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Chapter 313: We’re All People of Status

Lucy seriously wanted to pry open Shien’s head and check to see just what he’s stuffed in it exactly.

Inviting a girl to his home to spend the night?

Is that really something that can be so casually done?

Although practically all nobles would generally end up sowing their oats outside and maybe keep a mistress or something, but even so, there’s no way that they’d dare to go so far as invite a girl to spend the night over in their home, right?

This is something related the reputation and name of the noble.

After all, if the outside were to find out that a man of a particular family would casually bring girls back home, then what noble family would be willing to arrange marriage alliances with the first family?

Noble families are noble families. They have all kinds of concerns. No matter how frivolous a young master of the house might be, they still wouldn’t dare to just take a girl home. Otherwise, they’d be just waiting to be kicked out of the house.

Thus, a nobleman can do whatever they want outside, but they’re no allowed to bring a woman home.

The only person that can be brought home are women that they’re already set to marry, who have already been approved by the house at large.

Of course, if it’s in invitation for something like a guest or friend, it’s a fairly normal even to allow someone to spend the night.

But is Shien really inviting her just as a friend or guest?

Obviously not.

Therefore, Lucy seriously wanted to explode or even scream at him some.

“Do you know who I am?”

“I’m the princess of the Kingdom here!”

“For the princess of the Kingdom to be invited to spend the night in the home of someone of the opposite gender?”

“Do you know just what kind of stir it would cause if something like that got out?”

“At that point, I would have completely brought shame to the name of the royal family. Do you want to shame me to death? You idiot!”

Lucy felt extremely angry.


“P-pardon the intrusion…”

In the main mansion of the Bayztrot home, in Shien’s room, Lucy hesitantly and carefully stepped in.

Beside her, Shien had just no words.

“Didn’t you end up coming after all?”

She gave such a furious and powerful rant, but in the end, she still ended up sneaking on over?

Where did all that reservation go?

Shien had his eyes narrowed with a scornful look on his face.

Lucy was really embarrassed as well.


“I-it’s fine so long as it doesn’t get discovered!”

Lucy had used such an excuse for her actions, which is why she as acting so sneaky and careful.

Shien instead rolled his eyes at her.

“I personally don’t think we need to go through all this trouble.” Shien snapped out, “Vivian and the others are here after all, so you can go ahead and just visit normally and then also stay over normally. Like you’d need to fear any kind of gossip then?”

So long as she visits and stays over using normal channels, there wouldn’t be any problems with it at all.

Rather, it’s trying to sneak about like this that would end up making actual problems, right?

Lucy however adamantly objected to that.

“If Vivian were to find out that I’m privately spending the night here, then the image I cultivated previously would be completely ruined.”

Lucy first made such a statement before then lowering her gaze.

“Besides, Diere is here too. She may not want to see me.”

Shien did not really know what to say to that.

Putting aside the first excuse, when it comes to the latter reason, he felt like he didn’t have much of a place to get involved.

That said, Shien did want to say one thing…

“I don’t think Diere actually hates you, you know.”

Shien stated his own opinion.

Honestly speaking, the relationship between Diere and Lucy is pretty complicated. However, the complications were not because something happened between the two of them. Rather, it’s because Lucy had taken Aldia as her teacher, and the royal family is the figure which the Arbin family pledged their protection and loyalty to. That’s why Diere tried to avoid Lucy.

Shien could tell. Diere actually still had quite a lot of deep feelings for Lucy.

After all, during her most difficult time, Lucy had become her friend without minding the “oni” within her at all. Back when the incident ten years ago happened, Lucy had similarly helped Diere in secret in order to keep Diere from being bullied by the nobles who hated her.

Diere knew all of those things, and she had kept them in mind this whole time.

Thanks to that, Shien rather feels like Diere would actually really love to see Lucy. She would even like to talk with Lucy as well. It’s just that Diere’s mindful of their respective positions, so the two of them could only keep silent whenever they meet.

Lucy naturally also knew all of this.

The problem, however…

“We can’t go back to how we were before though.”

Lucy spoke in a fatalistic tone, which more or less gave Shien quite an uncomfortable feeling.

It was likely that he was the only one who really knew what a weight this situation between Lucy and Diere is on both of their hearts.

Diere had lacked love and care from those around her ever since she was little, and was even considered a monster and pushed away. For her, it’s only natural that she would deeply value a rare friend, never mind the fact that, even after learning the truth, this person still wasn’t afraid of her, did not push her away, and even continued to help her.

Lucy was the same. She was the Treasure of the Kingdom ever since she was little. She continuously put forth effort in order to not betray the expectations of others, to the point where she didn’t even dare to show her true self anymore. For someone like her, a friend that she was able to interact with without concerns since she was little must also be very important, right?

But such is fate, making it so that the two of them could only walk down different paths.

They had no grudges or conflicts, yet due to how things turned out, they were still unable to return to the way they were. It had to be said, but from a certain point of few, this is even more cruel than if they had a conflict with each other.

