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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 130: Recovered memories? (4) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 130: Recovered memories? (4)

Translator: miraclerifle


It was an extremely weird sensation.

Ju-Heon was clearly her enemy.

Furthermore, she had only seen his face two or three times.

But why was she feeling this way?

She was sad. Just seeing Ju-Heon’s face and hearing his voice made her become emotional.

She had this weird feeling that she had known Ju-Heon for a very long time.

1 year… 5 years… No, over 10 years.

She felt as if she had seen him as if he was family. But her emotions were beyond the level that someone would feel for a family member.

Her body was the first to remember him and her heart was beating wildly.

Weird memories seeped into her mind.

A single teardrop dripped down.

Lee Seol-A had no choice but to think about what was going on because of this too sudden change.

‘Is it hypnosis?’

It didn’t feel as if it was a form of illusion.

It didn’t feel like she was seeing something odd.

It felt as if these things suddenly popped into her mind.

It was similar to remembering something from childhood that she had forgotten about for a while.

Lee Seol-A put a hand on her head.

‘He must have done something with an artifact.’

There was that weird bottle that flashed as well.

She tried to suppress her emotions and became wary of Ju-Heon thinking that this was all just a trick.


“Hey Seol-A? Why are you suddenly acting like this?”

Lee Seol-A couldn’t stop her tears from falling as soon as she heard Ju-Heon’s voice again.

She could tell for sure now.

“Captain-nim, Captain-nim……!”

This person was her captain.

This was someone whom she loved so much that she was willing to sacrifice her own life to save him.

But the most vivid memory in Lee Seol-A’s mind right now was Ju-Heon who had lost half of his body.

‘You guys run away!’

‘Excuse me?! What about you, Captain-nim?!’

‘I’m fine. I’ll be the bait so you guys must make sure to survive.’

That tomb where they were thrown away after being betrayed by Chairman Kwon… Ju-Heon had tried to do whatever he could to get his subordinates out alive.

Ju-Heon was almost eaten by the snake after that, but Lee Seol-A had sacrificed herself in his place.

That was the reason Ju-Heon ended up meeting the crow, but Lee Seol-A had no way of knowing that.

Maybe that was the reason.

Lee Seol-A touched Ju-Heon’s legs that were still attached to his body and started to cry.

“Captain-nim. Thankfully… Sob, you are okay……”

Ju-Heon couldn’t tell whether she was crying or trying to talk.

Ju-Heon just hugged Lee Seol-A and patted her back.

“Yes, yes. I’m okay so don’t cry. Don’t cry.”

Ju-Heon was completely baffled right now.

‘What the hell did that crow bastard do?’

The way she was talking made it sound as if she recalled something from the past.

Ju-Heon scrunched his eyes after having that thought.

‘……Maybe, this artifact…’

Was it something that could make a person remember the memories of their past life?

‘There’s a good chance it is.’

That crow remembered things from Ju-Heon’s past life as well.

Furthermore, that weird bird was able to bring him to the past and do some all sorts of mysterious magic.

That was why it wouldn’t be difficult for it to restore someone’s memories of the past.

And this liquid medicine’s remaining uses…


He was certain.

It matched the number of people in his tomb raiding team.

That was why Ju-Heon couldn’t help but scoff.

‘Is it telling me to restore my subordinates’ memories with this thing?’

Did it want him to revive his tomb raiding team or something?

Of course, the number could just be a coincidence.


‘That ridiculous crow bastard.’

He couldn’t help but have that thought. He was thankful, but he found it annoying that a damn artifact was acting as if it was a god.

‘But something like this is definitely beneficial.’

At that moment…

Lee Seol-A who was sniffling while checking Ju-Heon’s face suddenly screamed.

“C, Captain-nim!”

“What? What is it? What’s wrong?!”

He was scared that something was wrong, but Lee Seol-A said the following.

“Why did you become so young?”


“U, umm your skin is firm, you have no wrinkles… You look young… Most importantly, you look cute…ah, no, wait, that’s not it…”

‘This punk.’

She had more things to say.

“Captain-nim, how the hell are you alive… No, Captain-nim, you are my enemy…”

It seemed that her memories of the past and the present were starting to confuse each other.

“Anyway, you… You remember me?”

“Ah yes, yes sir!”

“Then when and where did we first meet?”

Lee Seol-A who had been baffled until now suddenly turned serious.

“It was Christmas Day… In the TKBM office. Captain-nim, you gave me a Santa Claus donut talking about how I have to work late on Christmas Day.”

“Good. You guys went on a business trip without me once. Just tell me one thing that happened there.”

“That damn Yoo Jaeha bastard was drunk…and he peed in the closet in the middle of the night. Everybody had fun calling him a baby. We even took pictures.”

This was good.

The things she was saying matched his memories. Lee Seol-A even remembered some things he did not remember.

It wasn’t that his memories were transferred to her or that false memories were implanted in her mind.

“Then what is the last thing you remember?”

“The last thing is……”

Lee Seol-A suddenly covered her mouth as she was about to say something.

She plopped down on the ground and started to vomit.


She started to speak even as her body was shaking.

“……June and Julian died first…… And then, C, Captain-nim… Your legs… And then I… ugh!”

“Enough. You can stop!”

She seemed to vividly remember the events of the final tomb as well.

She probably remembered the sensation of being swallowed by the snake.

Of course, it was still vivid in Ju-Heon’s mind as well. It was even more vivid as Ju-Heon had a better memory than most people.

He remembered it as if it had just happened.

Anyway, it was not a good memory.

Because of that…

“Enough. Don’t think about it anymore.”

There was no reason to make her keep remembering about such terrible things.

But Lee Seol-A, whose eyes had become red, started to grind her teeth.

