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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 65

Side Story 1. The story of two people (2)

Leaning against the back of the bed, Emilia waited for him to return after leaving the room for a while.

‘Because he’s so diligent.’

Ludwig left saying that he would bring a basin and kettle to the store clerk, even though simple things could be left to the clerk. Unlike himself, who was busy idling around except for what he was interested in, he was a man who was sincere in everything.

I don’t know who the woman will marry him later, but he’ll be really happy. If possible, he wishes that his companion would be himself, but he is still only sucking his fingers. How wonderful it would be if that wish truly came true.

If you weigh him against the sword you’ve been holding all your life, you will eventually choose Ludwig after careful consideration, and Marira. That’s why it was her number one goal right now.

“Emilia, did something good happen?”


Did he come back after leaving the room before he knew it?

When Ludwig, who had awakened her open-mouthed thoughts, entered with a smile, Emilia only then realized her true form and hurriedly straightened herself.

how embarrassing As far as he knew, he wanted to swear at himself.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen something like that.”

“No, don’t make fun of me. Because I’m embarrassed too… … .”

When Emilia hurriedly covered her face, Ludwig finally realized that his tone was wrong and apologized.

“Yeah? Oh, I didn’t mean to make fun of you. I’m sorry if you thought so.”

It was just a literal meaning. Because I had never seen Emilia think about something with her mouth open.

As the distance between the two of us got closer, she sometimes showed gaps, but her behavior in everyday life was very knife-like. To the extent that it felt like an example of a female warrior without distraction.

That’s why there were times when I felt a sense of difference when looking at her, but when I saw her like this, it was overflowing with humanity and added to my charm.

‘It’s hard to get out.’

Even though it’s been a long time since I’ve even thought about it in the first place. It’s just an idea I’ve come up with.

“I-really? If it’s a lie, will you scold me?”

“of course. Trust me.”

If it was someone else, it seemed that the meaning of ‘to scold’ her would be a little different, so Ludwig quickly rolled up the tail.

‘I don’t even want to imagine it.’

No matter how much he developed his skills through expedient methods, he did not have the strength to stand up to the next swordsman. I was able to feel the difference in rank just by looking at yesterday’s sparring as a warm-up. Even if she had only a wooden sword in her hand, she would end up rolling over the dust.

Emilia, vaguely aware of such an absurd delusion, narrowed her eyes. The place where her cold gaze, almost like being cut, was directed towards the man she had a crush on. Normally, she was benevolent, but once she noticed, she was the type to dig quite deeply.

“Ludwig, you’re not thinking strangely right now, are you?”

“It can’t be. It is just a misunderstanding.”

She shook her hand and tried to deny it, but her eyes saw a thin white mass rising above Ludwig’s head. Emilia shook her head as she contemplated whether to pursue further questioning. It seemed appropriate that the joke should end here.

“just joke. Rather, isn’t the seat uncomfortable?”

Ludwig brought a chair and sat down next to the bed. It wasn’t of very good quality, but a creaking sound would sometimes resonate when he sat there, but Emilia pointed out that.

“What is this? If it doesn’t work out, I’ll bring whatever’s in my room.”

The chair in his room was better than this. Perhaps the guest who had used this room before Emilia stayed was quite large.

“It’s not good to sit in the cold for too long.”

“Can’t you?”

It was Ludwig who shrugged his shoulders while laughing at her words.

It’s not true, as Emilia said, the frozen chair in the middle of winter was still cold even though it was warmed up by his body heat. This is enough to make me wonder if it was made of ice caps.

But even so, he couldn’t sit on the bed that Emilia was indebted to.

‘Even if Amman Emilia feels comfortable with me, that’s not the case.’

There was a thing called dory. It was apt to turn the tables on her if she wanted to treat her better just because she made her feel comfortable. Keeping this distance was comfortable for both her and herself.

“Ludwig, would you like to sit on the bed too? Because I’m fine… … .”

