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Chapter 317: [Dream]

During that moment, Shien felt like he saw a dream.

It was a very, very long dream.

Within that dream, the world wasn’t like how it is now, with a sky, earth, and filled with nature.


It would be more appropriate to instead say that, at that point, the world hasn’t seemed to have been born yet. All that’s there is an empty void with nothing but darkness.

That void was boundless.

The darkness was infinite.

It was like a universe without any stellar bodies or starlight. There was nothing there. Nothing existed. Not even the concept of space and time have appeared yet.

Thus, this is the true – [Void].

Then, suddenly two sources of light appeared within that [Void].

They were…

“Little girls…?”


What appeared within that [Void] was indeed two little girls.

They were as pretty as dolls, unbelievably cute. They look very immature, but they also gave of an unbelievable beauty.

Their eyes were tightly shut, as if they were in a deep slumber. They were like babies in their mother’s womb, waiting to accept the love of all existence.

The difference between the two of them is that one had shoulder length silvery white hair, and the other had shoulder length jet black hair. Under their occasionally fluttering eyelids, it could be faintly seen that the former had a pair of blue eyes, while the latter had a pair of scarlet eyes. One’s eyes were as blue as the sky, while the other one’s was red as rubies. Situated as they were on those adorable faces, one could be entranced just looking at them.

Also, each of them as also holding a planet like crystal within their embraces. One was blue, the other was red, and both shone with an entrancing color, as if some kind of power was flowing within them.

Such a pair of little girls were like identical twin sisters. Both wandered, floated, and even revolved around each other within this [Void]. It was a scene entrancing in its beauty.

This continued until the goddess-like silver haired girl work up first.

Those pair of now completely open blue eyes were active, but they didn’t seem to hold much emotion in them.

She simply looked around her, until she finally saw the black haired girl floating next to her.

In that moment, some kind of spark seemed to have came alive in her eyes, but it soon vanished without a trace.

In the time after that, the silver haired girl simply continued to watch that black haired girl.

However, the black haired girl never opened her eyes the entire time. She simply continued to quietly slumber.

When Shien saw this scene, for some reason, he suddenly felt like he connected with the silver haired girl’s mind.

He felt like he could feel what’s in that silver haired girl’s mind and experienced the same thing that she was feeling.

———— [Solitude].

———— [ Loneliness].

Those kind of emotions flowed into Shien’s heart like a river.

This made Shien also feel the same pain and irritation as the girl was experiencing.

“Just how long will this solitude continue?”

“Just how long will this loneliness continue?”

Those kind of thoughts continued to appear within Shien’s mind, making him uncomfortable and pained.

And these were the true thoughts of that silver haired girl.

In that world without anything at all, that silver haired girl could only quietly wait for the black haired girl to wake up. Only then will she be able to drive away this solitude, this loneliness.

However, that black haired girl just would not wake up. She simply continued to sleep and sleep…

Finally, that silver haired girl gave up.

For the first time, she shifted her gaze away and looked toward the planet like crystal in her arms.

Right afterwards, the crystal released a brilliant light.

It was also in that instant that, within this [Void] with nothing in it, a world filled with blue took shape, turning into a planet resembling but countless times bigger than the crystal in the silver haired girl’s arms, settling down in this patch of the [Void].

The silver haired girl then turned around and, with the crystal in her arms, flew toward the world that she had created.

She had no idea, however, that the moment she left, the black haired girl’s eyelids fluttered before she then finally opening her eyes.

That pair of ruby like eyes held the exact same emotions within them as the silver haired girl’s did.

It as solitude and loneliness.

The dream thus ended here.

As for what happened next, Shien didn’t see it. The dream did not reappear.

Shien only knew that it was that one miss that had determined the future of this world.

The reason why this world named Omnipotlin is how it is currently was all because of that one miss.


When he heard the sound of droplets of water impacting the ground, Shien found himself back in that sea of flowers.

He was still half kneeling over the deeply slumbering goddess. His hand was still placed on her face. The situation was just like when before he got stunned.

However, at this moment, Shien’s face was wet.

That’s right.

The water droplets came from the tears flowing down Shien’s face.


Shien hurriedly let out a breath and wiped the tears off of his face.

However, even so, that hard to withstand sense of solitude and loneliness still haunted him, making him feel very uncomfortable.

“Such a terrifying feeling of solitude and loneliness. There’s no way that’s something that can be built up in just a day or two, huh?”

Shien could feel it. That level of solitude and loneliness likely could not possibly be accumulated without time counted using [millennia] as units.

That dream just now…

“Was that your dream?”

