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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 124

Chapter 15. To conclude (1)

After a modest meal under the name of a meeting ceremony, the schedule for the wedding ceremony of the two was set one by one.

First of all, it was decided to sort out the wedding invitation and the families or people to whom it should be sent, and to inform some families or people close to them in person before giving the wedding invitations.

On the other hand, after this schedule was set, there was a place where two prospective couples visited.

It was the place where Rebecca, who was the benefactor and mentor to whom she first expressed her wish to convey this news, was currently residing.

“My disciple came after a long time, but there is nothing to treat.”

Rebecca doesn’t like tea, so Rebecca served snacks made from dried fruits and hot alcohol with very low alcohol content.

Emilia hurriedly waved her hand and picked up a dried fruit from the table and ate it.

Regardless, the taste was pretty good.

“It’s been a while, Gongja. I don’t know if you’re doing well.”

“Thanks to you, I stayed safe. How has Sir Rebecca been?”

“I am always the same. When the river flows, we walk as it flows and float aimlessly.”

After wandering around like that, it was here that I settled down for the first time in a while.

Originally, he lived near Lutentia to take care of Emilia, but in the end, he couldn’t stand his wanderlust and wandered around, and it came to this point.

It wasn’t long after I came to live here, the inside of the house was also very bleak.

“But what happened? It would have been difficult to ask.”

It is not easy to find her wandering all over the place.

To the point where, before she had an apprentice named Emilia, there was even a joke that it was harder to find her whereabouts than to become a student of the Sword Saint.

However, this time was an exception.

“It wasn’t too difficult. Perhaps thanks to your recent success, rumors have spread.”

“… Oh, is it about exterminating that monster? It wasn’t a big deal, but it must have been a lot of fuss.”

Recently, I heard that people who were going for a mountain hike were found dead, and there was a record of solving the case while accidentally passing by.

He wasn’t particularly great by her standards, and he didn’t expect the rumors to spread because the treatment was over in an instant.

“Sir Rebecca might be like that, but the standard for criminals is different.”

“That too. Anyway, I don’t like rumors spreading.”

I wasn’t the type to care about other people’s eyes.

However, as her reputation gradually became known, the number of people who knew her whereabouts came to her to become disciples or to ask for a duel increased exponentially.

And this was no different from a disaster for her, who liked her current flat and normal life.

Nervously scratching her silver hair as if it were annoying, she let out a deep sigh.

It’s a shame because I haven’t even heard of the disciple’s visit yet, otherwise I would have laid down on the bed right away and went to sleep.

“So, disciple, why did you come all this way?”

“Oh, sorry. Master. I haven’t been able to tell you about it yet.”

In fact, if you go into the reason why there was no circumstance, the culprit was Rebecca.

Seeing that Emilia had arrived, he rushed forward and hugged her fiercely to welcome her.

However, Emilia did not dare to mention such a fact, and after giving a brief apology, she began to recite the story.

“Actually, Ludwig and I got married this time.”

“… what? marriage?”

“yes… … .”

She asked again, wondering if she had heard it wrong, but all she got back was her low affirmation, as if she was crawling in.

‘I am.’

I heard that they got engaged, but I never thought things would go this far so quickly.

Even though they saw it piecemeal, the two people Rebecca saw were young in this direction.

So, it was a car that had been presuming that marriage would be a later story for at least a few years, but that prediction was ruthlessly broken.

When I looked at the two of them alternately with an expression of astonishment, it was just funny how they quickly averted their gaze without anyone saying anything first.

I still feel embarrassed in the yard where I came to announce the wedding.

It was really ambiguous whether this should be considered a match made in heaven.

“That’s why I came here to give you a wedding invitation. This is it.”

“Yeah… Could you please stop by? Master.”

“Then let’s go. Aren’t you afraid that you won’t be able to attend the monumental day of your one and only disciple?”

Seeing Rebecca respond with her characteristic mischievous smile, Emilia only stared blankly at her.