“I am really fine. Even if it’s cancer, it can’t cause Emilia trouble.”

You could say what he thought so deeply about just sitting on the bed, but he had his own line. If one day you get closer to her, you don’t know, but now is not the time.

But Emilia was dissatisfied with that. This man doesn’t even notice his heart, and he doesn’t want to come closer to the subject that he seems to cross the line on a fictional day. I know it’s kind in its own way, but at times like this, I was about to burst into rage.

“If you put it that way, the trouble I caused to Ludwig today is more.”

Emilia, who inflated her cheeks a little, finally shot him curtly. If she withdraws from here, she will be left with only the lifelong care she receives, and Marie. I had to take this opportunity to uproot his thoughts and fix them.

“As I said before, it’s not the lungs… … .”

“This is the same. If Ludwig feels that his actions are a nuisance, then I will also consider the previous incident to be a nuisance. Would that be enough?”

As Emilia’s straight eyes stared at him, Ludwig pursed his lips and then raised his hands as if he had lost. There is no way out of this. After all, it’s still a long way from defeating her.

When he got up without saying anything, Emilia moved her body closer to the wall. Feeling uncomfortable with that action, Ludwig tilted his head. Why do you have to move your whole body when you can just get rid of your legs?

“Okay, let’s sit here.”

“… … .”

When Emilia patted the seat next to him and smiled triumphantly, he was speechless, but he stood there and stared blankly at the empty seat.

‘Why are you giving me such an ordeal?’

He thought that if she would close her legs for a while, she would sit at her feet. But how did it get to this point?

The bed was too small for two people to sit on. Probably, there would be no two of them unless they were shoulder-to-shoulder. However, this lady was knocking on the seat next to her, smiling all the time as to what was so good.

‘Let it be as it is.’

If a man made up his mind, it is impossible to back down.

In the end, Ludwig, who closes his eyes and decides to hold on somehow this time, carefully sits next to her. Accordingly, Emilia’s expression brightened even more. Would it be that good?

“Stay here a little longer, Ludwig. If I do, I will fall to the side.”

“Yes… … .”

I wondered if it would be better to fall, but I couldn’t bear to say it out of my mouth, so I decided to obey her words.

“It’s finally done. Ludwig, you know what? That this was one of my wishes.”

“You mean a wish?”

If sitting side by side with him was a wish, the word wish was such a pointless thing to do, the content was draining. Or is there something else additional?

“Yeah. I had a lot of things I wanted to tell Ludwig, but the opportunity rarely came up. I wanted to tell you what I have experienced or seen so far. Ideally, we would sit side by side like this.”

“I see. I didn’t even know there.”

“Huh, it would have been amazing if I had known.”

I knew at least that he was sometimes surprisingly acutely aware of his feelings, but if I had seen it this far, I would have guessed that it was a kind of foreknowledge. It must be a rarer ability than your own eyes.

“I hated going out of the house, but I still went to many places holding my father’s hand. In particular, the snowy scenery I saw in the north is still deeply etched in my mind.”

“It looks very different from what it looks like here.”

“Yes, it was a landscape that seemed not to be real. If Ludwig had seen the whole view, I think he would have been fascinated.”

Even in the northern region, Medenburg, where he stopped by, was a land of snow so cold that it was truly an iron-blooded frontline. There was always tension in the city, and people always walked around wrapped in thick fur and didn’t talk much.

But the scenery there was so beautiful. He could be sure that he was probably more enchanted than any spectacular scenery he had ever seen in his entire life.

Hopefully, if the opportunity arises, I will be able to stop by there with this man. At least, if I could give him a memorable memory, I would be satisfied with that alone.

“If Emilia would say that, I would definitely like to go there at least once.”

He didn’t like to go out of the house either, but he did occasionally go out in search of a beautiful view when the opportunity presented itself. Maybe because I like flowers, I don’t know if I prefer nature itself.

He couldn’t have pulled Emilia’s heart like this at a tolerable level. It was pretty exciting news for him, too.

