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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 147: That’s a damn Tomb Raider! (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 147: That’s a damn Tomb Raider! (3)

Translator: miraclerifle

“What just happened?”

“Hold on, what the hell was that?!”

Irene and Seol-A both couldn’t help but be shocked. They could tell that something had almost instantly stolen their stuff.

But it was so quick that they could not see what had happened.

The thief had moved as quickly as a wild predator.

The wild beast that had used the darkness to disappear truly was quick!

The beast that had taken Seol-A and Irene’s items had disappeared into the darkness, and then…

It slithered through the pillars, floor, the lockers, and charged toward a single person.

It was heading for the man who was enjoying the open-air bath by himself!


The rest of the group became anxious after realizing that it was aiming for Ju-Heon.

“It went into where Mr. Ju-Heon is!”

They then heard a scream from inside the bath.


Ju-Heon had screamed.

The others were shocked as soon as they heard it.

Ju-Heon was someone who would go into a haunted house, and forget screaming, he would smack the ghosts on the head to not scare people. But what the hell?!

“Mr. Ju-Heon!”


They opened the door to the bath with concern. They couldn’t help but be shocked at what they saw inside.

“C, Captain-nim!”

There was a tussle going on inside.

“What the hell are you doing?!”

The rope that had infiltrated the open-air bath was using its long body to bind Ju-Heon.

Yoo Jaeha was wondering what was going on while Irene and Seol-A both turned red after seeing something.

Of course, the rope was not violently binding Ju-Heon as if it was facing an enemy. It had just become a bit more radical than usual and was aiming for Ju-Heon’s body. It had swam through the water being greedy for its master’s body.

And finally, the violent rope had flashed its eyes(?) and aimed for Ju-Heon.

It had opened the cap of the reagent with its mouth.

Ju-Heon instantly recognized the identities of these artifacts.

“Hey you, those artifacts!”

‘When the hell did it steal those artifacts?!’

Ju-Heon realized something at that moment. This was a bit dangerous.

One was the fever artifact while the other was a charm artifact. If the rope used those things…

Ju-Heon had a rare anxious expression on his face. He didn’t want to court an artifact!

But the rope was flailing around, probably huffing or sniffling.


I’m going to be praised too! I’m going to be praised!

‘It seems to be frustrated.’

Artifacts were more instinctual and greedy creatures compared to humans. They would go crazy if they could not satisfy their desires even a single day.

But it had been much longer than that. The rope had not been praised even once for months. The risk for Ju-Heon to praise had activated multiple times, but someone else always got in the way!

The rope had gotten rid of all enemies aiming for Ju-Heon and did everything it was ordered to do, but something like this always happened!


Master! Praise me! Praise me!

[Oh, Seol-A. That outfit is the best. You were always beautiful, but you look so lovely today, as if you were the most beautiful woman in the world.]


No, not there! Over here!


[Irene, this tastes amazing. How can you make something taste this good?! I’m so shocked and wowed by your skills! Can you cook for me everyday?]


M, master. Over here too, please……

[Ohh, Jaeha. Your restoration skill is so elegant. I wouldn’t be able to use artifacts at all if it wasn’t for you. I’m always thankful for everything you do. I feel so lucky to have met you.]


Master, can you please praise me just once today……

[Hahaha! All of your farming skills are developing day by day! You guys are truly amazing!]


Whimper, praise……

[Old man, you are quite the lusty man for your age.]



He was praising people to the point that they would gasp, but the rope had exploded.


Not there! Over here! Over here!

The violent rope slammed down on the ground with its tail(?) and showed its anger.

It then sniffled and scarily shoved its face forward.

The problem was that it still looked like a cute rope no matter how angry it tried to look.

Anyway, the rope was envious of Seol-A and Irene.


It was because Ju-Heon had an extremely slightly gentle gaze whenever he looked at Irene or Seol-A. Humans would not be able to notice it, but the rope could clearly see it.

It wondered if Ju-Heon couldn’t help but love humans more than artifacts because he was also human!

‘I want him to have interest in me too!’

It really couldn’t say anything though because it had caused this on itself… But still… still……


He’s going to look at me with a gaze like that too!

He will!

The frustrated rope then self-destructed.

Of course, there was no chance that it would turn into a human. Then it could only gain his interest in a different way!

Ju-Heon urgently shouted as the rope started to move up and down while holding the two bottles of drugs.

“Bad! Using medicine together can give you a stomachache! Bad!”

But the rope didn’t budge. It started to spray the artifacts that Seol-A and Irene had brought over as if it was putting spices on its body.

The messages that popped up were quite the spectacle.

[The rope’s charm is exponentially rising.]

[The rope’s charm is exponentially rising.]

Ju-Heon’s jaw dropped in shock.

‘It’s still only a rope even if its charm goes up!’

[It looks as if an S-line is appearing on the rope!]

[The rope’s skin seems to be getting smoother!]

[The rope’s skin seems to be shining!]

‘It’s still just a rope!’ But whether it knew that or not…




The frustrated rope roared and charged forward to jump(?) its master.

“C, Captain-nim!”

Ju-Heon urgently shouted at that moment.

“Good job! You did very well!”


It was because he felt that he would be in danger for a different reason if he let this continue.

“You did very well!”

The rope stopped in front of his face at that moment.


The rope’s violent eyes started to turn teary, as if it had never been violent to start with.

The chaotic aura around it had disappeared as well.

The rope had instantly turned into an innocent sheep as it rubbed its body on Ju-Heon’s lips.


Master, I’m sorry. I’m sorry! I really do like you. I like you.

Ju-Heon sighed in relief.

