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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 3

Chapter 1. The final boss has arrived (3)

In front of the entrance to the garden after leaving the main building, tables and chairs are provided so that you can drink tea while looking around the panoramic view.

While we spent time looking around the garden, it seemed that the servants had already prepared refreshments.

Layered baked goods and fragrant black tea in what is often called an afternoon tea set.

It’s a sight that any normal woman would like, but Emilia’s eyebrows twitched slightly for an instant, as if she didn’t like it that much.

‘Oh. Even in the original novel, Emilia didn’t like sweet food.’

I don’t hate it, but I don’t remember liking it too much. I forgot that.

Still, it’s a long-awaited refreshment after coming a long way, so shouldn’t it suit your taste buds?

I clapped my hands again and summoned Paula, a lady-in-waiting nearby.

Even though she is my exclusive lady-in-waiting, she usually suffers a lot because of me who hates being close to her.

Emilia was staring at me with her eyes wide open like a rabbit, probably surprised by my sudden action.

“I’m sorry, but could you bring me something less sweet?”

“Then, young boy, how about cookies and cakes with black tea leaves?”

that’s a good suggestion Obviously Emilia was a black tea lover who drank close to ten cups of black tea a day, so she probably preferred that side.

When I nodded, she immediately turned around and headed for the main building.

Sorry to bother you, but right now it was important not to offend Emilia as much as possible. It may be that my life is at stake.

“Perhaps… Were you considerate of me?”

“Be considerate. It’s just that I’m not good at eating sweets.”

“… Is that so?”

It was a bit hot, but somehow it seemed to pass smoothly.

Since Emilia wouldn’t even know my eating habits, this would be enough for me to answer. Besides, you wouldn’t expect me to know your own eating habits.

Still, it was good at times like this that I remembered every detail of the original work.

“How was our family garden? It might have been a bit shabby for Princess Baiemurn to be satisfied.”

“no. It was really beautiful.”

“Is that so? That’s fortunate.”

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Judging by the way he responded to my question, it doesn’t seem like he was lying.

I don’t remember whether Emilia liked flowers that much, but… Well. Anyway, I’m glad you look good.

Until the new dessert arrived, Emilia would keep asking me about flowers.

Which flowers bloom well in which season, and which flowers grow well with how much water?

It was a trivial question, but it was difficult to answer because I felt like I was being interrogated.

Rather than simply asking questions, it was as if I was checking whether or not I wrote down the correct answers on the submitted test papers.

“Excuse me, you two.”

While chatting like that, the new desserts I requested finally arrived.

It’s definitely less sweet than before. This should be enough for Emilia to eat satisfactorily.

It’s a bit disappointing for me, who likes sweet things.

When he gestured as if to try it first, Emilia thanked him and took a piece of the cookie from the top layer and brought it to her mouth.

It’s cute how you wiggle It feels like my eyes are being purified just by looking at it.

“Confucius… Aren’t you eating?”

“I have to eat too. Wouldn’t it be a laughing stock to have a woman eat alone?”

Following Emilia, I picked up the cookie on the top floor and took a bite. Then, the bitter taste and aroma unique to black tea leaves drifted in my mouth.

It’s probably not my taste. I wish it was a little sweeter though.

Still, seeing Emilia eating deliciously made me feel good for no reason.

Apart from being a character who might take my life someday, she was also the heroine I love the most.

I feel like I’ve become a saint.

“How does it taste?”

“It is very delicious. It makes me want to bring the creator into my family.”

“I will pass it on to the person who created it. You will surely be delighted.”

That’s quite a compliment. Really, the more we talk, the more it seems like it’s Emilia, but it’s not Emilia.

Because Emilia in the original work was relatively stiff in her tone and stingy with compliments until her personality softened.

Well, since not much of Emilia’s past has been revealed, she might have looked like this when she was young.

At least for my taste, this one is closer. I don’t think it will come true just because I wished for it.

“Princess Aifrets… It is very different from what I have heard.”

“Is that so? Rumors about me don’t sound very bright.”

That said, it didn’t seem like there would be rumors about him being a personality failure or a bad scumbag.

Rather, I think it’s a rumor and there won’t be much gossip about it.

But Emilia has been talking about me as if she heard something… Maybe it means that rumors that I don’t even know are circulating little by little.

I’m curious. What kind of rumor is that?

“I heard you are a bit cold.”

“It’s cold… … .”

It’s a big deal. I’m not the mild-mannered person, but that’s why I was called cold.