“Then, shall we go together next time?”

“It must be quite far. Are you okay?”

“The longer the journey, the more fun it is. And it’s a long-awaited trip with friends, so how is it?”

Well, what she said was right. If you were pressed for time and didn’t have enough money to travel, you might not know, but that didn’t apply to the two of you.

Emilia immediately got excited and tried to schedule a trip. I tried to dissuade him by asking if he was in too much of a hurry, but he said he was just thinking about it, and he brought out various opinions, but it was quite specific.

“It will be fun. There was also some unusual food when I went there, and I wonder how Ludwig would react if he tasted it.”

“You have a lot of time, right? If you think slowly, it won’t be too late.”

It was as it was said. Both of them were still young and had a long life ahead of them. There were still mountains of stories to share and experiences to share.

So you won’t have to rush. Right now, it’s fun just imagining the future with each other next to each other.

If there comes a day when you are not satisfied with this, then it would be nice to go and see the northern snow scene together, or step on the sand-covered land. I was already looking forward to that day.

“Come to think of it, I couldn’t tell you this. Maybe Ludwig… … .”

Yes, there was such a thing as a desert. why did i forget that

Emilia clapped her palms and turned her head to Ludwig sitting next to her. The distance between the two was quite close, so be as careful as possible in preparation for any unfortunate incident.

“Okay… … .”

“… foot.”

Then, what I see there is the face of a boy who is not sure when he fell asleep. Because the hair was about to poke her eyes out of her eyebrows, Emilia immediately reached out and straightened her hair.

“Ludwig is really… Some of them are so excited that they can’t even sleep.”

It sounded like he was blaming him, but there wasn’t even a hint of anger in his voice. Rather, I thought that this kind of look was like that. Of course, it’s a bit nasty.

‘It would be difficult to fall asleep here.’

It was already quite dark outside. It was embarrassing to wake him up, so Emilia carefully got out of bed and stood next to her. Then,

‘It’s light.’

He supported his back with both hands and lifted him up. This was the result of training over the past several years. It was possible because his body was quite light for a man in his prime.

While holding Ludwig, Emilia quietly opened the doorknob and left the room, heading to his room next door. I opened the door the same way I left the room and went in and lightly laid him on the empty bed. Just like handling a newborn baby so that it doesn’t wake up.

‘Looking at it like this, how can the position be reversed?’

In the romance novels she read, men would carefully carry the sleeping heroine to her room. Compared to that, it was a reversed situation, but somehow, thinking that this was like them, they burst into laughter.

His sound sleep was truly mysterious. Eyelashes as long as most women, and fair skin and soft hair. As she reached out and touched her cheek, the immaculate skin ran in small waves along her hand.

‘I’m a little jealous that even the lips are pretty.’

The hand that had been running down his cheek to his chin seemed to point upwards a little, then stopped at his crimson lips. Are they managed separately? There were no cracks or even lightly fattened areas. For some reason, I felt like I was losing as a woman.

What should I do? I want to punish this Goyan man. But, at least, the prize. Because you did so much for yourself today. My conscience felt remorse for punishing me like this.


Yes, this should be enough.

After thinking about it, she smiled and brought her face closer to him.

He then kissed his lips and held them there for a few seconds. as if savoring it.

‘Lemon flavor.’

Did you taste the lemon tea before giving it to yourself? Or is it the taste that comes out of your mouth? It had a light lemon scent.

Not long after, the two lips that had been touching were separated. After dropping herself, Emilia’s face turned red before she knew it. It was as if the blood from his lips was directed to his face.

Then, without saying good night, she left the room in a flash. If, by any chance, he wakes up and sees this face, he will have no excuses.

Emilia turned off the lamp on the bedside table and laid her head on the pillow. I tried to open my eyes, but I couldn’t fall asleep.

Only then did the foot bath and warm lemon tea he gave me seem to be of no use. Even so, it was a surplus business, but it was a midnight dream that only she kept.


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