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This Young Master is not Cannon Fodder – Chapter 313: Jade Diffraction Swordplay Manual Bahasa Indonesia

Jinshu opened his eyes and looked at his surroundings. He touched himself to make sure that it was not an illusion. Finally, he stared in front of him and tentatively said, “Status.”

When he saw nothing appear, he sighed. Whether it was in disappointment or relief was unknown.

In the illusionary world of Cultivation Online, Jinshu had reached the Core Formation Realm. The moment he reached the peak of the Foundation Establishment Realm, Jinshu underwent the Core Formation Heavenly Tribulation. Compared to the ones he experienced, it was only a little weaker, and even though his Player’s body could not compare to the one he cultivated with the Nine-Five Scripture, Jinshu still easily transcended it. After that, his body naturally formed a violet-gold grade spiritual core.

After entering the Core Formation Realm, he contemplated the process and discovered that it was extremely perfect. Although the true qi produced was attributeless, it was several times more powerful than the true qi of yang when he still possessed the Pure Yang Feather Martial Body.

If any Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator were to experience the process, Jinshu had the confidence to believe that their chances of forming a gold-grade spiritual core would increase by fifty percent, and the chance of forming a violet-gold grade spiritual core would increase by ten percent. The effect was already huge, but if every disciple of the Buzhou Immortal Sect could experience it, the average quality would outstrip the first-rate forces.

Well, more than it already has. And that was only the spiritual cultivation half. The martial body he formed in Cultivation Online was also perfect, having reached the limit of the number of acupoints a human body could possess.

If he had experienced it before he entered the Core Formation Realm, Jinshu had the confidence to believe that he would not have only cultivated the Fourth Grade of the Nine-Five Scripture. If he could attain the Fifth Grade, he would have formed the Five Emperor Cores and Three Sovereign Souls.

Jinshu had wanted to experience the effect of reaching the Nascent Soul Realm, but the system told him that he had played for too long and needed to log out. Although a venerable could subsist off spiritual qi alone, it was still a bad idea to completely ignore the body.

After he checked that nothing was wrong and adjusted his body to its peak condition, Jinshu left his chambers. He went to the main hall where Monarch Nine Heavens was waiting. “Master.”

Monarch Nine Heavens slowly opened his eyes and gazed at Jinshu. “How is it?”

“It’s amazing,” Jinshu began as he unabashedly praised the illusionary world. “It’s too bad I’m already at the Unity Realm, and I cannot experience the full benefits. Master, is there a way to experience the Immortal Ascension Heavenly Tribulation?”

“It is not impossible, but not right now,” Monarch Nine Heavens said.

“Oh,” Jinshu said with some disappointment.

“You don’t have to be too down, it should take less than a hundred years. In the meanwhile, polish your cultivation base in preparation,” Monarch Nine Heavens said.

“I understand,” Jinshu said.

“Also, you should explore a bit more. Now that you have reached the Core Formation Realm in Cultivation Online, you should seek out Cultivation City, where the Intermediate Palace resides. You might have some unexpected gains.”

“Thank you, Master,” Jinshu said. Not long later, he retreated back to his room.

After cultivating for a few weeks, he took out the special Xiyi Talisman and logged into Cultivation Online.


When Jinshu regained his sight, he saw the familiar scene of the inner halls of Beginner Palace, but it was the occupants that surprised him. To be precise, there were three new occupants. ‘Master must have found more beta testers.’

“Hello, are you new?” A pretty lady walked up and asked.

Jinshu looked above her head and saw her username, [Fairy Firefly.] He shook his head and said, “No, I had something to do, so I couldn’t log on.”

“Ah, so it’s a senior,” Fairy Firefly said. “Please take care of me in the future.”

“Don’t believe Fairy Firefly’s lies. Although she took the spiritual path in Cultivation Online, she’s actually a brute in reality,” a Player by the name of Southfist said.

“Smelly Southfist, do you really want me to visit you again?” Fairy Firefly yelled as she raised a clenched fist.

“Hah! Bring it!” Southfist said. “After testing out martial cultivation, I already figured out your weaknesses.”

“Heh, just because you chose the martial path here, do you really believe you can beat me?” Fairy Firefly asked.

“Who’s afraid of who?” Southfist said as he went head to head with Fairy Firefly, literally. His forehead was literally against hers, and both were glaring daggers at the other.

