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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 36

Chapter 5. Tanya Ansberg (2)

Swordsman Rebecca Steinbaum is a woman worthy of being called a barbarian before being a swordsman.

A female swordsman who was born into a commoner family and took the top position by honing her swordsmanship on her own without a proper teacher.

There are cases in which some people from high-nosed aristocrats do not want to admit her, citing her origins, but it is a fact that it is difficult for anyone to deny that she is currently at the top of the swordsmen of Lafayette Kingdom.

“Master, wake up. The sun is already in mid-heaven.”

“Kheung… Has it already happened?”

Emilia lays down on the bed, snores, and shakes the sleeping master to wake him up.

It wasn’t a very long time, but it was possible because I realized that I didn’t have to put my hands on the action while living with her.

Rebecca stood up, nervously scratching her long silver hair. The hair covering her left cheek disappeared, revealing her signature thin sword mark.

A sculptural appearance that doesn’t go well with an age close to 40 and an easy-going personality.

Watching that series of actions, Emilia involuntarily smiled bitterly at the sense of alienation.

“What are you laughing at?”


Emilia naturally averted her gaze at the teacher’s behavior, which clearly showed her displeasure by glaring at her eyes.

Who would have known that the swordsman he had only heard about was a woman like this?

I had heard that he was a vagabond who abandoned all public posts and wandered around the country alone, but I never even imagined that his personality would be like this.

“Shall we go into the mountains today?”

“Are you looking for prey?”

Why is his teacher, who seemed not to be training properly, trying to move?

When I asked with little anticipation, Rebecca, who had been staring at her, nodded her head with a pout.

“Commitment and Compassion… You also have to teach them properly.”

“It sounds like you haven’t taught me properly until now.”

“Kuhm… … .”

Rebecca rolls her eyes and coughs as if there is no corner to be stabbed.

It’s not that it’s not, until now, Emilia had taken care of everything more like a maid than a disciple. He had never even held a sword properly in his hand.

It was so far from the training she had envisioned that she wondered if this was training, but she believed in the name of the swordsman and her own eyes and endured it without saying anything.

“Can you say it was a test of some sort?”

“What… right. To be honest, I couldn’t believe it.”

Rebecca uttered an honest expression of her feelings in response to her question, then reached for the canteen on the table.

gulp. gulp. When I drank the cool water, I felt like I was waking up a little.

“I thought I would get sick of it and run away after three days… It was a bit surprising.”

“I told you. I didn’t come here with an insignificant mindset.”

“Can’t you do something with just words?”

If we were to count all the people who had come to become the Sword Saint’s disciples so far, the number of people living in small villages would easily be exceeded.

Even so, the reason why no one was able to attach the title of disciple was not because Rebecca’s test was so difficult, but because it was so rudimentary that she couldn’t even recognize the fact that it was a test.

“You did too much.”

“I think I need to do this to identify a decent guy… sorry.”

Apologizing meekly would mean that she, too, was aware of how bad her test was.

She didn’t know that the Sword Saint would come out in such a low profile, so Emilia looked a little surprised, but soon smiled.

“Honestly, I can understand Master’s opinion. A woman who grew up like a flower in a greenhouse in the count’s family is asked to be accepted as a disciple… I wouldn’t have believed it either.”

“It’s nothing to say in front of you, but most of the heirs of noble families were such a mess.”

It was a remark that blatantly disparaged the entire aristocratic family she belonged to, but Emilia only nodded her head as she had enough understanding.

“I’ll tell you in advance, but I intend to teach briefly and boldly. With a half-hearted attitude, you will be kicked out on the way.”

It was something I had never heard before when I first met her. At that time, he only left the word to follow me and dragged himself along without any advice or teaching.

That means, Sun, that the full-fledged teaching begins today. At the same time, it also meant that he had officially become her disciple.

Recently, there was one more thing that could be called the reason for living, but Emilia was originally a female swordsman who had lived her life concentrating only on the sword.

