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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 48

Chapter 6. Reunion (5)

Emilia, who received a sudden notice of dismissal, asked her teacher for a detailed explanation, but she remained silent until she found her accommodation.

The accommodation I found by asking the residents was quite tidy. Although the cost was quite expensive compared to other places, it was not a big problem for them.

In particular, there was no need to worry about money because there was Ludwig who had brought a lot of travel expenses.

Rebecca left the calculation to him without even trembling with humility. He wasn’t a mistress, but he wasn’t the type to refuse favors from others.

After being assigned their own rooms, Rebecca also came into her room and sat on the floor, leaning against the bed.

I want to jump onto the fluffy blanket right now, but there is a guest coming soon.

“Whoa… It’s convenient. Money is good.”

The words that came out of the mouth of the world’s sword saint were truly secular lines. But what can I do? that this is her true face.

Occasionally, there are people who see themselves as a sage who has escaped from the world because of his rejection of public office, but when he hears such stories, it is truly ridiculous. Because Rebecca Stenbaum was just a crazy female swordsman who lived without knowing anything but swords and alcohol.

– smart.

“Oh, come in.”

Rebecca allows entry without checking the other person when she hears a knock coming from beyond the door.

Soon, the unique creaking sound of a wooden door that was not oiled resonated, and Ludwig and Emilia appeared together.

“You seem to have a lot to ask. disciple.”

“… Yeah.”

Carefully entering the room, Emilia’s blue eyes did not shine as usual. The swordsman’s keen eye saw through it at once.

‘It’s a rare thing.’

It’s probably the first time since I met you. The disciple’s eyes were so full of confusion and turbidity.

Maybe this look would be more suitable for a 17-year-old girl. That’s because the appearance of the disciple I’ve been watching so far is upright and strong enough to be heterogeneous.

“Master, why… … .”

Uncharacteristically for her, the ending of the question was not clear. To that extent, it must mean that the notice of excommunication from the teacher brought great confusion to Emilia.

Had I done something wrong? Or is there some other reason? If so, why the hell is he trying to send himself back?

All these questions were contained in a short question made up of two words.

“Hey, Gongja.”

“Yes, Lord Steinbaum.”

Words referring to Ludwig flowed from Rebecca’s mouth as she stared at the two blankly.

“I heard from a disciple that he likes to watch the moon.”

“you’re right.”

Ludwig calmly expressed his affirmation, but a small laugh formed inside. I never thought Emilia would even say such a thing.

I heard that he talked about himself beforehand, but I never thought he would tell me such a personal thing.

Meanwhile, when the welcome reply came back, Rebecca nodded in satisfaction.

The flowing silver hair was annoying, so I let go of my body and threw it behind my shoulders.

‘I feel better now.’

It was like a brief refreshment of the atmosphere before talking to the precious disciple in earnest. Of course, there was still one more preparation to be done.

“It’s time for the moon to rise, so why don’t we go for a short walk?”

A very sudden proposal. Although it was said as if asking for an opinion, it was actually close to an obscure banquet.

A small surprise appeared on Ludwig’s face when he realized the inner meaning of the words, but soon he stood up with a soft smile on his face.

“That’s a good suggestion. Thank you for your consideration.”

He left the room at once, saying that he would return after walking outside for as long as possible.

Emilia looked at him anxiously as he was about to leave, but Ludwig nodded and reassured her.

– Kik.

The door opened with a small scream and closed quietly, just as the two had entered.

In normal times, the teacher and the teacher would have had a friendly conversation, but today, only a very uncomfortable silence continued.

With the feeling of taking the first step on a cold line of fire, no one was hesitant to let go of luck.

Even so, Rebecca lowered her head and opened her mouth. The reason I sent him out in the first place was to speak up first.

“Emilia, why do you want to learn more?”

It was a very fundamental question, but at the same time it was a stupid question if you didn’t understand the meaning behind it.

It would have been understandable if it was to examine the distribution of the disciple who had just entered his arms. However, to ask a disciple who is already studying why he wants to continue learning. Do you want to do a pre-questioning question?

“… Because it is still not enough.”

Emilia seemed to hesitate for a moment at her teacher’s incomprehensible question, but calmly expressed her opinion.

On the other hand, the swordsman chewed the word ‘not enough’ in his mouth and then smiled bitterly.

There was a time when he was only focused on swords and becoming stronger when he was young, but he didn’t seem to show such a determined will.

From a different point of view, I wondered why he had such a strong obsession.

He had a pitiful past where he had to rummage through garbage cans. One day, in the midst of days when I couldn’t even know the road ahead of tomorrow, let alone a dream, I squeezed something thick in my heart. When I swung it around, I felt the blood rushing through my body, and the scenery in front of me flickered.

For her, the sword was such an existence. The existence and goal that brought change for the first time in a life that was not different every day. A companion who changed a girl who was worried about how to survive into a woman who dreams about what to live for.

‘I hope this kid isn’t like me.’

The other day, a writer handed her a favor. It was nothing else, asking if it would be okay to write a memoir about the life of the Sword Saint.

At first, she tried to accept it lightly, but when she looked back on her life, she realized that it was not worth it and expressed her intention to refuse.

What will the reader of the memoir think?

There may be some differences, but most readers will have a longing to be like the main character of the story.

Moreover, it is all the more so if it is not a fictional character, but a real great person.

It was for this reason that Rebecca refused to write a memoir, and that she wanted to faintly untie the strings of the bundle of stories that she hadn’t told her only student today.

