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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 155

Special Chapter. Interlude – Mrs. Moira (2)

Moira looked around with a satisfied smile at the view of Lutentia, which had arrived for the first time.

It is said that when you look at the city, you can see the faces of those who ruled it, and in that sense, Lutentia was not flashy, but had such a magnificent charm.

Perhaps the head of the Bayemurn family, who governs this place, was also such a person, and he recalled the purpose of coming here in the first place.

“Look at that, no. They say that statue is modeled after the first head of Bayern.”

“okay. Certainly, the magnificence seems to be extraordinary.”

Moira let out a low exclamation as she shared the knowledge she had researched in advance to the lady-in-waiting, who was the only companion other than the coachman.

For her who likes art and taste, new sights are always enjoyable.

Anne, the lady-in-waiting, also knew this, so she only agreed appropriately and happily watched the owner enjoying the long-awaited trip.

The most important thing about traveling in Jagoro is prior knowledge.

Of course, the tourist attractions and famous food there are good, but sometimes there are things that look new when you look around the landscape while knowing the history of the place.

Moira was one of those who knew this better than anyone.

That is why, when leaving for a new place, I always rummaged through books or did a thorough research beforehand, even if I asked someone.

In a way, you could say it’s a pretty noble hobby.

“I arrived a little earlier than the scheduled time. I don’t know if people over there won’t panic.”

“I’m guessing you’re guessing to some extent.”

Contrary to our initial expectation that we would arrive a little late, probably after lunchtime, we arrived at Lutentia around noon.

Accordingly, Moira looked around the city for a while and wanted to head to the mansion, but decided to go straight to the mansion according to Anne’s advice.

“Come to think of it, Prince Aifrets was the one who painted the picture that the lady bought the other day.”

“It did. You manage to remember.”

Anne wanted to say that she only did what she had to do as a seed, but this time the matter was a little different.

That would be the case, because after purchasing the painting, whenever we had a chance to gather, we would bring up a story about him.

At that point, it would be more correct to say that the thing you can’t remember is crucian carp.

“But what are you going to see today?”

I knew she had received the invitation, but Anne thought there must be some reason for it.

I didn’t think that the other side would send an invitation without any reason.

Besides, it must have been for some reason that they were called the Baiemurn family, not the family of the man who sold the painting.

“Actually, it looks like your wife is pregnant.”

“Pregnant… Are you talking?”

“yes. Do you remember the gift I told you to send me a while ago?”

At the owner’s question, Anne immediately nodded.

remember every time I still vividly remember wanting to do something at first because I was suddenly asked to send quality gifts, including meat, somewhere for no particular reason.

“Ah, maybe that time… … ?”

“that’s right. It’s a gift from Prince Aifretz’s wife to take care of herself because she’s pregnant, and I want to say thank you for that.”

“That’s right. I understand now.”

Then, it is not strange that he was invited to the Bayern family.

Since she was pregnant, she would be taking a break at the home where she grew up and was born. She must have asked Moira, who just sent her a gift, to stop by Lutentia.

“It seems that you have been looking forward to meeting him very much.”

Anne, who was watching the owner who looked more excited than usual, gave a slight smile and hinted.

That’s also true, because the woman named Moira wasn’t the type to be blunt in expressing her emotions, but she wasn’t the type to stand out too much either. In other words, I’m good at controlling my emotions.

On the other hand, it seemed clear that he was waiting for a meeting with him, judging from the fact that he was shaking his legs and expressing his anticipation today.

“Hmm, it’s similar, but maybe a little different.”

However, Moira did not give a definite answer to this, and only spat out words that seemed to catch a cloud.

“What does that mean… … ?”

“You will know when you see it. Wouldn’t it be fun to know in advance?”

“… … ?”

In the end, without hearing anything from the mischievous owner, Anne had to wait for her to arrive at the mansion.

Similar but slightly different Thinking hard about what that might mean.

* * * * * * *

Emilia finished her meal and dressed herself once more.

Even after marriage, there is a psychology as a woman who wants to look good to her husband, but today it was not only because of that.

“You are pretty, Emilia. Did Grita do the makeup?”

She said that she usually asks Grita for things like make-up, but she also likes Paula’s make-up, so when they’re both in the mansion, they take turns asking for it from time to time.

When Ludwig asked, recalling that fact, Emilia smiled strangely and waved her finger in a rather triumphant tone.

“Uhm, anyway, I did it alone today. Doesn’t it seem like a joke?”

