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The Sub-Heroine’s Butler Is a Vicious Bastard chapter 95

95. Declaration

The waiting room for guardians in the health room, where there are only two of them.

I sat her down in one of the many chairs, and I sat down next to her and started talking.

From the story that happened at the auction house.

“…I didn’t tell the princess, but actually I went to the auction house last semester.”

“What? Auction house… ? In that black market… ?”

“That’s right.”

Arlott asked again, widening his eyes.

Yes, this would be a normal reaction.

If you think about the general meaning of a place called an auction house.

‘Because it’s not a clean place.’

If the capital is the light of the empire, the black market is the darkness of the empire.

Although the auction house itself is a relatively healthy place to buy and sell unidentified items and hard-to-find items,

The back alleys of the empire where the auction house is held, commonly referred to as the black market, were where human trafficking, robbery, and murder were secretly prevalent.

“Why did you go to such a place?”

“that’s… It was to buy a potion to become stronger. It was also to confirm the facts related to Mr. Sherald.”

Arlott listened to me without speaking.

I slowly explained what had happened at the auction house.

The story of looking at the items at the auction house, having a close battle with a person presumed to be an elf at the auction and eventually winning it, and…

“There was an assailant who raided the storage room of the auction house on the way, so I took care of it.”

“It’s dangerous… ”

“After all, he’s the Waltz family’s servant. I am not hurt.”

“So how did it go?”

It was Arlott, whose eyes sparkled like a child listening to an exciting story.

I just laughed at that look and continued talking.

“After dealing with the assailant, the guards came belatedly.”

“Are you misunderstood?”

“What is it like? The moment when I was in trouble because I hate troublesome things… He came and helped.”

“If he is… ”

“Yes, he did just that… ”

When I remembered the name of Hexler Hanna, my heart ached for nothing.

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Judging from the slight sharp pain felt in the fingers of his left hand, it seems that the ‘covenant’ is working.

In a situation where the effect of the ring was still remaining, it should not have been revealed that ‘Hannah was the princess’.

“It was Mr. Greennall Hannah. He somehow saved me because he had connections with people at the auction house.”

“…Why does Mr. Grinnoll Hanna want Schmitz… ”

“Haven’t you seen him at a social church?”


Arlott nodded as if he understood.

“As it is, I boarded the carriage prepared by Hannah, and there, Hannah and I signed a contract.”

“…uh? contract?”

“That’s right. Since I found out a certain secret from Hannah, it’s like we made a promise to keep each other’s secrets.”

“I see… What’s your secret?”

As soon as Arlott asked, I showed the ring on her left hand in front of her eyes.

A ring in the shape of a shamrock flower, Arlott’s eyes widened when he saw it.

He took a deep breath and immediately grabbed her by the shoulder.

“Uh, the covenant ring… ?”

“Calm down. It’s not a ring in that sense. Is it really for a contract?”

It wasn’t that I couldn’t understand her vehement reaction.

Covenant rings were usually worn at engagement or wedding ceremonies.

… In the first place, even I wondered why he used the Covenant Ring when he could use a magic circle or scroll if he needed a contract.

“That’s how it happened.”

“So that’s how it happened… ”

“Well… ?”

Although I expected a violent reaction from her, either surprised or reprimanded.

After hearing my story, Arlott nodded as if his doubts had been resolved.

… I hid it as expected, but she might have vaguely noticed my lies.

I’d be more than happy to release it now.

“Ugh, no. I just guessed.”

“I cheated on the princess. I will be punished sweetly.”

“No, everyone has secrets. rather than that… ”

Arlott said that and looked at me with a serious face.

As if she had made up her mind, she immediately opened her mouth.

“The grace received by the servant is the same as the grace received by me, the owner. So, I have to go find Hannah.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Because I have to thank you for helping Schmitz at the auction house and apologize for being rude earlier.”

As Arlott said, he clenched his fists.

Instead of reprimanding me, I went to thank Hannah for saving me.

“Princess Arlott… ”

“done. Let’s go. Earlier, I was too sensitive.”

“Mmm, things got interesting.”


A corner seat in the waiting room where no one thought there was one.

There was no light, so someone stepped out proudly from a dark corner.

That look…

“Ms. Greenknoll Hanna… ”

“sorry. I didn’t want to hear it secretly, but it was an atmosphere where something couldn’t come out… I apologize if you felt offended.”

From my point of view, it only seemed to come out at a calculatedly good time after deliberately hiding and listening.

‘As expected, Hexler Hanna… It’s scary.’

While sticking out her tongue again at her clever side,

Before I could say anything, Arlott strode towards Hannah with his staff.

“Hannah, I… ”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Arlot!”

Arlott wiggles his fingers and tries to say something.

Interrupting her, Hanna immediately bowed.

… Wasn’t this the time for Arlott to apologize?

Did Arlott have the same thoughts as me?

“Eh, eh..?”

Hannah’s sudden action and Arlott’s reaction, which is one beat slow.

Only her slightly bewildered voice echoed in the waiting room…

* * *

It seems like summer vacation was just yesterday, but the weather has become cooler.

After coming out of the health room, we sat on the benches in the academy enjoying the night breeze.

