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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 18

Chapter 3. Different Dreams (2)

Yesterday, after returning to the mansion, I had to be held captive as if being interrogated by Emilia.

Until just before going to bed, we talked back and forth between the drawing room and the garden.

The main content is about Sophia, who will come to visit today. It was something he had said while walking around the lake, but Emilia often asked again and again if he was very interested in it.

The next morning that came like that.

While eating, my father spoke up. The content was about the visit of the Este family, as Paula had promised her the day before.

Although they are vassals subordinate to our family, they are also a family with the title of a baron. Etiquette in public settings is a must.

In line with that, I had to dress differently today and prepare to greet them in advance.

“Since it’s been a long time coming, why don’t you introduce Sophia to Emilia, Ludwig?”

“I think so, Mother. I think the two of them would get along well.”

It seems that my mother coincidentally had the same thoughts as me.

Well, although the atmosphere is different, the two have a strangely similar feeling.

Emilia in the original work was quite shy, and Sophia was too passive at first to the point that she couldn’t even have a proper conversation with me.

And both belonged to the calm and static side rather than lively and bright feeling. If I had to compare it, Sophia would be a bit more active.

“Emilia must be a bit uncomfortable with a sudden visitor. I’m sorry, but please excuse me.”

“No Sir Carol. I’m the one who’s indebted to you as a diner, so please don’t mind.”

Did they become close friends without me knowing? The two of them were talking quite comfortably.

Emilia shook her head with a small smile at her father’s apology.

It was truly amazing that even though it wasn’t a big deal, it took away people’s attention.

Not only was she purely beautiful, but there was something like a strange magic power radiating from her body. It can be seen as a kind of correction as the main heroine of the original work.

It seemed that he had finished his meal, my father wiped his mouth with a napkin and got up from his seat.

Apparently, the Este family left the barony late yesterday.

The distance from their estate to the Earldom of the Ipretz family is not too far, so it can be said that they will arrive as of today.

It seemed that my father had finished his meal even earlier today to welcome them.

“Ludwig, if you don’t mind, why don’t you warm up for a while after dinner?”


Does relaxing your body mean that you will engage in sparring?

I couldn’t judge Emilia’s ability, but the fact that I couldn’t even point out for the first time was obvious.

That said, I couldn’t abandon her kindness to teach me swordsmanship.

Besides, in a way, this was also a kind of giyeon. There was also an expectation that if I was tutored by someone as talented as her, I would grow to the point where I could protect myself.

“My lady, what would you like to wear?”

“I’ll dress simply. Will you prepare it?”

“All right.”

It seems that he noticed that he didn’t need any more help. As expected, she had the sense of a lady-in-waiting who stood by Emilia’s side.

I should go straight to my room and change into comfortable clothes.

I have the clothes I was wearing when I was being taught by a martial arts teacher who came to the mansion before, so I guess I can use that.

“Then I’ll wake up soon, so eat slowly.”

Didn’t Mother see the empty bowl in front of us? It might have been a polite word since Emilia was there.

Carefully wiping her mouth with a napkin, Emilia got her luck as soon as her mother left the restaurant.

“Does Ludwig have any thoughts of wanting to become particularly strong?”

“Of course there are. I’m a decent guy too, so I can’t think like that.”

“Then how strong do you want to be?”

How much… Well. It’s quite difficult to express it when you say it so bluntly. It seemed as if Emilia’s questions were going deeper today.

If I had to say it, it would be enough to avoid the dead ending given to me. However, at the point of becoming friends with Emilia, there is a high probability that the ending will actually go wrong.

then… … .

“It’s good enough to keep a friend out of harm’s way.”

“If you are a friend… You mean that?”

Emilia pointed at herself with her index finger while blinking her pastel eyes.

Normally, I think I’m beautiful, but when I’m like this, I think it’s amazing that the thought of cute is stronger.

Did Christian, the main character of the original work, also fall for this charm?

“Ha ha, well. I think that’s a pretty big dream.”

Although I don’t know if I can do anything to protect Emilia… It would be great if I could develop my skills to that level.

Of course, the word friend mentioned earlier was also correct when referring to her.

Because I didn’t want to see Emilia, who had readily approached me as a friend in this world of growing uncertainty, get hurt.

A smile was engraved on Emilia’s lips as she stared at me without saying a word.

It was so insignificant that you wouldn’t notice it unless you looked closely, but that made it feel more sincere.

Still, wouldn’t it be a great blessing for me to be able to make Emilia smile even a little?

“I… Ludwig. If you stare at me like that… … .”


It seems that I was immersed in it without even realizing it, so I let go of my mind.

Not only because of the makeup, but also to the sight of Emilia lowering her head with a strangely flushed face.

crazy guy Even if Amman is pretty, she is not your woman. Wake.

* * * * * * *

I changed into clothes that were easy to move in and headed towards the empty lot within the mansion grounds.

Even though it was an empty lot, the trees and grass around it were growing moderately, so it was a good place to move without being bothered by others’ gaze.

Although there is a gymnasium in the mansion, both Emilia and I thought it was more comfortable outside, so we decided to go here.

Anyway, the clothes Emilia is wearing are quite irritating.

There wasn’t much exposure, but overall, the clothes showed off the lines of the body, so there was nowhere to look.

It was fortunate that the material was quite thick for that kind of thing. If the material was thin, Dalian might have had to give up.

“I heard it’s not good to move right after eating… I don’t know if it will be okay.”

“is that so? It’s something I’ve never experienced… … .”

Emilia tilted her head, as if wondering if such a phenomenon was plausible.

