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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 75

Side Story 2. A bad relationship turns into a new relationship

After the first day of the chaotic world of society, the two of them had to be busy the next day as well.

Greetings expressing their regrets, saying, “Where did you go in a hurry yesterday?”

Those who wanted to take this opportunity to impress the two families came closer to them, licking their lips.

Ludwig was sitting in a chair, exhausted, leaving the small commotion behind.

Emilia, who had come to his side, wiped the sweat from her forehead with a handkerchief.

Fortunately or unfortunately, people’s attention was focused on Ludwig rather than Emilia.

Because of that, Ludwig had to smile all day, answering a storm of questions. Like a clerk in a clothing store.

“Isn’t it very difficult? I’m sorry, Ludwig.”

“It’s not Emilia’s fault, is it? Please don’t make that face.”


Seeing her pitying eyes, Ludwig expressed humility and reached out to receive the handkerchief.

swish at the same time. A handkerchief that disappears in an instant right in front of your eyes.

It turns out that she had snatched it away as if she would not be taken away.

“Write. Ludwig sits still. And do you really think you will get scolded?”

“hahahaha, even I don’t want to see my fiancé scolding me in front of people. I will take care of myself.”

He used to spend time with Emilia and thought that he would make a good bride, but he never thought that she would become his fiancé and pay debts by his side.

At the same time as the feeling was different, the motivation as a man began to rise.

I want to seize this opportunity somehow. I just thought that I didn’t want to end the contract relationship.

‘I’ll try my best in two days.’

It was the first time I had ever asked a woman out on a date, so I just thought my heart was going to explode.

I didn’t show it as much as possible on the outside, but it was what I said after thinking about it dozens of hundreds of times.

And when the answer of acceptance came back, I forcibly held back the urge to cheer.

Rather than the fact that Georg’s worries were resolved, the fact that she accepted the request for a tryst was more gratifying.

Of course, we cannot be satisfied here.

“I look forward to seeing you in two days.”


Those words came out of nowhere from Emilia’s mouth, who was still wiping the sweat from his forehead.

Miraculously overlapping with his own thoughts, Ludwig uttered a bewildered sound in bewilderment.

On the other hand, did his appearance mislead her?

Emilia stared at Ludwig with a sullen face, her cheeks puffed out a little.

He couldn’t even keep up with the atmosphere as his expression changed in an instant.

“I bet you haven’t forgotten, have you? We were supposed to go to the festival together in two days.”

“I might have forgotten. However, I was just surprised because I didn’t think that Emilia would expect it either.”

What should I express?

It wasn’t like a sense of self-help, but unlike himself, who was full of expectations, I thought that she would have the mindset that it’s enough even if she doesn’t go.

However, looking at the reaction, my heart was filled with the thought that Emilia had expected her own way as well.

“I can only look forward to it. You said that too? It’s the first time Ludwig has personally invited me to go alone.”

“I remember. It seems that the root of the problem was that I was worried that Emilia would be troublesome. I apologize.”

It was half right and half wrong.

It’s true that I noticed her, but the main reason was that I wasn’t big enough to ask her out on a date before that.

Fortunately, however, her mind seems to have accepted this generously.

When the white mass stopped appearing above her head, Emilia nodded as if she understood.

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Judging from the past days when he always cared about her, it seemed like a good enough idea.

Fortunately, an uninvited guest intervened between the two people who were having a conversation in the free air.

Uninvited guests meant that from Emilia’s point of view, and the fiancé sitting next to her wouldn’t think so.

“Prince Ipretz, you are here.”

“Ah, you are Princess Zellier. I’m sorry for being like this.”

I mentioned that I wanted to talk to you privately, but I never thought you would come.

It was Ludwig who politely greeted Scarlett, who was holding both ends of the dress.

“What is Princess Zellier doing here… … ?”

In contrast to him, Emilia asked about business without saying a word of greeting.

A rudeness that she would never have done if it was her normal life. It also meant that she couldn’t afford it.

