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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 78

Chapter 9. End of story, new beginning (3)

Leaving behind the small fuss at the teahouse, the two embarked on a tour of the festival in earnest.

The name of this festival held around this time in Lutentia is called ‘Harvest Festival’ among the locals.

It may not be a name very suitable for a bustling city comparable to the central area, but that is because it is a name that has been continued since Lutentia was a huge farm rather than a city.

“The weather is quite warm.”

I felt it from the moment I came out in the morning, but the air outside was quite warm to the point that I didn’t realize that it was midwinter.

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Just because it’s a festival day, does God directly take care of convenience? to such an illusion.

“Actually, there is a myth that no matter how cold the weather is, the weather gets warmer on the day when the Harvest Festival is held.”

“Is that true?”

“I’m not sure because I heard it from my mother, but I say yes.”

Ludwig wondered if perhaps his silly speculation was true.

As she said, if the weather was as warm as the day when the annual harvest festival is held, there is no other way to describe it except as a miracle of God.

In addition, some festivals have been held for prosperity and abundance since ancient times, but there was also a saying that they were held to express gratitude to the god who took good care of the year.

If the mind of the author called God hadn’t been twisted, he would have given that much convenience to the humans who held a great festival for him.

Ludwig took a step together while listening to Emilia’s tidbits of common sense that he had never known before.

Soon, the sight of a large crowd gathered on the other side of the road where the two were supposed to go came into view.

“There are quite a few people from around there.”

“Because it was on the outskirts, it must have been quiet.”

That means it’s closer to the city center from there.

It wasn’t just people messing around.

Even the musical band and clowns who almost dominated the streets.

There was a view that fit the atmosphere of a truly free festival.

“It must be work to look around the festival like this.”

“Iknow, right. I also enjoyed the festival in earnest because it was a story from my childhood. I’m at a loss as to where to start.”

The last time I enjoyed a harvest festival was almost nine years ago.

At that time, she was a girl who often looked around the festival while holding her father’s hand, but after obtaining these cursed eyes, she became afraid to leave the mansion.


It must have been a change brought about by this man.

If I had gone through the coming-of-age ceremony at Eoyeongbuyeong without meeting him and entered as a disciple of the Sword Saint, the result would have been very different.

Maybe the swordsmanship has improved even more than now. However, her growth as a person and as a woman must have been slow and stagnant.

“Thank you, Ludwig.”

“It is too sudden. Is something going on?”

At least, it wasn’t something I would say with the full view of the festival in front of me.

Or is it thanks for suggesting that we can come together?

Seeing him express his doubts, Emilia smiled incomprehensibly and took a small step forward.

“It’s just everything. I feel sorry for always receiving something even though I didn’t do anything for you.”

“I also have many things to be thankful for Emilia. So please don’t think that I’m the only one receiving it.”

Hearing thanks from her, Ludwig would always be overcome with subtle emotions.

Because he thought he didn’t do anything special.

However, in a relationship between people, an act that someone unconsciously handed over can be accepted as a favor to the other person.

So, instead of just expressing modesty, I wanted to convey these words to her as well.

You are also very grateful to me.

‘What would have happened if Emilia hadn’t come.’

If only she hadn’t visited the Ipretz family.

If only I had treated the girl Emilia Bayemurn as a messenger who would deliver death to the future.

To be sure, I couldn’t have dreamed of this scene.

No, it’s safe to say that there was nothing to dream about.

‘I wonder if he lived by taking care of flowers.’

I must have just enjoyed my daily life without change and sometimes I was anxious about the future.

I don’t mean that it was a bad thing, but it did make a positive difference for me.

I saw a slightly wider world, got to know more people, and had more diverse experiences.

It must be the most valuable thing for a person regardless of the age and background.

It was thanks to her holding and leading.

“Then Ludwig and I are benefactors to each other.”

“I guess so.”

Both of them wanted to add the word “beloved” after the word benefactor.

But it might not be the time yet.

For now, all you have to do is enjoy this festival to the fullest with the person in front of you.

“With the festival ahead, I somehow felt emotional.”

A small laugh formed at the corner of Emilia’s mouth as she stared at the street that stretched out in front of her.

Today, I left the mansion with the mindset of not thinking too hard and playing with him.

“I think people sometimes need emotional moments. Although it is a rehash of what my father said.”

“Put, that’s right. I think it’s a maxim that goes very well with Sir Carol.”

As the current head of a family with an artistic temperament, Carol also had a lot of emotional aspects.

Maybe that’s why he was on the side of hating remarks mixed with preconceived notions, such as that a man shouldn’t show tears.

“Then, shall we enjoy the festival in an emotional mood?”

“If you do, you might shed some tears along the way.”

“Huh, then I’ll clean it up for you. Because I brought a handkerchief in advance.”

The two of them started in earnest by sharing silly jokes.

As I brushed through the crowds, I saw street vendors and shops stretching beyond them.

Originally, in Lutentia, street vendors were not allowed to do business outside of specific permitted areas, but during festivals, they were allowed temporarily regardless of area, so it was a rare sight.

“Ludwig, look at that. There is bread stuck to the wall.”

“It is probably the local food of the eastern region. I never thought I would see that here.”

“Local food… It looks very peculiar.”

The first thing that caught the attention of the two was the unusually shaped bread that was being baked while sticking to the wall of the iron cylinder.

