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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 215: The person aiming for the crown (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 215: The person aiming for the crown (2)

Translator: miraclerifle

[Everyone! It’s the rope! It’s Ju-Heon-nim’s partner!]

The British princess quickly uploaded a video of the rope, which made the chatroom explode again.

[Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa, so cute!!!]

[Ah, I really wish I could be that rope.]

[It has apparently helped Ju-Heon-nim quite a bit!]

[It looks so plain, should I buy it a ribbon or something?!]

[I want to see some of Ju-Heon-nim’s other artifacts too!]

[I researched all of them! I’m going to make a list and send it to Ju-Heon-nim!]

At that moment…

[The rope’s recognition is increasing.]

[Your artifacts’ recognitions are increasing.]

[The C and D-Grade artifacts in your possession are starting to gain new abilities because of their new-found fame.]

[They are starting to meet the conditions to upgrade.]

[The Avesta Sacred Text’s power is increasing.]

[You are starting to meet the conditions to use Odin’s Army, the Valkyrie artifact.]

Ju-Heon tilted his head in confusion after seeing these messages that had suddenly popped up.

‘What the hell?’

They were getting famous without him having any knowledge about it.

[The artifact’s recognition is increasing.]

[The artifact’s recognition is increasing.]

[The artifact of Evangelism, the Avesta Sacred Text, is gaining strength.]

These messages had continued to pop up since earlier.

‘Something is weird. The Avesta Sacred Text activated?’

Ju-Heon had a rare confused expression on his face after seeing those messages.

However, Yoo Jaeha started to provoke him because he could not take it longer.

“What is it now? I’m going to kill you if you’re concerned about something stupid like why women like you or something.”

After being dumped (?) by the princess, Yoo Jaeha was pouting in anger while Ju-Heon was looking at him with a gaze that seemed to be asking what the hell he was talking about.

“You’re going to kill me?”

Yoo Jaeha started to cower after receiving Ju-Heon’s gaze.

Ju-Heon was about to mention the messages before he stopped. Nobody knew about this system right now.

Even if it was one of his trustworthy team members, all he had told them so far was that he saw a crow-like artifact in the final tomb. Ju-Heon believed that he needed to be careful about saying anything more than that.

Maybe that was the reason.

“Are you still in contact with that Japanese girl?”

“Japanese girl? Ah, you mean Yuka?”

Yoo Jaeha started to speak with an expression that seemed to be wondering why Ju-Heon would ask such an obvious question.

“She called me a few days ago. She wanted to know what style of clothes you liked to wear.”


His gaze seemed to be asking why the hell she would ask such a question.

Yoo Jaeha grumbled as he responded.

“Well, it’s probably to send you a present or something. She seems to have worked hard to gather fans.”

“A present? She’s gathering fans?”

Yoo Jaeha started to sneer.

“Well, we’re calling them fans but she seems to actually be trying to gather some manpower that can be useful to you, Captain-nim. But how many could she really gather? There’s probably just one or two of her friends.”

What he didn’t know was that, forget one or two people, there were thousands of people already.

Furthermore, the caliber of the people in that group was extremely scary.

“Anyway, it’s nothing for you to be concerned about. She said she wanted to get you a present, so I told her to get you a slacker sweatsuit made by Gucci’s top designer.”

“Slacker sweatsuit?”

“You know, that blue sweatsuit with the stripes. Ahaha, how could Gucci’s top designer make something like that?”

But at that moment…

“Hey, Jaeha. What is this?”

Seol-A, who was with him, stealthily showed him something.

“What is what?”

“It looks like a weird item was delivered to the Captain-nim.”


What Seol-A showed him was an urgent video sent by the farmers.

Yoo Jaeha couldn’t help but be shocked after looking at it.

It couldn’t be helped, since……

‘Eek, that’s the clothing design I sent to Sasaki!’

The item that was delivered was an old-fashioned blue sweatsuit.

It was the same blue sweatsuit that slackers would wear!

But that wasn’t all.

‘What the hell, this person?! That’s Gucci’s top designer!’

Yoo Jaeha dropped his jaw in disbelief.

He rubbed his eyes and looked again but the famous top designer was still with the farmers.

Gucci’s top designer had personally delivered the clothes he had made.

A shocked Seol-A asked Yoo Jaeha a question.

“Did you order something without the Captain-nim knowing about it?”

Yoo Jaeha became flustered.

“Hey! How the hell can I make Gucci’s top designer do anything?! Do you know how snobby he is?!”

“But there’s no way that the Monarch of Destitution would have sent such a design!”