Hanna smiles and touches Arlott for no reason.

I sternly rebuked her with a wink, and Hannah stuck out her tongue at me.

‘If it continues like this, there will be no progress.’

It’s still far from midnight, but sooner or later we’ll be put under curfew.

Hannah, Arlott, and I rarely get together like this,

If possible, I wanted to clear up all misunderstandings today.

Hannah, perhaps reading my mind, approached Arlott first.

“Come to think of it, Mr. Schmitz didn’t tell me the contents of the covenant.”


“Hannah, is it okay if I talk to you?”

I couldn’t help but be surprised by Hannah’s appearance as she tried to speak about the contents of the covenant.

Unlike me, who already knew that she was a princess, Arlott did not know at all.

It hasn’t even passed the midterm yet, but to tell you all about yourself like this…

“it’s okay. Because I think I can trust Mr. Arlot.”

“If you say so… ”

“Come on, Mr Arlot. The secret content that Mr. Schmitz and I tried to hide… I will tell you.”


Arlott still had his head down, but he could see his ears prick up slightly.

“I introduced myself as Greennol Hannah, but… It’s actually a different name.”

“…another name?”

“Yes, that is correct. exactly… My name is Hexler Hannah.”

Arlott’s head creaked like a machine and slowly came up.

Her eyes slowly turned into shock,

Hannah met Arlott’s eyes and smiled bashfully.

“I am Hexler Hanna, the third princess of the Hexler family. Please take good care of me.”

“Wow, princess… ? Ah, that, hey, see the princess… Today’s rudeness please… ”

Arlott staggered and tried to get himself up from the bench.

As soon as Arlott moved, Hannah grabbed her arm and put her back on the bench.

“Arlot, before I was the princess, I was a friend with whom I shared a precious secret.”

“friend… ”

“At least I thought so, so I revealed my identity… Isn’t that Mr. Arlot?”

“Can’t be! It’s just…”

Arlott’s immediate denial made Hannah a dazed expression for a moment.

Before long, Hanna brought out a relaxed smile again.

She looked up at the night sky beautifully embroidered with stars and floated her luck.

“The meaning of being the 3rd princess seems higher than anyone on the continent, but it is lower than I thought. Not only my parents, but also my older brother.”

I knew her story to some extent.

A dispute over the succession to the throne between the 1st and 2nd princes.

Hannah, a late child with an age difference of nearly 10 years, was free from the quarrel early on.

It was both a blessing and the beginning of another tragedy.

“I had already been freed from the right of succession, and I had to half-force myself into a social church in the sense of having an arranged marriage with a man with whom I met eyes. In a place full of snakes, I had to wear a mask to survive.”

I recall the thick mask she made.

The mask of a perfect human relationship that can imitate anything is-

Paradoxically, she lost her true self.

“It was already too late when I realized at some point that the mask would not come off. I didn’t like that. I was fooled by my older brothers and lost myself, but to spend the rest of my life with someone I don’t love… ”

Hannah, who had been looking at the night sky, slowly turned her gaze away.

Arlott removed his hand from covering his face and looked at Hannah.

Hanna looked at her and then made eye contact with me.

“So I asked my parents for the first and last time. I want to find the person of my destiny who will take off my mask, I hate arranged marriages, please save me. I cried and cried as I lay on the floor. It’s an embarrassing past, but it was my own struggle.”

Hanna said that with a bashful smile.

Would it be an illusion if her smile looked like she was crying?

Regardless of my sentiments, her story continued.

“As a result, I came here, to the academy. My parents also pushed me to find four pairs at the academy. That’s how I came to the academy. hide your identity. By the way… ”

Hannah stopped talking and stretched out her arm toward me.

Her index finger pointed right at me.

“Someone recognized my mask. As if you know me better than me… someone.”

“…is that me?”

Unless I was an idiot, I could tell she meant me.

Hannah’s personality, it was me who dealt with her in a state where the story was lined up,

I never thought that seeing through that personality and responding to it would lead to such a connection.

“Now, wait a minute… Hannah? No, Hannah… ?”

Arlott looks at me and Hanna alternately as if his head is complicated.

Hanna gently grabbed Arlott by the shoulder.

“Do you remember when I apologized earlier?”

“Yeah? Ah yes… ”

Hanna suddenly shouted ‘I’m sorry’ in the waiting room of the health room.

That look was also questionable.

And Hanna cleared the question with a quick-fire gun.

“The mistake I made to Mr. Arlott was that I had my eyes on a servant with an owner. So I want to apologize and get official permission. Let me make a contract that I can truly rely on him.”

“It’s not a contract… ?”

Arlott, as well as I, looked at Hannah with doubts.

He suddenly explained his background, and what kind of contract was it?

Hannah looked at us and smiled.

“A contract that a man and a woman can truly rely on. There’s only one, right? It is a marriage.”

At that, Arlot and I looked at each other at the same time.

Arlott’s expression was ‘Did I hear it wrong?’ It was a look.

Maybe that’s how I feel when she sees me.

Hannah wedged herself in the terrible silence.

“Give me the butler, Mr. Arlot!”


Saying that, the country’s princess lowered her head lower than ever.


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