“Who did you learn from? You have a lot of skill.”

I didn’t mean to sound nice, but Ludwig really thought so.

Although he doesn’t know much about women’s make-up, it should be said that it was very natural and not overdone, revealing Emilia’s unique charm.

In addition, I felt quite different from the makeup method he had seen so far, but I liked it because it was fresher.

I was just curious about the teacher who taught her.

“Actually, I learned it from Nilia when I was in Featherbarn. My mother said that, as far as she knows, Nilia is the best at makeup.”

“Ah, it was Nilia. It was somehow quite different from usual.”

Nilia was Paula’s older sister and Carol’s exclusive lady-in-waiting.

Originally, she was Diana’s handmaid, but as another person came under her command, she was placed in her current position.

In other words, it is safe to say that her makeup skills were proven as she was once in charge of Diana’s grooming.

Contrary to what it looks like, Diana belonged to the side with a keen eye for that kind of thing.

Anyway, the important thing is why she, who only wore light makeup when possible after becoming pregnant and her body became dull, was so prepared.

Even if Amman guests came to visit, most of them were ordinary, except for Rebecca, her teacher.

Regarding this, Ludwig was able to quickly come up with an inference.

“Looks like you’re thinking of taking the initiative.”

“… De, have you heard?”

“Yeah, if you decorate it openly, you’ll notice it to some extent.”

Because, deep down, Emilia regarded Moira as a female cat trying to do something to her precious husband.

When you meet such a woman, you suddenly finish grooming yourself by using a makeup method that you didn’t even do well?

Even just looking at this, it was clear that he intended to cover it with his face from the very beginning.

“Well, Emilia is enough to have confidence in her appearance.”

“Boo, it’s embarrassing, so don’t say that… … !”

“Well, that’s not a bad thing, is it? If you don’t even know that you’re pretty with that face, that’s a problem.”

It wasn’t that he was committing a crime with a particularly malicious heart, and Ludwig saw this level of witty fighting just as cute.

It was his expectation that the misunderstanding would be resolved at once as soon as he met Moira anyway.

“Master, it is said that a guest has arrived.”

“Anyway, it fits just right. Let’s go, Emilia.”

“Yes, yes… … .”

Together with Paula, who arrived just in time, the three of them moved to the entrance of the mansion to greet the guests.

* * * * * * *

When Moira arrived at the Bayemurn family’s mansion, Ludwig had come to meet her by the guards standing outside.

Also, a platinum-haired beauty that Moira has never seen before.

At first, she was Moira, who wanted to be someone, but I was able to deduce her true identity by looking at her swollen belly.

When that fact became clear, the smile on her lips grew even thicker.

“Welcome, Mrs. Moira. See you soon.”

“It’s been a while, Prince Ludhiby. Could this be… … ?”

“Yes, this is my wife. Say hello.”

The other day, when Moira visited the Ipretz family, she passed by without seeing Emilia.

On the other hand, Emilia had a memory of seeing Moira at a glance, even from a distance, so it was inevitable that their positions would be somewhat contradictory.

“This is the first time we have met face-to-face like this. My name is Moira Kirtland. You are the princess of Baiemurn, right?”

“I now use the surname Ipretz. It is an honor to meet you, Mrs. Kirtland.”

“It should be a name. Because I lost my husband, I don’t like being called by my last name.”

After introducing each other, the two greeted each other happily.

Even so, Emilia was still busy scrutinizing Moira with her eyes.

“Then could you call me by my first name?”

“It is what I wished for. Oh, and if you don’t mind… Can I touch your cheek just once?”

“… Yeah?”

What do you do?

Emilia thought for a moment that her ears had gone wrong, but on the other hand, Ludwig next to her only smiled bitterly at the thought of starting again.

“Actually, when I see something pretty, I can’t use it. Would it be okay?”

“Yes, yes… As convenient… … .”

“Then despite your shame… … .”

Moira cautiously reached out and grabbed Emilia’s cheek.

When the soft texture was transmitted through his hands, he made an expression of wonder as if he had met a person who only existed in a dream in reality.

“Lu, Ludwig. what the hell is this… … ?”

“Mrs. Moira is such a person. He said that when he sees something pretty or cool, he always does that.”

“Then what I did to Ludwig back then… … ?”

“… Probably.”

Inside, Ludwig prayed for condolences to Emilia, who would be attacked by Moira today.

In fact, he also apologized for not telling him that Moira responded to the invitation this time because of Emilia, not him.


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