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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 151: The Greatest Artifact of this Era? (4) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 151: The Greatest Artifact of this Era? (4)

Translator: miraclerifle

Bang! Bang! Bang!

There were explosions around them and they heard some screams.

Those screams were coming from the Division Commanders’ subordinates that had supposedly disappeared.


You motherfucking human! Ugh!


This bastard! Ugh!

The subordinates were getting abducted one by one.

That was right. Ju-Heon was abducting them. To be more specific, the artifacts that had come to rescue Ju-Heon were abducting them!


Hand it over, hurry up and hand it over to Seo Ju-Heon! Swipe it without the Division Commander finding out!


He said he would write the sequel if we abduct them!


Even without that, I’d do it because I don’t like those bastards!


That’s right, that Supreme Leader only rose to the position through a coup d’etat!

There was a simple reason Ju-Heon was abducting them.

‘The force should be quite strong when artifacts that are S-Grade or higher self-destruct.’

Those bastards should be able to make an impact on the Supreme Leader’s tomb!

This was Ju-Heon’s plan. Destroy them to affect the Supreme Leader. The tomb owner will be affected when the tomb is destroyed.

If that doesn’t work, it would be enough if he got lucky and a hole was created in the tomb.

This thief knew better than anybody else that he had no chances of success facing the Supreme Leader head on.

Because of that…

‘I’ll use any artifact that isn’t mine as bombs.’

Not only that…

“Speak. Is it going to be the Supreme Leader or is it going to be me?”

Ju-Heon was giving the artifacts on the Supreme Leader artifact’s side a choice.

“Okay, tell me! Do you choose the Supreme Leader or do you choose me?!”

[W, what did you say, you bastard?!]

“I will give you three seconds. One, two.”

[Do you really think I would betray the Supreme Leader-nim?! You arrogant human!]



That’s basically how it went.

The abducted artifacts dropped their jaws in shock after seeing how ruthless Ju-Heon was acting.

‘T, there’s a human who treats artifacts like shit?!’

How many people who knew the taste of money would be able to rip a hundred million dollar check into pieces?

But Ju-Heon was actually excited right now. Putting the joy from destroying artifacts aside, he didn’t know there were so many good artifacts!

‘Okay, the Division Commander artifacts after these ones!’

Ju-Heon was chuckling even as he was being carried by the rope because he was in pain.

He was laughing even though there was no color in his face and lips that he looked like a corpse.

Irene and Seol-A would probably cry and faint if they saw how he looked right now, but he didn’t care.

‘Let’s see, S-Grade artifacts, one, two, three……’

What a jackpot!

What? The Supreme Leader’s Corps?

They might be a source of fear for other artifacts and overbearing artifacts for humans, Ju-Heon just saw all of them as prey. They were extremely special items that even Ju-Heon, who had a very high standard when it came to artifacts, couldn’t help but drool!

How could he not be excited when these 1++ grade, no, these rare to find wild ginsengs were in front of him?!

The problem was that they were wild beasts that he could not hunt easily.

He heard Nero’s shout at that moment.

[Alright! Stop them! Stop them! Don’t let that spider bastard and those black bastards go! Make sure to kidnap the ones that are easier to handle! Hahaha!]

Nero, who seemed to be exactly like his master, was also excited. He seemed to be enjoying this feeling of being a commander even though he wasn’t a great conqueror like Alexander or Genghis Khan. It was to the point that Ju-Heon wondered if the Supreme Leader would kill Nero.

Furthermore, Nero also had the < Sloth > attribute of the 7 Great Tombs in addition to his Golden palace. The lower-grade artifacts started to become weaker once he used his sloth ability.


Ooooo, I don’t want to work…


I’m just going to lie down and go to sleep…

The Division Commanders naturally would not sit back and just watch this.

[How dare an artifact with a mere human origin act so arrogantly.]

The artifacts that were Divine-Grade artifacts like Anubis started to frown in disdain.

[I knew that artifacts with human origins would end up being rebellious. We shouldn’t have given him the qualifications to be one of the 7 Great Tombs.]

[Where the hell did that bastard Anubis go?]

[We could easily take care of them if that bastard was here.]

[Anyway, execute all of those rebels!]