“Alright, you two,” the third and final Player in Beginner Palace said, separating the two. “We have to figure out a way to get to Cultivation City, not stay in Beginner Palace.”

Jinshu saw the username above the third Player read [Jadewill.] “I also plan to depart for Cultivation City. If you don’t mind, how about I join you?”

“I couldn’t ask for better,” Jadewill said. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Lushu.”

Jinshu blinked before recalling that [Lushu] was the user name he chose for himself.

As the four left Beginner Palace, Jinshu learned about how Jadewill, Fairy Firefly, and Southfist became beta testers. It turned out that they were one of the first batches of users for the Xiyi Talisman. Based on this relationship, Xi Tianyi asked them to test this illusionary world.

“Still, I can’t believe this world is an illusion. Aside from the strange existence of a system, it’s too real,” Jadewill said, to which Jinshu had to agree.

Fairy Firefly cultivated the martial path in the Huang Realm, so she wanted to try the spiritual path. After reaching the Core Formation Realm, she began to regret not choosing the martial path. Currently, she was at the final juncture before undergoing the World Merging Heavenly Tribulation. If she could experience it here, wouldn’t her chances increase?

Southfist was much the same. He had chosen the martial path, but he was also at the final step before undergoing the Unity Heavenly Tribulation.

Among the three, Jadewill chose dual cultivation and was the happiest. He primarily focused on spiritual cultivation, but he felt that he could go further on the martial path after experiencing it in Cultivation Online.

All three knew that the spiritual and martial paths could be simulated all the way to the Transcending Mortality and Mortality Shedding Realms. They would be a fool not to use it.

Currently, none of the monsters near Beginner Palace could give any of them much experience, so they wanted to relocate to Cultivation City, where the Intermediate Palace was located. However, their route was blocked by monsters.

The mountain path was blocked by a terrifying monster at the peak of the Core Formation Realm. Even with the three combined, they could not defeat, so they thought of using another way. They tried the sky, but it was also blocked. So was the water and even an alternate path.

The three had no choice but to defeat one of the monsters guarding the route. They had tried and already failed several times, but with Jingshu’s addition, they hoped to succeed.

Along the way, Jinshu glanced at his status.

Name: Lushu

Title: Beta Tester

Cultivation Level: Core Formation Spiritual Core, Acupoint Opening (Dual)

Faction: None

Physique: None


Strength: 2040

Dexterity: 1870

Constitution: 2080

Agility: 1920

Qi: 2190

Unused Status Points: 0

Skills: Redfire Swordplay, Volcano Fist, Flame Sparrow Spell, Flashfire Step, Suncrow Fist

Experience: 950/100,000

“We’re here,” Jadewill said.

Jinshu looked up to see a path leading into a canyon. Fairy Firefly and Southfist no longer clowned around, and a serious aura surrounded them.

“We already attempted to defeat the monster thrice. We all died the first and second times, so we had to raise our realm again before attempting it. The third time, we failed again but succeeded in retreating. This time, with Lushu’s help, we’ll definitely succeed!”

Lushu nodded at Jadewill. “What can you tell me about the monster?”

“The monster is known as the Gecko Monkey,” Jadewill explained. “It’s a monster that isn’t recorded in the sect’s records, so it’s most likely a unique creation of the illusion. The monster possesses the form of a primate, but it has scales instead of fur, fleshy fingers that stick to anything it grabs, and a prehensile tail that can shoot qi attacks.”

“I’m assuming you don’t go over the canyon by flying because the sky monsters are harder?” Lushu said.

Jadewill nodded. “I think we could have passed, but my companions aren’t as accustomed to their current fighting styles.”

Fairy Firefly and Southfist made a point to ignore Jadewill’s pointed look. Southfist said, “Don’t give me that look. Failing isn’t even a problem since we don’t really die, okay?”

Jadewill sighed. “Let’s just go.”

The party of four entered the canyon. Jinshu made note that the rock walls had a distance of around twenty-five meters between them. Aside from that, it was completely barren, almost like a specialized arena instead of a canyon.

After walking a hundred or so meters, the four stopped and stared at their foe. “Each time we come, the monster always waits at the exact same spot. Brace yourself. It’s going to roar to stun us and attack us.”

Jinshu carefully observed the monster. It was exactly as Jadewill described, but he forgot to mention its sickly green pallor and blood-filled eyes. Above its head, he read [Gecko Monkey.]

