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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 14

Chapter 2. Coming of Age Ceremony (5)

I broke into a cold sweat when Sir Stefan suddenly appeared.

What should I answer? Might it be misunderstood that an extramarital man touched his only daughter, whom he raised like a flower in a greenhouse?

However, making an excuse saying that Emilia dragged her out would only make him angry.

“How did you come out when the moonlit night was dark? Emilia.”

“That, that… … .”

Contrary to my expectations, however, Lord Stefan turned his gaze to Emilia and said as if urging her. Emilia couldn’t answer him and just hesitated.

I thought she was in trouble because of me, so I decided to come forward even if I was beaten.

“Excuse me. Sir Stefan.”


“The other day, I liked the garden of our mansion, so it seems that bringing it out to show it off has become a problem. It is my negligence.”

Didn’t you know I’d come out here?

Emilia looked up at me from the side with her eyes wide open. Her lips were twitching, and she seemed to be feeling uneasy.

Actually, I’m a bit scared too… It made me more reluctant to see her being scolded right in front of me.

After listening to my explanation, Sir Stefan put his hand on his chin, drool, and fell into thought.

It’s a really uncomfortable silence. I’d rather have something to say.

A benevolent smile formed on his lips before he could even think about it. Even a veteran of many battles who has rolled through countless battle lines can look like this. It was such a warm feeling.

“I must have misunderstood something. I didn’t mean to reprimand Emilia.”


“Of course, as a father, I am worried that my daughter is out in the dark garden, but aren’t you by my side? I was just wondering why you came all the way here.”

“ah… … .”

It was only then that I realized the situation, and my face turned hot.

In other words, did I hit a pointless flutter?

Sir Stefan added that he was not a very strict person. There was no sign of anger anywhere.

“Sorry, Sir Stefan. never meant that… … .”

“I know. You must have come up with these words to protect your daughter.”

“Yes… I am just grateful that you know.”

I couldn’t even talk properly in the hall earlier, so I had to say that this was actually the first time I met him.

Still making such a mistake. It wasn’t enough to overlook his intentions, and he made him a patriarchal man who interfered heavily with his daughter.

I never thought I would find and create his anger, which hadn’t changed much in his emotions in the first place. There was no mistake like this.

“You seem to care a lot for your daughter. As long as it guides you directly to the garden.”

“Yes. It’s embarrassing, but I don’t have many people my age to call friends… I was always grateful to her for willingly extending her hand, so I wanted to repay her even a little.”

“Ludwig… … .”

Did you get even a small impression?

I was distracted by the sight of Emilia looking up at me with moist eyes and calling me by name in a low voice, but quickly shook my head and came to my senses.

no no no no He must recognize who is watching this situation and how noble a woman named Emilia is.

It’s a shame because I’m looking at her with the eyes of a friend, but the moment I see a hint of nonsense, his blade will be aimed at my uvula.

“A friend… I think my daughter has grown up pretty despite her shortcomings, but it doesn’t look like she’s satisfied in your eyes.”

“… Yes?”

“Ah, Father!”

Ah, in my bewilderment, I unknowingly made a stupid noise. It seems that Emilia is also perplexed. It was comforting to know that I was not alone.

Rather, what did Sir Stefan say to me just now? Is it correct to ask if you don’t feel Emilia as a member of the opposite sex?

If your ears weren’t still blocked thanks to the water you got in the shower today, you must have heard them properly.

‘Let’s calm down, calm down.’

This is definitely resonant… No, it must have been Sir Stefan’s ruse.

In this situation, if the answer is slightly twisted, some kind of cruel ending may await.

The problem was that if he answered no at all, he would feel as if Emilia had no charm as a woman, so he had to control that nuance well.

“Could that be? I just said that she was a friend because I couldn’t know her heart apart from my personal likes and dislikes.”

“is it. What a prudent man. Do you like it.”

“It’s an overstatement.”

I don’t know if this would have been a very satisfactory answer.

Fortunately, his expression did not harden, so it seems that the answer was not wrong at all.

“ha… … .”

‘Is it hot? Why?’

On the other hand, Emilia, who was standing next to me, was cooling off with her hands fanned, wondering why she was so hot.

It’s not even May yet, so the weather must be quite chilly. Was Emilia the type to get hot?

Maybe I’m angry because I didn’t like what I said, and I’m going to take a look at it.

If so, which part was uncomfortable? I don’t think I made any particular mistake. It’s hard when you don’t notice.

“Emilia, I’m sorry, but I want you to leave for a while. I have something to talk about with him.”

“Yes, father. Then I will go in first.”

“My lady, let’s go this way.”

The woman who accompanied Sir Stefan was Gritta, Emilia’s exclusive maid.