Yoo Jaeha started to blank out. He had definitely sent the design to Sasaki, but……

‘How the hell did that girl?!’

It was at that moment.


Yoo Jaeha gasped after seeing the text message he received.

[I sent a present to Ju-Heon-nim! His fans wanted to support him?]

[I wanted to send a better design, but Jaeha oppa, you said that Ju-Heon-nim won’t wear it unless it was something like this.]

Yoo Jaeha almost started to scream.

‘What kind of fan is able to make Gucci’s top design do such a thing?!

It hasn’t even been a week since I sent the design over!

What the hell kind of believers has she gathered?! I hope it is not a dangerous person!’

But before that…

“This is an artifact!’

The sweatsuit in the video was moving around on its own.

The farmers sent a message about that as well.

[Apparently it is an S-Grade defense-type artifact…]

[This feels like it is made of an artifact.]

[I think this is processed artifact goods.]

Processed artifact goods. Basically, this meant that the clothes were made of fiber, fabric, or thread-shaped artifacts. The artifact-related business Ju-Heon was having Edward start-up was in a similar field as well.

[That’s great. Hyung-nim was looking for a new defense artifact since Aegis was broken in the Tower of Pride.]

Yoo Jaeha continued to scream internally.

‘Fuck, it’s an S-Grade defense-type artifact made by a Gucci designer, how much is this thing worth?!’

Seol-A, who was reading the messages, started to speak as if she realized something.

“What? A fan? Is this Sasaki? You said she was going to make some kind of gathering to upgrade the Avesta Sacred Text……”

Seol-A’s jaw dropped in shock.

“Anyway, it’s going to be extremely expensive if it was made by this top designer……”

It was at that moment.

“I’m so jeaaaalous!”


“I want to wear it toooooo!”

Yoo Jaeha was in despair.

“It probably costs more than my annual salary! I’m sooooo jeaaaaaalous! I want to receive something like this from a female fan tooooooo!”

The despairing Yoo Jaeha took away Seol-A’s phone. He then quickly tried to send a message to the farmers.

[Hide it. Hide it!]

Seol-A started to glare after seeing what he was trying to do.

“Hey! What the hell are you doing?!”

“I’m going to wear it! The Captain-nim doesn’t know that he has fans yet!”

“What?! What if she asks you to send a picture of him wearing it or something?!”

“I’m going to send a picture of me!”

Seol-A started to shake her head and sneer.

“It’s going to fit differently on you than the Captain-nim! First of all, you guys are not the same height!”

As they were chatting…

“What the hell are you guys looking at?”

“Excuse me? Ah, you see……”

Yoo Jaeha suddenly ran over and interrupted their conversation.

“Shoo, shoo! Captain-nim, the princess is heading over! You should go see her!”


Ju-Heon was dragged by Yoo Jaeha and forcibly sat down.

At the same time…

“What?! You want me to get revenge for father?”

Chairman Kwon’s youngest daughter gasped after hearing her brother’s suggestion.

But she quickly pretended to be modest after seeing the handsome man sitting next to Director Kwon.

“Do you really have to talk about such things with Mr. Tao here?”

The person that was dragged here was one of the Monarchs, Tao, the < Monarch of Popularity >.

This man had temporarily pushed down the Monarch of Seduction, who had been one of the original 15 monopolizers, to get there. He was a famous musician who was on the top of the billboard charts and had fans all around the world.

He was the artifact user with the most fans among the Monarchs. Until not too long ago that is.

‘Seo Ju-Heon, that damn bastard.’

The royalty and heiress fans who had been sponsoring him had dropped their memberships in his fan cafe.

‘My important artifact funding sources have all disappeared.’

They were quite useful as they had offered him artifacts every so often.

‘Fuck, they were like my excavation team that didn’t cost me any money to maintain!’

He had heard that all of those people had chosen to support Seo Ju-Heon instead. How could he not go crazy after that?!

‘Why would they support such a criminal?!’

That wasn’t all. He had seen a paparazzi picture of Seo Ju-Heon not too long ago, but he had almost fainted in shock after seeing an article that came out after that.


[Tao is just an downgraded version of Seo Ju-Heon?]

Tao almost went crazy with anger after seeing that.

It was fine that he used a plastic surgery artifact, but for some reason, the plastic surgery artifact had turned his face to be oddly similar to Ju-Heon’s.

He didn’t know the reason for it. He thought it was just because Seo Ju-Heon was handsome, but a downgraded version of Seo Ju-Heon?

‘I really need to get rid of that Seo Ju-Heon bastard.’

