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The Possessor Has No Desire To Be a Protagonist chapter 222

216. Epilogue

“Edaan… ! Hurry! I will be late.”

Sepia hurriedly grabbed my hand. Ah, just closing my eyes a little longer made me fall asleep.

This is why I slept late yesterday.

That’s how I was running, waving my eyebrows hard without breathing. Before I knew it, I saw Vivian and Tia standing in line far away.

“What if I am late on a day like today? brother… .”

“Sorry… .”

“Today, oppa is the main character… .”

Even with ten mouths, there was nothing to say.

We hurriedly boarded the transfer seats and headed to Istvaan, and from Istbahn to the academy.

When I arrived at the entrance of the academy, I was exhausted from running for a long time.

When I opened the auditorium door, today’s graduates were filling the auditorium.

Arthur and Reus, Sonny, Anya… .

I saw familiar faces.

Everyone was guarding the graduation ceremony with a serious attitude. However, without a break, I had to step up to the podium at the back of the stage.

For a while, the chairman continued to train.

“Then, I’ll take Ethan, who will be our representative at today’s graduation ceremony, to give a graduation speech!”

I tried to get a long prepared speech out of my pocket. But neither in the pocket nor in the shadows could the text of the speech be seen.

It was only then that I realized that I had left the speech I had been working on late last night on my desk.

Oh, it’s ruined. stupid me

It was not my will that I became the graduation speaker. Originally, it was Reus who was chosen as the first congratulatory speaker.

It’s because my grades were by far the top among the graduates.

However, Reus politely refused, befitting his personality. And it was Arthur who was named the next speaker.

Arthur handed over the congratulatory seat to me without hesitation. It was almost a one-way notice.

Because the speaker was handed over twice like that, only a few days ago I heard from Arthur that I was the presenter of the speech.

‘No, why me?’

‘That’s right, because Ethan is more suited to the position than I am!’

Arthur answered with an innocent smile. Entrusting me with the presentation of the speech, knowing that I hate the hassle.

In the end, I prepared my speech in a matter of days, working on my poor writing skills.

And now I left the speech on my desk. stupidly.

“Ethan? Come and announce your graduation speech!”

“Go now! go for it!”

Sepia pushed my back. When he unexpectedly appeared on the podium, thunderous applause poured out.

oops, i don’t know

I walked in front of the podium. It became quiet all around. I could even hear the breathing of the chairman next to me.

I stood in front of the microphone and looked down for a moment.

Arthur was laughing, and Reus was languid with his arms crossed.

“nice to see you. everyone.”

Having lost my luck like that, I continued talking as I wished.

“You will become warriors after you graduate. You don’t like long words, so I prepared a simple congratulatory speech. I will only say one word.”

At those words, laughter erupted from everywhere. The atmosphere itself wasn’t bad.

Winston Churchill had just three words in his graduation speech.

never give up At first in a low voice. never give up! Then in a slightly louder voice.

Never, never give up!

Finally, he spoke in a louder voice than before. With those three words, he became a famous orator who will go down in history.

Alright, then I’ll suffocate you in one word.

I took a deep breath and spoke in a light tone.

“Even after graduating, if you do anything stupid, you’ll get f*cked. That is all.”

The guys who had been dozing off woke up in amazement. Arthur was stunned, and the chairman also widened his eyes.

The chairman hurriedly took the microphone.

“Yes, that… , These are the words Edan, the hero of national salvation, wanted to convey to you all.”

The chairman glanced at me. It was like asking if there was anything more to say.

“It is also extraordinary and witty. I think this is the first such short and powerful speech! hahahaha!”

The chairman gritted his teeth and smiled. As a student before graduation, it was my last joke and humorous advice.

Eventually, after the graduation speech, the students gathered in groups of threes and threes. Arthur, Anya, Sonny, and Reus came to the side.

And belatedly, Sylvia and Tesha showed up.

“I thought you were crazy, but you’re more crazy than I thought.”

That was Reus’ brief comment on my speech. Soon, the boy laughed. I also laughed once.

“What are you all planning to do after graduation?”

At Anya’s question, Arthur scratched the back of his head.

