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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 166

Special Chapter. Now, not two, but three (6)

Anis surprisingly doesn’t have that many friends.

It wasn’t because he had a particularly angular personality, but because he didn’t like to go outside the mansion.

Of course, as long as she’s with her dad, whom she loves so much, she’ll go anywhere, but she rarely goes out unless for a special reason.

Thanks to this, it was difficult for her to make friends with anyone other than the visitors who came to the mansion and her children who followed them closely, so she would spend a quiet time, but it was Paula who played with her every time.

There was nothing Paula couldn’t do. At least in the eyes of young Anis.

He made any kind of food, and sometimes, when a button on her clothes came off, he quickly fixed it.

In addition, he had a lot of knowledge, so when Anis threw out a question, he would quickly answer it point by point.

Therefore, if Ludwig and Emilia were parents whom Anis loved and respected, Paula became the older sister she wanted to emulate and the object of her admiration.

However, if there is one regrettable thing about Anis, it is that she felt that Paula did not like her very much.

There were many times when I thought that if it were her parents, for example, they would have petted her by this time, or hugged her by this time.

One day, I was so curious that when I asked Emilia about it, her mother, who had been giggling for a while, told Paula to run or hug her first.

However, I didn’t have the courage to do that, so I put it off and put it off, but it’s only today that it bears fruit.

“Ehehehe… … .”

Thanks to this, Anise had a smile on her face the whole time she went to her next destination, the clothing store.

It was so bright that it was contagious to the people around her, including Paula, who was holding her hand.

“You seem to be having fun, lady.”

“yes! It’s the first time Paula has petted me!”

“Yes? ah… That, that’s right.”

Paula looked embarrassed for a moment, but quickly recovered her mind.

As I left the doll shop a while ago, Emilia asked me not to think of her as someone she should serve and not to treat her in a difficult way, so I shouldn’t be surprised by any of these actions from now on.

In this way, the two of them had a conversation with a sense of distance that became a little closer, and when they opened their eyes, they arrived at their destination, a clothing store.

In the vicinity, it was also known as a shop frequented by quite high social classes and bourgeois.

“Is this your first time here, Paula?”

“Yes that’s right. The lady must have visited often.”

It was also a place that the Ipretz couple often visited with Anis, but when the three of them came together, Paula did not accompany most of them, so it was a natural first visit.

But since it was a place she’d heard of at least the name, she immediately said, “Oh, that’s it.” I could have noticed that.

“Yeah, here it is. Do you have a lot of pretty clothes?”

“okay. I hope there are clothes that the lady likes.”

Still, it was Paula’s guess that since it was a store that mainly dealt with high-ranking people, they probably didn’t bring any clothes that were embarrassing.

In the first place, once a rumor spreads that this place is not good, the customers will be cut off soon.

Rather, the difficulty of operation was dozens of times higher than that of stores targeting commoners.

Of course, if the conditions are met and operated well, the profits will be very good.

“Anise will find clothes that suit Paula!”

“Then is it okay to look forward to it?”

“Hey, what are you waiting for?”

When Paula, who had never been like that before in response to Anis’s boastful words, took a step forward, Anis’ face was filled with anxiety.

Of course, it was a pretty dress, but how could I be sure that Paula would like it?

Unlike other children of her age, Anise belonged to the relatively mature side of the mind to fight with confidence alone.

“Yes… ! Believe me!”

“Whoops, thank you. miss.”

However, it wasn’t that he wasn’t responsible enough to pick up what he had said, so Anis eventually chose to speak confidently out of the two options.

Then, uncharacteristically for a girl less than 10 years old, she clenched her small fists with a solemn look in her eyes and made up her mind.

‘I’ll be sure to give Paula pretty clothes!’

Perhaps if she had heard this, Paula would have struggled with cuteness and hugged Anis tightly.

Eventually, when the four of them entered the store, they were greeted by a woman dressed in a fairly neat yet classy outfit.

It’s not too flirtatious like the clerks at other clothing stores, but it’s just soft and concise.

“Thank you for coming after a long time. Everyone in the Ipretz family.”

