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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 170

Special Chapter. Flowers bloom and bear fruit (1)

Time passed like that again, and by the time Anis was fifteen.

An unexpected guest and proposal came to her, who had become quite knowledgeable in martial arts.

“It’s been a long time since we met like this. Has it already been five years?”

Long silver hair and a face full of wildness.

And even a fairly large height for a woman.

As soon as Anis saw her, she felt overwhelmed at once and blinked her eyes.

“Annis, I need to say hello.”

When Emilia hurriedly jabbed Anis’ side, Anis hurriedly grabbed the hem of her clothes and greeted her politely.

“Yes, four… ! My name is Anis Ifrets!”

“It’s not the first time I’ve seen Yunan. You look just like your mother.”

Rebecca, who raised one corner of her mouth and gave a strange smile that was neither a bitter smile nor a smile, patted Anis’s hair roughly.

Meanwhile, Anis just stared at the sword castle with her mouth open and her hair disheveled as if she couldn’t believe the existence standing in front of her eyes.

“A-Rather than that, are you really Lord Stenbaum?”

When she asked in a trembling voice, Rebecca laughed at the intervening honorific.

Regardless of father or daughter, even though we shouldn’t use his honorific title, why can’t we put it like that?

Thinking that there would be no trouble in the future if I said something at this opportunity, she frowned and added.

“His honorific name is… Just call me Rebecca.”

“yes? that, though… … .”

Despite Rebecca’s request, Anise looked uneasy.

That’s also true, because it wasn’t easy psychologically to be comfortable with someone who was my mother’s teacher.

But even so, Rebecca was stubborn.

“It’s just that good. The title Master isn’t bad either, but it’s a title that only your mother allowed.”

The reason why Rebecca came today was because of Emilia’s earnest request to teach her about Anise.

However, I didn’t intend to take them as real disciples, and I didn’t even have the time to do so, so I thought I’d stop by and teach them from time to time.

That’s why Rebecca demanded to be called a teacher rather than a teacher, at least a comfortable title.

If, whenever teaching swordsmanship, ‘Sir Steinbaum, Sir Steinbaum.’ If you follow him around, you will not be able to continue teaching even if you get goosebumps.

“By the way, it’s only been 5 years, but I’ve grown so much that I don’t know.”

“Because it’s when you’re growing up.”

“Well, it was. As the years go by, there are things you quickly forget.”

Expressing sympathy with Emilia’s words, Rebecca bent down and tore open the anise in wonder.

At that time, he was big enough to be held in Emilia’s arms, but now he’s so big that he’s on eye level with Emilia. It’s something to live for a long time.

“I-over there… ! I’m sorry I couldn’t say goodbye back then.”

“Well? Oh, that’s right. It’s okay, so don’t take it to heart. Because I didn’t reveal it in the first place.”

The two had already met five years ago.

Normally, Emilia goes to see Rebecca, but that was the day Rebecca came to the Ipretz family because of her whim.

Coincidentally, Anise had been sleeping at her friend’s house for two days, and when she returned to her hometown, she saw a silver-haired woman standing there.

When Anis casually greeted her without knowing the other person’s identity, Rebecca quickly recognized Anis, patted her on the head, and left the mansion.

Later, when Anis asked who that person was, Emilia revealed that she was her teacher, and Anis felt sorry for not being able to say hello properly and vowed to greet her the next time they met.

The problem was that the woman named Swordsman was so new and rare that it took five years for them to reunite.

“Anyway, you are becoming more and more like your mother. Even with that hair and that innocent look, he resembles your father.”

“Is that so? Actually, my dream is to become a woman like my mother and a person like my father.”

Anise, delighted with Rebecca’s comment, stomped her feet.

Since childhood, her dream has been to become a dignified and noble woman like her mother, and to become a kind and dignified adult like her father.

To say that she resembled those two people at the same time was the most joyful thing for her.

“yes? What a nice dream. Maybe Emilia will be happy too.”

It is the greatest joy for parents to see their child, whom they have worked hard to raise, run towards their goal.

As if to prove this, Rebecca turned to Emilia ‘Isn’t it?’ When asked, she nodded her head and smiled brightly without a word of thought.

“It’s been a while since today, so let’s check our skills. Your mother raves about it.”

“I hope you don’t expect too much… … .”

Although Anise was proud of her skills, she was at a level that she could only show off in front of her peers, and she was too shy to boast in front of the world’s swordsmen.

Rebecca, on the other hand, smiled even more satisfied with Anise’s attitude and put her hand on her head again.

“Your mother said the same thing when we first met. So don’t be nervous and show off your skills.”

“Ah, yes… … !”

Anise hurriedly responded, received the wooden sword from Paula, and headed to the gymnasium that had been built a while ago.