“……Kwon Tae Joon! Yang Chen…! Those motherfucking bastards! How dare they trick Captain-nim! And us…!”

She looked ready to go kill them right now.

Well, it was an obvious reaction as she was someone who would willingly go kill even the president if Ju-Heon gave the order.

“Hold on. I understand how you are feeling, but hold on for now.”

“But those bastards…!”

“Yeah, I’ll explain it to you later, so hold on.

That’s not an emergency right now.

“We need to rescue someone.”

“Uhh, excuse me? Who?”

Ju-Heon pointed below him.

“Who else? Our restorer bastard.”

“W, when you say restorer, you don’t mean……”

“It’s obviously Yoo Jaeha.”

Lee Seol-A’s expression changed as if she had just eaten shit.

“Aigoo, stoooop! I didn’t do anything wrong! Get lost, you pervert!”

Yoo Jaeha was screaming as he ran away and ran away some more.

He wouldn’t die easily in a tomb as he was a Monarch-Grade artifact user, but he was reaching his limits surviving in this shitty tomb.

He was thankful that the rope was slapping the enemies who were chasing him, but…

His cheeks were also swollen from being slapped by the rope.


Run faster! Run faster!

‘Ah, this tomb would be easy to clear if Captain-nim was here!’

And at that moment!


Yoo Jaeha, who had been annoyingly running away for so long, was finally caught. The rope was caught as well.

“Damn it, let go of me!”


Let go of me! Let go of me!

The two of them ended up hanging upside down.

They were hung by a spider web-like thread.

That transparent and sticky thread started to tightly bind Yoo Jaeha and the rope.

Yoo Jaeha instantly felt the blood rushing to his head as he started to shout.

“Damn it, you pervert! What the hell are you capturing me for? Fuck!”

[All geniuses must die.]

“Damn it, I’m not a genius!”

[All those who have more talent than me must die.]

“Ah, you see…!”

[So, anybody other than me must die.]

“Wait, how does it end up like that?!”

The spiderweb soon took away van Gogh’s postcard that Yoo Jaeha was holding.

The artifacts captured inside started to pour out.

It started with the Gold axe Silver axe, the Code of Hammurabi, Hwarang’s Sword, and even Shakespeare’s pen.

Numerous artifacts sounded happy to be free from Yoo Jaeha’s grasp.


Wow! It’s the outside! The outside!


Wow, let’s go to the beach! Where’s the sunscreen?! Hurry up and bring it over, you slave!


Let’s go watch Sharon noona’s movie! The erotic movie!

But forget going to the beach or watching and erotic movie or whatever…

[You bastards, everybody other than me must die!]

The artifacts almost fainted because of the tomb’s owner that suddenly popped out.


Kyaaaaaa! What is that?! What is it?!

The artifacts started to be chased.

The tomb’s owner looked ready to destroy even its fellow artifacts.

[Shut up and die!]


Waaah, don’t come any closer!


I’m scared. I’m scared. It has a scary face!

The artifacts screamed as they scattered.

It happened at that moment.


Yoo Jaeha screamed.

A sharp blade was placed against Yoo Jaeha’s neck.

The tomb’s owner then started to shout to Yoo Jaeha.

[Human, I felt bad for you and was going to keep you alive, but it is the Supreme Leader’s order. I was told to make sure to kill you.]

“Damn it! Who the hell is that Supreme Leader?!”

The owner of this Tomb of Envy seemed to be subordinate to that < Supreme Leader > or whatever.

Yoo Jaeha, who felt as if he would really die, started to shout to the escaping artifacts.

“Hey, you guys! Cut this for me! Save me!”

The artifacts started to pout.


Why should we? Why should we?


Just be eaten! Be eaten!

Yoo Jaeha couldn’t tell what they were saying because he was not Ju-Heon, but he was certain.

‘Oh, I see, they’re treating me like dirt. They even got in formation and stood at attention when Ju-Heon told them to! This motherfucking Affinity! No, more like Pushoverness!’

“Ah, whatever! I’ll treat you to a 3 night 4 day full course luxurious package if you help me once! It’ll come with a massage! A luxurious bath! I’ll even take you on a walk without the Captain-nim knowing!”

That made the artifacts start to debate ‘should we help that bastard? Should we help him?’

They then started to jump up and down while the rope was shaking its head thinking Yoo Jaeha was dumb.

It happened at that moment.

“Who said you bastards could make a deal without me?”



The ceiling of the mansion violently crumbled.

The artifacts then started to shake in fear at Ju-Heon’s familiar Dominance.

This motherfucking aura is?!


Waaaaaah, he appeared! He appeared!


It’s the monster!

Jaeha raised his head to see a familiar face through the hole in the ceiling.


Yoo Jaeha smiled brightly but…


He instantly started to frown after seeing the woman who was with Ju-Heon.

“What the hell, Lee Seol-A? Why are you with her?!”

Of course, Lee Seol-A who had guided Ju-Heon here also seemed to hate him.

“Captain-nim, must we rescue this retard?”

He must have looked extremely stupid hanging upside down.

She admitted that he was a genius restorer, but she thought that he always embarrassed Ju-Heon.

“Why don’t we just let him be eaten?”

“Should we?”

Yoo Jaeha became anxious after seeing the two of them even joking with each other.

“Huh? What the hell, when did the two of you get so close without me?”

‘Who knows?’

Ju-Heon debated whether to use the memory artifact on this bastard as well, but he decided not to for now.

“It’s fine so tell me. What artifact is the owner of this tomb and where is it…”

It was at that moment.

“Captain-nim! Behind you! Behind you!”


Ju-Heon urgently got an artifact ready after feeling something behind him.

And as he was about to attack the owner of the tomb…

Ju-Heon freaked out after seeing the face of the owner of the tomb.

‘What is this thing?’


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