Thunderbolts started to strike down and violent auras roamed through the tomb.

Nero just laughed like a maniac.

[All of you are already in my golden field! Domus Aurea!]

Ruuuuumble, bang!

The golden palace was summoned and the inside of the tomb had turned into pandemonium.

[A temporary golden stage has appeared.]

[The rule < Praise Seo Ju-Heon > has been activated.]

Domus Aurea (golden palace) was a type of area control ability. That power imprisoned the Supreme Leader and its Corps.

There were flower petals and pieces of gold falling from the sky as well. Neor was excited after imprisoning the Supreme Leader and the Division Commanders inside the golden palace.

[Go ahead and praise this Emperor! Also praise Seo Ju-Heon as a bonus! You won’t be able to leave before that!]

[This crazy bastard!]

[Shut the hell up! You insolent fools! You destroyers who don’t know the value of art! This Emperor has always hated you bastards!]

The Divine-Grade artifacts were truly wondering if this artifact was crazy. It was at that moment.

[Supreme Leader-nim?]

“There really is no hope for these artifacts with human origins.”

Zhen Cai Yuan clicked her tongue. The Supreme Leader flicked his finger. A vicious aura descended inside Nero’s golden palace!

On the other hand, the rope that had been carrying Ju-Heon finally stopped moving.

It had stopped where Ju-Heon’s artifacts were hiding. They were all shaking in fear while looking at Ju-Heon.


Is the human still alive? Is he still alive?


How can he still be alive after going up against the Supreme Leader?

Ju-Heon was only looking for one artifact right now.


‘I found you, you bastard.’

Ju-Heon’s eyes flashed. He then ordered the rope to move again.

The artifact freaked out after seeing this ‘corpse’ chasing after it.


Go away! Go away!

It was the Herb of Eternal Youth.

The propagated offsprings had been sent to the farm, but the original was still with Ju-Heon. It was backup since he could restock the field even if it burned down as long as he had this one that was contracted to him.

The Herb of Eternal Youth had popped out of its pot and was shaking in fear behind it.

Ju-Heon clenched it as soon as he was within reach.


The Herb of Eternal Youth started to cry and flail.


Let go of me! Let go of me right now!

It seemed quite stressed at the Supreme Leader’s appearance as it had been quite a coward from the beginning. The proof was that all of its leaves had fallen off similar to how humans would lose their hair. There were no fruits left on its branches or in the pot.

Well, it should be thankful that it had not rotted while being under this intense level of Dominance…

‘Tsk. I can’t get rid of this poison if there are no fruits.’

Ju-Heon looked around.

He was certain that there would be at least one of the fruits on the ground nearby.

‘Where are you. Where could you be?’

Ju-Heon looked around while painfully coughing up blood.

It was at that moment.


Over here! Over here!

The rope brought a red bag over.

The bag was surprisingly full of the Herb of Eternal Youth’s fruits. Ju-Heon wondered why these were in a bag before his eyebrows twitched.

He had figured it out. It seemed to have escaped after realizing that Ju-Heon was approaching, but……

“That damn worm bastard.”

It had tried to use this opening to gather all of the Herb of Eternal Youth’s fruits and sell it. It was because Ju-Heon did not let the worm pick any of the Herb of Eternal Youth’s fruits.

Well, it didn’t matter. Ju-Heon grabbed the red fruit that resembled the Korean cornel dogwood fruit and shoved it into his mouth. It tasted quite bitter, but it didn’t matter.

[Your body is starting to heal.]

The poison inside your body is starting to be purified.

The pain was slowly disappearing from Ju-Heon’s face.

‘Ah, I feel like I can live again.’

It seemed to be an extremely strong poison.

[The degree of poisoning is so severe that it will take at least 6 months to heal completely.]

If it was like this for him even with the Tolerance skill… Well, it was understandable since it had said that regular people might have died instantly while in here.

‘This much is still enough.’

The duration would go down if he continued to eat the Herb of Eternal Youth and a lot of the pain was already gone as well.

‘But I didn’t know the artifacts would do something like this.’

Ju-Heon looked toward the artifacts that claimed to be his fans in confusion.

“How the hell did they know what was going on?”

The rope responded to his question.


