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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 207: Grovel at my feet (4) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 207: Grovel at my feet (4)

Translator: miraclerifle


The corners of his lips slightly went up.

They seemed to be in disbelief after hearing what Ju-Heon asked.

[You want to know who would win?]

[What are you talking about?]

Ju-Heon shamelessly continued to speak after seeing their shocked gazes.

“What’s wrong? All artifacts strong enough to create this tomb are amazing bastards. I just want to know who would win if such strong bastards fought against each other.”

That made Napoleon and Xiang Yu sneer at him.

It was at that moment.

Julian urgently shouted out.

“You can’t make eye contact with Xiang Yu!”

Ju-Heon shouted at the same time.


Seol-A quickly used an artifact.

She had moved at lightning speed.


The three of their bodies suddenly flew back. Xiang Yu’s attack slashed through the air at the same time.


[Xiang Yu’s is exploding!]

[You will not be able to escape if you are captured in his eyes.]

It was extremely quick and strong. The reason three normal humans like them were able to escape the attack was because of possession.

Three ghosts that specialized in fighting had possessed their bodies, allowing them to just barely dodge the attack.

Of course, using such methods would mean……

“Ugh, my body……!”

That they would suffer from extreme muscle soreness.

Ju-Heon was fine but Julian was groaning. Xiang Yu and Napoleon were looking at Ju-Heon as if he was stupid.

[Hey, human.]

[I see that you are trying to use such shitty provocation to make us fight each other……]

But it won’t work.

That was what the two of them were about to say. At least until Ju-Heon said the following.

“I guess the answer is too obvious. Xiang Yu is someone most people haven’t even heard about. In comparison, Napoleon is so famous that most people in the world know about him. Wouldn’t the Emperor of the West be the winner?”

Napoleon started to laugh.

[Yes. It is obvious that this Emperor would win even if we didn’t fight to find out. That is why such provocation wouldn’t work……]

But at that moment…

[Hey. What the fuck did you just say?]

There were flames of anger in Xiang Yu’s eyes.

[Why is it obvious that you would win?]

Napoleon clicked his tongue and started to speak after seeing the angry flames in Xiang Yu’s eyes.

[How foolish. Do not fall into his provocation. It is that human’s shitty method.]

[No. I know that as well. But this is a different issue.]


[Why would a shitter like you win? I would obviously be the winner!]

[Ho, I told you not to fall for it. The fact that you are falling for such stupid provocation is proof that you are an idiot. You understand? We are great gods that are different from such uncivilized humans…]

Ju-Heon gasped and started to speak again at that moment.

“Ah, right. On the other hand, Xiang Yu was such a man. He’s so cool. Joséphine would probably have fallen for the manly Xiang Yu over Napoleon if they were from the same area.”

‘What did he just say?’

A vicious aura shot out from Napoleon’s body.


The aura seemed ready to destroy the whole tower.

Ruuuumble, ruuuuuumble.

This chaos made Julian and Seol-A urgently look toward Ju-Heon.

It couldn’t be helped as the two of them couldn’t understand what the artifacts were saying at all.

They could tell that the artifacts and Ju-Heon were talking, but……


[$&$#&#?] [$#&#*!]


‘What the hell are they saying?’

‘It’s not Chinese nor French.’

It oddly sounded as if they could hear Chinese or French, but it was neither.

Ju-Heon was probably the only human who could communicate with artifacts. They could at least hear this incomprehensible noise while inside the Tomb Appearance region, but they couldn’t even hear this when they were outside.

It was as if the artifacts were saying that they would give humans special consideration to hear their voices inside the tomb but that they could not let such uncivilized and lowly humans hear their voices outside. That was how it felt to the humans.

That was why they were always amazed by Ju-Heon. He was the only person who could always hear and understand the artifacts’ language.

Based on what Ju-Heon told them, the artifacts would say things like ‘Uncivilized bastards who can’t even understand the artifacts’ language.’

They were always looking down on humans for it.

This was the reason Ju-Heon was different from the other humans who had no choice but to deal with the tests the artifacts handed out. He was the only person who could negotiate with artifacts like this.

It sounded as if he was saying something to negotiate with them this time as well, but…

Boom! Booooooom! Boom boom!

‘What the hell did he say to make them act like this?!’

Julian destroyed a falling boulder with his thunder as he started to shout.

“Hey! I get that you’re amazing, but I can’t understand anything you’re saying!”

‘I need to know what he is saying to make a plan!’

Ju-Heon realized his mistake and apologized.

He sometimes ended up using the artifact language subconsciously when he focused too much on the artifacts.

“It’s not much, I just provoked them. I brought up Joséphine and Consort Yu.”