Shien gazed upon the sleeping goddess before him, and the solitude and loneliness in his heart turned to pity and sympathy.


Shien dreamily spoke the goddess’s name right in front of her for the first time.

That was only because Shien had already lost his awe and fear of the goddess. All that was left in him was pity and sympathy.

Perhaps, she is still enduring that feeling of solitude even now.

Perhaps, she is still bearing with that feeling of loneliness even now.

Not even the omnipotent true god can ward off this solitude, this loneliness.


Shien let out a sigh.

“I suppose being able to come here was fate in the end. Aright then.”

Shien laid down beside the goddess. Then he reached out without hesitation and pulled that goddess of unmatched beauty into an embrace.

If anyone else were to have seen this scene, they would definitely have been scared stiff.

If it was before, then no matter how suicidal Shien was, there was no way that he would have dared to do something like that.

But now, Shien didn’t care anymore.

He only has a single thought in his mind.

“At the very least, I’ll at least keep you company while I’m still here.”

If something like that could even ward off a bit of the solitude and loneliness in this goddess’s heart, then that was enough.

Shien simply embraced this peerless and unbelievably goddess with that kind of thought.

He had no impure thoughts in his mind at that moment, nor did he have any wild thoughts. All that was there was a pure pity that was very rare for Shien.

Shien did not know how long this embrace lasted.

Without being aware of it, Shien’s own eyelids also started fluttering. In the end, they completely closed as Shien fell into a deep slumber.

Shien thus didn’t notice that, inside his arms, that eternally unchanged goddess’s eyelids had also fluttered for a momnt.

Then, they slowly opened…

He had to admit it, but this sleep was a really good one for Shien.

Maybe it’s because he had a beauty in his arms. Plus this beauty is also the highest and omnipotent goddess as well. Shien holding her in his arms was basically equivalent to holding the entire world. That kind of great experience is really hard to describe.

Only, while he was asleep, Shien felt like he saw another dream.

In that dream, Shien had seen a planet like crimson crystal.

“Isn’t that the crystal in the arms of that black haired little girl?”

Shien was stunned looking at that crimson crystal.

Right afterwards, that crimson crystal suddenly turned into a ray of light and shot toward Shien.

Shien wasn’t able to react to that at all.

It’s because that ray of light was simply just too fast.

By the time Shien managed to react, that ray of light had already arrived before him and sank into his body.

A terrifying power instantly exploded within him.


Shien suddenly got up within the sea of flowers like he suddenly had a nightmare. His expression was one filled with shock.

“S-so it was a dream huh?”

Only then did Shien finally wipe away the sweat on his forehead with a worriedly look.

It can’t be helped. In his dream, that power that exploded within him was just way too shocking.

That power felt like it could instantly annihilate the entire world, so there was no way that Shien could have not been shocked.

“Oh, right. Omnis…”

Shie remembered the situation from back before he fell asleep and hurriedly look down.

There, the silver haired beautiful goddess was still quietly slumbering.

“Is she really not going to wake up at all?”

Shien scratched his cheek.

She as able to sleep even like this, so maybe.

“Maybe I should just steal this goddess and bring her back with me…”

Shien couldn’t help but have such a blasphemous idea, but when he thought about the consequences, he hurriedly purged it from his mind.

Kidnap the highest god?

Hn. At that moment, he’ll definitely end up becoming the first Hero in history to be considered a Demon King.

Shien didn’t quite dare to do something that suicidal, so he could only lightly lay the goddess in his arms down.


When he did that, Shien suddenly noticed something.

And that was the fact that this slumbering goddess’s hands were actually clutching at his clothes.

At that moment, she looked like a little girl who couldn’t leave her father or a girl reliant on her lover. It made her look a lot more immature compared to her eternally unchanged appearance from before.

Seeing the goddess like that, Shien’s mind finally turned somewhat anxious.

Thus, Shien deeply breathed in and out several times. Then he looked around him like a thief with a guilty conscience to confirm that there was no one else around besides himself. Right after that, he lowered his head and gave the goddess in his arms a big kiss on her flawless and smooth face.

This beast had finally done what he shouldn’t have done.

That said… Being able to give the highest and omnipotent goddess a kiss?

“I have no more regrets in this life.”

Shien released the goddess in his arm, utterly satisfied, and laid her back down.

It was also at that moment that the warping sensation came once more.

Shien thus vanished from this sea of flowers, having left the Holy Sanctum.


The wind once more blew across this sea of flowers.

The highest goddess continued to lay there, quietly slumbering.

Only, that face of unmatched beauty seemed to have gained a sight hint of serenity.


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