The Gecko Monkey unleashed a mighty roar. Although he had been warned, Jinshu still found himself stunned by the deafening volume of the roar. Luckily for him, when the Gecko Monkey charged at him with its claws outstretched, Southfist appeared in front of him with a giant shield that he pulled out of his spatial inventory.

Fairy Firefly jumped out from behind Southfist and pulled out several talismans. The talisman turned into red birds that crashed into the Gecko Monkey, but it only left its scales slightly charred.

Jadewill ran towards the Gecko Monkey’s feet with a sword. A green glow shrouded the sword as he tried to lacerate the tendons of the Gecko Monkey’s ankles. In response, the Gecko Monkey leaped into the air.

A fire circle appeared on the ground around Jinshu’s feet. His figure disappeared, and he appeared above the Gecko Monkey. Red fire in the shape of a crow’s fist shrouded his fist as he smashed down on the monster’s head.

The Gecko Monkey didn’t have a chance to roar as Jinshu’s fist forced its mouth shut and sent him crashing down. Jadewill’s, Southfist’s, and Fairy Firefly’s eyes all lit up as they bombarded the downed primate. However, that lasted for a short time before the Gecko Monkey regained its bearings and scrambled to the walls at a safe distance.

Once safe, the Gecko Monkey glared at the four and roared again, but the distance diluted the power of the sonic attack.

“Careful,” Jadewill said. “After we injure it a certain amount, its whole body will turn red, and its speed and power will increase by three.”

Jinshu nodded. “Sorry about earlier.”

“No worries,” Jadewill said. “We were all heavily injured the first time too.”

The four continued to fight against the Gecko Monkey, and when injured until it only had ten percent of its health left, it turned red, incapacitating Fairy Firefly and Southfist but not yet killing them. Thankfully, with Jinshu’s and Jadewill’s teamwork, they managed to defeat it.

“What’s this?” Fairy Firefly asked as she ran up to the disappeared corpse after healing. “Look, it dropped something beside materials.”

Jinshu and the rest also came closer to observe. They were used to monsters dropping loot, but not items. In total, there was a fang, scaled hides, a bamboo scroll, an herb in a glass bottle, and a bottle of pills.

[Gecko Monkey’s Fang]

Rank: 3

Description: A rare material of the area boss, Gecko Monkey

[Gecko Monkey’s Red Hide]

Rank: 4

Description: A rare drop of the area boss, Gecko Monkey. Armors crafted from this can increase the wearer’s strength or speed.

[Jade Diffraction Swordplay Manual]

Rank: ???

Description: A sword art created by Xi Tianyi, the son of Buzhou Immortal Sect’s Grand Elder Xi Mengfei. Users who learn this technique can form six sword-shaped energies that can be used in conjunction. The opponents will feel as if they are facing seven swordsmen. Can only be used once.

[Revival Herb]

Rank: 3

Effect: Can revive anyone at the Master Level and below from death. Prevents loss of experience but does not fully heal them. Can only be used once.

[Core Formation Pills]

Rank 3:

Amount: 4

Effect: Increases experience by 10,000 points.

“How should we split this?” Jadewill asked.

“I and the brute over here will take the pills,” Southfist said while pointing a thumb at Fairy Firefly, earning him a kick in the shin that he ignored. “We contributed the least, and we’re planning on switching our methods to being with.”

Jadewill nodded. He turned to Jinshu. “How about this, I’ll take the Jade Diffraction Sword Manual, and you can take everything else. I specialize in the sword. I know the manual is probably worth more than the rest combined, but I’ll make it up to you in the future.”

There was also one thing that could be brought out of Cultivation Online except for the experience of raising their realm, and that was all the skills learned. Techniques and arts learned in Cultivation Online were perfectly usable in the Huang Realm, they had already tested them.

Jinshu, Jadewill, Southfist, and Fairy Firefly were all perfectly willing to continue playing and testing Cultivation Online just for the chance to learn more techniques. So far, the strongest technique they learned was only at the Foundation Establishment Realm, but they knew they could raise their realm all the way to just before the Immortal Realm.

Didn’t this mean they could Saint Level techniques just by continuing?

“Okay,” Jinshu nodded. He didn’t lack techniques, and he wanted to establish a good relationship. Perhaps they would journey more in the future.

With the loot split, the party of four continued on their way to Cultivation City.


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