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Chapter 225: “I’ve Got a Cheat.”

The moment Shien and Lucy defeated the half centipede monster together and the monster evaporated into thin air and disappeared, a certain scene occurred over in a certain corner of the demon world.


Withinn a dark area unknown to most, a half centipede monster suddenly started roaring out like it was in pain.

That’s right.

There’s a half centipede monster here as well.

Only, this particular monster is far larger than the one that Shien and Lucy defeated. It stood at well over a hundred meters in height, and within it flowed a tremendous, earth-shattering level of magic power. At that moment, it was struggling about as it roared out.

Unfortunately for it, this humongous monster was tightly bound by a number of chained engraved full of magic runes and was thus sealed up in this dark space. It can’t get out of its restraints no matter how much it struggles.

In this situation, the monster could only cry and roar out, shaking the air and ground alike.

A number of figures hidden in the dark observed this scene and started talking among themselves.

“It looks like the Child From over in the Mitra Kingdom was defeated.”

“That really was quick though.”

“Although they do have the Treasure of the Kingdom and the Strongest Knight, so it was only a matter of time until the Child Form was defeated. However, it’s still unexpected for it to happen this soon.”

“I had thought that the Treasure of the Kingdom and the Strongest Knight won’t be getting involved until the Child Form had at least grown to a certain point and started attacking the Capital.”

“From the looks of it, they seem far more alert than we had thought.”

The figures in the dark continued such a discussion. They not only completely ignored the pained cries of the monster while they talked, they didn’t even consider what had happened in the Kingdom as a matter worthy of consideration.

At the very least, they just continued their discussions.

“We wasted a Child Form but didn’t managed to collect much in terms of sacrifices.”

“We indeed didn’t get much sacrifices from that side. If only we had gotten a bit more.”

“The demonic beasts in the areas around the Mitra Kingdom’s Capital are all fairly high leveled. If we were able to harvest all of them as sacrifices for the Mother Form, then the Mother From’s completion will definitely have risen by quite a bit at once, right?”

“Such a shame.”

The figures in the dark exchanged their opinions like that.

“Thankfully though, the other Child Forms in other places are still fine.”

“There’s still another Child Form over in the Mitra Kingdom. We just need to watch and see how those people decide to use it.”

“It doesn’t really matter how they chose to use it. It’s all fine so long as we can collect enough sacrifices.”

“Then let’s just continue to observe.”

“Hn. Continuing observation.”

After that, the figures in the dark finally slowly left.

Leaving just once final statement echoing in the dark.

“Here’s hoping that our [King] can be successfully born.”

That sentence, mixed into with the roars of the monster, rang out.

No one was around to hear it though.

On the other side, after the monster had vanished, Shien and Lucy did not return right away. Instead, they continued to investigate the mountain, unwilling to simply accept the lack of any results.

For that, Shien even took out the magic staff that Jacinta gifted him and used the staff’s detection effect to scan the mountain in the hope of finding some clue.

However, they didn’t get anything out of it at all.

No. They did manage to find one abnormality, so that counts as a result.

And that abnormality is that the demonic beasts that should have all been gathered on this mountain have all completely disappeared. Not only that, but the ritual like effect on the mountain had also vanished, restoring the mountain back to normal without any more strange flow of magic power.

In other words, the mountain had no more problems with it anymore.

After the monster was defeated, all the abnormalities here had disappeared along with it. It really was quite spooky.

Shien and Lucy continued to stay on the mountain until near nighttime. After being unable to find any other abnormality in all that time, they finally gave up.

“Let’s return.” Shien looked at the twilight sky and sighed as he spoke to Lucy next to him, “We probably won’t be able to find anything even if we kept on searching.”

Lucy was still a bit unwilling to accept that though.

“We finally managed to catch it after so much work and now it’s gone again.” Lucy muttered in irritation, “If we knew that ahead of time, then we shouldn’t have killed that monster. It would have been better to capture it alive.”

“Don’t.” Shien didn’t care for that idea at all, “That monster is unnatural to start with. Add in the fact that it’s only semi-corporeal and the fact that it has the dragon breath capable of breaking through all defenses, how are you exactly planning on capturing that kind of thing alive?”

“There’s got to be some way, right?” Lucy was stubborn though, “You’ve been holing yourself in the library studying magic all this time haven’t you? You’ve even learned enchant type magic, so don’t you have some kind of method?”

“… I can’t really say that I don’t.” Shien was silent for a moment before finally slowly stating, “I remember that enchant magic has an ‘imprison’ type high class effect, able to take effect directly against magic power. If I used that kind of effect, then it should be possible to seal that monster.”

“Also, astro magic also has a high class spell known as [Tenfold Stellar Rings]. It can imitate ten types of stellar motions, sealing the enemy directly within an isolated stellar space. In order t break a seal like that, it would take at least something that could shift the orbit of stellar masses or shattering an isolated stellar space. Without that, it’s impossible to get out, leaving the target imprisoned forever.”

If he used that high class astro magic, it should be possible to capture that monster alive, right?

At the very least, Shien was confident of that.

Lucy on the other hand was shocked by Shien’s words.

“You learned astro magic too?” Lucy spoke with great surprise, “Isn’t that the super high difficulty ancient magic? I heard that not even any of the royal mages of the magic research department have managed to succeed in learning it. Even the gods and demons have borrowed it for research and spent years on it, but even now there’s still no one who have learned. You actually managed to learn it though?”

This time, Lucy really was shocked.

Learning astro magic is a completely different matter compared to learning enchant magic.

Enchant magic might be rare, with very few people ever learning it, but the main reason for that is because of its high requirements when it comes to magic power. For the vast majority, the problem isn’t that they weren’t able to learn it, but that they were unable to use it to much effect. That’s why very few people would learn it in the first place.

But astro magic is different. The difficulty of learning it is above even spacial magic. There weren’t many even among the gods and demons throughout history who have managed to learn this kind of magic.

That’s why this magic ended up falling by the wayside over time, to the point where it was eventually lost even.

And Shien seemed to have managed to learn it?


“Don’t look at me like that.” Shien gave the shocked looked Lucy a glance as he spoke calmly, “I’ve got a cheat. There’s no point to anyone admiring me over it.”

“Like hell I’m admiring you.” Lucy slapped at Shien again as she spoke in a very dissatisfied tone, “Since you’ve even learned astro magic, and you had ways of capturing that monster alive, why didn’t you just do that?”

“Who could have imagined that it would just disappear like that?” Shien countered, “Given the situation at the time, it’ only natural for us to just kill it first, no question about it.”

“You…” Lucy was instantly pissed off.

The two of them then started quarreling. They continued on until it was dark before they finally stopped.


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