“Didn’t I ever tell you about my past?”

“Yes, Master.”

It’s the past of the Sword Saint, not anyone else’s. It was an interesting topic, but it was something Emilia had never heard of.

“I’m not good at talking, so it’s hard for me to speak at length… … .”

‘Don’t be like me.’

A word that came out of her mouth while hesitating with a bitter smile. It was a very self-deprecating message to be said by the Sword Master.

“What are you talking about… May I ask you a question?”

“Sure. I prepared this place because I wanted to tell you that.”

Despite the self-deprecating remarks made by the teacher she respected, Emilia calmly raised questions.

It wasn’t just because her temper was more like ice than fire.

It was only because he was aware of it. That she didn’t know anything about Rebecca Steinbaum, who wasn’t a swordswoman yet.

If, as a disciple, I wanted to comment on what she said as if degrading herself, I had to listen to her story and know the whole story before that.

Points without grounds are like a sword without a sharp edge.

“Disciple, before that, let me ask you one question. Is that Confucius the man you like?”

“… … .”

I thought it would be trivial to ask without hesitation, but the question stabbed deeper than expected. Emilia’s face heated up again.

The eyes that asked the question didn’t have the same playfulness as usual. It felt like a procedure to check something.

If it had been Emilia in the past, it might have been something she would have denied and shook her hands so that it became her feet, but today was different.


“As expected. Well, the atmosphere was unusual.”

It was safe to say that it was an established fact, but I wanted to check it one more time just in case.

I also received proof of facts from him, so I felt like I could start the story in earnest. The stories I want to tell my students, and the stories I don’t want to tell them.

For today, I decided to open up everything and lead this child.

“When I was your age. The sword used to feel like everything in life.”

“Did Master do the same?”

I was able to notice the fact that there was a part she sympathized with in the part of ‘teacher’.

‘As expected.’

I felt that the atmosphere was similar to my own childhood, but I never thought they would leave out even this part.

If that’s the case, there will be more parts that will touch the words I’m going to pass on from now on. I had no doubt that he would understand as well as he was an intelligent child.

“Looking at that, you look similar too.”

“… Yes. Although it may not be now, until recently… … .”

how long ago He seemed to feel that way, but it was not a spirit in his own eyes.

Still, being self-aware must have had some trigger. And, I guess, by trigger, I mean the boy who was away.

“That’s what a sword is. He’s a very peculiar guy.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Well. It’s hard to express, but… It’s like a moneylender or something.”


At the unexpected metaphor, Emilia’s eyes widened like a rabbit hit by an arrow.

The swordsman, giggling as if it was funny, continued his speech again.

“The more the sword you hold when you are desperate, the brighter and nobler it looks like light. When it’s dark in front of your eyes and you can’t see the road ahead, there are times when this feels like a guide.”

As she leaned against the bed, she stroked her beloved sword like a pot of sorrow.

Emilia silently stared at that figure, but nodded her head, wondering if there was something she could relate to.

“But there comes a time in life when you have to choose between a sword and something else. With a sword, it’s not just about using it skillfully. It’s like a gambling card, a monster tempting you to risk your life.”

“What choice did Master make?”

“Foot, can’t you see it?”

Rebecca responded with a self-deprecating smile to the student’s question, which was handed over with both anticipation and anxiety. At the same time, her hand landed on her thigh as if the string holding the puppet had snapped.

“In that sense, I want you to become a swordsman with a true meaning. I know very well what happened to those who focused only on the sword without looking around.”

“Then you tried to send me back… … ?”

“right. After that kid came, I made up my mind. What you need is not the teachings of the Sword Master, but someone who can help you look around.”

Despite having the title of a swordswoman, she had few memories of swinging a sword to protect something. But not as much as this child.

His talent for the sword was no less than his own. In addition, there was someone by his side who would pick him up when he collapsed, and someone who would tell him what sword to wield to protect someone.

For a swordsman, the reason for looking at a higher level should not be the sword itself. To the end, swordsmanship was only incidental, so I had to think about what to protect first.


“Yes, Master.”

It was very rare for her to address herself fully by her first name. Because I always used to call you by name. Perhaps because of that, it contained a strange sense of rhyme that was different from when Ludwig called him.

“Hold on to that boy. And let him realize it. What kind of mind to wield the sword, why did you want to learn the sword.”

“Apart from that, my goal is Master.”

I knew what you meant. However, Emilia respected her very much as a swordsman.

I want to be like that. I want to become a confident person like that and stand by his side. It was with that mindset that I had been studying by her side until now.

Despite the student’s bold aspirations, the Sword Saint shook his head resolutely with only a bitter smile on his face.

“As a teacher, I am happy to be your pupil’s target, but change your target to that boy.”

“Aim… You mean?”

“yes. It’s the same when boys learn the sword. I want to protect the woman I love. With that in mind, I take the first step. Rather than grandiose aspirations or ambitions, it is only appropriate to wield a sword with that level of mindset.”

Big dreams tend to be pale in color.

The more realistic and close the dream is, the more it touches people’s hearts.

“And someday, try to think that you too want to be protected by someone. As a woman before being a prosecutor.”

Through the teacher’s hand patting her shoulder, it seemed that the joys and sorrows of the past that she had harbored were conveyed.

After that, the story continued a little longer. While listening to the life story of the Sword Saint, Emilia’s expression was much brighter than before.

By the time I thought I would like to see him after he had gone out for a walk, the round moon was shining brightly through the window.


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