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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 89

Chapter 11. While the maids are gone (1)

Three months passed by unprecedentedly fast.

It was a car that had gotten used to the relationship of lovers and gradually became more comfortable with the way they treated each other, but only a faint heartbeat remained between the two.

It was not too long ago that Ludwig returned to his hometown after leaving behind the life in the Weimurn family, to which he had become accustomed.

Because Paula had to go back in advance to prepare for the vacation, she was followed.

It was impossible to be indebted to the Bayern family forever.

“You worked hard today too, Ludwig.”

Becoming lovers did not mean that there was a significant change in their daily lives.

They practice sparring every morning to improve their skills, and after eating, they spend time together in the garden.

It was standardized, but the most enjoyable daily life continued today.

“Emilia did all the hard work. I’m worried that you won’t be able to practice hard because you’re just hanging out with me.”

“Don’t worry. Surely you don’t think I’ll neglect my own training in order to watch my lover’s training?”

“Fortunately, it doesn’t look like that at all.”

Ludwig shrugged his shoulders and stood up, Emilia’s eyes curved like crescent moons.

And then she smiles strangely.

There were no gestures or words to say, but it seemed to lead him as if to come this way.

At that, Ludwig slowly approached her as if possessed by something.

Soon, the new model that arrived right in front of her nose deepened the smile on her lips.

Then, Emilia spread her arms and gently embraced him, who was about a head taller than herself.

Ludwig laughed as if he was troubled.

“It must smell like sweat.”

“Yes… Isn’t this too bad?”

Is this woman planning to disgrace herself?

His face turned red in contrast to Emilia’s behavior, where she buried her face in his chest and began to rub against it.

“It’s because I’m sorry.”

“What is this? It is natural to sweat after training.”

But is it natural to hug someone who is wet with sweat?

However, Ludwig didn’t hate this feeling either, so he decided not to comment further.

He resolved the awkward posture caused by holding the wooden sword by dropping the wooden sword to the ground, and hugged her more tightly.

It was good until there.

Although Ludwig took a stand in the middle, a warm atmosphere continued.

The problem was that Emilia’s atmosphere in his arms was strange.

An expression that seems to be absorbed in something and a strangely excited expression. I don’t know if it’s because of his mood, but his eyes seemed to be a little loose for some reason.

“I… Emilia?”

“Whoa… yes?”

Uncharacteristically for her, even the reaction was slightly slow.

It would be nice to have more time alone like this, but unfortunately, there was a prior agreement today.

Diana suggested to her at breakfast that she would like to have a cup of tea together.

He said that we would talk until just before lunch, so we’ll have to go back and wash and change clothes before we can make it on time.

“Shouldn’t it be a step away now? Your mother will be waiting for you.”

“ah… ! It was, indeed.”

Returning with lively eyes, she jumped out of his arms in surprise.

It seems that I had completely forgotten about it.

A mistake that was not like her, and a completely different appearance from the usual one she had seen a while ago.

Is it not good for the body? I didn’t feel that sense of incongruity when I was sparring.

“Are you okay, Emilia? You don’t look good today, but it’s better to rest… … .”

“No. Rather, it’s better than usual, isn’t it?”

“Well… … .”

If that’s you, then that’s it.

Knowing that it wouldn’t make much sense if he dared to say more here, Ludwig lowered his words with a low drool.

I just hoped she wouldn’t overdo it.

* * * * * * *

It is said that there are times when a father-in-law relationship brings a lot of conflict unexpectedly.

Emilia waited for Diana with a slightly tense face, recalling the story she had heard from her mother before coming to Featherbarn.

‘I’m shaking.’

As it had been several days since he had revisited the Ipretz family, he had already informed Ludwig’s parents that they had started dating.

The problem is that Diana’s reaction that day was a little strange.

Contrary to Carol, who was thrilled, her reaction seemed like she was obliged to congratulate her.

I confirmed with my own two eyes that there was no lie in that statement, but something bothered me to recklessly rejoice that I had been given permission.

‘Perhaps he didn’t like me.’

If so, how should I deal with it?

Even if there were quite a few monsters standing in front of me, I wouldn’t be so nervous.

At least, the feeling of pressure when meeting the Sword Saint for the first time could not be compared to this.

Around the time I was wringing out my own wisdom while diligently rolling these fruitless thoughts in my head, the door to the drawing room opened and Diana appeared.

Carol’s exclusive lady-in-waiting, Nilia, was accompanied by her.

Nilia opens the door, leads her inside, and then goes out into the hallway again. It was to bring the prepared tea.

“I’m sorry. I thought I would be late after calling a busy kid.”

Emilia hurriedly waved her hand at Diana, who handed over an apology instead of a greeting.

“Bah, you are busy. It was a very leisurely car, so please don’t worry.”

“There’s no way you can afford it. A man and a woman who just became lovers live under the same roof.”

“ah… … .”

Diana smiles with a hint of knowing everything.

Only then did Emilia, realizing the meaning behind the words, let out a sigh and blush.

I couldn’t deny it. Just a moment ago, I had just changed clothes and stopped by Ludwig’s room for a while.

If we didn’t see each other even for a moment, it felt like thorns would grow in our mouths.

“I had a time like you, so I know it well. From now on, whether it’s inside the mansion or in the garden, don’t worry about other people’s eyes.”

“Yeah… … .”