Rebecca, who had guessed wrongly, gradually lost her smile, and in the end, she began to think about it with a rather serious attitude.

‘Did I really think so?’

No matter how much wanderlust he had, he seemed like an idiot who wouldn’t even participate in his pupil’s wedding.

When the absurd Rebecca complained that she hadn’t thought she would see her that way, Emilia, who came to her senses, hurriedly waved her hand and denied it.

“Oh, no. I don’t mean that… … .”

“Then what is it?”

Since she had the personality to keep her eyes open for those who were hesitant and unable to speak properly, a sharp voice naturally flowed from Rebecca’s mouth.

However, in contrast to that, Emilia wriggled her hands and stared at her with an expression filled with emotion.

As soon as her mouth opened, Rebecca’s face was perplexed.

“I was so happy that Master told me that I was the only student in my life… … .”

“… ah.”

Unexpectedly, Rebecca lost her words for a moment at the disciple’s pure answer, and secretly avoided her gaze.

It was hard to bear the innocent emotions that came to her, who had lived a rough and rugged life. Do you think your chest is tickling?


“Hey, Gongja. Why don’t you laugh out loud if you want to laugh?”

As Ludwig watched this, an unbearable laugh leaked out of his mouth, and Rebecca glared at him fiercely, ready to pull out his sword at any moment.

“Oh, no. You have made an excuse.”

“This is true. While I couldn’t see it, my liver was swollen.”

Since she was not originally from a noble family, she could say this in front of whoever the other person was.

It’s a shame because he’s the student’s prospective husband, but if it weren’t for him, he would have paid the price for offending her.

Ludwig silently thanked Emilia and ate one of the dried fruits.

“So Master… Are you coming?”

“I have to go. Why would you even make an oath?”

“It’s not an oath, it’s an absurd word… Oh, and these are wedding invitations.”

In fact, wedding invitations to be passed on to other families or people had not yet been made.

What she brought to Rebecca was a wedding reception for only one person, made by Emilia herself, even writing a letter.

Inside, in case of confusion with other wedding invitations, the family’s seal was also stamped.

Seeing what was written on the letters and wedding invitations that she had carefully written down, word by word, Rebecca felt her heart thump for nothing.

It was a busy life with no time to have a child or play with a lover.

If he had a daughter, would he feel this way if he saw that daughter grow up and get married later?


“No, nothing. There must be some dust in your eyes.”

“… … .”

Rebecca, who did not want to crumple the wedding invitation, fanned her face with her hands and managed to suppress her boiling feelings.

To that, Emilia didn’t say anything and just held her grateful teacher’s hand tightly.

If she hadn’t dismissed herself early when she was on the Mule, there was a high possibility that her relationship with Ludwig wouldn’t have been the way it is now.

A teacher who not only taught me the sword, but also taught me the way to go.

For Emilia, she was one of the most grateful beings next to her lover and parents.

Although I don’t know if I can fully express that feeling with these touches and words, I wanted to convey it somehow.

You are a very grateful person to me.

“what the… A guy called a disciple raises his master to make him cry. You taught me wrong.”

Rebecca held her head high, stared at the ceiling, and blinked.

Smiles on happy days, tears on sad days. That would be common sense.

Why does the tear gland that burst once keep trying to leak out without listening to me?

A lot of time had passed since then, but Rebecca’s cries did not spread throughout the house.

Returning to her normal self, she congratulated her pupil’s marriage as if she was indifferent and insignificant, with the face of the Sword Saint again.

He entered the room for a while, saying he had business to do, but neither Ludwig nor Emilia knew what happened afterwards.

Whether she cried tears of joy alone in bed, or whether she really had business, only Rebecca herself would know.

Rebecca, who returned shortly after, took out the meat she had been saving and held a welcome ceremony and celebration for the two.

It was so gorgeous and rich that it did not fit her temperament, who always enjoyed a simple meal alone.

The day was so ripe in the laughter that came and went.


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