As expected, she is an ambassador worthy of a woman who won the title of Sword Saint at the age of twenty-one.

Normally, if I did this right after dinner, I wouldn’t be able to continue the sparring with a sore stomach.

However, if you have a natural body, you can naturally ignore that much.

“Because the young lady always moves her body before and after meals.”

“Gritta, if you say that, it’s as if I haven’t touched anything other than the sword.”

“Oh, but it’s true.”

The daughter of a count family being teased by a lady-in-waiting… It’s an unbalanced sight, but I thought it wasn’t too bad.

For some reason, when I talk to Paula or Matilda, I feel like I’m overlapping myself. I’m sure it’s because we’ve been together for a long time, so we don’t have any faults.

Paula jokes around sometimes, but when she’s working, she’s on the side of a knife, so I thought that Grita would also belong to that axis.

“Bocchan, your eyes are too sharp… … .”

“You are like that sometimes. To pretend not to know.”

“It can’t be. To me, the young master is someone I should serve with all my heart and soul, so how could I play such a joke… … .”

So, you speak well. As she said, being good at work was true, so I couldn’t see it as a false statement.

Phew. Either way or this side, the owner is having a hard time because he has a mischievous squire.

Of course, this is much better than an uncomfortable relationship with a sense of distance.

“Then shall we begin?”

“I see.”

After receiving a canteen from each of the ladies-in-waiting and drinking it, they took their positions in earnest.

The ladies-in-waiting decided to step aside for a while as Emilia did not like to show others how she was training.

My body has been relaxed to some extent, so I can start slowly.

As I nodded and took the wooden sword I had brought, Emilia smiled and picked it up belatedly following me.

Then, in an instant, the air around her became heavy and her eyes changed.

‘The aura is visible.’

I had never felt such pressure in this world before. The feeling of confrontation with a beast.

It’s not even a real sword, it’s just a wooden sword, but it’s like this. Considering that it was sparring, it was a fearful feeling of intimidation.

“Oh, sorry, Ludwig. I don’t know… … .”

“no. I’m also very unmanly, and I’ve withdrawn.”

Even considering that he was lacking compared to her in terms of swordsmanship and martial arts, the fact that he flinched at the force was a bit embarrassing as a man.

It was only then that the pressure she exhaled was reduced, and then the heavy air was relieved.

To be able to handle the momentum that he exudes so skillfully at the age of only a few years old… indeed.

It seemed like he could understand the reason why a character expressed his astonishment towards Emilia, who had become a swordswoman in the story, saying that at least she had no talent to stay at that level.

“Because it’s important to get used to each other’s movements in Dalian. Please take it slow.”

“I understand, Master.”

During her stay here, she was a friend and teacher, so she answered with a smile, half joking and half serious.

Emilia raised the corner of her mouth as if she couldn’t stand a prank like this.

Rather, ‘then take good care of me, disciple.’ He even had another drink. When I say this, I feel like I’m in a situational drama.

Correcting her posture again, Emilia raised her wooden sword with both hands and winked.

conceding the prerogative. It was a common behavior when dealing with a minion compared to himself.

some kind of provocation. But I knew that it was not to look down on me, but to be considerate from her kind heart.

then i should do it Considering Emilia’s skills, it’s clear that even if I wield it at will, I’ll block it like it’s ridiculous.

There is no need for pride as a man now. You have to approach it with the mindset of wanting to learn something.



– Pak! Geek.

A dull sound echoed in the air as wooden swords collided with each other.

The balance of power, which had been kept taut, soon collapsed, and a confrontation was created again as they rode on each other’s sword faces and widened their distance at the same time as the slipped wooden swords.

yes. If they start attacking from the other side anyway, I’ll be in a hurry to block them.

Even if I had a desire to learn, I felt like I would collapse from exhaustion if I did so.

Rather, it would be better to see it happen like this. It was clear that Emilia would want that too.

– Grasp! grasp!

I moved my body as quickly as possible and rushed toward Emilia.

Two or three times in one breath, each other’s wooden swords collided, but no significant blows were struck.

No matter how much Emilia is looking after her, it’s sad that she can’t even feed her properly.

Laughter was built up at the skill gap that was suddenly reduced.

Emilia was also staring blankly at me, perhaps not knowing that I would have such a terrible skill.

I feel like I want to hide in a mouse hole anywhere.



– Chick. I’m going to have a good time… !

Before he could finish his thoughts, this time Emilia attacked first.

Fortunately, she was able to react because she wasn’t using her full power, but the weight she felt from the sword was different.

Is this what it means to be as heavy as a mountain? It felt as if a bear was riding on it, not a sword.

Their swords groaned again, balancing their strength, but my arms began to lose strength.

I had no choice but to raise my strength as much as possible, cut off her sword, and widened the distance. Even though I only received it once, my knuckles went numb.

If you only practice sparring twice a day, your body won’t be left behind… huh?

“Emilia, why are you like this?”

“behind… … .”

Standing idly in her seat, as if she had seen a ghost, Emilia pointed behind me and uttered a low voice.

I wondered if it was a joke, but I didn’t think she was playing a joke during the sparring, so I turned my head to see what it was.

Then, a woman standing in the place where I turned my gaze came into my eyes.

The light purple hair that was tied up long is the wind and the purple eyes that are slightly darker than that.

Smaller than Emilia. As if to appeal for something, I raised my eyes and unknowingly lost my gaze, and I said her name.

“Sophia… … ?”

“I haven’t seen you in a long time. Brother.”

Her name is Sophia Este.

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Just like the last time we met, she hugged me with a title she didn’t call even her siblings.


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