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The Sub-Heroine’s Butler Is a Vicious Bastard chapter 94

94. event (4)

Thanks to constant training with Ryan, he has reached a certain level of ‘one point erasure’.

Even when the skill was properly hit, the demon continued to move.

It must be the effect of insensitivity that appears as the Asmodianization progresses.

‘The movement has not slowed down, but the damage is steadily entering.’

If a numb person is stabbed in the stomach, they are literally numb and can move about as usual.

However, if blood continues to drain and excessive bleeding occurs, the body will not be able to move according to its own will.

If the condition persists, it will lead to death.

With that in mind, I steadily piled up damage and drew aggro from demons as an evasion tank.

There was no way I could protect Hannah from aggro.

The battle proceeded in the form of running around, avoiding the demons’ attacks, and stabbing them when there was an opening.

The battle with the demonized students that continued like that went smoothly.

When you think about it, it was a strange thing.

The combination of me as an assassin and Hanna as a support didn’t match very well.


“Hannah, please protect me!”

“Still waiting time… Oh, is it okay?”

“This is your chance to attack! Enhancement magic!”

“Ba, don’t speak mean things!”

Hannah was one of the members she mainly used in the previous game.

So, I knew quite a bit about her skills, cooldowns, activation conditions, and specific effects-

Thanks to that, I was able to use her hard and effectively continue the battle against the demons.

“Crukreuk… Kreuk… ”

As they fought hard, the movements of the demons noticeably slowed before they knew it.

Breathing was rough, and the electricity emitted outside the body had subsided.

I realized that there wasn’t much left now.

‘But there is no way to deliver a perfect critical hit.’

One point erasure had been used before, so using it again was very limited.

All I can do is damage accumulation skills like throwing daggers.

In Hannah’s case, she doesn’t have strong skills because she’s completely in a support position.

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Just when the academy thought it would be nice if reinforcements came-


With a terrifying rupture sound, the demons were instantly trapped in ice.

The embarrassed demon tried to move his body, but the damage was already accumulated and he couldn’t get out.

The most important demon was neutralized, but…

“Schmitz… ?”

“Go, princess.”

Arlott appeared from the back of the building with a cane on his back.

In an instant, I felt a drop of cold sweat run down my forehead.

She must have blocked the door with the furniture in her room, but how…

“I jumped out the window.”

“… Yeah?”

“The flames were clearly visible in the distance. I immediately jumped down, landed with magic, and ran hard. Limping on a cane.”

I had no choice but to become a mute who drank honey at Arlot’s words.

It felt like an icicle had risen at every word.

While I was hesitant, she came up to me and took my right hand.

Her hands were even colder today.

“There are many things I want to say… Let’s go to the health room first. There might be some injuries.”

“I am not hurt.”

“There is no external injury, but internal injuries are unknown. Come quickly.”

She grabbed my right hand and dragged me around to the health room.

… Seeing Arlott’s expressionless face, I already had a headache about how to deal with this.

When I was about to take Arlott’s hand and move to the health room-

“My, I received basic healer training! So I can make a diagnosis right away… ”


Hanna said as she grabbed my left hand.

Hanna’s participation in the war changed to that of ‘Green Knoll Hanna’, who had a naive tone of voice.

I started to wonder what the plan was behind such an unexpected action.

But before I could say anything, Arlott struck first.

“There are no visible injuries, so wouldn’t a close examination be needed at the health room rather than first aid?”

“I can also do a detailed inspection. I learned about it in school, too.”

“Which do you think is more meaningful, the knowledge of students learned at school or the knowledge of experts at school?”

“You have to know how long and short it is… Eight!”

“What is this… !”

Hannah holding my left hand and pulling it towards her

Arlott grabs my right hand and pulls it away.

Suddenly, I was caught in the middle, being pulled tight on both sides.

“Well… Hanna-san and Princess Princess? Rather than doing this here… ”

“Schmitz stay still!”

“Mr. Schmitz, stay still!”

“… ”

I tried to intervene, but I was ignored saying the same thing like salty.

Maybe because of my mood, the tension that grabbed my hand from both sides and pulled it became stronger.

Wouldn’t it be that it splits exactly in half and becomes a sch/mits…

“Schmitz is my servant. Let’s stop the observation.”

“Ugh… ”

Hanna’s grip on my left hand weakened.

I naturally moved to Arlott’s side,

I hid my surprise at Arlott’s cold expression.

‘This is the first time I’ve had such a cold attitude… ‘

Before coming to the academy, he showed a sharp appearance a few times due to a serious illness, but

I haven’t seen him since his illness got better little by little with the imprint of the flame, especially after he came to the academy.

That’s how cold she is to others.

“Let’s go, Schmitz.”

“Ah yes… ”

Arlott led the way, holding my hand and holding the staff with the other hand.