There was a part that I could understand, so Emilia replied in a voice that sounded like an ant crawling and bowed her head.

Perhaps he was referring to the incident in which he had been expressing affection with him in the hallway the previous day, when he was noticed by Diana and hurriedly fell.

Even after that, I was worried about the people around me for no reason, so I refrained as much as possible inside the mansion and was able to express my affection in the garden or in a place out of sight of others.

Staring at her son’s lover, who was trying to hide her ruddy cheeks, Diana turned her head at the sound of a small knock.

Eventually, permission was granted, and Nilia opened the door to the parlor and brought a trolley full of refreshments.

“The tea leaves were prepared with Benes. Are you all right?”

“I am fine. Emilia, how are you?”

“It’s my favorite tea leaf.”

After the tea was ready, when Diana issued a congratulatory order to Nilia, she bowed her head slightly and left the drawing room.

A brief moment of silence flowed and a confrontation was formed in which no one touched the teacup unintentionally, but it was Diana who broke the silence and spoke first.

“yes. It’s no different that I asked to see you for a while today. When I heard the news of the two of you dating a while ago, as the child’s mother and your mother-in-law, I’m sorry I couldn’t properly congratulate you. I want to apologize separately.”

“Sah, an apple. You are making no sense.”

Emilia denied her words, shaking her hands so that they became her feet.

Even so, Diana’s expression was unquestionably stubborn.

“You said it. I also had a time like you. I went back to my room that day and changed my position to reflect on what I had done. Then I thought that your insecurities would be great.”

“… … .”

When Diana was young, there was also a time when she first met the hostess of the Ipretz family as her husband’s father-in-law.

Every single action of the woman sitting across from me caught my eye, and even words that I would normally have said without thinking would become somewhat cautious.

If at such a moment, even though the author, the prospective mother-in-law, revealed the fact that they were dating, instead of being happy, they put on a puzzled expression and didn’t even say anything after that?

If it had been me, I would have struggled with anxiety and not been able to sleep well at night.

“In conclusion, I support the relationship between the two of you. On the one hand, to the point where I didn’t even have any other children in mind besides you.”

“Thank you, Lady Diana.”

It was clear to Emilia that there was no lie in those words, so she was able to express her gratitude without any worries.

However, at the same time, a small question arose.

Then why did she make that face that day?

If they really wanted to bless them, they could have looked a little brighter and full of joy.

As if to resolve these doubts, Diana immediately opened her mouth.

Without being able to hide the bitter smile on his lips.

“Even so, it seems that it is the position of parents that they cannot be happy. A child who always seemed to only play in your arms is leaving in search of a mate. Maybe that’s why I had a lot of thoughts that day.”


The tea, which had been slowly cooling down without being touched by anyone, finally took a sip into Diana’s mouth.

Perhaps, the fragrant tea was drawn to curb the bitter taste.

“I heard that your wife cares for Ludwig very much.”

“It is natural for parents to care for their children. Of course, I consider myself overdoing it.”

At one time, I even heard from my husband, ‘Don’t try to confine your children only in the arms of your skirt.’

After that, she was on the side of taking care of herself, but even so, Diana’s love for her children was extremely strong, so it could be seen that this side was well revealed this time as well.

“Then I don’t think you need to apologize to me. It’s not that your wife didn’t like me, and it wasn’t that the relationship between the two of us was strained.”

“Thank you for thinking so. It’s like the lover my son chose.”

“You are saying too much.”

As the misunderstanding was resolved, the atmosphere naturally began to soften as well.

After that, the tea water in the teacup no longer cooled down, and the conversation between the husband and wife did not stop abruptly.

Unlike Ludwig and Yulia, who communicated well because they had similar hobbies and personalities, the two continued their conversation all day long with only one man as the subject.

In the end, he burst into laughter realizing that they had nothing to share except about Ludwig.

“Isn’t my child very active?”

“Actually, I was worried about that too. But unexpectedly, I was a little surprised to see him show affection without hesitation.”

“I am surprised. He’s different from me, so I thought it would be hard to date.”

Unlike Carol, who was actively courting her even before they started dating, she thought her son would be a nerd when it came to dating.

However, judging from Emilia’s reaction, it seems that this is not the case.

After all, whether a man or a woman, if they fall in love, they will change. Anyway, it was just amazing.

“Have you progressed?”

“yes… This kiss… … .”

Now, at most, they had only spent a little less than 100 days as lovers, but the two of them had done their own thing.

It’s just that they didn’t go through the final stage between lovers.

“Whoops, I want to see my grandchildren as soon as possible.”

“No, I will try. Lady Diana.”

When Emilia, who trembled for a moment like someone stabbed to the point, replied, Diana shook her head disapprovingly.

“I have to call you ‘Mother’ now. Don’t call me a baby, either.”

“… Yes, Mother.”

It was just that the title I was called had changed, but now I really felt like I was recognized as a member of this place.

It resonated quite differently from when I called my mother who gave birth to me with a stomach ache.

Emilia didn’t have a particular purpose, but she tried to keep the word in her mouth again.

At the same time, the gaze of the woman sitting across from him turned to him, and as the wrinkles around his eyes deepened, a feeling of indescribable satisfaction filled his heart.

Maybe tonight in bed, I won’t be able to sleep well, and I’ll be kicking the blanket to the fullest.


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