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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 132

Final Chapter. A story to continue with you (1)

Emilia had a dream.

A dream of taking a walk with her lover and having a good time as usual.

The sun was warm, the vegetation was green, and the weather smelled like the warm spring she loved.

It would be nice if these happy moments could last forever.

Dreaming of such a small but big wish, she sat under the shade of an unknown broad-leaved tree and leaned her head on his shoulder.

On her head was a single wallu flower that Ludwig had handed over the other day.

It’s a flower that I always treasured in my room, but today, for some reason, I felt like I wanted to come out with it while keeping it.

‘Ludwig doesn’t talk much today.’

Feeling a strange sense of déjà vu, Emilia lifted her head slightly to examine his profile.

The gentle hand holding her hand and the thoughtfulness of giving her a shoulder to lean on were no different than usual.

But for some reason, he seemed to be putting off what he had to tell her, keeping his mouth shut.

‘Did I do something wrong?’

If that happened, it would be nice if you could tell me honestly.

However, his gestures and actions were not much different from usual, so he didn’t look too bad.

It was only the silence she kept at the end that only added to her anxiety.

‘Wait, something is strange.’

Emilia, who was staring at him, suddenly realized that there was one more sense of incongruity.

The golden glow that always decorated his surroundings had disappeared today.

Of course, the lack of it does not mean that the value of a man named Ludwig disappears.

However, as the sense of déjà vu, which I had heard a little while ago, increased, the anxiety gradually began to sprout.

‘No, calm down. Emilia Bayemurn.’

It’s just a little anxiety caused by not hearing his voice.

As always, there is no voice that calls oneself affectionately, so there is only disharmony in the perception of reality.

Okay, let’s ask him directly.

Why didn’t he say a word all day, did he do anything wrong?

The moment she nodded her head with such a promise, the moment she opened her mouth, nothing came out as if something was caught in her throat.

‘Voice doesn’t come out.’

why? Why?

It’s not like he has aphasia. In the first place, most of the trauma that had been plaguing her head lately had long since been resolved.

As long as he was by his side, she could talk, eat, and wield her sword as before.

But what is blocking her now?

I asked myself, but no answer came back.


She hurriedly reached out her hand, calling his name inwardly.

I had to let you know that things were going weird.


At that moment, Ludwig’s head turned towards Emilia.

He was still silent, only his lips moving, trying to convey something.

‘I’ll wait, Emilia… … ?’


When Emilia succeeded in reading the words in her mind, his new form turned into powder and scattered into the air.

And that wasn’t all.

The vegetation that decorated the surroundings, the warmth of the warm spring, and even the wind that blew.

Everything melted away like snow and she was again trapped in the same darkness as before.

It is an intangible space without light or sound, where she was always confined before meeting Ludwig.

Emilia put on a dazed expression for a moment at that familiar sight.

What are you waiting for?

Why did he become trapped in this hopeless space again?

What about Ludwig? Where did you go?


How can I find him in this darkness?

It would be nice if there was something that could be a medium.

I don’t know where you disappeared, but if I, who always received help, had a chance to save you this time.

Even if that place is hell, I will chase after it.

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At that moment, the moonlight flower on Emilia’s head floated up and radiated light.

It was very similar to the mysterious radiance that always guarded Ludwig’s side.

Seeing Yuluhua step ahead as if telling her to follow her, Emilia chased after him without even thinking about it.

I was out of breath to the point of my chin, and I didn’t know how much longer I would have to go through this abyss-like space, but I didn’t stop.

It’s a promise that I said once even when I left him, but I couldn’t keep it. I won’t be late.

Definitely this time. I’ll find the radiance you’ve lost, Marya.

I am no longer the girl floundering in despair in the dark.

I was saved by you, I learned from you how to get out of here, and you showed me the way forward.

‘Ludwig, please wait.’

An unknown light covers the vision.

Emilia felt that she had finally reached her desired destination.

It didn’t matter whether you were on the other side or what trials there were.

because you’ve been waiting That was enough reason for me to run.