I’ve seen it in pictures, but it’s a little different in real life. Sounds similar to Paula.

After greeting the two of us, Emilia returns to the mansion once again, guided by Grita.

After looking at his back, he shifted his gaze to Sir Stefan again.

I thought his impression would change as soon as she disappeared, but surprisingly, he still maintained a benevolent smile.

“Don’t be nervous. I just sent it back because it wasn’t something to ask in the presence of my daughter.”

“I will listen, so please tell me.”

Even if I told her not to be nervous, that wouldn’t be the case.

However, it was only less because the air that had been released had not suddenly become tense.

“Then I will ask. Do you think I will doubt my relationship with my daughter and interfere with her?”

It’s a strong question right from the start. However, there was not even a hint of anger in those words.

If so, it would be just a question to answer your curiosity. It would be good for God to speak frankly here.

“To put it bluntly, yes.”

“It’s good to be honest. If so, what is the reason?”

“Since a fly, not a bee or a butterfly, sits next to a flower, I thought it would be appreciated.”

“Paris… Do you know that too much humility is arrogance?”

For the first time there was a frosty coldness in his voice. Even so, I could feel my heart loosening up.

At least this person doesn’t look down on me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have reacted like this when I called myself a fly.

Indeed, he is Emilia’s father. It’s just admirable for his thoughtfulness.

But I couldn’t agree with that statement. Even if the ability I had was low, I was fortunate enough to have the eyes to calmly evaluate my own value.

“I am grateful to the noble Lord Stefan for valuing me highly. However, I am not so foolish that I do not know my own abilities.”

“Heh heh, what a fun friend. I wonder how my daughter would have reacted if she had heard that.”

At least, if she was the original Emilia I knew, and if she truly thought of me as a friend, she would definitely get angry. That too is unprecedented.

But I didn’t think that Sir Stefan would tell her the conversation they had just had.

What he wants right now is to hear my true feelings, not to try to figure out my intentions and convey them to Emilia.

“Then ask. Even if you are truly lowly, that’s why I’m interfering between you and my daughter.”

“Reason… If you… … ?”

There was a corner in Sir Stefan’s question that I couldn’t understand. At least it may not feel like him, but to me it was a question that was in the middle of the day.

In order to find a partner for life in an aristocratic family, the family, ability, and reputation of the other person are important, so it is a matter that must be addressed.

Even though I am the head of the Ipretz family, the same count, I am a half-punch with no known reputation and no special abilities.

Of course, even if I had no intention of doing anything to her right away, it was something that Emilia’s father, Sir Stefan, would have to point out.

Even so, why do you ask why that would interfere… What the hell is he trying to say?

“It looks like you don’t understand the question.”

“… Yes. To be honest… That’s right.”

No matter how much I thought about it, the answer didn’t come out. In this case, it would be more important to honestly answer that you do not know and listen to your intentions.

“Hmm. What I want to say is this. Why should I pass judgment on someone who thinks he likes my daughter?”

“That word… … .”

“yes. Rather, I am happy. Emilia, from a certain point on, that child was reluctant to meet with anyone, and he didn’t even think about leaving the territory unless he was dragged out.”

As if soaked in old memories, he looked up at the moon with narrow eyes and continued talking.

“Then I was surprised when the child introduced you as a friend. So that’s what you expected. What kind of man would that child be willing to introduce?”

“Were you not short of what you expected?”

“lack? Rather, I was subdued. How long had it been since that child had smiled next to someone other than the family member? It was to the point where I had to put up with the feeling of wanting to dance right away.”

Sir Stefan’s words emanated from deep joy.

like that. It seems I was thinking too hard. It was a mistake to think of him as the head of an aristocratic family.

He was just an omnipresent father. Before he was a warrior of hundreds of wars and the representative of the Bayemurn family, who was in the ranks of great nobility, he was his father.

A father who laughs at the smile of his beloved daughter and wants her future to be as bright as anyone else.

“To be able to talk to a man that my daughter, who was raised like Jade Leaves Geum, approves of… What a wonderful thing. Don’t you think so too?”

“… It is as you say. Sir Stefan.”

Is the existence of a father so broad and strong?

It did. My father who gave birth to me and my current father were the same. I was just trying not to face it.

“It is quite cold. Come in and have a drink or something. There’s nothing better than warming up a cold body.”

“All right.”

You have a good father, Emilia.

The hand you extended to me and the hand your father extended to me are all too much.

There’s no way to repay him, so I’ll have to prepare a good drink. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the middle of a long time, but I wish my father would be with me.

the moonlight is bright The thin crescent moon, which could not even light up the garden, felt exceptionally bright.

Does the moon cover people too? Perhaps the members of the Bayemurn family are even blessed by the moon. Such nonsensical delusions came to my mind and then faded again.


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