He vowed to overcome any ordeal in order to reach a higher level. Both for yourself and for your loved ones.

“I am determined. I beg you, Master.”

“It’s good because I’m curious. We’ll see how long it lasts.”

The will that could be seen through the blue pastel-toned eyes was blazing with blue flames.

Rebecca, who felt a sense of identity as if seeing herself in her youth, rose from the bed with a satisfied smile.

As the creaking sound echoed from the wooden cabin floor, a drop of anxiety broke out in a cold sweat.

There was no way even the swordsman could prepare for the floor collapsing. At most, the moment the floor collapsed, it would be enough to jump high.

“Come to think of it, what are you going to do in the mountains? Is it really because of the prey?”

“There is plenty of food, so no worries. It’s just that I think I need to tell my pupil why I’m staying here.”

“Why stay here… You mean?”

Emilia’s head tilted to the side as she recited the words behind her back.

The two people are currently living in a village in the eastern region.

And in this eastern region was the great Hildeck Mountains, which stretched from north to south.

The mountains are rugged and it is easy to get lost, so people rarely visit, and since ancient times, animals and monsters have mainly inhabited this area. But it’s not all downsides.

“I know that? The less people step on it, the deeper the concentration of mana and the purer it is.”

“no. It’s the first time I’ve heard of it.”

“Well, it must be something that even a few scholars don’t know about. How many great people do you think wander around the mountains and rivers to study?”

Rebecca sneered, raising one corner of her mouth.

This is why she didn’t like scholars and wizards who stayed in the corner of their room to study and work their brains.

Quite a few scholars will say that what she just said is unheard of. But what about the obvious fact?

It was something that only she could understand, as she traveled to all kinds of places, whether it be mountains, rivers, or seas, and felt the ecology of those places with her own skin.

“That’s why I chose this place as my residence. At the end of the Hildeck Mountain Range, where we are, there are many monsters and beasts that have been kicked out of the ecosystem at the center of the mountain range. Thanks to that, it is also a place where people rarely visit.”

“That word… … .”

“yes. If only those guys can overcome it, we can make it a better training place than anywhere else.”

Mana is like air.

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Just as people feel refreshed when they breathe in a mountain or forest where the air is clear, it means that if you live in a place with high mana concentration, you can absorb more mana in the air into your body.

Only then did Emilia understand her teacher’s words, and her expression brightened.

“Such a deep meaning… … !”

“It will be pretty tough. I’ll help you in the beginning, but you’ll have to improve your skills to train while quelling their interruptions.”

In the meantime, Emilia followed her teacher’s footsteps and had the experience of encountering monsters and beasts.

However, at that time, they only encountered each other temporarily while on the move. He was not in a position where he had to stay in one place for a long time and fight for survival against monsters and beasts.

“It takes at least ten days for the body to properly absorb the mana there and adapt. Every ten days, I will return to this abode and rest.”

ten days It was quite a while.

In the meantime, while living with Rebecca, I had endured the food that didn’t suit my taste, the rough clothes, and the uncomfortable bed, but this case was different.

At least in the meantime, I didn’t live day by day with my life threatened. However, as of today or tomorrow, that situation will change.

“An objection?”

“It could be.”

“great. So, let’s go straight to today. Before that, let’s prepare some simple items from the village.”

“Yes, Master.”

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Just as I was about to put on my clothes and leave the cabin, I felt a presence outside.

Rebecca’s eyes widened sharply as there wasn’t really anyone worth visiting except for the two residents.

It was quite common for uninvited guests to find themselves. In case you didn’t know, you shouldn’t have slowed down the tension.

“Sir Rebecca! Are you there!?”


However, what came from outside was a familiar male voice. It was a man named Bolen who was about the village chief.

Dressed up, Rebecca walked across the creaky wooden floor to the front door and opened the door to find a chubby man a little shorter than her on the other side holding a paper bag in his hand.