As I was dragged helplessly by her hand, I looked back,

Hannah, who was standing there, was also looking at me.

By the way…

‘Why are you smiling?’

I’m sure you’re not in a good mood since Arlott gave you a face-off.

Hannah was looking at me with a wide smile.

Specifically, pointing to the left hand-


I hurriedly looked at my left hand and saw that the glove had come off.

Was it Hannah stripped, or was it stripped in the aftermath of the battle.

I don’t know the exact reason, but the ring that was put in the contract with Hannah was emitting a brilliant light.

‘I don’t even have extra gloves, so it’s difficult… ‘

If I went to the health room with Arlot, I would have no choice but to show my left hand during the examination.

Due to Arlott’s personality, he will ask questions when he finds the ring he’s been hiding so far.

… What should I do.

“Schmitz, look ahead and walk.”

“Yeah. I will take care of you, princess.”

I naturally stood to her left and supported her with my right hand.

He put his left hand in his pocket while concealing the ring.

Fortunately, she didn’t see my movements as strange.

Arlot and I walked slowly to the academy’s health room.

* * *

‘It wasn’t as bad as I thought.’

Contrary to my worries, I arrived safely at the health room with Arlot.

In the health room, students who were attacked by demonized students were lying on beds and receiving treatment.

I also saw battle wounds everywhere, so I immediately went to see the doctor.

Arlot waited in the waiting room, and I was examined alone, so

The ring on her left hand was not noticed by her.

It can’t be hidden forever, but anyway…

“I’ve treated the wound, so you just need to apply the ointment.”

“thank you.”

After a brief examination, I immediately left the clinic.

The examination result was ‘no abnormality other than a simple abrasion’.

Thanks to Hannah’s support and improved skills, I avoided all effective hits, so it was a natural result.

I headed to the waiting room and found Arlot.


“Schmitz, how are you?”

“The result of examination was a simple abrasion. He healed all the wounds.”

Speaking of healing, it was healed immediately with low- to intermediate-level healing magic.

Even at my words, Arlott looked at every corner of my body with a look of concern.

… Seeing her actions like this makes me feel like my heart is being stabbed.

“My lady, you can stop looking… ”

“It’s stupid.”

Arlott, who was holding my clothes and looking here and there, suddenly buried his face in my chest.

It was late at night, so there was no one in the waiting room, no one to see…

Arlott clung to my collar and seemed unwilling to let go.

“I am sorry for worrying you. I am… ”

“It’s not Schmitz’s problem.”

Arlott buried his face in my chest and shook his head.

Lying to her and running out, blocking the door, risking the battle again…

Arlott did not reprimand me for my mistakes.

“Schmitz doesn’t belong to me… Jealous of myself, getting ahead of myself, I… Like a fool… ”

The end of Arlott’s words got wet.

Did he take what he said to Hannah earlier?

I hesitated for a moment, not knowing how to react, but there was only one thing I could do.

“It is not your property. I am the servant of the Eral family, and Princess Arlott’s exclusive butler. It is a body that belongs exclusively to you.”

“It doesn’t mean that… Because Schmitz’s heart is elsewhere… Because I can’t have… black… ”

“Yeah… ?”

I couldn’t hear you well because I was talking while rubbing my face against my chest

It was clear that she was having a wild misunderstanding.

My heart is somewhere else, I’ve lived and worked hard only for her.

Arlott’s shoulder trembled intermittently.

My shirt getting wet.

I thought as I felt her slender body that fit inside my chest with my whole body.

That what I did for Arlotte had a bad effect on her.

‘… Since when did this happen?’

He hid her, defended her, and excluded her from danger in the name of ‘for Arlott’.

As a result, we could have ensured her safety, but from her point of view?

If there is someone who sacrifices himself, devotes himself, takes risks, and continues to experience the crisis of not knowing when he will die…

I will curse my own inability to do anything,

If that person dies, his hatred for himself will reach its peak.

… Paradoxically, her external efforts for Arlott’s happiness became a noose that entangled her.

“miss… ”

My mind was not organized.

My head was a mess and my heart was beating like it would explode, and I couldn’t even decide if this was right now.

I unconsciously reached out my left hand and tried to stroke her hair-

On her left hand, the ring formed by the contract with Hanna was shining.

So I put my hand on top of her head.

If I move on, stroking her hair again, telling lies for her.

The good Arlott will trust me again and let me go…

It shouldn’t have been.

“My lady, there is something I want to tell you.”

I grabbed her by the shoulder and slowly pulled her away.

He quietly pulled out a handkerchief from his breast pocket and handed it to her as she lowered her head.

He showed her his left hand in plain sight.

“I will explain the ring I am wearing. Sorry for telling you so late.”

Before creating another misunderstanding and hurting her, I had to root it out.

With that thought in mind, I began to explain how I got the ring on my left hand and about Hannah.


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