“As I said before, I want to talk to Prince Aifretz for a moment.”

“… … .”

Emilia stared sharply at Scarlett, who responded in a calm tone.

Even Tanya said that, but he had no intention of making any more rivals.

Besides, why should it be Ludwig and not himself? Emilia cared about that the most.

If he was going to apologize for what happened that day, there would be no reason to seek him out.

“Eh, Emilia? sick… … .”

“Be quiet, Ludwig.”

“Hmm. That, it is.”

The pain was considerable as she leaned back silently and squeezed her forearm.

He was about to protest, but was immediately stopped by her cold voice.

Meanwhile, Scarlett, who was watching a series of scenes, was busy giggling and laughing.

The atmosphere between the two was quite different from what I had imagined.

I imagined a more calm and static feeling, but I was impressed with the open attitude like a couple who had been together for a long time.

‘I should help a little.’

There was no need to make the atmosphere threatening before asking for a conversation.

Scarlett could have guessed at least why Emilia wasn’t feeling well, so she wanted to help him.

He had forgiven his fiancé not too long ago, and he wanted to erase some of the debt because he would often be indebted to him from now on.

“Princess Baiemurn has a surprisingly cute side.”

“Yeah? What are you talking about?”

When Scarlett let go of her pretense and opened her mouth, a question mark appeared above Emilia’s head.

Scarlett, who alternately looked at the two with open eyes, smiled mischievously and continued.

“You look jealous. Of course, it’s understandable that you’re anxious about having your precious fiancé by your side, but don’t worry. I wouldn’t lay a finger on Prince Aifretz.”

“What, jealousy… … !”

Uncharacteristically for her, she wanted to express her embarrassment, but before long her voice was torn.

Emilia was paddling the unknown air with both hands, her face dyed red.

Scarlett caught Ludwig’s eyes and winked at her while she couldn’t come to her senses.

Receiving her glance, Ludwig laughed and admired the terribly broken fiancé from the side.

‘He’s a great person.’

Until now, I hadn’t seen anyone other than the Sword Saint who could make fun of Emilia.

Is there such a bold side behind the kind appearance of taking care of his childhood friend?

He must have been able to say such a thing because he didn’t know the relationship between himself and Emilia properly, but anyway, he was just grateful.

‘They gave me a chance, so I should use it.’

smile. Ludwig’s mouth was also imprinted with a smile similar to Scarlett’s from before.

Other than times like this, there were very few ways he could make fun of Emilia.

“I didn’t know it was jealousy. Emilia seems to be surprisingly possessive.”

“Lu, even Ludwig… … !”

I didn’t know you would either.

With a face full of betrayal, Emilia’s hands trembled and her eyes couldn’t keep still.

In the meantime, the eyes of the two contributors met for an instant, and whoever came first burst into laughter.

“You look really good together.”

“I think that Prince Rahethofen and Princess Zelier are a pair that would suit each other well.”

“Pooh, unfortunately, progress is still slow.”

As expected, he had already noticed the relationship between himself and Georg.

When Ludwig spoke to him to comfort him, he felt as if he had floated above the clouds, even though he knew it was a greeting.

“Actually, the reason I came to Confucius was to get some advice.”

“When you say advice, do you mean something about Prince Rahethofen?”

It is said that he is a young man with a keen eye for his love business, but he is strangely quick-witted when it comes to other human relationships and others.

An ambiguous air that seemed to be neither a lover nor a friend whom we saw yesterday.

I don’t know the detailed reason, but it must be an issue that tells us that the relationship between the two is not always smooth.

“Yeah. After all, men know men well. At first, I thought I was making some progress, but these days it doesn’t seem to be so, so I was nervous.”

Oh my gosh, I never thought it would have been love counseling.

As for Ludwig, it was embarrassing to be asked for advice in a situation where he couldn’t even wipe his butt properly.

However, it seemed that the relationship that had been smooth at best would become awkward if he rejected it with a single knife.

‘What do we do.’

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Just as he was contemplating how to deal with this situation, the answer to his question came out of nowhere.

