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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 267: “Bang!” Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 267: “Bang!”


When that tempest like magical power was ripping through the skies, unlike Vivian and the others who were overjoyed, Gerald’s entire group felt like they fell into a freezer. They felt like their entire bodies were frozen as they involuntarily shivered.

Shien swept his gaze around utterly emotionless. He looked at Vivian with one knee on the ground. Then he looked at Lumia where she had fallen, heavily wounded. By the time his gaze shifted to Melika, who was in tears as she held Diere, his eyes shook for a single instant.

Immediately after, the formless storm of magic power turned even more terrible, to the point where even the members of Vivian’s party started finding it hard to breathe.

Up in the air, Airi with her dragon wings out saw all this and muttered to herself.

“That magic power really is amazing.”

This is the first time that Airi had seen Shien fully release his magic power completely unrestrained.

Shien didn’t release this much magic power even when he had used [Auroras Meteoric].

This must be what Shien’s true power is like, huh?

Such magic power is already on the same level as the three great goddesses and the six great Demon Lords. It even faintly feels like it’s above even Airi’s.

“Probably not even the Hero Mitra had such magic power back then, huh?”

As the strongest Hero in history, Mitra’s magic power was unbelievably amazing.

Shien however has already obviously surpassed him.

Plus, right now, Shien is still relatively low leveled and hasn’t fully reached his limits yet. Even so, he already has such magic powers.

“It looks like this Hero isn’t just different from the past ones in temperance. Even his basic capabilities are on a completely different level.”

Airi stared intently at Shien with a deeply searching look.

As for Gerald and his group, under the pressure of such terrifying magical power, their faces were utterly drained of blood as they simply stood in place, mind utterly blank and too terrified to move.

In that instant, Shien was like the eye of a hurricane. He was just calmly standing there, but even so, he was still exerting a terrible pressure on everyone there.

Finally, even the air seem to have been shaken. It started roiling and warping, and even the ground started shaking slightly, making the gravel start bouncing up constantly in an unbelievable sight.

Shien just stood there, utterly emotionless. Only after a while did he finally open his mouth.

“[Celestial Breathe].”

Shien cast a spell.


Instantly, countless stars stared shining in midair like the arm of a galaxy just passed by.

The starlight shone flowed down like dust made of silver light, sprinkling down on the members of Vivian’s party before being absorbed into their bodiers.

“This is…”

Vivian looked at her own body with an amazed expression.


Lumia, who was heavily injured and collapsed on the ground, also opened her eyes. She was also quite shocked as she felt her pain fade away.

“I-it’s better?”

Even Melika ended up muttering to herself with an amazed expression.


It’s all better.

As the starlight entered the bodies of the members of Vivian’s party, be it their injuries or their exhausted bodies, all of it quickly recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In the end, other than the fact that their magic power wasn’t restored, all of the hurt and exhaustion of Vivian’s party was completely recovered like they never were.

Even Diere who seemed to have fainted, had the curse and poison in her body purged.

This is the only recovery type spell in astro magic. It can draw the power of stars into the body to heal injuries, dispel negative statuses, and purify evils. Other than the fact that it can’t recover magic power, it can be said to be an all powerful healing spell.

Thus, it’s unquestionably a high class magic. The effects are comparable even to the strongest recovery spell that’s likened to a miracle – [Miraculous Light Veil].

However, it’s the most difficult spell to learn out of all astro magic, even harder than the unbelievably destructive [Auroras Meteoric].

[Auroras Meteoric] can at least be learned just from raising [Magic – Astro] to level 7. [Celestial Breathe] on the other hand requires [Magic – Astro] to be at level 9 and [Meditation] at level 7 at least before it can be learned. It’s also extremely demanding in terms of magic power, to the point where even the greatest genius with the best talent for magic wouldn’t be able to satisfy that requirement until they’ve reached level 90+.

With such conditions, This spell hasn’t had anyone capable of using it since its creation.

At least, until today, when Shien brought it back into the world.

“That guy…”

Airi, still in the air, showed her amazement.

“H-how could this be…!?”

Gerald yelled out in utter shock and dismay.

After all his work in finally pushing Vivian’s party into a corner and even getting Diere on the verge of death, all that was instead completely overturned by a single spell from Shien. It’s no wonder that Gerald ended up screaming out at that.

At the same time he screamed out, Gerald also noticed how Shien released such a powerful spell that’s akin to a miracle instantly, and from that, he finally experienced the real terror of Shien and his teeth started clattering in terror.

At their level, they completely lacked the qualification join the previous audience, nor did they have any way to freely enter the palace.

Thus, none of the minor nobles there, including Gerald, could recognize Shien.

That didn’t prevent them from realizing how terrifying Shien is though.

As they saw Shien’s gaze start looking their ways, their minds exploded in panic.

“Run away!!!”

After who knows how long, a noble finally couldn’t take it anymore and screamed out in terror.

Then, just as that scream came out, judgment descended.


Without any prior signs, the noble who screamed out exploded apart into a rain of flesh and blood and died.

Shien had merely concentrated all his magic power onto that person, and he ended up exploding.

「Skill acquired – [Magic Induction Explosion] – Would you like to learn?」

A skill acquisition message that hasn’t come in some time appeared in Shien’s mind, letting him grasp the situation.

This skill seems to allow one to concentrate their magic power on an enemy before then using their magic power to induce the enemy’s magic power to rampage out of control.

The reason why that noble exploded is because the magic power in his body was induced to explode, which ended up instantly blasting him apart.

Thus, Shien learned the skill without any hesitation and leveled it to the max.


As the noble and knights, who had no idea about any of this, witnessed one of their comrades explode, they all broke one after another and started running for their lives.

However, as they ran, wave after waves of terrifying magic power gathered upon their bodies and induced their own magic power to explode.


A knight immediately exploded and died.

“Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!”…

Immediately following, a person would explode into a bloody smear every second that passed.

“Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!”

Gerald was already completely terrified into submission. He collapsed onto the ground and was crawling backwards as he begged and cried at Shien in terror.

It’s unknown if Shien was doing it for a reason or if he really was moved by the begging, but everyone around Gerald exploded except for him, leaving him as the only survivor sitting among the blood and flesh covered grounds.


The vivid crimson and bloody smell provoked a natural biological response from Gerald, making him throw up.

“Don’t kill me… Don’t kill me…”

Even so, Gerald was still begging for his life with all he has while covered in tears.

He looked pitiful beyond words.

Even so, Shien only looked down at him coldly.

The killing intent in his eyes hasn’t lessened one bit.


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