“What am I… , married Ariane… , I think I will live with my father.”

Since I got my diploma, I was able to work as an office worker at an adventurer’s guild. Maybe as soon as Arianne graduates, we can go on an adventure together.

Arthur’s personality made it seem like he would go on an adventure with Arianne and then come back.

“What about Reus?”

“I haven’t decided on that.”

“Huh, as expected of Reus. Sonny says he will be traveling from place to place as an adventurer soon.”

Sony seems to have decided to become an adventurer as in the original story. Probably heading to the eastern region.

And Sony settles in a country with a Chinese motif. It was Son Goku’s behavior.

“What about Anya? Are you thinking of going back to the tribe?”

“me? Hey, I ate civilization water like this, how is it going?”

Anya grew up. In the original work, Anya thrives as a mercenary and adventurer centering on the empire.

Soon, everyone’s eyes turned to me. I shrugged.

“If everyone has nowhere else to go, come to the Herze Merchant. If I leave it up to you as an escort for the upper ranks, it will be reassuring.”

Everyone laughed at Tia’s words.

“Anyways, congratulations on graduating! I am the only daughter of the Herze Merchant and the wife of Edan! I prepared a bouquet for you guys!”

Tia snapped her fingers. Soon, two workers approached pushing a cart loaded with bouquets of flowers.

Guess who isn’t the daughter of a rich man? There was only one bouquet of flowers. In addition, the wagon also looks like a mobile store.

“All you have to do is pick up the bouquet you like!”

“Five! But you can’t believe this isn’t left over after selling it in front of the school, right?”

“Arthur, what kind of disappointing words… .”

“Oh, sorry, sorry.”

Arthur smiled awkwardly.

“Can I pick one too? sister?”

Tia nodded at Vivian’s question.

“However much.”

We picked up a bouquet of flowers one by one. Ahyeon suddenly came to mind. I whined so much about wanting to attend the academy graduation ceremony.

what did he say

Did he say that he really wanted to see the graduation of the people he created?

Nadia Academy was able to attend the graduation ceremony for those related to the graduates.

Read at noblemtl.com

Just like the Academy Festival, outsiders are allowed to enter the academy.

The problem is that Ahyeon is a ‘Main’, so it is impossible to enter.

Trade routes between the Pandemonium and the continent have been developed, but Mine are still restricted from entering the academy.

Thanks to that, Ahyeon could not participate in the graduation ceremony this time.

Even though Ahyeon is a possessed chair, her body was the demon Seir.

“Hey, Edaan, what are you thinking?”

Sepia, who was next to her, quietly crossed her arms. Then I smiled softly.

“No, nothing.”

“Really? you promised me If there’s anything you’re worried about, let’s talk right away!”

At that, I smiled and said that I thought of Ahyeon.

Sepia, who knew about Ahyeon’s existence, knew why Ahyeon couldn’t participate.

“Congratulations on graduating, everyone.”

Everyone nodded at Sylvia’s words.

“It would have been nice if I had graduated from the academy too, but it’s a pity.”

Tesha grumbled with a regretful tone,

“Dana, and children. come this way Let me take a picture for you.”

At Sylvia’s suggestion, we took a picture with the academy in the background. Among them were pictures of everyone together, and pictures of just Arthur and me.

“I want to shoot with Ethan oppa too.”

Vivian grabbed my forearm. I laughed awkwardly while being caught by Vivian. After that, I took pictures with Tesha and Sylvia in the background of the academy.

“Foot! Ethan, your expression is the same as if it was shot on a plate.”

Sepia, holding a crystal ball camera, smiled. I looked at the photos taken next to him together.

It’s real.

Wasn’t I this expressive?

“Sepia, give it to me. and stand over there I’ll take a picture for you.”

Sepia nodded and smiled brightly. Sepia, who took a posture, tilted her head, as if something was missing.

“Now, hold on!”

“what’s the matter?”

“Ah, something is missing. I want to take a picture with a teddy bear.”

Soon after, Sepia took Edward out of subspace.

And he looked at me and smiled.


Soon after, the sound of the filming sounded out. The sepia in the picture was more beautiful than ever.


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