* * * * * * *

Emilia was barely awakened by a voice calling her anxiously from her blurred consciousness.

In his brightened field of vision, he saw the figure of the lover he was desperately looking for in his dreams, and he was smiling brightly at himself as always.

“Emilia, are you okay?”

“Rood, behe… ? This is… … ?”

“I am still inside the temple. I was going to take him out, but when I thought about it, there was no place to stay outside.”

It wouldn’t have mattered if they stayed in the carriage, but it was quite warm here anyway, so it was enough to stay overnight.

Rather than that, I just didn’t move it because I thought it was best to leave her sleeping soundly.

“long time… Did you wait?”


Does that mean you waited a long time for yourself to wake up?

For that reason, the atmosphere was a bit strange, so Ludwig tilted his head and expressed his doubts.

Why did I feel so relieved at the stupid appearance that was no different from usual?

Emilia smiled faintly and leaned her head on his thigh and began reciting the events in her dream.

“Ludwig disappeared in my dream. With the words that I will wait… … .”

“That’s why I asked if you’ve been waiting for a long time.”

“Yes, I wanted to save you who saved me this time. any sooner. I wonder if you will be buried in it like me.”

It seems that I had a very real dream.

Ludwig laughed and stretched out his hand, arranging her sweaty bangs before he knew it.

“Did anything else happen?”

“There was nothing. As usual, I went for a walk with Ludwig, sat on the street corner and rested… ah!”

Emilia, who was talking about the events in her dream one by one, realized something and jumped up.

Because it happened so quickly, the two people’s heads collided and stars almost appeared in the air, but fortunately, such an unfortunate incident was prevented.

“Come to think of it, Ludwig, your body… … .”

On the other hand, seeing the figure of her lover that matched the scene she had seen in her dream, Emilia pointed at him with her hand shaking.

Even after the lump floating on top of his head disappeared from view, the brilliance remained the same.

Does this mean that the dream she had is a precognitive dream?

He wondered if something might have happened to him, but Ludwig shrugged his shoulders in a non-trivial way and responded that he knew it would happen.

“As expected. I expected it.”

“It’s not expected… ? Also, what happened?”

Presumably, the fact that he was asleep meant that Goddess Hypresia had visited.

Could it be that the goddess did some harm?

As a member of the Bayemurn family, it was a thought he shouldn’t have thought of, but it was impossible to think rationally, perhaps because he had had such a dream a while ago.

“Don’t worry, Emilia. It’s just that everything is back to normal.”

“Originally… What?”

“Yes. It’s a bit long to talk about, but… Can you believe me?”

It would be difficult for her to even say that she came from another world.

Even so, he wanted to reveal at least the secrets that were entangled in her eyes and the story behind him.

If we can’t tell you this much while we walk together through the fog-soaked future, we won’t be able to say that we truly understood each other.

On the other hand, at his more serious question than ever, Emilia smiled unexpectedly.

Not ‘Can you listen to me?’, but ‘Can you believe me?’.

Is there any question more unworthy of pondering than this?

“Ludwig, I can believe you even if you were a non-human monster. If so… … .”

Emilia took his hand and placed it near her stomach.

Will you always feel the beating of your heart beating wildly in front of him?

Hopefully your sincerity will reach you. I only wish for that.

“I will love you forever. No matter what the truth you tell me.”

“… … .”

When her pure and strong determination touched his heart, Ludwig silently nodded.

It would be disrespectful to disregard her sincerity any longer.

The stories that Hypresia had told him began to pour out one by one through his slightly opened lips.

The night was still long, and I had a lot to say to her.

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Just as there are more roads to walk forward than the road we have walked.

Ludwig felt relieved at the sight of her nodding her head without any change while listening to the story.

Maybe it was her consideration that expected him to stop when he reacted with surprise.

It was only when the light of the lamp died out and dawn broke that the two of them managed to leave the temple.

They had held hands many times before, but this time they held each other tight as if they would not let go.


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