The tension rose, but on the other hand, I felt a sense of anticipation at the fact that I could be evaluated by the swordsman.

Emilia glanced sideways at her daughter and smiled like she was cute.

It was fun because it felt like a glimpse of myself when I first met the Sword Saint.

Maybe this is why the saying that children are mirrors of their parents comes from this.

* * * * * * *

The test result was, of course, a pass.

In particular, Rebecca applauded in satisfaction when she noticed Anisman’s unique movements, which had not been seen by Emilia since childhood.

Perhaps he inherited not only Emilia’s but also his father’s lineage, so he wondered if he was born with the movements of the two together.

Of course, I don’t know if it’s really inherited, but at least from Rebecca’s point of view, there were some similarities with the old Ludwig.

After successfully demonstrating her swordsmanship in front of Rebecca, Anis was able to return to the mansion with a happy heart.

“Welcome, Anise. I don’t know how it was.”

Meanwhile, Ludwig, who had hurriedly set the table for his accompanies early, greeted Anis at the dining room.

Her daughter has already grown to the point where her eye level is about right, but in his eyes, she always looked like she was when she was a three-year-old.

After being embraced by such a father, Anis was excited and talked about what had happened at the gymnasium.

I still couldn’t believe that I was being praised by that Sword Saint, and my heart was pounding.

“Lord Steinbaum praised it! He also said that I use a sword that resembles my father’s.”

“me? It’s a strange thing.”

At the unexpected remark, Ludwig opened his eyes wide and replied.

That’s also true, he’d never taught his daughter swordsmanship before, and he’d only demonstrated it a couple of times.

Nevertheless, it was quite surprising that his daughter could use swordsmanship similar to his.

I wondered if this is what the father and daughter were saying.

“hehehe, what’s strange about it?”

“Oh, welcome. Emilia. What about Sir Rebecca?”

“You are talking to your father for a moment. A good drink came in recently… … .”

“… You forgot that.”

Karl, who loved art and taste, was, in a sense, more of a lover than Rebecca or Stefan.

However, in the past, as the family head had to take care of his duties, the Aifretz family would receive traditional liquor or famous liquor from each region without a break, but today was coincidentally the day.

So he seduced Rebecca, who happened to be passing by the gymnasium, and in the end, she disappeared, saying that she would just taste it and come back.

“By the way, did you know Emilia? Anise’s swordsmanship is similar to mine.”

“Can you not know? Who do you think has been watching Anis’ swordsmanship?”

As she straightened Anise’s hair, which was a little loose from running, Emilia replied naturally.

In the first place, she was the most representative person who had shared the sword with both Ludwig and Anis for a long time.

Even if you try to cover your eyes and pretend you don’t know, the reality is that it’s hard not to know.

“It’s amazing. Is it bloodline… … .”

As Ludwig rested his chin on his hand and drool in thought, Emilia pressed on as if asking what he was saying.

“You are too. It’s not blood, it’s the product of Anise’s hard work.”

“Yes? Effort, maybe… … ?”

“Hey… … .”

When Ludwig looked at Anis with a puzzled look, she smiled and scratched her cheek.

As he had guessed, the fruit of the swordsmanship that Anis accumulated was not only Emilia’s, but also what he had shown played a part.

“Anis has been telling me ever since. My swordsmanship is also swordsmanship, but the swordsmanship you showed at that time was so cool that I want to be like it.”

“This is so… It must have been quite difficult to follow.”

Since men and women have different skeletons, naturally, the main posture and the way they wield them are different.

Overcoming that meant that Anise had the ambition to imitate her father’s swordsmanship, and that it also meant that she had the same talent.

“Still, he did it well. Even though I knew it, I didn’t bother to stop it.”

“I asked my mom to teach me the way my dad did, if she knew. Dad is always busy, so I’m sorry to ask… … .”

And deep down, I wanted to surprise him by copying his swordsmanship.

Anise had been spending her days waiting for Ludwig’s reaction when she found out about this.

“Would you like to see it next time you get a chance? I’ve been hiding it for a while, but now it won’t be enough to show it.”

“You must see it. Are you looking forward to it?”

Ludwig replied with a smile, gently stroked Anis’ hair, and asked her to show it to her when the opportunity arises, as tomorrow is fine.

In response, Anise gave another drink with a bright smile, saying that today would be fine, but since she also had a meeting with Rebecca today, she decided to postpone it for a day.

“I have raised a daughter well. It was an unexpected surprise.”

“Whoa, whose daughter is it?”

It is always a great joy for anyone to have someone following in their footsteps.

Ludwig never thought he would be able to enjoy such joy, but he thought that he would live a long time and see.

‘It seems like he didn’t live in vain.’

Ludwig smiled heartily at the sight of the flower buds beginning to bud in front of his eyes.

Unlike him who always had a calm smile, he was toxic and bright.


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