just explain things about the Monarch’s Tomb to the others.”

“Excuse me? Why do I…… ugh!”

“You’re the only one here who has experienced it. I have a decent idea about it but the others don’t. Everybody should be informed since it is a dangerous tomb.”


“We need to know a lot about the tomb in order to swipe all fifteen of them.”

The team members were shocked to hear that.

“A, are you really planning on getting all 15?”

“At once?”

‘As expected of the Captain-nim.’

Well, it shouldn’t be impossible. Although Ju-Heon only had five of the seven keys from the 7 Great Tombs, there were uncleared Great Tombs in the past as well.

All of the Monarch’s Tombs were still cleared.

‘There has to be a way.’

Even he didn’t know the way, but…

“Just wait, Captain-nim. The Monarch’s Tomb… That island is divided into seven regions but I clearly remember the one I went to. As for how it looked…”

“Ah, I don’t care about the one you went into.”

“Huh? Why?”

“Why else? You can deal with that one on your own.”

Yoo Jaeha started to foam at the mouth.

“Hold on! O, o, on my own? We’re not splitting up, are we?”

Ju-Heon sneered at him.

“Of course we are. Time is of the essence. You should be fine on your own since you’ve been through it once already.”

Yoo Jaeha looked as if he was going to die.

“That is as strong as the 7 Great Tombs! I tagged along with a TKBM excavation team in the past as well.”

“Then you should know everything about that region. You’re dead if you can’t get them. By the way, I mean all of them in that region.”

Yoo Jaeha looked ready to scream in despair.

Inside Pandora’s Executive Board building.

The Pandora members gathered there were all anxious.

“Seo Ju-Heon… this is quite the headache.”

They would not be able to pick Monarchs as they pleased at this rate.

They were only planning on letting people they wanted as Monarchs know about the Monarch’s Tomb and make it so that they would get the Heirlooms.

“Everything was ruined once the Monarch of Fate was abducted.”

“We must stop Seo Ju-Heon from becoming a Monarch no matter what.”

“This bastard will be a hindrance to our plan.”

“What are you planning on doing?”

They all looked toward the person who was there from the Executive Board. Rothschild, the man they were all looking at, lightly chuckled.

“Please don’t worry. The Monarch’s Heirlooms are different from other artifacts. He will not be able to take them like how he has taken the others.”

The Pandora members nodded their head in agreement.

However, the eagle on Rothschild’s shoulder screeched in protest.

[How can you be so calm, sir?! That bastard has the protection of the Crow!]

The eagle artifact was huffing.

[Giant Supreme Leader, Seo Ju-Heon will really become a Monarch at this rate!]

Zeus’s Eagle artifact continued to speak.

[Are you planning on letting a human we despise dominate us?!]


Rothschild was silent.

That was the truth. Artifacts like them were originally tools. They needed a master because they needed someone to use them.

That was the law for artifacts no matter how much they wanted to get away from it. Tools not used by humans would slowly lose their strength before turning into regular antiques.

However, artifacts despised humans and wanted to kill them. They would have to be crazy to follow a human master. The solution that the artifacts came to was to control humans and force them to use them or to find a human who fits their taste and serve them as master.

Unfortunately, there was still a limit to that. They were currently in charge of the artifacts right now but that could not go on forever.

‘We do need to pick the best of the humans.’

It was once again time like last time.

Of course, the lower-grade artifacts didn’t have to try as hard to find a suitable human. Most people could use them.

However, Divine-Grade artifacts were different. Not everyone could handle Divine-Grade artifacts.

That was why the Divine-Grade artifacts devised a plan. They didn’t want to be dominated by just any human.

Their plan was to find a human they found suitable and make that person their master.

This was the reason Divine-Grade artifacts infiltrated Pandora’s Executive Board and made deals with a few humans. The results of these deals were the births of the monopolizers.

The Divine-Grade artifacts gave all sorts of benefits to help these greedy but loyal bastards reach the Monarch level. They were grooming them to become Monarchs who would harm humans as much as possible.

The Four Emperors level were those Monarchs getting strong enough to control all Divine-Grade artifacts.

This was a deal that was a win-win for both sides. The human would gain more benefits the more they exploited their fellow humans. The artifacts liked humans who would exploit and harm other humans.

They were using each other for mutual benefits.

In that sense, Ju-Heon was a thorn in their eyes. He was someone they could not have a discussion with. He was a human who dared to suppress artifacts.

‘It’ll be even worse if a bastard like that ended up at the Four Emperors level.’

He was someone not to their taste. He was similar to the Crow’s master in the past.

It was at that moment.

“We received another complaint.”

“They’re asking if Seo Ju-Heon really won’t be a problem. The candidates we selected should be able to become Monarchs in the end, right?”

Rothschild maintained his calm and smiled after hearing the question.

“Of course. The Monarch’s Tombs already have their masters. He will not be able to steal them.”


“Yes, the Heirlooms are set to not respond to anybody who is not already on the list Pandora decided.”

They had made that deal with the Heirlooms already.

But at that moment…

“Director! This is bad! A Tomb Appearance stronger than the 7 Great Tombs has been detected on the Pacific Ocean! It is somewhere other than where the Monarch of Fate prophesized!”


They were sure of it. It was the Monarch’s Tomb.

‘Those bastards created the tomb over there?’

“Is it a precursor?”

“No, sir! The tomb has appeared! It’s already here even though it is not yet time….!”


Rothschild, no, the Giant Supreme Leader, started to frown. The Heirlooms were special artifacts that even the Supreme Leaders could only negotiate with them and not dominate them.

That was why they had absolute power over this.

‘I thought we at least negotiated on the date!’

“This is bad! The Monarch’s Tomb has appeared before the rest of the 7 Great Tombs!”

“The prophecy was wrong!”

“We need to hurry up and inform our partner excavation teams!”

“Director, do you think things happening prior to the scheduled time is Seo Ju-Heon’s doing?!”

Rothschild shook his head during this urgent situation.

‘They already have their masters. There are no Heirlooms for that human to take.’

He calmly gave the order.

“Inform those teams and please quickly send our Monarchs to that spot.”


[Please hold on a minute.]

“What is it?”

Zeus’s Eagle anxiously started to speak.

[Umm, in that Monarch’s Tomb…]

“What is it?”

[They can apparently feel the aura of that imprisoned Crow bastard’s tomb……]

He started to frown.

‘What the hell is going on?’

Why was the tomb they had hidden away showing up there?!


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