(Both of them even gained the blessing of the Goddess of Fate too, and yet they were instead made a plaything of fate. Just what the heck is up with that?)

Shien didn’t even know if he should be angry or resigned here.

Just as Shien fell silent, Lucy suddenly said something from where she was off to the side.

“Speaking of, your relationship with Diere is pretty good, right?”

That sudden statement out of nowhere make Shien violently cough for a bit in surprise.


Shien’s mouth twitched as he continued to laugh dryly.

Lucy on the other hand let out a cold laugh.

“There’s no point in trying to pretend otherwise.” Lucy’s eyes narrowed, “This isn’t the first day that I’ve known that child after all. Even without talking to her, I can still tell. The way that child looks at you is completely different from how she looks at anyone else.”

“Y-yeah…” Shien couldn’t stop himself from avoiding her gaze, “Even so, that still can’t prove that my relationship with Diere is especially good, right?”

“Perhaps.” Lucy immediately started observing Shien with a teasing smile as she bit out word by word, “In that case, why don’t you tell me yourself then. Is your relationship with Diere good?”

Is it good?

Does that even need to be said?

It’s already to the point where they’ve “honestly” seen each other. Shien had even gotten forcibly kissed. How can their relationship not be good at this piont?

But can Shien really admit all this?

No way, right?

But can he deny it either?

That’s also not possible!

Diere has already nearly given herself to him in gratitude. If Shien still didn’t dare to admit to this level of their relationship, then wouldn’t he really be scum then?

Therefore, Shien could only speak haltingly.

“Well, it’s at least not particularly bad?”

Shien’s attempt to brush that question off just got him a look of contempt from Lucy.


“That’s fine too.” Lucy spoke like she was relieved, “That child being able to find someone worth entrusting herself to is definitely a good thing.”

When it comes to her considerations on the matter, Lucy was actually more relieved than she was resentful.

Looking at Lucy like that, Shien though thing over for a bit before suddenly having a realization.

(Actually, it might not actually that hard to resolve the issue between these two girls.)

Rather, the way to resolve the issue was already right before Shien.

The logic here is actually quite simple.

(In the future, I’m definitely going to marry Diere.)

This was something that he had already decided on during that night in the Canyons. No amount of force could overturn this.

(And if I could also marry this princess as well…)

Wouldn’t it make the two of them practically sisters then?

At that point, is there still any worries over them not being able to meet? Is there any concerns that they won’t have the chances to reconsile?

(I really am a genius!)

As he got excited with his idea, Shien even ended up laughing out loud.

“Hehe… Hehehe…”

A weird laughter came out from Shien’s mouth.

“W-why are you laughing like that?”

Lucy was quite scared by this sudden laughter.

“It’s nothing. Don’t mind it.”

Shien hurriedly wiped the smile off his face. He even did his best to suppress those sinful thoughts that he’s had.

There’s no other way here. This princess here has the Goddess of Fate’s blessing. Her sixth sense is terrifyingly keen. If she ends up getting some kind of premonition, then Shien’s terrible… cough, beautiful idea would very likely end up exposed.

For the sake of not exposing it, Shien could only hold back as much as he can in order to not let this keen princess notice anything.

However, it was obvious that Shien still underestimated Lucy somewhat.

“I keep feeling like you’ve been thinking something really bad…”

Lucy stared intently at Shien like she was trying to see right through him.

Seeing Lucy stare at him with such focus, Shien got a bad premonition as well.

Thus, Shien immediately reached out, pulled the beautiful princess into his arms, and hugged her tightly.


Lucy immediately let out a shocked gasp. She also couldn’t pay any more attention to trying to see through Shien’s thoughts and was instead pounding away at his chest in embarrassment and anger.

“What are you doing so suddenly!?”

Lucy showed an angry expression.

Unfortunately for her, it was completely impossible to hide her blushing face and the embarrassment in her eyes, which made Shien chuckle in response.

“What do you mean by what am I doing? It’s not like we haven’t hugged before!” Shien spoke like he had no sense of shame whatsoever, “Besides, you even came on over, so what are you still pretending for?”

“Who’ pretending?” Lucy was on one hand embarrassed, but on the other she was glaring angrily at Shien, “I’m telling you now. I came back with you because you’re going to be leaving soon, so I wanted you to spend some more time keeping me company. It’s not because I want to so anything… anything bad. Don’t go acting as you like now.”

As she was talking, Lucy even ended up making herself embarrassed with her words.

“I get it, I get it.” Shien nodded like he fully understood, but when he opened his mouth, what came out was, “No matter what, all of us are people of status here. The things that need to be covered up should be properly covered up, even if there aren’t anyone else here. Right?”

“Like hell you’re right!” Lucy immediately got angry, pushed Shien away, and loudly shouted, “I’m not saying that just as cover. I’m being serious here!”

“Yes, yes yes. It’s indeed serious.” Shien continued to nod like he understood everything.

Lucy nearly exploded in anger.

However, at the same time, Lucy also realized something.

“Did I just willingly go to my doom here?”

A bad premonition finally showed up in her mind.


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