The heat of the iron barrel must have been considerable, and you could see with the naked eye that the outside of the bread was sizzling and a haze was rising.

Ludwig had also heard of such food, but it was the first time he had seen it in person in this world.

I was interested in it because it looked very similar to the oven-fired dumplings I saw on a tour when I lived in the other world.

‘I never thought I’d see it here.’

When I glanced at Emilia standing next to me, her eyes were shining brightly, as if she was very interested.

From what I’ve seen so far, she’s not particularly gluttonous, but she seems to be very interested in food she’s never seen before.

A pure side that contrasts with his usual calm and quiet appearance.

At that, Ludwig had to put up with laughter.

“Shall we eat together?”

“Yeah? Oh that… I just ate the cake, so… … .”

Emilia muttered at his suggestion, unable to let go of her hand, glancing at the bread that was being baked.

How come the facial expression and tone were completely different.

‘Wow, I didn’t even eat much.’

Even if they ate the cake, they only ate a little bit of the cake, which was less sweet.

He took care of all the rest of the food.

If he was worried about gaining weight, it was embarrassing for him to try to escape by himself, leaving the rest to eat.

“I can’t just leave Emilia slim. It’s a long-awaited festival, so please join us.”

“to? Lou, Ludwig… … !?”

Where did you get that courage?

Ludwig took her hand without hesitation and headed for the street vendor.

A middle-aged man was running it alone, and unlike his burly physique that reminded him of Stefan, his gentlemanly tone was impressive.

“Oh, you are a young lover. Welcome.”

“Thank you for your hard work, master. Is it just one type of bread?

“Yes that’s right.”

Looking closely, the size of the bread was larger than it had been seen from a distance.

To add a bit of exaggeration, wouldn’t it be on the level of the size of Emilia’s face?

Ludwig wasn’t very hungry either, so it seemed like it might not be enough for each person to eat one.

“Ludwig, the bread is too big. Wouldn’t it be better to buy one and share it with the two of us?”

“I was just thinking about that too. I guess I got along well.”

It didn’t matter to him, but he hadn’t been able to suggest it, fearing that she would find it uncomfortable.

Fortunately, thanks to the willing offer from the other side, I was able to order just one loaf of bread.

“They seem to be descendants of aristocratic families. It suits you well.”

“Thank you.”

Even in this situation, Ludwig did not have a dry personality to the point of denying that he was a lover.

Besides, since he had even grabbed Emilia’s hand, it was correct to say that from a third person’s point of view, he couldn’t even pull it out.

It would be a good thing if I could pretend to be her lover even for this moment.

“Here I am. It’s hot, so please eat with care.”

The crispy bread that was handed over wrapped in a small paper was very hot, as if proving that it was freshly baked.

After paying the price and saying hello, the two of them headed to a backwater on the side of the road.

It was because there were so many people, it was cumbersome to stand there and divide the bread among two people.

“The contents inside are vegetables.”

Even though the words were thrown without much meaning, Ludwig smiled and replied in a playful tone.

“I think it’ll be fine if you’re worried about gaining weight.”

“No, I don’t mean that! Rather, how… … ?”

“Obviously. Isn’t Emilia secretly worried about trivial things?”

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Just as Emilia had come to know Ludwig well over the years they had been together, the reverse was also true.

Like the topic about the milk tea she suddenly took out of the teahouse, she was not pure, and there were times when she was worried about personal things to the point of thinking, ‘Why do you care about this?’ It was just now.

“Did Ludwig gain a lot of weight… … ?”

“I do not know. According to Emilia, it would mean that all women in the world are pigs.”

“Now, don’t play around… … !”

I meant it seriously, but did you take it as a joke?

It was good for Ludwig. After all, it was important to have a reason to make fun of her.

‘Rather, isn’t it too skinny?’

She had a fairly regular diet, avoiding overeating and always eating at set times.

In addition, thanks to the fact that she does not neglect training every morning, her body must be the ideal shape for women.

Even so, does it mean that something is lacking in your own eyes?

It was an incomprehensible story for Ludwig.

“I really didn’t gain weight. If you don’t believe what I’m saying, you might as well ask Tanya.”

“Actually, when I asked Tanya, she tried to cry on the spot… … .”


An unswallowed sigh escaped Ludwig’s lips.

Did you end up committing such a terrible thing?

It may have been a matter he asked sincerely, but to Tanya, the person involved, it must have seemed nothing but an act of deceit by a possessor.

In a sense, not slapping Emilia on the spot might be showing Tanya’s mature side.

“Don’t worry, go ahead and eat. Rather, in my view, Emilia needs to gain a little more weight.”

The heat of the bread better than a little while ago.

Ludwig deftly split the bread in half through the paper bag and held one side toward her.

“Are you serious?”

“Please believe me.”

Only then did Emilia feel relieved and accept the bread he gave her with a bright smile.

Only the heat on the outside cooled down a bit, but the cow inside was still spouting steam.

The gravy of the small pieces of meat and the vegetables harmonize, creating a fragrance with spices.

What does it taste like? The moment you try to bite it with all your might, full of anticipation,

“uh? Prince Ludwig! You can see everything here.”

“Well? Were you touring the festival too? Then the person next to you must be Princess Emilia.”

The sudden appearance of Georg and Scarlet broke the colic.


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