“Did Princess Zellier do the same? You look just like me.”

“Yeah? So, does Princess Baiemurn have the same worries?”

To think that Emilia Bayemurn, no one else, had gone through something similar to his own.

As Scarlett’s wide-open eyes twitched, Emilia nodded violently.

It was said that among young girls, someone else’s love story was the most fun, and it seemed like he could understand the reason at first glance. Moreover, it’s a story that I can sympathize with.

“My fiancé was so ignorant that no matter how much I gave him a signal, he wouldn’t come any closer. There were times when the heat rose and I wanted to squeeze one in.”

“Eh, Emilia?”

Ludwig suddenly got a knife stuck in his back while he was standing next to him.

Of course, externally, it wouldn’t be too difficult to make up a story like this since it was an engagement relationship, but her voice was strangely boned for that.

It was as if she were recounting the experience she had been through without adding or subtracting.

“I didn’t know that the princess would go through something like that. I thought it was only thanks to Confucius’ passionate courtship that the current relationship continued… … .”

She is a woman with heavenly beauty, a talent called a genius in the world, and a strong arrangement of the Bayern family.

If you look at it objectively, it’s normal that you don’t even think of Emilia clinging to Ludwig.

Scarlett was also one of many in the crowd who thought so, but the reality was quite different.

“Rather, it hung from my side. I visit them with various excuses, and I hug them while pretending not to know.”

“That, so far… Wouldn’t the other person hate it when the female side is actively involved?”

“I do not know. Because I couldn’t afford it at the time. I hadn’t even thought about that… … .”

Emilia glared at her fiancé seated next to her, swallowing back talk.

Ludwig, who felt that gaze begging him to answer instead, came to his senses and opened his mouth right away.

“Oh, you will be very happy. Because I did too.”

“Wow, what you two are saying makes me very trustworthy.”

Only then did Scarlett brighten up her face and clenched her fists cutely.

Emilia could see that figure as a reflection of herself from a while ago.

Maybe that’s why he strode closer to the intimacy he hadn’t felt from her before and grabbed Scarlett’s hands.

“Princess Zellier, will you please call me Emilia?”

“Ah yes! Then, please call me by my first name.”

“That’s right, Scarlett. And since this is also a fate, why don’t we have a chat over tea in a quiet place?”

What kind of rapid progress is this?

In an instant, Scarlett became comfortable with the eldest daughter of the Weimurn family.

Even being invited to tea, I couldn’t tell if this was a dream or real life.

While she was parenting, a person came up from behind and tapped Scarlett’s shoulder.

Surprised by the sudden touch, her new body jumped up and down like a rabbit.

When I turned my head to see who it was, there was a tall, blond-haired man standing there, scratching his head awkwardly.

The opponent is none other than Georg. It was her childhood friend and future fiancé whom she had been talking about with love and hatred just a moment ago.

“I was wondering where you went… What are you doing here?”

I was worried because I couldn’t see it at all when I looked around, but I never thought I’d visit them.

The misunderstanding has been resolved, but the relationship between them and Georg has not yet become easier.

On the way, when Ludwig’s eyes met, Georg greeted him with an awkward attitude.

Meanwhile, whether or not to do so, Emilia opened her mouth without letting go of the two hands holding Scarlett.

“It’s just fine, Prince Rahethofen. Would you mind talking to my fiancée for a minute?”

“Yes? suddenly what… … .”

“It will take a while. I have something to share with Scarlett.”

‘Then please.’ After leaving the words, Emilia took Scarlett’s hand and disappeared somewhere.

Georg stared blankly at the back of his childhood friend, who was almost being dragged away.

what happened now? Who has a story to share with whom? Besides, why did the princess of Bayemurn call her childhood friend so easily?

“What is this?”

“Would you know if it was me?”

Georg stared at Ludwig, who shrugged, with a blank expression.

In the end, the two men who were left were somehow comfortable with their titles and became friends.

It was about three hours later that Emilia, who had disappeared with Scarlett, returned.


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