“Sorry for the sudden visit. A letter has arrived for Sir Rebecca… … .”

“A letter? Who is it… … ?”

Since he was a commoner who refused to be titled a noble, even though he said that he didn’t need to honor him, he seemed unwilling to listen today.

What caught her attention more than her usual title was the word letter.

Recently, the number of letters requesting acceptance as a disciple has decreased a lot. Did they come after a long time?

The envelope he received had a red seal with an eagle’s design on it.

“ah… … !”

“what’s the matter?”

Emilia, who had followed, let out a small exclamation when she found the envelope. There was a corner to squeeze.

“It might have been from a friend of mine.”


The family family symbolizes the pattern of an eagle with its wings spread wide. It pointed to the family of Tanya, Emilia’s childhood friend, the Countess of Ansberg.

Since he had only stayed in this village for quite some time, he must have heard the news and sent a letter to him. He was a really good friend.

“Then I’ll just go.”

“thank you. Go carefully.”

Rebecca greeted Bolen’s back after delivering the letter.

Soon after, he held out the envelope in his hand to Emilia and gestured as if to open it.

When the door closed with a squeaking sound characteristic of ungreased wood, Emilia hurriedly opened the envelope as if it were a signal.

“Are you a lover?”

“Chi, my friend. It’s a girl.”

“It leaked Kim.”

Since she always maintained a calm atmosphere, I wondered if there was a topic that could be teased and touched, but it seemed like a waste of time.

Rebecca licked her lips in regret and sat down on a sprawling chair.

I smiled naturally when I saw the disciple taking out the letter and carefully starting to read it.

“What is written in the letter? Is it hard for you to tell me?”

“Huh, it’s just a report on the current situation and a greeting.”


Despite that, I witnessed her eyes wide open as she read the letter, like a rabbit meeting a person… It was Rebecca who didn’t bother pointing it out.

Rather, there was a part that I wanted to touch.

“But how… Are you looking a bit sad?”

When she opened her mouth in a strange tone, Emilia, who had been reading the letter, tilted her head as if to say something with her eyes wide open.

“Yeah? Are you sorry?”

“I am happy with letters from friends, but should I say that there seems to be a letter that I have been waiting for a little more… … ?”

Actually, this was just a glimpse. Even if you are a swordsman, it is not easy to know exactly that much with a keen eye.

However, there is no way to catch fire even though there is nothing to burn, so if something gets caught, it will definitely react.

And, more than she expected, the reaction came back quite violently.

“Well, there is no such letter… !? Master is also… … !”


what is it The reaction of a young girl in the midst of love.

‘Was it real?’

I thought he had been looking at the sword all his life like himself, but it didn’t seem like that.

I tried poking it, but I thought it was true. I don’t really want to tease more, so I’m going to stop at this point, but it was quite unexpected, so I was very surprised.

On the other hand, Emilia, whose composure was disturbed by her teacher’s prank, regained her composure and began to read the contents behind the letter.

The letters from Tanya contained miscellaneous details, but there was something else that caught her attention.

‘I’m going to see Ludwig… … ?’

Sooner or later, he wants to visit the Aifretz family, meet Ludwig in person, and find out his real face.

Since he was a friend who cared for him, he wondered if his worries had reached that point, so he was grateful and sorry, but most of all, he was worried.

‘That person… It must be dangerous.’

As a woman he had fallen for, he knew it well. What kind of situation could you face if you were careless in front of that man?

I know that each person’s attraction to others is different, but I couldn’t help but worry.

‘I’ll have to ask when I get back.’

Let’s poke it once in a while. Just like what the master did to himself just before.

Then you will know what kind of change came to Tanya after meeting him.

Even if I really fell for you, I wouldn’t be able to help it.

Even if she fell in love with her, it was understandable that a man named Ludwig was an attractive member of the opposite sex to Emilia.

Although whether you can yield is another matter.


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