“I am sorry that I have been absent. I’m going to go see the family for a bit today, so I don’t think you need to attach anyone.”

Ludwig said so clearly, as he tends to feel burdened by too much kindness.

In response, the store manager nodded with a smile on his face and said, “Please enjoy it comfortably.”

After all, he was working with nobles and bourgeois, so he knew everything about how to deal with them.

Besides, the current owners of the Ipretz family are famous for being easygoing and unauthoritative even in this area, so they had to deal with them differently.

“Yes, I will pass it on to the clerks as well, so please take a look.”

After that, the woman disappeared, and Emilia took Anis by the hand and went to explore the store.

Ludwig and Paula followed the two of them and smiled happily.

“Anis, do you have any clothes you like?”

“Ugh… I do not know.”

“Choose slowly. If you have a hard time choosing, you can ask your dad or Paula for help.”


Responding vigorously to her mother’s words, Anis looked around the clothes on display for a moment, then looked up at Paula and put her finger to her mouth.

“Paula, what kind of clothes would be pretty?”

“If you don’t mind, can I pick one for myself?”

“hehehe, yes!”

Since this was what she wanted from the beginning, Anise accepted Paula’s words and smiled brightly.

Her sharp side, which never misses a given opportunity, clearly shows that she resembles her mother.

A faint smile formed on Paula’s lips one after another.

“Ludwig, shall we leave that side as it is and see it by ourselves?”

“I don’t think you are neglecting your little daughter too much. Emilia.”

“How are you? I have Paula by my side, and I think Anis would like that too.”

Meanwhile, Emilia, who had been watching this scene, immediately moved to one side of the room with Ludwig, thinking it was an opportunity.

Of course, choosing clothes for my daughter would be fun in its own way, but as much as I am proud of being a woman who is still in her prime, I wanted to see the clothes my husband picked out by hand.

“Well… Oh, I like this outfit too. Emilia doesn’t like flashy things… … .”

Ludwig, who was rummaging through his clothes, saw a light purple dress.

It’s neat without being flashy, but I really liked that it didn’t feel like common clothes.

It was a little annoying that the area around the shoulders was slightly exposed, but that wouldn’t be enough to wear clothes that were completely hidden.

He thought it would suit her taste, so he slipped it into her hand, and sure enough, Emilia responded happily.

“You are pretty. After all, no one knows my taste better than you.”

“How long have we been together as a couple, we need to know this much. I’m glad you like it.”

While this side was having a good time this way, Anise came back wearing the clothes Paula recommended a little while ago.

It was somewhat similar to the one Emilia was wearing, but the color was light blue, giving it a brighter and fresher atmosphere.

“How are you, Paula? Pretty?”

“Yes, you are very cute. miss.”

“Ears, can’t you just say they’re pretty instead of cute?”

Frightened of Paula spouting compliments from her true heart at her cute appearance, Anis asked back with a somewhat despondent expression.

It was as if there was something traumatic about the expression cute.

“It was a mistake. You are very beautiful. miss.”

“Ehehehe… yes!”

Anis quickly showed a bright smile at the word “beautiful”.

At the series of sights, Paula smiled happily, while also hearing a small question.

“By the way, lady, is there any reason why you don’t like the expression ‘cute’ despite being presumptuous?”

“yes? yeah… If you want to marry Dad later, you have to be a pretty lady, not a pretty lady.”

“… … .”

Aside from where he got that background knowledge, it was Paula who felt that his sense of challenge was really great, even after seeing the high mountain called Emilia.

Of course, I can’t help but cheer for you.

“My mom said that you have to be prettier, stronger, and richer than she is to marry your dad. So Paula help me. Understand?”

“Help me… You speak.”


Paula licked her lips, retracting her thoughts about three seconds ago.

Is it disloyal to help this, or disloyal to not help?

Right now, I just hope that in the distant future, when the years pass, Anise’s thoughts will change.

‘Because it’s always like that when you’re young.’

With that thought in mind, Paula followed Anis, who started to pick out her own clothes.

That way, for the first time on this day, she was able to receive pretty clothes as a gift from a little lady.


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