“J, Joséphine? Consort Yu? Are you talking about Napoleon and Xiang Yu’s lovers?”

Joséphine was Napoleon’s first wife and queen. Although they ended up divorcing for political reasons, Napoleon cared for her so much that she was called the only thing in the world Napoleon could not conquer.

As for Consort Yu, a woman beautiful enough to cause the downfall of a country, she was Xiang Yu’s woman who committed suicide to keep her fidelity to him.

There were numerous stories about Xiang Yu’s and Consort Yu’s sad farewell that she was often drawn as a pair with Xiang Yu.

“But why did you have to bring up those two women…”

Ju-Heon started to snicker.

“Wouldn’t they get angry if they are men?”

He was right as Napoleon and Xiang Yu were both releasing chaotic auras.

[You barbaric man whose brain is covered in muscles. Do you even know how to read?]

[A man only needs to know how to write his name.]

[It is shameful that I am being compared to an animal that only knows how to fight!]

[Shut up you shitter!]

[At least I got to be Emperor, you couldn’t amount to anything, you bastard. You’re just an animal of the East that only knows how to fight!]

[I told you to shut up, you can’t even control your bowels!]

Sparks started to fly out of both of their eyes. Their chaotic auras descended on the tower and caused an earthquake.

The soldiers became frantic and tried to calm their respective generals.

[Your majesty, please calm down……!]

[Please stop, sir! Right now is not the time for this! This is just what that human wants…..]



[Shut the hell up!]


[I don’t care about that human right now, I need to get rid of this pest in front of my eyes first.]

[Sure, let’s do it right now. Call your soldiers.]

[Sure. There cannot be two Emperors under one sky. Die!]

The two auras clashed at that moment. The subordinates started to cry while Ju-Heon started to laugh.

‘Yes, hurry up and fight. Fight more! More!’

“Then I will give my head to the winner.”

Well, it seemed more as if the winner would have their head taken by Ju-Heon.

‘Either way, both of them are useful bastards.’

He was at least certain of their abilities.

Napoleon was so famous that nothing needed to be said about him, and while Xiang Yu was less famous in World History, he was said to have been Liu Bang, Liu Bei’s ancestor’s rival.

If Liu Bei and Cao Cao were major players in the Three Kingdoms era, Liu Bang and Xiang Yu were the same for the Chu–Han Contention period.

They were two of the strongest people throughout Chinese history.

As a result… Xiang Yu, whose spirit could not be compared, flashed his eyes.

[The valiant general’s spirit is piercing through the heavens.]

[The tomb is being destroyed because of his strength.]

[It looks as if they will take care of destroying the tomb for you.]

[Xiang Yu and Napoleon’s subordinates are all starting to die.]

[The artifacts on other floors are starting to be harmed as well.]

Ju-Heon was extremely happy as he read those messages.

‘I can get the bastards on the other floors as well.’

There was at least that Egyptian artifact and a Divine-Grade artifact as well.

‘I pretty much have all of the Egyptian artifacts, which one is this?’

But not everything was beneficial to Ju-Heon.

[Warning. The valiant general’s spirit is killing off the morale of all artifacts.]

[Your artifacts are becoming weaker as well.]

[The artifacts’ abilities and effectiveness are going down.]

Julian became concerned and started to shout.

He did not see the messages but he could tell that their artifacts were getting harmed because of Zhuge Kongming’s artifact.

“Hold on! Even our artifacts are getting harmed!”

Ju-Heon started to smile wickedly as he shouted back.

“It doesn’t matter! The most important thing is that those bastards are getting damaged!”

“What? Are you saying it doesn’t matter if our artifacts get destroyed?!”

“Who cares?! It’s our restorer bastard who needs to fix them!”


They felt a large impact at that moment.

At the same time…

“D, doctor. What did you just say?”

“Umm, you see……”

Inside Chairman Kwon’s treatment room.

There was an odd silence in the room right now.

The doctor who was examining Chairman Kwon looked toward him with a bitter smile.

“I was going to tell you later, but…”

Chairman Kwon was frozen stiff as if he had received quite the shock while the aides around him all turned pale.

“D, doctor. P, please repeat…”

“Yes. It is disappointing, but……”

The doctor sighed before continuing to speak.

“It is not curable with modern medicine. That’s why…”

The doctor truly seemed sad for Chairman Kwon.

“The Chairman-nim will not be able to have children anymore. He is unable to have sex anymore.”

“What did you say?! My father?!”

“What’s wrong with the Chairman-nim?!”

“You’re telling me my husband is a eunuch?!”

Chairman Kwon put his hand up to his forehead before plopping down on the bed.