Anyway, Chairman Kwon’s oldest son was quite serious after having called his youngest sister here.

“Look at father’s condition right now. Of course you need to help father. He only called your name over and over in the hospital room today.”

The youngest daughter sighed after hearing that.

How was she supposed to love her father who committed such shameful acts by the river?

Furthermore, it had been a one-sided love from her father from the beginning.

The eldest son said something as if he was reading her mind.

“Father’s wealth… Didn’t you want to get it?”

“Hmph. Seo Ju-Heon took it all away thanks to you.”

Her brother’s eyes flashed after hearing that.

“The most important wealth is still in father’s possession.”


Director Kwon, who was glaring, picked up a document his subordinates brought over as he continued to speak.

“It’s pretty simple. You and Tao need to work together. You have the ability to amplify an artifact’s power.”


Her brother continued to speak.

“Tao has had to cancel everything because of Seo Ju-Heon.”

“What?! Oppa, is Seo Ju-Heon the reason you didn’t show up for that fan meeting last time?!”

Tao and the eldest son chuckled as if they were flustered.

‘Actually, it was because I found the fans to be disgusting.’

Either way, TKBM, who was sponsoring Tao, the Monarch of Popularity, thought that this was a great opportunity.


“Your artifact’s ability would create synergy with Tao to send Seo Ju-Heon away for good.”


“It’ll be even better if you can use the fans to drop Seo Ju-Heon’s company’s image as well. Create some accidents, have some of them be Black Consumers, and other things like that.”

“Can we really do that?”

“Yeah. He’s the owner of a company as well. Black Consumers are also customers. We can use things like that to lower the value of his company and counterattack him.”

“We should have used such a method from the beginning.”

“No, right now is the best time to do it since the value of his company is on the rise.”

They started to smile wickedly.

For reference, the impact that fans could have was scary. Even Seo Ju-Heon would probably find it difficult to handle this issue.


It seemed as if Seo Ju-Heon was only assertive with artifact users.

‘It’s not like he’s going to attack the regular fans.’

Seo Ju-Heon would be buried in society if he laid a hand on the civilians.

‘Even Pandora wouldn’t be able to deal with the fallout except by removing Seo Ju-Heon from the Monarch list.’

That would mean that he would lose the qualification to earn the Monarch’s Heirloom that would show up soon.

An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. Their eyes were flashing as they smiled.

“I’m sorry for making you wait. Ju-Heon-nim……no, Mr. Ju-Heon.”

The British princess’s eyes were sparkling as she sat down in front of Ju-Heon.

“You said you have something to request from me?”

“To be honest with you, it’s more of a favor than a request…”

“What is it?”

“Actually, there is a tomb that we bought the Excavation Rights to but have been unable to clear it. We thought it would be good if you could handle it for us, Mr. Ju-Heon.”

“What kind of tomb is it?”

The British princess handed him a map.

Ju-Heon and Seol-A were shocked after looking at it.

‘A precious artifact is buried here.’

They had never considered going into this tomb now or even in the past because it belonged to the royal family.

The princess continued to speak.

“This tomb has been giving us quite the headache. We will reward you handsomely if you could clear it for us. We won’t even fight over the rights to the artifact inside the tomb either.”

Everyone on Ju-Heon’s side sat there with their eyes wide open.

Although it was called a request……

‘Isn’t she basically telling me to go… and take the artifact?’

She was giving him a freebie.

“England should have its own excavation team. Why would you ask me?”

The princess shyly smiled.


It was at that moment.

The British princess was shocked after seeing a message she received.

She was not going to check it because Ju-Heon was there, but she thought she saw something serious and asked for Ju-Heon’s understanding.

“Excuse me, I’m really sorry. I got an important message!”

“Excuse me?”

The princess quickly ran out. The thing she checked after coming outside was her group chat room that seemed as if it would explode.

[Urgent news. Tao is aiming for Ju-Heon-nim.]

[It looks like he dares to try to drag Ju-Heon-nim down from the Monarch-Grade.]

[He won’t be able to earn that Heirloom thing if he isn’t one of the Monarchs! That is probably his goal…]

[It also seems as if they are trying to use his civilian fans to attack Grave Company as well.]

[What did you say?!]

[What the hell is that downgraded version talking about?!]

[I also heard that TKBM is involved in this issue as well……]

The British princess’s eyes seemed to be burning with anger.

[Gather the others.]

[Let’s show them the power of the princesses.]

[Shall we have a chat with the Secretary of Defense?]

An amazing army was forming without Ju-Heon knowing about it.


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