I think he treated the staff and the people around him well.

Of course, there must be a difference in the position of the person who is being pampered and the person who is being pampered. But even taking that into account, I didn’t expect to hear that it was cold.

Although Ludwig in the original work was kind to nobles like him, it might be so because he said that the servants had no squeamishness.

On the other hand, Emilia had a calm face even though she had talked about rumors that could not be said to be very good.

“Thanks to that, I know very well that rumors cannot be trusted. There’s no way someone who likes flowers this much would.”

“I am just grateful for your words.”

Whatever the reason, it was fortunate that the way she looked at me hadn’t changed to hostile.

Maybe he came to confirm my character after hearing the rumors.

If that’s the case, you should consider yourself lucky that you didn’t disrespect the invitation page. It was literally a situation where your throat could fly off at the first meeting.

Of course, I don’t think she’s going to go out like that by invading someone else’s family.


“Why is that?”

“It’s fun. Prince Aifretz is a man whose expression changes a lot.”

I couldn’t hide my feelings like that. She said that she was acting calmly, but in her eyes, everything seems to be exposed.

A young girl who has just come of age has great insight. It is as if the mind has been opened.

“They say a beautiful garden really shines when viewed at night.”

“I somewhat agree with you.”

As she said, well-landscaped gardens often have different views depending on the day and night.

Even when I first set up this garden, a noble who visited this place praised it, saying, ‘It is a garden that holds the sun during the day and the moon at night.’

It’s a bit of a cheesy expression, but at the time, I was quite proud.

Still, it was the first time that the garden I had cultivated with all my might was evaluated by others, and I heard a lot of favorable reviews.

“I also want to see the garden illuminated by the moon. could you give me permission? Prince Aifretz.”

“That word… … .”

It was Emilia who spoke with a smile, but it was a line that made me more anxious after realizing the meaning behind her words.

“Yeah. I want to stay here for one night only. Would it be okay?”

“… … .”

I was at a loss for words when I heard the natural reply.

* * * * * * *

In the beginning, there was only one option given to me.

Although she didn’t come with an appointment in advance, the other party was a daughter from the prestigious Bayemurn family.

What will people think of me in the social world that will be in three weeks if I can’t put her on a long journey and send her to bed overnight?

Perhaps the eldest son of the Ipretz family, who has nothing to boast about, will be criticized for not being able to properly treat guests.

I don’t care what I hear, but the problem is that if my honor is ruined, the family’s honor will be ruined.

Even if you don’t hear praise, you shouldn’t make a distance where evil words spread.

– smart.

“Yes, who are you?”

quite late. Someone knocked on my door even though it was a time when the servants could fall asleep.

An assassin would have come in through the window without knocking and aimed for my throat. Who is it?

[Princess Ipretz. This is Emilia. Can I see you for a moment?]


this. I unknowingly made a loud noise.

No, but how did Emilia know the location of my room? Even at this late hour. Did you even ask the employee?

Is it because she is still a character who could take my life?

Normally, I should have danced for joy at hearing that a woman my age was looking for me at this late hour, but all I wanted was to jump out the window right now.

Still, it was hard to refuse, so I took off my pajamas, changed into simple everyday clothes, and left the room.

– Kik.

“At this late hour… What are you doing?”

“sorry. I want to see the garden at night, but I’m a little scared. I was wondering if you could come with me… … .”


If that’s the case, you could call a servant. Maybe it was late, so he thought it would be better to call the day when he had learned to know each other during the day rather than waking up a stranger.

Emilia smiled awkwardly and tilted her head as if asking if it was okay.

It’s my favorite character, but I can do that much. It was a moment when I couldn’t sleep anyway, so it would be okay to talk while taking a walk in the garden.

“It was a car that I couldn’t even sleep. Would you like to go with me?”

“Yeah. Thank you, Prince Aifretz.”

Emilia’s smile, illuminated by the soft moonlight filtering through the window, was so beautiful.

It’s a character that I can’t reach out to, but should I enjoy the feeling of being a lover today?

Of course, if you do anything stupid, your wrists will be cut off, so you should try to restrain yourself as much as possible. What a sad life it is.

“Then could you wait a moment? I have something to bring.”


Leaving her behind, I went back into the room and picked up the blanket that was hanging over the desk.

Although it is spring, the weather is quite chilly in the early morning, so it must be cold in Emilia’s thin clothes.

Well, if you take good care of it, wouldn’t it give you mercy to send you comfortably before you die?

It would be nice if there was nothing to be merciful about.


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