‘Aigoo, what the hell is he saying?!’

“My father is a eunuch?!”

The doctor calmly started to speak without seeming to understand how they were feeling.

“I believe it is a curse from an artifact. However, please don’t worry. He should be able to heal quickly if he finds a related healing artifact or gets the help of an healer with a S-Grade healing artifact……”

But Chairman Kwon had fainted without hearing everything.

The aides, secretary, and children started to shout after seeing him faint.

“C, Chairman-nim!”

“Please wake up! Father!”

“Fuck, you still haven’t found which curse artifact was used on my father?! I told you to find it and get rid of it right away!”

“T, the radius of where the artifact is located is quite wide…! We are narrowing it as much as possible but all we can tell is that it is currently in Russia!”

“Fuck, Seo Ju-Heon is in France right now… Who the hell was it if it wasn’t him?! Who turned my father into an eunuch……?!”

‘Who else would I be?’

“Ha, this should be enough, right?”

Yoo Jaeha, who was in the Russian Artifact Fair, put the 14-Sided drinking game dice of the Silla nobles away and nodded his head.

Ju-Heon had thrown him the dice and told him to frequently bother Chairman Kwon while he was in the tomb. It was to prevent Chairman Kwon from entering any tombs himself.

This artifact was originally just a punishment dice but it was quite useful for 70 hours as it had powered up.

Well, Ju-Heon had told him to avoid one section of the 14 sides as much as possible, but…

‘It makes me want to make it come up since he said not to do it.’

Yoo Jaeha seemed quite content.

It was at that moment.



Yoo Jaeha took Ju-Heon’s cellphone out of his pocket. He was holding onto it while Ju-Heon was in the tomb.

It was fine that he was holding onto it because there might be urgent issues, but…

[Are you busy right now?]

[Play with me if you have the time. Aren’t you lonely at night?]

I prepared a great artifact for you.]

[It’s a 100 million dollar business. Do you want to do it with me?]

‘This is driving me crazy.’

These annoying messages wouldn’t stop.

They were extremely odd messages.

Although they were all sent from different numbers, Your highness could tell that they were all sent by the same person.

‘This is obviously that woman, Zhen Cai Yuan.’

Yoo Jaeha did not know at first, but there was a day when Ju-Heon had looked as if he had eaten shit before getting tired of just deleting messages and blocked the number as well.

‘Captain-nim! That was information on an artifact just now! Why did you delete it?! Isn’t this some juicy information from Irene’s brother?’

‘No. It’s not from George.’

‘H, huh?!’

‘That brother of hers is extremely noble-like and uses annoyingly proper English. He doesn’t use words like these.’

‘Then what about this one? Isn’t this one from Irene?’

‘Irene wouldn’t text me like this.’

It was amazing that he was able to recognize all of that, but it seemed as if Ju-Heon was being stalked.

Of course, this person was giving information about great artifacts or tombs for it to be a regular case of stalking.

Other people might be desperate to get such information, but Ju-Heon didn’t even care to look.

He just hated Zhen Cai Yuan.

But it seemed as if Zhen Cai Yuan was getting even more interested every time she was ignored.

‘Whatever, let’s delete it before the Captain-nim sees them. Delete.’

Of course, he put the useful information in his head first.

It happened at that moment.

“Isn’t that Princess Charlotte and Prince Paul?”

The entire hall was starting to get rowdy. Yoo Jaeha’s eyes flashed while looking at the VIPs who had just arrived at the auction house.


‘There’s the target the Captain-nim gave me.’

They were the prince and princess of England.

These two were Yoo Jaeha’s target this time.

‘Let’s get close to them.’

As Yoo Jaeha was about to get closer…

“Look who it is. Isn’t it the Monarch of Pushoverness?”

He turned his head to see some familiar faces.

‘They’re the official restorers and appraisers.’

Their noses were pointed up as if they had Yoo Jaeha where they wanted him.

“We got you now, Monarch of Pushoverness.”

Yoo Jaeha just sneered at them.

“These bastards never learn.”

Something that would turn the unknown Yoo Jaeha into a famous person was about to take place.

[Two thirds of the tomb has been destroyed.]

[Xiang Yu and Napoleon’s armies have perished.]

Ju-Heon was smiling wickedly while looking at what was going on in front of him.

He seemed quite pleased to mess with these artifacts.

‘Free items, free items. I’ll get all of them for free without doing anything!’

As for Xiang Yu and Napoleon, they were still holding on quite well.

[You motherfucker, I’ll completely destroy you.]

[That’s my line!]

It was at that moment.

[Keep the damn noise down!]

The Egyptian bastard could not hold it in any longer and appeared.


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