Msaster, your D-Grade artifact spread the news that you were in danger! It spread the news!

The rope continued to talk.


Nero got angry and gathered the artifacts!

But who cared if it was talking so much? He still could not understand what the rope was saying.

Was it because the punk that should have become an A-Grade artifact had skilled a grade?

‘Well, the voice does sound more like a little girl than an alien now.’

He felt as if he could understand a little bit of what it was saying.

Ju-Heon peeked at the rope. It was still long and thin as its original look. The only thing was that her base silver color had turned into white gold.


[The Rope from Heaven that has slightly realized the powers of Heaven (S-Grade:Legendary Hero Grade – Possession Artifact)]

It is able to conduct strong bondage play that can even tie down the gods.

Its body is extremely tough.

It has earned the tenacious whipping skill.

There was an extremely amazing part. Honestly speaking, Ju-Heon had been thinking that a regular rope wouldn’t become much stronger no matter how many times it upgraded.

But it was a bit different this time. There was a Northern European myth based on the gods and the end of the world. That Northern European myth had something called < Gleipnir >.

It was the rope that tied down the wolf, Fenrir, until it would devour Odin during Ragnarok, when many gods would perish.

It was said to be the rope of legends that was made of things that are impossible to find in the world, such as the beard of a woman. It should have the power to tie down Divine-Grade artifacts.

But how did the rope from the story of the siblings who became the sun and the moon end up with a similar skill to Gleipnir? It should have just been a normal rope that happened to descend from heaven.

‘Was the rope that was lowered to the siblings actually a legendary rope or something……’

No, honestly speaking, that wasn’t possible.

It wouldn’t have been a C-Grade artifact to start if that was the case.

If so, what could have happened?

‘I have a hunch, but……’

Some of the artifacts had said something earlier.

‘There’s another bastard that can stop a god’s attack!’

‘Isn’t the other one no longer in this world for rebelling?!’

That’s what they had said. Ju-Heon scrunched his face after thinking about that.

Maybe the artifact that had disappeared for rebelling was something like Gleipnir, and if the rope managed to somehow comprehend some of its skills? If that was the reason it was able to evolve into a much stronger artifact?

‘Hmm, is it really that Crow’s doing?’

It didn’t matter. There was nothing bad about his artifacts upgrading and becoming stronger.

But at that moment…


There was a loud explosion and artifacts started to scream.


It was not his Tomb Destruction skill.

It was the Supreme Leader. The artifacts that had screamed were the peasant artifacts that had claimed to be Ju-Heon’s fans and had charged toward the Supreme Leader.

Some of them had been hit by that explosion.


Waaaah, I guess I’m heading out first!


Just leave the sequel in front of my tomb!


I wanted to die after seeing it snow on Christmas day!

The artifacts were ruthlessly destroyed. The artifacts that had been hit directly even had their souls destroyed.

Bang bang bang!

But the artifacts were not afraid. They would not have done this from the beginning if they were afraid of the Supreme Leader.


You guys were the ones who labeled him as an artifact cultural heritage!


So why the hell are you trying to kill him?! Why?!


This is tyranny! Tyranny! Give us the right to enjoy things!


That’s right! You guys killed innocent artifacts last time as well because of a blacklist! Wake up! Wake up!


You sons of bitches that killed the majesty!

The Supreme Leader and its subordinate artifacts seemed extremely angry.

“It looks like some odd things have happened while I was absent.”

[Should we summon that bastard Anubis and question him?]

Ju-Heon clicked his tongue while looking at them.

That was right. He needed to accept the things he needed to accept.

‘The Supreme Leader artifact truly is a different caliber.’

He had felt it in the past when he went up against Zhen Cai Yuan as well, but it was too strong. Ju-Heon was not an idiot who could not realize such a thing.

Maybe that was the reason. A recovered Ju-Heon sighed as he flicked his finger.

“I really didn’t want to do this.”

‘I guess I have no choice.’

“I will contract with you. But you need to get to work right now.”

Ju-Heon had called two hideous artifacts over.

He looked toward Zhen Cai Yuan and continued to speak.

“And as for you, Supreme Leader or Nacho Supreme or whatever, regret the fact that you are possessing a human’s body.”


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