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The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball – Chapter 886: Renew Bahasa Indonesia

Dragon Realm, the vast Dragon God continent.

The towering mountain ranges span millions of kilometers, with the Dragon God Mountain as the center. Seven massive mountain ranges rise and fall in a continuous pattern, interweaving like seven mighty dragons, guarding the entire continent.

On the crest of Dragon God Mountain, the green peaks stood tall amidst rugged and peculiar rocks. The ancient mountain path was pervaded by a solemn and majestic aura.

At this moment, a figure flickered a few times and swiftly ascended the mountain path.

Universe King looked up and glanced at the mountain path leading to the top, chuckled lightly, and his body suddenly became blurry. With a flash, he appeared far away to another place.

“Universe King-sama, what a rare guest. How do you have the time to come to my residence?” A loud voice echoed in his ears, causing his eardrums to ache. Then a giant dragon head emerged from the clouds in the sky.

Dragon God’s massive body is adorned with a beautiful layer of golden scales that glimmer like radiant crystals when seen up close. Suddenly, the body rapidly shrinked, eventually taking the form of a hundred-meter-long golden dragon.

Universe King looked at Dragon God with a faint smile, and calmly moved two meters and arrived directly under Dragon God. “Zalama, I came to tell you something important. Your old enemy is not dead yet!”

“What did you say?” Dragon God Zalama’s expression remained blank for a moment, then his body began to convulse violently in the void, unleashing a surge of energy that created tumultuous weather on the entire Dragon God Continent with flashes of thunder and lightning. Dragon God’s miracle power spread beyond the Dragon Realm, beyond the sea of space-time, probing all the way to the most primordial origin.

There, he discovered a faint traces of clues.

After a long silence, Dragon God nodded. “You’re right. Original King is not completely dead.”

“I’ve told you everything. You can think about what to do. You and he were mortal enemies in the past, and if he comes back, your Dragon Realm will be the first to suffer. You should understand the severity of the situation.” Universe King was straightforward and pointed out the crucial point.

During the third era, Original King and Zalama were always at odds with each other.

Original king drove Zalama out of the cosmos because of his fear of Dragon God Zalama’s power, never allowing him to return. At that time, Zalama had not yet surpassed Divine Realm, so he was powerless to resist the Original King’s decision, but fortunately, his own strength was not weak, and the Original King also had no power to kill him.

This situation continued until the end of the third era, and then Zalama and Original King were both engulfed by the current of times.

However, subsequent events proved that Zalama’s opportunity was not too bad, as he succeeded in transcending during the later stages of several subsequent eras. He became the exalted Dragon God Zalama and when the Multiverse era was formed under the intervention of Time King and Universe King, he contributed his power.

However, today, the Universe King brought him news that the Original King is not completely dead.

It seems that the grudges from back then will again renew.

“I understand what you mean,” Dragon God Zalama sighed quietly and closed his massive dragon eyes, unsure if he had fallen asleep or was contemplating something.

Observing this, Universe King was not surprised at all. Zalama has always been like this; he will remain calm and composed in the face of adversity, with an air of confidence that suggested that little could disrupt his calm.

He chuckled and waved his hand towards Zalama before leaving the Dragon God Mountain to explore the Dragon God Continent. He found that experiencing the life of ordinary people now and then could make him feel much younger.


Time passed day by day and soon two months had passed since the Spirit King’s Palace had arrived in Universe 5.

With the help of the Great Priest’s divine power, the battered Universe 5 was restored to its former glory, shining brightly once again.

After being released from the Spirit King’s Palace by the Great Heaven Official, the Angels from various universes had returned to their respective universes. However, their memories of what had happened inside the palace were erased.

Planet Hongshan.

Whis and Vados stayed here for a few days, but when Xiaya did not return, they returned to God of Destruction’s Planet with Beerus and Champa.

In the blink of an eye, two months had passed.

As time passed, the landscape of the northern hemisphere of Planet Hongshan was transformed by the changing seasons. The once-yellowed scenery was now blanketed in white as autumn gave way to winter, with delicate snowflakes gently drifting down. The eaves of buildings were adorned with a layer of white ice crystals.

Xiling and the others were sitting around the fireplace in the room. The firewood in the fireplace crackled and sparks flew out, emitting a warm light that made them feel cozy.

