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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 20

Chapter 3. Different Dreams (4)

During the walk, the two of them talked quite comfortably and became quite friendly.

Occasionally, the two of us would talk to each other to the point where I wondered if I was being bullied, but even then, rather than feeling alienated, I felt more proud.

In particular, Sofia longed for Emilia and seemed to want to get closer to her.

Since she was a child who was naturally weak in body, she must have been envious of Emilia, who was known for her martial arts at a young age and was strong and upright.

Since I was young, I used to express my desire to learn martial arts myself.

“Bocchan, the clothes… … .”

Awakening my thoughts, Paula came over to me and held out her clothes.

I know it’s a maid’s job, but it’s still unfamiliar to me, who has always changed clothes by herself except when I was very young.

Today, as always, when I shook my head with a timid expression, she also stuck to her usual attitude of not backing down.

“I’ll take care of it, so get out.”

“As I say, this is my duty.”

I don’t know why I’m so stubborn when I think I’ll be grateful if I reduce my work and I can rest.

The person who is in the middle of the day feels uncomfortable, but I want to know what it means. … .

The question is, can you bluntly refuse that? Not even so.

I remember when I was 12 years old, so about 5 years ago, I ran out because I didn’t like the bath attendant, and Paula, who was waiting on the bath, cried.

Being a woman only two years older than me, Paula, who was fourteen at the time, misunderstood that I hated her.

Of course, even if he did now, he wouldn’t cry like he did back then, but it was clear that he would be strangely hurt. Either way, he’s a soft-hearted guy.

“Because you’re stubborn in a very strange place.”

“I’ll take it as a compliment, youngster.”

Despite my obvious sarcastic tone, Paula calmly bowed her head and quietly approached me, unfolding her clothes again.

If only it hadn’t been for the situation where Sir Adolf was waiting in the drawing room… Phew, let’s just give up gently for today.

In the end, he raised his arms to express his intention to surrender.

At the same time, Paula dressed him with a gentle smile.

I don’t know what makes me happy. Do you take great pride in your work? Anyway, she is a very special woman.

“Come to think of it… Bocchan, you seem to be much taller than before.”

“Yeah, that’s right. I even had a coming-of-age ceremony.”

Paula had been taller than me in the past, but by the time I turned fifteen and turned sixteen, I had already outgrown him in height.

A man’s growth period is generally the most active at this time… Even if I can’t do it, I expect that I will pass 180 centimeters.

“okay. Even the young master… … .”

As she returned to the front and fixed the way she dressed, she looked at me with sorrowful eyes.

Even my mother doesn’t look at me like this now… It was embarrassing.

The air felt uneasy for some reason, so I bluntly replied, “Why are you doing this?”

“Now, it seems that Bocchan is becoming a suitable person for the Ipretz family.”

“It sounds like you weren’t like that before.”

“Huh, it can’t be. It’s just that seeing the young master who has become a full-fledged adult gives me a new feeling.”

A tone that feels strangely distant.

It contained a small sense of regret, like when one day, while taking care of an injured bird, I realized that I had to let it go to nature.

“I will have to see it for the next ten or twenty years, so what are you doing?”

“For so long… Are you talking?”

Paula asked back with her eyes wide open as if she hadn’t expected it at the words she said insignificantly.

Did he even think of running away as soon as I became the head of the family? If so, it’s really just a shock.

I don’t think I’m a good owner, but I don’t think I have any memories of treating him like that.

“Have you ever thought of running away?”

“Please. I’m just glad that the young master thought so.”

“It’s bland.”

The sound of laughter leaked out as if the wind was blowing away.

Anyway, to make you worry. It is impossible to know who is the servant and who is the master.

What can I do though? If there is someone who wants to follow me for the rest of my life, I have to listen to this level of complaint.

Rather than that, the chat was too long. I can’t keep Sir Adolf waiting any longer, so I’ll have to hurry.

* * * * * * *

After cutting off the conversation with Paula, I hurriedly recovered and headed to the drawing room.

Soon after, permission was given and as I entered, a large man with khaki hair greeted me with open arms.

“Oh, boy! I don’t know how long this is.”

This man is Adolf Este.

He is the head of Baron Este, a subordinate of our family, and has been a master-servant relationship with his father since childhood and was also a close friend.

Although I belong to a higher rank in terms of position, I am similar to my father in terms of age, and since I am the head of a family, I also show respect to him.

