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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 152

Special Chapter. new life (5)

When yesterday’s stormy hell of compliments came to an end and the next day dawned, Emilia, who had finished her meal and took a breather, left the mansion a little early.

By his side, not only Ludwig but also her teacher Rebecca were accompanied.

“Is it okay for us to be together… … ?”

And Grita and Paula, who took a step together to protect these owners.

At least Paula, whose emotional expression was less expressive, was less, but Grita was often dumbfounded and asked Ludwig for confirmation.

That would be the case, because now they were heading to confirm Rebecca’s status with their own two eyes.

“If Sir Rebecca says it’s okay, it’ll be fine, don’t worry.”

“yes… … .”

When Ludwig smiled and nodded as if to reassure him, Gritta took a step back and bowed.

She couldn’t help feeling this anxiety, because she had heard that swordsmen were reluctant to show the same scene as the person in training.

Even though Emilia was an exception, she assumed that the others would be similar.

However, Rebecca did not take it seriously, and a total of five people headed to the gymnasium from a fairly early hour, and a rare sight unfolded.

“Sorry for the sudden unreasonable request, Master… … .”

And at this source was none other than Emilia.

Although she has recently been taking a break from training as her child is overbearing after pregnancy, her desire for the sword is still the same.

In such a situation, when the one and only teacher came to the mansion, his heart as a swordsman wriggled in his heart.

Where did the teacher reach now?

And how much more effort do you have to make to keep up with it?

I know it’s presumptuous, but I dared to ask Rebecca not to simply compare each other’s realities, but to see a higher goal with both eyes and settle my mind.

I want to confirm the level she has reached.

“It’s a request from a cute disciple, so can’t you listen to one of these?”

And Rebecca’s response to this was very generous.

The people here clearly remembered the back of her as she grabbed her sword and jumped out of her seat as soon as she received Emilia’s proposal.

On the other hand, unlike Emilia, who walks according to the manners with her back erect, Rebecca, who was heading to the gymnasium like flowing water, opened her mouth with a mischievous smile.

“Anyway, it’s a big deal. What is this guy who would have been embarrassed about not being able to ask Master like that in the past?”

Emilia lightly laughed at the muttering of the Sword Saint who recalled the memories of the time they used to go together and pictured Emilia at that time.

Because this was all the result of the teachings I learned from my master.

“Because Master said stealing someone else’s sword is a thief, but stealing someone else’s sword skill is a desire to improve.”

“Oh, I remember that well. So, does that mean that you want to see my state?”

“Of course, it means that, but… I also had a desire to engrave the sky-like skill of the master in my eyes.”

“You speak well. It doesn’t matter.”

She tended to think of herself as having poor speech skills, so even though she felt a sense of alienation from the student’s candy coating, she wasn’t in a bad mood.

Stefan and Yulia’s compliment hell yesterday was literally hell, but this level was cute enough to be accepted.

“I… master.”

“Well? what’s the matter?”

While walking down the street watching the friendly conversation between the master and the student, Paula, unable to hold back her curiosity, secretly called Ludwig.

Originally, it would be quite disrespectful for a servant to call a superior in front of guests without any particular business, but these two were rather exceptional cases.

“With all due respect, what level of skill is Lord Stenbaum?”

“Oh, come to think of it, have you never seen it?”

“Yes, embarrassingly… … .”

It’s not something to be particularly ashamed of, but Paula’s cheeks turned red and her head bowed as if to apologize.

Ludwig lightly raised his hand saying it was okay.

It was something he hadn’t even thought of.

Seeing as Paula, who had always been by his side, Ludwig implicitly assumed that if it were her, there would be no one who did not know about the people around him.

However, even if he knew the fame and name of the swordsman, he had never had a chance to see his true ability.

Even more, since what Paula had been admiring was Emilia’s swordsmanship, she must have been even more curious about how great her master was.

When the servant’s cute curiosity was aroused, Ludwig gave a troubled smile.

swordsman’s skill. How else should I put it into words?

“I will see you soon. Don’t be surprised.”

“That’s about it.”


Perhaps she will show more than whatever she imagines.

But Ludwig didn’t bother to say that.

It’s probably best to see it with your own eyes anyway.

It was his idea that whatever rhetoric he would express in the present situation anyway, it would be best to keep his mouth shut because the surprise later would not go away.

* * * * * * *

The sight of the two swords clashing made Paula feel like sparks were flying.

And those two swords were each held in the hands of Sword Master and Ludwig.

Everyone in this room would know, even if I didn’t have to mention which one was blood-curdling.

“Shall we do this?”

“Go, thank you. Sir Rebecca.”

Rebecca, who easily deflected Ludwig’s last attack and spread the distance, asked leisurely with her sword leaning on her shoulder, and he lay down on the floor enjoying the feeling of a freed slave.

The two ladies-in-waiting, who were watching the disparate scene, looked at Rebecca with awe.

Even though Amman Ludwig had lost his strength compared to before and his skills had rusted a lot, the way he fought until the end without even breathing disturbed was truly astonishing.

“As expected, Master is amazing.”

“What is this? You should be able to do it even now.”

“Wouldn’t it be difficult… ? Even before I was pregnant, I wrestled swords with him a few times, but I couldn’t… … .”

Of course, it doesn’t mean that I couldn’t win, it means that I couldn’t easily deal with Rebecca like now.

After losing his strength, Ludwig’s skills obviously declined, but his body remembered his previous movements, so he wasn’t an easy opponent.

“Well, if the apprentice catches up with you already, then you’ll be in trouble too. Aside from pure swordsmanship, there will be some differences in terms of stamina and movement.”

Still, Rebecca does not hold back praise toward her pupil, saying that that is enough for her accumulated skills compared to the years she has accumulated.

As she said, Emilia had never lost against swordsmen of her age, regardless of gender.

Because he is also a disciple of the Sword Saint, he is sometimes called the most influential person if he inherits the title of the next Sword Saint.

“It seems that you are still not satisfied.”

“Yes, Master.”

Even so, Emilia was not very satisfied with her own skills.

It was not because of the huge shadow of being a teacher, but because of his greedy desire to improve.

At least it’s gotten better now, because before getting to know Ludwig, he was so tenacious that he had no interest in anything other than the sword.

In a way, after getting to know Ludwig, his obsession with the sword and the improvement of his skills might have slowed down a bit.

However, Emilia considered that to be the right result.

Even though I wasn’t satisfied with the sword, it was also thanks to that that I didn’t feel stressed or pressured.

“Don’t think too fast. If I had seen it when I was younger, I would have been so jealous of you that I would have wanted to stick a knife in my stomach.”

“Yeah? what is that… … .”

“That’s how much difference there is in talent, you bastard.”

Rebecca scratches her head shyly, saying that she has pride, so don’t let her say this.

Emilia, who stared blankly at her for a while, smiled brightly.

Although somewhat harsh in speech, her mentor was always generous with encouraging stories.

Sometimes, even if it means putting yourself down like now.

“hehehe, I hope my child will have a good teacher like me someday.”

Emilia caressing her swollen stomach while showing off a soft smile full of maternal love.

Rebecca, who was staring at the situation, raised one corner of her mouth and shook her hand and head together as if she had no choice.

“Arthur, Arthur. Yesterday, thanks to your parents, I heard the tickling story until it hurt.”

“That’s too bad. Yesterday’s teacher was also very cute.”

“Anyway. He was a good disciple and looked after him, and he climbed up.”

At this point, Emilia nodded brightly to Rebecca, who asked if it was confirmed.

In the end, although Ludwig suffered a bit, it wouldn’t be too bad since we were able to warmly get the results we wanted and end the time.


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