‘It was mesmerized by a simple statement.’

But the artifacts must have been effective. The rope’s body that had been a bit stiff had turned as smooth as a carpet. Being rubbed by such a smooth body made him feel good as if he would fall asleep, but…

‘I might really die if I don’t praise it every so often.’

He had not praised it on purpose as it was funny seeing it being the victim of its own plot.

“…Anyway, good job. Good job. Good job. Good job. Good job…”

Ju-Heon petted the rope and gave it all of the overdue praises.

The rope was about to faint from joy.

It then started to flail around as if to show off to Irene and Seol-A.


I was praised! I was praised! I won!

Nobody knew what it had won, but the rope was dancing in joy.

It was at that moment.

“Okay, so please bring some clothes……”

Ju-Heon motioned as a pouting Yoo Jaeha grumbled. The rope quickly went and bit down on a robe, brought it over, and put it on Ju-Heon.

This was unfortunate for Seol-A and Irene who were pouting. They were upset that the rope had put the robe on Ju-Heon.

Ju-Heon didn’t care as he read Edward’s message again and turned toward Seol-A.

“Now then, Seol-A, it looks like you’ll need to go spread some gossip in China.”

“Excuse me?”

Seol-A eyes opened wide. Ju-Heon showed up the text instead of responding.

[China is moving to an annoying location.]

This information meant that China’s large-scale excavation team was starting to move. They were aiming for the Tomb of Wrath, one of the 7 Great Tombs. It was somewhere on the East Coast of the United States.

The tomb had not appeared yet, but they were definitely heading toward the spot where the precursors were happening.

Ju-Heon was planning on tying them down.

“Send some fake information to make them get a bit lost.”

The most troublesome issue was the path they were taking. It was because the secret farm that Ju-Heon’s company had created was nearby. Yes, this was the Herb of Eternal Youth farm.

Well, it wouldn’t be difficult to launch an attack first because he had the information about China that Seol-A had given him, but…

‘It’s soon harvest season so we can’t let them harm the product in any way.’

The artifact was so sensitive to start with that it was bound to throw the fruits away before they could be harvested if they detected strong levels of Dominance. The scaredy-cat Herbs of Eternal Youth might scream and immigrate away if Zhen Cai Yuan took even a single step into the farming area.

He would lose billions of won if that happened. Maybe that was the reason.

“Make them change directions. It will be war if our lil ones start to cry.”

Seol-A quickly started to speak to calm him down.

“Captain-nim, the team designated to that area are all part of my team. I can make them change directions right away.”

Seol-A then urgently started to make some calls.

‘I can’t make the Captain-nim go up against that dangerous Zhen Cai Yuan.’

Her eyes opened wide.

“Will Seol-A be okay?”

Yoo Jaeha was stomping his foot while looking at the empty spot where Seol-A used to stand. Seol-A, who was contacting her subordinates, must have been summoned as she said she will be back soon.

They were getting more anxious as the team’s direction was getting even closer to the Herb of Eternal Youth farm now.

“She’s not a double agent, right?”

Ju-Heon didn’t pay much attention to it.

“Just do your job properly if you have time to worry about Seol-A.”

“Wow, look at this unkind human…! Do you know how much we worry about you, Captainn-nim?!”

Yoo Jaeha banged on the table but Ju-Heon trusted Seol-A’s abilities.

This area was the Appalachian Mountains on the East Coast of the United States. Seol-A skillfully succeeded in turning the members of her excavation team around.

‘This is an area where Seo Ju-Heon has already set traps.’

Nobody questioned Seol-A because she was well-trusted by the Chinese. She was a talented artifact user, a talented fighter, bust most importantly, her family members were being held captive by China.

They believed that she would not be able to betray China. Furthermore, they had even more confidence because she had been accepted as a spy who had managed to get close to Seo Ju-Heon.


“What did you say? Zhen Cai Yuan is not here?”

She heard some unexpected news.

She had been certain that Zhen Cai Yuan had led the troops here, but she was not here.

‘Something is weird. I definitely felt her.’

That wasn’t all.

“Huh? What the? Lee Seol-A, why are you over here?”


“I just saw you over there……!”


Seol-A disappeared without being able to say anything at that moment. It was not just her that had disappeared.


There was a sudden earthquake and Seol-A and the Chinese excavation team fell into an underground tomb.

“Damn it, it’s a Tomb Appearance!”


They fell head first underground.

But Seol-A clearly saw her as she fell.

She saw Zhen Cai Yuan.

However, she couldn’t help but freak out after seeing her appearance.

It was understandable.

‘That appearance is!’

But the tomb ruthlessly closed.


Seol-A, who was imprisoned in this tomb, figured out the situation.

‘The Captain-nim is in danger! Damn it, my phone doesn’t work because I am in a tomb. Is it a level three tomb?’

Other people might die here, but Seol-A was calm.

It might have been an issue prior to getting her memories back, but Lee Seol-A’s know-how about tombs was different after getting her memories back.

Although she was not at Captain Ju-Heon’s level, she was a tomb raiding team member as well.

‘I can definitely clear this tomb and get out even if it takes some time.’


‘But that woman, what is she planning on doing while looking like me?!’

That was the only concern on her mind.


Zhen Cai Yuan started to smile while heading toward Ju-Heon’s house. She liked capable men. It was because she possessed the artifact of gluttony.

The artifact of gluttony could steal abilities by eating up others. Soon, Ju-Heon received a visitor.

“I’m back, Captain-nim.”

It was Zhen Cai Yuan, the Monarch of Gluttony, who currently looked like Lee Seol-A!


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