Sir Adolph said that it was impossible and wanted him to speak comfortably, but… There was a bit of a hard part in my sentiment.

In fact, the etiquette of respecting him was not wrong, so my father also praised him as a good deed.

“A year has passed. how are you? Sir Adolf.”

“Have a good time. Is the young master well?”

A generous look and a kind smile. He was an unchangingly generous man.

When I was with him, there were times when I was moved by the atmosphere and laughed along with him.

Oh, if you look at it like this, you don’t know how Sophia and father and daughter are. Did you inherit a lot of blood from your mother’s side?

“Did you say hello to Sophia?”

“Yes. Aira who thinks like a younger sister, it was fun to see her for the first time in a while.”

“If you think so, I am grateful. Even though he is lacking, there won’t be too much trouble to protect the young master’s side.”

… Well? It’s a strangely different feeling. Is it because of the mood?

When he looked up and met his eyes, Sir Adolf smiled as usual and asked about his story with Sophia.

My father is there too, but he makes a lot of fuss today.

“Sit on the couch and continue. I want to tell my father too… … .”

“Ahh! sorry for this Go ahead and sit down, young man.”

said Sir Adolf, taking a step back with an exaggerated gesture like a stage actor.

When I was freed from him and approached the sofa, I was finally able to say hello to my father.

My father laughed at me, saying, “Please understand, because he seems excited to meet him after a long time.” I didn’t really care, so I calmly nodded my head.

“Sorry to have offended you, Sir Carol.”

“You have cared for Ludwig since before. I know you did it out of gladness, so don’t worry about it.”

“I am grateful that you think so.”

Sir Adolf succeeded in handing over an apology to his father, and after that, only normal conversations took place.

In particular, the main story was about my wedding and my partner.

Now that he has come of age, Sir Adolph quietly recommends that he find a fiancée. For some reason, I thought that my mother and I would get along well.

“How is Sir Carol? I think the time has come for you to find a fiancée, too, but… … .”

“After your wife, you are also impatient. Of course, I went through a coming-of-age ceremony, but I’m still a child. As long as you don’t have your own will, even if you’re a father, you won’t be able to push.”

When I was young, my father taught me quite sternly, saying that it was my duty as the head of the Ipretz family.

However, as I approached adulthood and grew older, he spoke in a way that respected my will, even if it wasn’t until grazing, asking if I would take care of my own business.

And I guess it’s still like that now.

Sir Adolf licked his lips in regret at his father’s words in a firm tone, and backed off meekly.

It looked like a large dog licking his lips because he couldn’t eat more.

Fortunately, I’m not digging further. At times like this, we should be thankful that he and our family have a vertical relationship.

“Son, did Emilia say she would stay in her room?”

“I said I didn’t have to come because I didn’t want to make it uncomfortable, but… He said he would come.”

Perhaps he is still in the process of dressing up. It was obvious that it would take longer than me because she would have to do a new make-up.

“If Emilia, are you referring to the princess of Bayemurn? young master.”

“Yes. He stayed in the family for a while, saying he would help me with my swordsmanship training. Didn’t you hear?”

“I did listen, but… no.”

He couldn’t say anything more, so he mumbled and closed his mouth.

I thought it was only the three of us who were familiar with each other, but maybe it was uncomfortable at the thought of an outsider coming.

If true, it was quite surprising. I didn’t think Sir Adolph was a person who cared about that.

Either way, when he heard the news that Emilia was coming, he made a fuss saying, ‘I really wanted to meet the boy’s best friend, and it went well.’

– smart.

They said that the tiger would come if I told them, and as soon as I brought up her story, a knock was heard through the door, and the maid standing outside announced that Emilia had arrived.

After her father’s permission was given, the door opened, and Emilia, newly decorated, appeared in a modest outfit.

“You are the princess of Baiemurn. It is an honor to meet you.”

Sir Adolf jumped up from his seat and greeted Emilia.

My guess was that it was just a guess.

There is a sense of distance because it is the first time I met him, but his face was full of smiles, just like when he met me.

Even if Emilia was shy, she would surely be relieved if she saw Sir Adolf’s impression.

Contrary to my expectations, however, Emilia stared blankly at Sir Adolf, who greeted him politely.

“…I am truly honored, Sir Este.”

Compared to the previous encounter with Wilhelm, she responded to his greeting with a cold face and formal tone.

It was as if they were looking at enemies pointing spears at each other on the battlefield.


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