“It’s been two months, and Xiaya still hasn’t returned,” Xiling heaved a sigh.

“Don’t worry, Xiaya-sama is fine. Great Heaven Official-sama said that Xiaya-sama is currently training in a certain place and will be back soon,” said Kusu while holding the scepter.

The activity mechanism of an Angel is closely related to the God of Destruction. As long as the God of Destruction is safe, the Angel will not fall into a deep sleep. The fact that Kusu can still move freely indicates that Xiaya is not in great danger.

Xiling also knew this, so apart from missing Xiaya a little, she wasn’t overly worried about his safety.

“By the way, where is Meifei? Did she go to Universe 1?”

“Not yet. She brought back a child two months ago and is currently out playing with her,” Myers sighed helplessly. Her daughter is too playful. She is already about to become a Trainee God of Destruction, but her personality still hasn’t changed.

Hearing Myers’ words, Xiling’s expression became serious.

“That little girl named ‘Angeline’ is also a Legendary Super Saiyan. Will leaving her with Meifei cause any trouble?”

“Don’t worry, she is still very weak and she couldn’t possibly threaten Meifei,” Kusu thought Xiling was worried about Meifei’s safety and quickly assured her. As long as Meifei becomes a God of Destruction in the future, other than a few individuals, there is no need to worry about anyone posing a threat to her safety.

Xiling shook her head. She knew Meifei well and wasn’t concerned about her safety.

But they ended the topic there. The sound of sparks exploding continued to ring in their ears as they stared at the red flames, lost in thought.

At that moment, a knock on the door sounded.

Opening the door, they saw Xiaya’s handsome face smiling at them.

“Xiaya, you’re back!” Xiling exclaimed in surprise and excitedly rushed over.

“Yes, I’m back!” Xiaya smiled and opened his arms to embrace Xiling, smelling a sweet fragrance that was both refreshing and comforting.

After a while, Myers also rushed over and Xiaya laughed and hugged her too. Then, he led them into the living room. The warmth in the room quickly dispelled the chill from outside and immediately calmed the waves in his heart, making his entire being peaceful.

“Xiaya, where have you been training during this time? Although Great Heaven Official said we don’t need to worry about you, we were still concerned,” Xiling and others asked with curiosity on their faces after they sat down.

Xiaya smiled, but before he could answer, Kusu beside him blinked her bright eyes and said in surprise, “Ah, Xiaya-sama, how did your strength increase so much!”

Great Heaven Official had pointed out to Kusu that Xiaya was training in a certain place, so she knew that when he returned, he would be incredibly powerful. However, even she felt a pressure from the faint aura emanating from Xiaya’s body, and it seemed like he had improved too much in just two months.

Upon hearing this, Xiling and Myers took a closer look at Xiaya. As they did, they couldn’t help but feel a shock in their hearts. They too could sense the heavy pressure emanating from Xiaya’s body.

It should be noted that Xiling and Myers were Xiaya’s wives, and they had countless intimate contacts with him in their daily lives. If there were anyone who should not feel pressured from him, it would be the two of them. However, at this moment, the pressure lingered in their hearts, causing them to feel a sense of unease.

Upon seeing this, Xiaya smiled slightly at them, and in an instant, it was as if they were bathed in a warm spring breeze. Xiling and Myers felt their hearts melting, and they became completely immersed in the moment.

That feeling was like going back to their teenage years, with their hearts racing uncontrollably. At the same time, both women made up their minds silently: “It seems like we need to step up our training. We can’t fall too far behind Xiaya!

Seeing the determination in their eyes, Xiaya reached out and gently rubbed their heads.

After a while, Xiling and Myers recovered and looked at Xiaya in amazement, “Kusu is right, it has only been a little over two months, how did your strength increase so much?”

“Because for you people it’s only been two months, but I’ve been training there for a good sixteen or seventeen years!” Xiaya then recounted how he entered the Spirit King’s Palace and what happened afterwards. In fact, he had been training inside the Spirit King’s Palace for more than ten years until he defeated the five Dark Angels and came out.

As soon as he came out of the Spirit King’s Palace, he couldn’t wait to see his beloved wives. After all, for him, it has been more than ten years since he last saw them.


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