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The Tale of the Void Emperor – Chapter 808: Land of Origin Bahasa Indonesia

“Athan…it’s been twenty-eight years,” Tiana muttered as she, Avelia, Sen, Linci, Shiromi, and Lily sat down together in the garden.

“What do we do today? Go to a new Wild zone or Labyrinth? We have finished the resources we went to gather two years ago,” Lily said as she exuded an aura at the peak of the Arbiter plane.

“Yeah, we need a few more resources to reach the limit and then enter deep meditation to break through to the Fear plane,” Linci said.

“Sisters!” Mimi entered the garden with a smile, “let’s go! I found a new Labyrinth in the Horken region.”

“Tealery and others returned or not?” Shiromi asked.

“Nah, they still haven’t returned from their training adventure in Suberoid Grand Region,” Mimi shook her head.

“Let’s go,” Sen said as she stood up, “we continue our training. Voidlings told us that Athan had reached 98%, so he will definitely come out in a couple of years at most. We can also finally enter into the Fear plane by that time.”

“Yep, our foundations are solid, so we won’t have any troubles,” said Tiana with a smile.

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